Daddy’s Hands

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© 2018 Chloe Tzang. All rights reserved. The author asserts a moral right to be identified as the author of this story. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a review.

* * * * * *

“Daddy’s Hands” was written especially for the 2018 Halloween competition (insert big smiley face here). It’s not exactly Halloween Horror. The setting’s a Halloween Cruise in the Caribbean and it’s more of a short little stroke story, only thirteen Literotica Pages rather than my usual epics of twenty pages. I did start a real Erotic Horror sex and slasher story for Halloween but, alas, it grew and grew and turned into a full length novel so I parked it for a publisher and hammered out this one over about two weeks coz I really wanted to get a “short” (hah!) hot little Halloween story into the competition. Except it ended up not so short coz Phoebe just kept wanting more and more so it’s about 11, no 12, no, make that 13 Literotica Pages but there’s LOTS of sex. Coz Phoebe just couldn’t stop asking for more. Anyhow, I do hope you enjoy. I don’t often do Incest stories but this one just popped into my head and what can I say? A little daddy and daughter quality time together on a Halloween themed cruise in the Caribbean. The sort of quality time every girl wants to spend with her Dad and it was just loads of fun. Loads and loads and loads of cum. I mean fun. Fun, that’s what I meant to say. So read on, enjoy … coz Phoebe definitely did… Chloe

* * * * * *

“Daddy’s hands

Were soft and kind when I was crying

Daddy’s hands

Were hard as steel when I’d done wrong

Daddy’s hands

weren’t always gentle

But I’ve come to understand

There was always love

In daddy’s hands

“Daddy’s Hands”, Holly Dunn

* * *

“That skirt’s a bit short isn’t it, Phoebe.” That was the first thing my Dad said when he opened his front door and he did look good in those shorts and nothing else and if he hadn’t been my Dad and he’d been maybe a few years younger… but I kind of put that one away real quick coz he was my Dad. He kind of blinked at my top, coz no bra I guess, but he didn’t say a thing about that. “Way too short,” he added.

Well, he was right, it was. I’d borrowed it from Shelley ‘specially.

“See you in an hour, Phoebe,” Brittany called from the car and then they were pulling away.

“Going somewhere?” Dad asked, closing the townhouse’s front door behind me and I’d called ahead to check if he was home and he had been which was why I was here. Brittany and Shelley and Jackie understood. They’d come early, just to give me that time with my Dad coz they knew I missed him. Friends.

“Slutwalk, Dad,” I said. “We’re all going. Its downtown, the others are going to the Mickey Dee’s on the corner for breakfast but you’re real close so I came by to hit you up. They’ll come back for me.”

“Your Mom knows you’re dressed like this?” my Dad said. “Here. Coffee’s fresh. Just made it. Have mine, I’ll get myself another one.”

“Thanks Dad,” I said, taking his mug, sipping gratefully. Nothing like that first coffee of the day and my Dad always ground it fresh. Bliss. “No, she doesn’t.” I grinned. “Moved out. Couldn’t stand her girlfriend any longer. Sharing an apartment close to College.”

“You didn’t tell me.” Dad eyed me. “You should’ve told me. I could’ve helped you move. Or you could’ve moved in here.”

I shrugged and my boobs bounced, coz, well, no bra and my boobs weren’t small like your average Chinese girl. Or even your average half-Chinese girl, like me. I didn’t usually not wear a bra and that bounce was a bit disconcerting and my nipples brushed that material and that felt nice but my nipples started to, you know, do what nipples do when there’s some friction and that wasn’t so good. “Telling you now, Dad. No big deal, but it was a rush. Moved a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t seen you since summer. You’ve been away all the time.” I did give him a hug and yeah, he got boob and there was only that thin top of mine coz he was bare chested and that did things to my nipples too and I was, like, stop it, but they had a mind of their own. “I’d have moved in with you, Dad. You know I would’ve, but you’re a long way from College and you’re away all the time.”

“Yeah, well. Work and everything, you know what my job’s like.”

“Yeah, I know, Dad.” Yeah, well. I did.

Dad drove long haul. Owner-operator. No drive, no pay and my Dad did work hard. Away for a week at a time, sometimes longer and had been since as far back as I could remember. In the end, I guess that’s what’d done him and Mom in. Me, I’d gone on runs with my Dad back at High School when I was younger, over the summers, but last couple of years after they divorced that hadn’t happened coz Mom just got so pissy with my Dad about Esenyurt Escort me going off with him.

“Hey, got your college tuition to pay for, honey. You ain’t cheap.” He grinned.

