Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 02

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The last two months have been total bliss. My new job was great and gave me the option to work from my home office most of the time. I’d been able to fuck, make love and use my daughter as I saw fit. Liv seemed to be settling in great here, and she has also taken on the role of house girl wonderfully. I had been afraid that she was going to get bored with the normal house cleaning ritual. She had mentioned to me before that she was interested in starting college, and she was still only a teenager. It was probably a good idea.

“Hey Liv, can you come here a minute?” I called from the office.

“Morning Daddy,” she said as she trotted in with a cup of coffee dressed in purple cotton boy shorts that showed off her nice round ass and a tiny white tank top that made her breasts seem twice as big as their normal size.

“Here’s some coffee, I figured you might need some.”

“Thanks sweetie. I’ve been thinking. Would you be interested in taking some classes at the college next month?”

Liv’s eyes lit up. “Well sure Daddy, but who’s going to tend to you while I’m at class?”

“Well honey, work has asked me to start coming into the office two days a week until this huge project is finished, that could easily be six months or so.”

“Oh,” she said, looking away with a disappointed tone.

“Honey, its only two days a week and that’s why I think you should take some classes. Plus, what would you do all day here by yourself without me here to fuck as I pleased? You know the rule that you can’t touch yourself without my permission. Do you think you’d be able to continue to follow that rule without me here? You are quite the little slut.”

“I guess you’re right Daddy,” she said coyly.

“Now go get ready for the day, I’m going to take you to get registered.”

Liv slowly walked out of my office somewhat disappointed, I could tell. She was quite the little slut and she enjoyed being fucked on a regular basis. But this was going to be good for both us. I knew she wasn’t going to be able to behave herself and I wanted the opportunity to punish her.

Liv’s head was swimming. She really didn’t want to take any classes and have Daddy gone two days a week. But she knew that he would be home every evening, and would take her the moment he walked in the door. But, on the other hand Liv was somewhat excited about the thought of a little freedom. Daddy has kept pretty tight reins on me. Walking into her room she headed over to the closet to get dressed, still thinking about the conversation she and Daddy just had.

Liv’s mind drifted into thought about the first night Daddy and she had sex. He promised that he would make her his little breeding slut daughter, but she wasn’t pregnant. Why wasn’t she pregnant?

Maybe something was wrong with her. She started to get a little panicked. Her heart was racing, she felt clammy and her legs started to give way like they were made of Jell-O. Suddenly she felt someone grab the back of her neck rather roughly. It scared Liv so bad she let out a scream and her legs finally gave way. Daddy caught her on the way down before she could hit the floor.

“Olivia, I’ve been calling your name for five minutes, why didn’t you answer me?” he asked sternly.

“I-I-I, I didn’t hear you Daddy,” she answered with a flushed voice.

“You didn’t hear me or you didn’t want to hear me?” he said with some anger.

“I didn’t hear you, I swear Daddy, I was thinking, I’m sorry.”

With those words Daddy picked Liv up roughly and tossed her onto the bed. She landed hard with a muffled thump. Daddy walked over with his eyes blazing with anger.

“You didn’t hear me huh? Well, I think you’re full of shit. I think you chose not to answer because you’re mad I have to go to the office a couple days a week. What a spoiled brat you are!” he growled.

He was now towering over Liv. He reached down and slapped her face. “You will not anger me like this again or you will be sorry,” he hissed.

Before she knew it, Daddy ripped off her tank top and shorts, exposing her naked flesh. She was trembling. Liv had never seen Daddy this way before. Liv was unsure of what he was going to do to her next, but the thought also excited her a bit.

Still standing over her, Daddy slapped Liv’s breasts one at a time, making them jiggle with great force. They started to sting and burn. She wanted him to stop.

“I’m sorry Daddy! It won’t ever happen again. I’m sorry! Please, please stop! You’re hurting me!” she began to cry.

Olivia’s tears only urged him to slap her harder.

I knew Liv was giving me crocodile tears. I knew deep down she was getting excited from her punishment. I could see her pussy getting wet. When her breasts were good and red with a slight purple hue, I pulled her legs apart, revealing her juicy cunt, and slapped it hard several times.

She cried out again, “Please Daddy, please stop!”

