Daddys little bitch part 1

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To tell you abit about myself and my life, it is just me and my dad that live together
as my bitch of a mother left us to start a new life with my dads brother, my uncle.
I am a 12 years old boy, but im not like most young boys from as early as the age of 5
i have always wondered what it would be like to be a girl. So from when i was around 10
i would try on my mothers clothes and after a while of doing this i decided to take a pair
of knickers and bra they wasnt too sexy but they made me feel sexy i could only take them
ones as im sure my mother would of noticed if i had taken her sexy lingerie. I kept them
hidden in my bedroom and whenever i got the chance i would wear them and just walk
about the house or sit and watch tele in them.

This starts off my story it was only a month or so since my mum had left us. My dad had said
he couldnt live in the same house where he’d lived with that bitch so we moved away and dad
found a new job. We moved in n i was left all day most days for the first week while dad got
settled into his new job, so of course while i was left i would walk around and relax in my
bra and knickers that i brought with me from our old house. That brings me to the day when it
happened, the day i was caught. I was realxing watchin tele in my bra and knickers when i suddenly
heard the front door slam shut, my mind raced into panick my dad was home and there i was in nothing
but womens underwear, i tried to jump up and run but it was no use as the living room is only a
couple of feet from the front door so two seconds after i heard the front door shut the livingroom
door swung open, i was frozen stiff as my dad stood there i seen the expression on his face change
to anger, dont get get me wrong he wasn’t happy in the first place, still being pissed off at my mother.
He had a big bag in his hand, i didnt know what it was as he dropped it ” WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?..” shouted
dad he grabbed me by my arm, sat down and dragged me across his knee so my bottom was stickin up in front
of him ” no dad.. please ” i begged him WHACK he smacked my arse ” SHUT THE FUCK UP..if u want to act
like a bitch, your gonna get treated like one ” i was crying uncontrollably by now ” i thought i told you
to SHUT THE FUCK UP!! ” he kept on wackin my arse it hurt so much but i knew i was better off doing what
he says so i kept quite except from whimperin each time he smacked me ” thats it take it like a bitch! “
i lay there takin the whacks my arse by now was red raw ” im so sorry dad, i just like the way they make
me feel” i sobbed. He picked me up and threw me onto the couch i grabbed my kness bringin them to my
chest ” how long has this been going on ” he said seemingly calmed down alot ” i started wearing mums
clothes when i was 10 whenever i had time by myself ” dad stood thinking to himself ” hmmmm looks
like i have to go back out ” he picked up the bag he had brought in with him and left.

I sat there on the couch for a few minutes thinking about what dad had said, about me wanting to be a bitch
and treatin me like one, what was he going to do, where had he gone, what the hell was going on. I decided
id better get these off and get some clothes on. I changed and went and sat back on the couch waiting nervously
for my dad to return, two hours had passed when i heard the door go. I sat with my head down in shame,
looking up sorryful i noticed my dad had brought in with him several bags, i was now very confused and curious
at the same time he said he would be back down in a minute and went upstairs to his room, a couple minutes passed
and i heard dad shout me to come upstairs, i walked nervously up the stairs and to my dads room only to find he wasnt
there ” in here ” i heard from my room, well my room to be, at the moment it was just a bed and my plain white draws
and cupboard. I walked into my room to see my dad adjusting the pasting and i saw two of the bags he had brought in
on the floor ” the reason i came home early from work was to decorate your room, i had gone to the shops and bought
you football wallpaper but after seeing u earlier ive realised u wont be needing it nomore ” with that said he pulled
a roll of bright pink wallpaper gebze escort out of one of the bags, my heart started to pump fast what did this meen. He turned
to me and said ” if you like wearin girls clothes so much from now on you are a girl, would you like that? ” at that
moment i felt a rush of joy, was i really going to be able to act and dress like a girl ” really dad, you really will
let me pretend to be a girl? ” i asked him. My dad let out a slight ha! ” yes i sure will baby but nobody else can know
that your really a boy do you understand? ” i looked at him confused ” but dad how can we get away with that i have short
hair” it was only then i realised my dad had called me baby he never called me baby either squirt or sport it felt good
having him call me baby like a girl ” dont worry thats nothing a wig wont sort out until it grows ” that could work i though
i havent developed noticable muscles yet and have a feminine body more than a masculin one so i wouldnt be a freak.
Dad told me to go downstairs and wait for him to shout me, so i did as i was told and waited downstairs.