Now I did grin, sliding onto his lap in the armchair he’d just sat down in, my skirt riding up, flashing my new black lace panties, arm around him and he got lots of bra-less boob and pantie-covered butt against his chest and on his legs where I was sitting.

“I’m soooooo cheap, Daddy.” I spoilt it by giggling.

“I’d have said hot myself, Phoebe.” He grinned, gave me a hug, sliding one arm around me and his hand rested on my waist, large and strong and calloused and I my put my mug down and just hugged my Dad hard coz I missed not seeing him and if he’d noticed I wasn’t wearing a bra he didn’t say anything and there wasn’t anything between my boobs and him and that kind of did even more things to my nipples but he wasn’t looking. At least, I didn’t think he was and besides, he was my Dad. Didn’t matter if he looked.

I kissed the top of his head, ruffled his hair, rested my hand on his and I did love my Daddy’s hands. Big as a dinner plate, calloused, tough as leather coz of his job and there was nothing soft about him at all and I always felt so safe and secure with my Dad. “Love you, Dad. You’re the best and we’re not talking about Mom at all, okay. Just you and me this morning.”

I held my Dad’s hand to my cheek, kissed his fingers the way I used to when I was a little girl and Daddy tucked me into bed at night. “Just you and me, Dad,” I said, holding his hand against my cheek.

“Kay, honey.” And for the next hour, I sat on my Daddy’s lap and that’s what we did, until Brittany texted me.

“Gotta go in five, Dad. They’re on the way. When can I see you again?”

Coz I really loved my Dad and I’d missed him the last couple of years after Mom and him divorced. I’d had to stay with Mom and her bitch, but I was eighteen now. Moved out two weeks ago and Dad’d been giving me enough of an allowance that I could afford to move into that small apartment close by College if I cut back on the clothes and stuff.

The new part time teller job at the bank weekends helped a bit too and they were flexible on the working hours and I didn’t party much so those Saturday and Sunday morning hours were great but I wasn’t mentioning that job to my Dad. He’d think I thought I couldn’t rely on him and it wasn’t that at all. He was paying enough to Mom as it was, and with me at College and his mortgage on this place, it had to be hurting and I didn’t want to be another sinkhole. Not more than I was, anyhow.

“Well, I was gonna ask you, honey, how’d ya like to come on a Halloween cruise with me and Uncle Brian? We’re both taking a break.” My Dad grinned. “Last week of October, first few days of November, take a week off College. I’ll write up some excuse for you if you need it, baby girl.”

“Sure,” I said, without a moment’s hesitation. A week out of College. A week with my Dad, and him and Mom were divorced and I’d had to live with Mom for the last couple of year’s coz that divorce and the custody stuff said so. Mom’d been a real bitch about that but Dad’d said don’t argue coz he was away all the time driving and he’d lose if they fought it out. I’d kind of rolled with that one. I did totally detest Mom’s girlfriend though. I really did like that quality time with my Dad, but there hadn’t been that much of that with his job and everything. Mom’d bitch about me going away with Dad but it wasn’t like a few days away would kill me. I could make that up by a weekend’s study before and after.

“They’re having a whole lotta fun Halloween stuff on the cruise,” Dad said, forwarding me the link. “Fun for me and Brian, fun for you.”

I giggled, coz Dad’d been divorced a couple of years now and Uncle Brian, well, his divorce had been a while ago too and I’d never liked that bitch he’d married. Good thing they hadn’t had kids coz she was one of those bitches that’d just file fake domestic violence claims or child abuse crap or something like that. Totally a bitch and I’d told Uncle Brian good riddance and he’d laughed so I’d guessed he hadn’t been cut up about it or anything. And yeah, she’d never liked me either. Mutual, let me tell you.

“About time you took a break, Dad. You guys just wanna drink and party, right?”

“You got it, Phoebe,” my Dad said, grinning. “Not being rude about your Mom or anything, but we weren’t exactly hitting it off there the last couple of years before the divorce. Some fun time’s gonna be a great relaxer.”

“You just got blue balls, Dad,” I said. Coz yeah, when Mom got the hump with Dad a couple of years before the main event, she’d moved into the spare room, and Dad, he sure hadn’t been getting any and I’d been old enough to know that and yeah, I’d thought Mom was bug nuts crazy coz my Dad was pretty hunky and half my friends had a crush on him back then.

“Phoebe!” Esenyurt Escort Bayan my Dad said. But he was kinda smiling so I knew that one’d been right on the nail.

“Might be some nice guys for me,” I said, kind of looking romantic and hot and very slutty.