Her chest was heaving from her punishment. Her breasts were a deep red, with a juicy pussy to match. I stood over Ataköy Escort the bed watching her cry and sniffle. My cock had been hard and pushing against my jeans, causing it to ache. I needed some relief. I unbuttoned my pants and allowed my cock to break free of the restraints. Liv didn’t even look at me.

“Suck it you little slut, I shouldn’t have to tell you. You know the rules.” I slapped her pussy hard again, making her jump to attention and take my engorged member into her mouth.

She had a hard time sucking my cock because of her crying. I forcefully fucked her face. She was trying to catch her breath between pumps. Watching her struggle brought me more excitement than I thought it would and it didn’t take me long to shoot my large load of hot, sticky, white cum into her mouth.

She did her best to swallow it all, but some had made it onto her chin and was slowly dripping off onto her slightly bruised tits. She licked off what was left on my cock and collapsed back on to her bed. I pulled my pants up and lay next to her holding her close against me. Her breathing slowed back to a normal rate, but her heart was still pounding.

“You will answer me next time I call you, or your punishment will be far worse,” I whispered lovingly in her ear.

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered back with a hoarse voice.

“Now get up and get dressed, we’re going to go get you registered for school. Don’t shower or wash your face, also I want you to wear a lace bra and panties. I don’t want you to forget that you were punished today.”

Daddy patted her ass, encouraging Liv to get off the bed and get moving. Her head was reeling, her pussy and breasts aching. Liv slowly got off the bed making sure her legs didn’t give out from under her. She walked over to the dresser and pulled out Daddy’s favorite red lace bra and matching panties.

Liv put on a denim skirt, a t-shirt, and pulled her hair into a ponytail while looking at her face in the mirror. Liv’s eyes were slightly puffy from crying and she could see the dried cum on her chin. She was embarrassed; Liv really didn’t want Daddy or anyone else to see her like this. Her lace bra and panties felt like thousands of small needles rubbing against her bruised flesh, yet she couldn’t help but notice that her pussy was quite moist.

“Olivia, are you ready?” Daddy called.

“Yes Daddy!” Olivia replied urgently. She didn’t want him to think she wasn’t listening. Liv rushed out of her room and down the hall to meet Daddy. When she appeared in the door way Daddy let out a slight chuckle.

“Well, aren’t you just a sight,” he said with a smile.

Liv wearily smiled back.

“Are you wearing a lace bra and panties?”

“Yes Daddy, your favorite red ones,” she proudly answered.

“Good girl, and how do those feel against your tits and pussy?” he asked eagerly

“They feel like they are rubbing me raw,” Liv answered in a small child’s voice.

Daddy laughed out loud and motioned Liv towards the door.

My daughter looked like a small child who just received their first spanking, young, meek, and unsure of the world around them. I liked this look for her, but I knew that it was only something I could have every once in a while. I needed her to continue to grow up so that I could set my ultimate plan in motion. I know she was wondering why she hadn’t gotten pregnant. I have seen her looking at herself in the mirror rubbing her belly. I felt bad I hadn’t told her my secret, but felt that it just hadn’t been the right time.

We pulled up to the college and headed towards the admissions office holding hands. Liv looked excited, I could tell her bra and panties were still rubbing her a bit raw. Once in the office I handed Liv the class catalog and told her to find a writing and an art class that interested her. I already decided that I was going to put her in a math class as well.

Liv found two classes that piqued her interest and they happened to be on Tuesday and Thursday, which worked out perfectly. I signed all the needed paperwork, and Liv was officially a student.

“Okay honey, let’s go get some lunch.”

“Okay Daddy,” Liv said joyfully.

Daddy and Liv headed to their favorite little café just a few blocks from the school. Liv couldn’t help but continue to think about what happened in her bedroom. It didn’t help that she had a constant reminder. She sat quietly in the passenger seat of the car, shifting every few minutes trying to keep the lace from chafing her tender skin. Liv could see Daddy watching her shift and move.

He smiled at her and said, “Everything okay honey? You seem to be a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh, I’m okay Daddy,” Liv tried to lie.

“Sure Liv, are your panties and bra making your pussy and breasts burn?”

Embarrassed Liv replied, “Yes Daddy, they are.”

“Okay, well go head and take off your bra, and when we get to the restaurant you may take off your panties in the bathroom and then bring them back to me.”

“Thank Ataköy Escort Bayan you Daddy.”