I spent my time thinkin about what my life would be like from now, what else was gonna happen tonight, i sat with a smile
on my face happy thoughts until i was snapped back to reality by my dad shouting me to come back upstairs.
I walked through my bedroom door i couldnt beleive my eyes it was beautiful all pink wallpaper with a flowered border
and then i seen what he had in the other bag my quit and pillows were pink with frilly ends and pink flower patterned
curtains. I ran and hugged my dad ” oh dad i love it, its so perfect i love you ” i said happily ” i love you to baby,
im gonna make u happy ” he told me to go shower so i did and returned to him he was sat on my bed waiting with two new bags
these are for you he told me i looked in the bags and seen girls clothes i hugged him again telling him how thankful
i was ” just get ready dinner will be waiting and dont forgot to put your make up on ” he said walkin out of my room
make up i thought to myself is he serious i looked through the bag more carefully and there it was i couldnt beleive my
luck, as i pulled the clothes out i noticed how sexy they were i started to get dressed first my thong out of my new set
they felt so nice next i put on my bra it matched my thong looking in the mirror i though all i needed was some tits to make
it complete, i picked up the skirt that came out of the bag it was leather but it wasnt until i pulled it on i realised
how tight fitted it was and how short i then pulled on the pink shirt that had daddys girl writeen on it i giggled to
myself as i found it funny. I then looked at the make up with excitement, i hadnt done this since my mum had left and i
could never do too much in case it was hard to get off and i got caught. I started with foundation then i put some eyeliner
on,mascara and pink eye shadow to match my top i then put some blusher on and finished off with sum lipstick i noticed my dad
had bought bright pink lipstick the same my mum used to buy because it drove my dad mad, i carefully applied my lipstick making
sure i made my lips as sexy as possible. It was then that i started to wonder whether my dad would try to fuck me as he did
say he was gonna treat me like a bitch and he had bought the sexiest tightest fitting clothes im sure he could and to top it off
he bought me the very same lipstick he loves, it then dawned on me i was gettin hard, i wanted it, i wanted my dad to fuck me.

I took one last look in the mirror, damn i looked good, very slutty all i needed was tits and hair. I made my way down
the stairs to the living room where my dad was waiting, i looked at him and i felt myself blush ” wow you make a good girl
dont you ” dad said while rooting through another bag ” this i what you need though” he said as he brought me a blonde wig, my
mother was blonde i thought, he then looked down and lifted my skirt up makin me jump ” we cant have no bumps can we ” he said
stickin my dick between my legs and taping it with maskin tape so it was trapped, he pulled my thong back up and i had a feel
it was smooth no bumps. He then turned and went darıca escort to the kitchen coming back with two needles, i was scared and asked what they were for,
he liftend my shirt moving up my chest while telling me they are saline injection that will give me temporary breasts. That was
music to my ears, i felt the pinches as he injected the saline into my chest. I re-adjusted my clothes and dad told me dinner
was ready and we went and sat in the kitchen at the table and ate dinner in silence, i noticed though by the time we had finished
dinner my boobs had grew to an impressive a-cup i was really happy with them.

After dinner my dad said we should watch some t.v, so we went into the livingroom and i sat on the chair as my dad sat on the couch,
” what are you doing over there, come over and sit with your dad. I walked over and sat next to my dad, he put his arm around
me and pulled me closer so i was cuddled up to him with my feet up. We sat and watched tele for a few minutes when my dad picked
up the remote and changed it to the dvd. It started with a young lady walking about this house, she was stunning, the type of girl
i wish i could be beautiful long bleach blonde hair with such a beautiful but at the same time slutty face, she was teasing the camera.
As she bent over showing the most amazing ass and body i have ever seen i innocently asked my dad ” what is this dad? ” he smiled to himself
this is a porno baby and u will learn alot from this” he replied. I carried on watching the t.v when a man entered the room where the girl
was showing her body off. The next thing i aroused me the girl dropped to her knees and began to suck the mans cock, i felt my own cock
straining the maskin tape. Dad then stood up looking at me he held my chin ” like i said if u wanna be a bitch, im gonna treat you like one “.
This funnily enough just aroused me even further, he let go off my chin undid his belt and unzipped his jeans ” you know what to do bitch ”
i began to pull at his jeans getting them to his knees i then nervouslly reached up to his boxers my hands shaking as i took hold of the waistband
i took one last look up into my dads eyes he gave me a look that said do it, i pulled them down and as i did i was rewarded with a smack in the face
from my dads 8 inch cock as it sprang out of his pants ” ahh ” i shouted as i was knocked onto my behind ” get up ” my dad ordered. As i was
getting back onto my knees i couldnt take my eyes of his dick it was so beautiful with big veins running through it i tokk it in my hand and slowly
pulled his foreskin back to reveal the biggest most purple bell end i have ever seen i noticed a drop of pre cum formed on the head so i slowly
took out my tounge and licked it off i couldnt beleive how much i loved the taste of it i then started to lick it from top to bottom like i had seen
on the dvd i couldnt wait no longer i wanted it in my mouth so i took the head of his cock into my bright pink lips i slowly began to suck it further
down but as i did my dad took hold of the back of my head and began to furiously shove his big cock down my throat making me choke and gag ” thats
it take my cock down that throat you little bitch ” he then pushed his cock as far as it could go down my throat and held my head makin tears pour
down my face makin my masscara run leaving black likes down my cheeks by this time i also had saliva all around my mouth and hanging from my chin.
After a few minutes of fucking my face dad began to thrust into my throat harder, i felt his cock begin to stiffen in my throat and before i knew what
was happening i felt his cock spurt cum over and over again filling my throat when he ha dfinished he pulled out and i was left with a mouth full of
his salty spunk, he quickly grabbed my chin and told me to open my mouth n show him his spunk so i did swirling it around with my tounge i then
swallowed it hmm did it taste good, dad then told me to go clean myself up.