“”Phoebe!” my Dad said, laughing, so okay, maybe not hot or slutty enough. Have to work on that one.

“I’m at College, Dad,” I said, sadly. “No boyfriend, Rick went off to Stanford.”

“That one was no loss.” Dad said. “He was a real dick if you ask me. Sort of dick that belongs at Stanford.” Coz no shit, my Dad drove trucks but he had a Masters in Political Science and History from Berkeley.

“Worst fucking decision of my life,” he’d told me last year when I was figuring out my major. “Do something useful that’ll get you a real job, Phoebe,” he’d said, so I did. Commerce degree. Accounting. I always enjoyed crunching numbers. Mom and her bitch had tried to persuade me to major in Gender and Women’s Studies. At Berkeley, and Mom and her bitch would’ve paid for it. I’d given Mom the look. That WTF look I’d inherited from Dad. “You’re kidding me, Mom,” I’d said. “Why would I do that frigging crap degree? You want me to work for the New York Times or something?”

Jesus, the crap that’d followed.

And Rick? Yeah, he’d been a real dick and that was probably why Mom had let me date him. She seemed to have a thing about men these days. That bitch she was living with now was the reason I’d moved out in the end, coz the way she’d started looking at me, I figured she was thinking a two for one Chinese buffet special with Mom and me, even though I was only half Chinese and I sure didn’t fancy that.

I liked guys anyway, just, Rick really had been a dick. I’d kind of encouraged him but either he never got the hint or his vows of sainted chastity until true love and marriage took place were actually genuine. Not that I’d had any marriage plans. Not even eighteen back then. Forget it. As for Rick?

Nobody could be that much of a dick, surely?

Whatever, first year at College, eighteen now, only by a couple of weeks but still, hot looking coz yeah, I was, if I wanted to be but I didn’t usually bother coz my Mom had been a bit strict. Had been, I guess, coz I was away out now and hadn’t that bugged her. My roommate was okay but I hadn’t gotten out of those old habits.

Yet. I had plans though. Lost time. I was gonna make it up. Cruise? Might be a good opportunity.

“Yeah, he was a bit of a dick, Dad,” I said. He’d called and emailed a few times, but I’d kind of told him no, let it go, Rick and I hadn’t heard from him for a few weeks now. Can’t say I was worried about it.

“So, I’m gonna book for us all, Phoebe,” my Dad said. “You sure?”

“Sure I’m sure,” I said, paging through on my iPhone. “Masked Halloween Balls, costume parties, horror movies, the whole entire cruise ship Halloween-themed, totally gruesome decor. This looks totally cool, Dad. I’m in.”

Might not be that many passengers my age but who cared? Me, I kind of liked older guys anyway. I’d kind of wanted to do it with Rick but that hadn’t worked out. Week on a cruise ship? Some older guy who knew what he was doing? Maybe even appreciated what he was getting? No ties.

Yeah, I could enjoy this for sure.

Not telling my Dad that.

My phone pinged. Brittany. Outside. “Time to go, Dad. Love you. I’ll call you tonight about the cruise, okay.”

“Kay, honey. Enjoy the slutwalk.” He grinned, looked me up and down, eyed my boobs and that look. Oh my god. My nipples. “I shouldn’t say this, but I like the look, Phoebe.”

“Thanks, Dad. Love you. Gotta run.” I gave my Dad a super big hug and then I did run, at least until my boobs reminded me why bras were invented and screw the slutwalk, I should’ve just worn a bra and ignored Brittany and Shelley and Jackie coz they all had those little Chinese-girl boobs that didn’t bounce at all.

My nipples were all aching and swollen by the time I made it to the car and I was, like, Daaaaaad.

* * *

“Ohhhhh, nice,” I said, looking around my suite, coz Dad’d got some sort of an upgrade for me and this was just so cool. Did you call it a cabin or something on a ship? Seemed more like a luxury hotel suite to me. Starlight Suite was what they called it and oh wow. All this for me? High up above the Caribbean, except okay, we were still tied to the dock thingie or whatever it was they tied the ship up to, but anyhow, way up high with floor to ceiling glass and my own private balcony and a square mile of space and wasn’t that so cool.

A sleeping area with a ginormous king sized bed and this lounge suite with these beautiful white leather couches that were huge and just made to kick back on. One huge LCD on the wall and a bathroom that was just to die for. There was this huge Jacuzzi tub that you could just about swim in. Jesus, Escort Esenyurt there was even a bar and it was stocked and the guy that’d shown me here had told me it was all inclusive. Shame I barely drank. I did kind of wonder about my Dad’s and Uncle Brian’s suites but oh boy, this was the best and I did love my Dad.