With that Liv reached back and unhooked her bra, pulling one of the straps down her arm and through the sleeve of her shirt and pulled it totally off through the other sleeve. Liv sighed a breath of relief; the soft cotton of her shirt was very soothing to her sensitive skin. We got to the restaurant and she hurried off to the restroom to take off her panties too. With another sigh of relief Liv walked to the table Daddy was sitting at.

“Did you take your panties off, Liv?”

“Yes Daddy, they are right here.” She handed them to me across the table.

“Good girl. Why don’t you come and sit next to me?”

Liv scooted out from the booth. I could hear her thighs sliding across the pleather with a slight squeak. I slid in a bit so that she could sit next to me. We both sat there quietly looking at the menu. I’m not sure why I was looking at the menu; I always got the same thing, a turkey sandwich on marble rye with cranberry sauce and Swiss cheese.

The waiter came over and took our order. Liv ordered her usual as well, BBQ cheeseburger with fries and a Coke. With the waiter gone, Liv looked up at me still showing signs of her punishment from earlier.

“Daddy, can I ask you something?”

“Sure Liv, you can ask me anything.”

She looked at me lovingly with questioning eyes. “Why haven’t I gotten pregnant?”

“Oh baby, I’ve been meaning to tell you… I can’t have any more children. I had a vasectomy shortly after your were born. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but I knew it was something you wanted so badly. Honey, I would love to father a child for you. Considering the health factors, it’s really for the best that I can’t. But I have been working on setting something else up so you can give me a child.”

“But Daddy, I want to have YOUR baby.”

“Liv, I looked into this, and it’s just too risky on many levels. Don’t worry honey, you will get your baby and we will be a happy family. It will happen soon, I promise.”

With those words I pulled Olivia close into my side and gave her a hug.

“In the meantime let’s have a little fun, shall we?”

“Sure Daddy, what did you have in mind?”

“Well honey, let me show you.”

I placed my hand on Liv’s thigh and slid her skirt up high enough to show her neatly groomed muff. It was still swollen and sensitive from this morning, but it was warm and moist and beckoning to be touched.

“Daddy, the waiter’s coming!” she said in a slight panic.

“I know honey; I want him to see your juicy puss.”

At that moment the waiter walked up to our table with our lunch. I left my hand high up on her thigh. I made eye contact with him and motioned for him to look down at my daughter’s lap. He looked down and smiled.

We ate our lunch in almost total silence. The waiter came by more often then needed to catch a glimpse of my daughter’s well groomed cunt. I gladly showed her off. Liv enjoyed it too, each time she saw the waiter walk over she would open her legs and allow my fingers to slip between her red, swollen lips and fondle her clit. I rubbed her clit to the point she almost came right there in the restaurant in front of the waiter. I knew she needed to be taken and have that release, but I wasn’t going to do it there. We finished our lunch and headed home.

I knew Liv was mentally exhausted from the events of the day, so I sent her off to shower and get cleaned up. Liv undressed and stepped into the shower. She just stood there letting the water turn her body red from the heat. She grabbed her body wash and gave herself a good once over, being very gentle with her breasts and pussy.

Liv’s breasts still had a slight reddish tint and the swelling of her pussy had started to go down. Liv badly wanted to find the little hidden treasure nestled between her legs and rub it till she climaxed. But she was afraid, what if Daddy found out? Would he punish her again? How harsh would it be?

Liv snapped back into reality as Daddy opened the bathroom door and told her to finish up and get dressed. Before she could reply Daddy was already gone. Liv stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself with a towel. Liv needed something to drink so she headed to the kitchen for some water. Daddy was in his office on the phone talking to someone. She paused for a moment to listen.

“Great, see you around seven. Oh no, she will be fine, she likes it rough, wait till I tell you what I did to her this morning. You will enjoy it.”

Liv rushed off to the kitchen.

I had big plans for Olivia tonight. While Olivia was in the shower, I headed into my office to check my email. While scanning through my email my cell phone rang, it was Jonathan confirming the plans for this evening. Jonathan was a co-worker of mine, well educated, attractive and willing to pay. He and I had been working closely on this project and had the opportunity to get to know each other pretty Escort Ataköy well. He’d been to the house on a couple of occasions to work, but I never introduced him to Liv. He’d seen Liv wander through the house in next to nothing and showed great interest.