I went upstairs to the bath room i cleaned the mascara tears off and reapplied my make up and lipstick which was worn off, i then sorted my hair and
started down the stairs as i walked ito the room i wa met my my now naked father izmit yürüyüş yolu escort who grabbed my arm and bent me over the arm of the couch makin my short
leather skirt rise up and show my thong which he pulled down to reveal tiny little asshole. Dad began to spank my ass like earlier very hard he then spat
on my asshole and began to push his finger in ” owww ” i yelped ” if you think that hurt wait until i stick this dick in there ” he said while rubbing his
cock, he posistioned his cock head at the entrance of my asshole and began to push at it ” nooo please dad not that it wont fit, you’ll kill me ” i began
to cry ” shut the fuck up bitch and take this cock, you need to learn to take big dick if you wanna be a bitch ” with that he pushed his cock head into my
ass with a pop ” godd noo dad please it hurts so much i cant take it ” i was screaming ” shhh little girl ” dad whispered , he began to push deeper into me,
it hurt so bad, i was crying quietly trying to not make to much noise then suddenly he got past a point and it started to feel good, he had it in about 5 inches
when he started to pull back and push back in, it hurt but not nearly as bad as before after pushing in and out a few times it started to feel real good
” ohh dad thats starting to feel good, ohh shit really good ” i told him. ” HHmmm my little bitch likes cock in her ass doesnt she ” it was at that point he
picked up the tempo and began slamming his cock in and out of my tight asshole ” oohhhhh yess ” left my lips ” oh baby your ass is sucking me in, you like that
shit dont u? ” he siad whilst still pumping in and out, i decided to let go ” ohhh daddy i do fuck my little ass daddy fuck it daddy ” this certainly had the
right effect on dad or daddy as of then i called him because he started to fuck me so hard i thought i was going to collapse ” baby im gonna do it im gona cum in
your little pussy you dirty little whore ” i loved being called names as i discovered and the fact that he said he was goin to cum in my pussy sent me over
the edge ” ohhhh daddyy im cumming too do it shoot your load up my pussy ” my restrained little cock began to squirt and leak cum as i felt my daddys cock stiifen
and shoot a big load of cum up my pussy as my assholle was now referred as. Daddy then pulled his now softening cock out of my pussy picke dme up turned me around
and while i was adjusting my skirt he lifted my head up and brought his lips to line as they met it was electric, his soft lips smothered my pink lipstick covered
pair and i felt his tounge prise open my mouth as his tounge explore my mouth, mine explored his. I sucked on his tounge as it left my mouth as he picked me up and
carried me upstairs all the while kissing me, took me to his bedroom ” your stayin with me tonight so i can teach you more how to please a man ” i looked up at him
battin my eyelashes and pouting ” oh thank you daddy, i promise to be a good little girl for my big dicked daddy “. We fucked all night stopping for rest and then
we’d shag again, at one point in the night i must of fell asleep because i woke up to find my dad already fuckin me.

I woke the next morning by myself i wondered where daddy was i went to the bathroom to shower and to do my make up, when i was ready and looked the best i could
i went downstairs lookin for him ” daddy, where are you? ” i called out ” in here ” was the response from the living room. I entered to see my dad preparing four
needles ” what are they for? ” i enquired. Dad came to me holding me by my shoulders he lowered himself to eye level ” well u do like being a girl dont u baby? ”
he asked ” yes daddy of course i do i cant beleive how lucky i am ” i smiled wiv a twinkle in my eye a twinkle of happiness ” well baby your about to get alot more lucky,
these are female hormones and by injecting them into you, you will not grow into a muscular and hairy boy, but keep a the feminine body you have now and you will grow into a
lovely young lady ” i looked at him and jumped into his arms ” oh yes daddy id love that, please do it ” with that said i was bent over and the four needle were injected
into my ass. Daddy told me how the first set of hormones would be injected into my ass but as the course go’s on i would have to have them in different, more painful places.
I was just glad to be able to take them and become more of the real me, the female me….


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32