Not just that, my suitcase was already here and I was so hitting the pool to work on that tan. So okay, I already was tanned. Olive. Natural tan. Courtesy of Mom’s genes. But I did want just a shade darker. I’d come prepared. Couple of new bikinis that I’d have never have worn at home with Mom coz that bitch of hers would just stare but Dad was far more easygoing. A third one that I had kind of tucked away that was totally minuscule and I could wear that out on my private balcony. Quick shower, coz we’d been flying to get here and then on the shuttle and it’d been a bit frigging warm.

Half an hour later I was standing in the middle of my suite in one of my new bikinis and I had the map of the ship up on my iPhone until I checked myself out in the mirror and I had one of those oh my god moments. Right back to the bathroom for a little trim coz yeah, that new bikini was on the small side. It’d been a while since summer and hello, peek-a-boo and I wasn’t, like, one of those hairy Mary’s but there were a couple of little black strands showing and couldn’t have that. Just gross if you ask me. In the end I gave up and just shaved off everything and that was a lot better. Tee, shorts, bag with my sunscreen and shades and a book and I was totally cool. Called Dad’s room and he was there.

“Going for a swim in the pool, Dad,” I said, and the starlight suites deck even had their own pool and how cool was that.

“You go for it, Phoebe,” Dad said. “Brian and I’re hitting one of the bars for a few drinks. Meet you at eight in Freddy’s Grill, we got a pre-assigned table, kay?”

“Sure thing, Dad, see you there.”

“Bring your boyfriend with you.”

“Dad! You know I don’t have one.”

“If you don’t by eight, you’re slacking, girl,” Dad said, laughing. “Here, Brian, get me a cold one will ya.” So okay, guess they’d already started.

“See you there, Dad,” I said.

* * *

Ten to eight and missing a date, I found Freddy’s and whoa, horror theme! I liked it.

“Which table, Miss…” the maître d’ or whatever he was called on a ship smiled at me.

Guess he liked what he was looking at. From the looks I’d got on the way here, a lot of guys had liked what they’d looked at. Some of their wives and girlfriends hadn’t but hey, I wasn’t interested in them either, was I.

“Gao,” I said. “Phoebe Gao,” coz Mom had been like that. Insisted on keeping her surname and I kind of felt a bit sorry for Dad and I was thinking maybe I was gonna switch my surname myself to my Dad’s sometime soon. “I’m with the Turnbull party.”

Okay, that was Dad and me and Uncle Brian but I thought it sounded good.

“This way, Miss,” he said, and yep, there they were, Dad and Uncle Brian and a couple of other guys and they were all definitely more than a little plastered.

“Whoa, who’s this hottie,” one of the two guys I didn’t know said.

“Hey, cool it, Bill, this is my daughter, Phoebe,” Dad said. “Phoebe, this loudmouth is Bill and this other dude’s Ted. Turns out we were all in the 8th together way back when in the Sandbox.”

“Cool,” I said, kind of smiling. “Hi guys.”

“Looking hot, Phoebe,” Dad said, smiling, patting the seat between him and Uncle Brian and I took it real quick coz the way Bill and Ted were looking, they were thinking hot as well and yeah, well, I liked older guys but maybe just a little too old. Thank god Dad didn’t embarrass me by asking about my missing date.

Hadn’t been any guys at the pool I’d been interested in. Mostly older women. A couple of them had been looking but okay, not interested that way.

“Food on this ship’s just great,” Bill said, and yeah, he did look like a guy that sure enjoyed his food. “Let’s hit the salad bar.”

He didn’t look like a salad sort of a guy but we did and it was good and Bill and Ted were totally fun and plastered or not, they didn’t cross any lines after that first comment of Bill’s and Dad and Uncle Brian were totally enjoying themselves so after dinner, I left the four of them in one of the bars after I’d had one small drink with them and I headed back to my cabin for an early night. I did enjoy that Halloween décor though. All over the ship.

* * *

“Halloween Ball tomorrow night,” Dad said, the next evening over dinner. Me, I’d found this cool gym and I’d spent the morning at the pool and the afternoon working out and I was feeling just totally toned and tired and relaxed. “Brian and I’re gonna do the costume thing and go. Some kind of fancy thing with tuxedo’s and masks and stuff.”

“Planning to pick up a couple of ladies,” I said, coz there were a few kind of good looking cougars around and Dad and Uncle Brian were kind of getting more than a few looks and I was pretty sure they’d scored last night after I left and from the looks of the three middle-aged blondes at the table over there, there were a couple more lining them up for later tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32