The last time he was here he asked how much convincing would it take to allow him to have an evening with her. I laughed and said it wouldn’t take much considering how well I knew him, but he would have to pay me for her services and help get her pregnant. He was a little hesitant about the pregnancy part, but I assured him that if I was able to do it myself I would have. With that the deal was done.

“Sweetie? Are you in the kitchen?”

“Yes Daddy, can I get you something?”

“No, thank you honey, come here please.”

Liv trotted into the office doorway still wearing only a towel from the shower.

“What’s up Daddy?”

“Well honey, we are going to have some company over in a few hours and I want to make sure the house is tidy.”

“I clean the house everyday Daddy.”

“I know baby, I just want you to give it another once over.”

“Oh, okay Daddy.”

“When you’re finished I want you to get dressed. I want you to put on the black sheer mini dress with black lace panties, bra, your good silk stockings, and your favorite stilettos.”

“Really? Who’s coming over Daddy?”

“Jonathan honey, now get to work.”

Liv headed off to her room to throw on some shorts and a tank top. Liv wasn’t sure really where to start, for the most part the house was clean. Liv wondered to herself who was Jonathan and why am I getting dressed? Her thoughts were interrupted by Daddy’s footsteps coming down the hall. She froze, but he was just heading into his bedroom. Liv grabbed her cleaning rag and started to make her way from room to room, touching up the dusting, looking for small things out of place. Before she knew it, six thirty had rolled around.

“Okay Daddy, I’m finished up. I’m going to go get dressed.”

“Alright honey. Be out in the in living room before Jonathan knocks on the front door.”

“Okay” Liv answered back as she walked away.

I couldn’t help but watch the clock. I was very eager to see my daughter’s reaction when she saw Jonathan. I paced around the living room trying to kill time. I heard the clicks of my daughter’s shoes coming down the hall. I turned around and there she was, in her black sheer mini dress, black lace panties, bra and silk stockings. This was my favorite dress, it hugged her curves perfectly.

Liv stood in the doorway with her lips painted a slight pink, emerald eyes glowing with excitement and her long red hair neatly framing her face giving her an angelic look. I smiled and knew that tonight was going to be very exciting. I just stood there taking her beauty in, when the doorbell made me jump. It was Jonathan.

“Smile honey, it’s show time.”

Liv put her best smile on and watched me walk to the door. I twisted the knob and pulled open the door.

“Jonathan! Great to see you! Please, come in.”

Jonathan stepped inside, set a small black bag down and hung up his coat. “Thank you, Marcus, glad to be here. Holy shit! Look at you, Olivia.”

Olivia smiled and stood up straight, showing off her hot body and sexy outfit.

“Doesn’t she look great Jonathan?”

“Hell ya she does, worth every penny! Speaking of which, here you go.”

Jonathan handed me an envelope stuffed with cash. I opened it up briefly and thumbed through what was inside.

“Looks good. Liv, come here honey and greet Jonathan.”

Liv walked over slowly with a big smile on her face, his eyes burning holes into her petite body. Jonathan was one of the most attractive men she’d ever seen, other than Daddy of course. His hair was rich black, light brown eyes, slightly sun kissed skin, and she could tell that he worked out. Liv also noticed the crotch of his pants bulging. Jonathan stopped Liv at about an arm’s length away from him.

“Turn around and let me see that hot bod of yours.”

Liv stopped and did a nice little twirl, making sure to stick out her ass and tits.

“Damn Marcus, you really know how to make ’em.”

Jonathan walked up to Olivia, rubbing his hands all over her body. Stoking her breasts, her neck and reaching around to grab her ass. His hands were strong, and very smooth. She liked the way they felt on her body.

“Yes, you are a hot little slut. I’m going to have some fun with you tonight.”

Liv smiled sweetly at him.

“She’s all yours, Jonathan, do as you please. I’m just here to watch.”

“Oh my, where to start?” he said in a slight whisper.

Jonathan walked up to the little slut, taking her in his arms and kissing her hard. She kissed him back, their tongues circling together. His hands roamed her body, feeling every inch. His cock was pressing against her stomach. Liv could feel it too and she pressed her body hard into his. Jonathan reached down and grabbed the bottom of her dress, pulling it up and over her head. Liv stepped back with a slight shocked look, but then smiled and stepped close to him again, kissing Jonathan hard.

“On your knees, slut,” Jonathan demanded.

With a smile Liv dropped to her knees and looked up at him.

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