Daddy’s Special Toy

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Kate and her dad were inseparable and had been for as long as she could remember. Her mother died in a car accident when Kate was only 12 years old. She remembered him sobbing and holding her hand tightly as they walked down the cold, sterile halls of the hospital. She remembered him hugging her, saying, “Mom would want us to stick together, more now than ever, and that’s what we are going to do.” The odd thing is that Kate could barely recall anything about that night except the shift in her father that was so sudden and so obvious. Kate had barely hit puberty at the time, but her father kept saying how lucky he was to have a little replica of his wife. Kate never really thought anything of it, if anything she was happy to look like her mom. Her long brown hair and dark green eyes made her pale, freckled skin seem translucent, and she had her mother’s smile without a doubt. Kate knew her dad always loved her, but after her mom died she noticed him staring at her more, and complimenting her on her looks often. While Kate didn’t mind the shift in his behavior, there were some things that became routine when she was about sixteen years old that she thought were strange.

Her dad stopped taking her to the doctor for her annual physicals. Instead, he would call a family friend who had a license to practice medicine and their living room would turn into an exam room while Kate’s dad watched meticulously. As any sixteen year old does, Kate had questions for the doctor that she didn’t want to ask in front of her dad, but he would always assure her there was nothing to be embarrassed about; “Mom wouldn’t want us keeping secrets from each other, you know,” he would say with a sincere tone. He also insisted that Kate be home schooled, and when she asked why he told her that there were too many distractions in public school for such an intelligent and beautiful girl to be bothered with. Kate also noticed her dad repeatedly lingering around her room, especially if she was in the shower or changing, and one day she realized that the lock on her bedroom door had been removed. When she asked him about it, he said, “Oh baby girl, there’s no reason for locks on our doors except to keep dangerous strangers out, and I’m certainly no danger to you.” Kate found all of the changes to be odd, unpredictable, but she also liked how close she felt to him, and how safe she felt in the home they shared.

At one of her physicals, just a few days after her eighteenth birthday, Kate had a question about a mole on her left breast. Her dad was standing in the doorway of the living room, and as the doctor asked her to remove her top so he could take a look, Kate noticed her dad coming closer to the exam table. She hesitated a little, her dad noticed and reassured her, “Honey, I changed your diapers, I’ve seen you naked a million times, it’s okay.” She removed her shirt and bra exposing her perky, tender breasts to the doctor and her father. She couldn’t meet her father’s gaze but noticed him staring at her, his mouth slightly agape, and she quickly noticed how vulnerable she was in this situation. Two men twice her age were staring at her half-naked body, and she knew her doctor was a professional but she couldn’t help but wonder if he would ever try anything with her.

“Okay, Kate,” the doctor was taking some notes and seemed a little worried, “The mole looks a little discolored, but the shape seems normal, so I don’t think there is too much to worry about. Do you have moles anywhere else?”

“Well yeah,” Kate blushed, “I have one kind of near here,” she motioned toward her pussy. “But I don’t think it is anything that needs to be looked at, I’ve had it forever.” Kate hoped her tone was clear, she really didn’t want to have a pelvic İstanbul Escort exam in front of her dad.

“Why don’t we just have a quick look?”

Kate looked at her dad as he nodded, and she slowly removed her shorts and panties.

“Now, if you could just lie back for me,” the doctor gently placed one of his gloved hands on her shoulder and Kate complied.

“Kate, you’re squeezing your legs together, I can hardly see anything, you need to relax, dear,” his hands gently rested on her knees as she followed his orders. Her dad stood right next to the doctor and she imagined her cheeks were the color of dark red roses by this point. She’d never even kissed a boy and here she was spread out in front of two grown men. She tried to focus on the ceiling fan whirring above her, attempting to latch her gaze onto a single blade and follow it as it made the rotations with the others.

“Okay I see the mole you were talking about, Kate, it looks almost identical to the other one,” his fingers were tracing it and suddenly she felt a warm tingling sensation in her stomach.

“Kate, have you ever had a proper pelvic exam? You’re old enough now that you probably need to have them regularly.”

Kate shook her head and looked toward her father who seemed distracted.

“Well, Kev, you mind if I give her one now since I’m here?”

Kevin came out of his daze, “No, I don’t mind, you might as well.”

Kate remained silent and waited for the doctor as he went out to his car to grab some additional medical instruments he insisted were necessary.

“Dad, is this going to hurt?”

Kevin walked over to his daughter, stroked her forehead lovingly, “No, baby girl, it will be quick and painless, I promise. I’ll watch everything he does, just to make sure.”

The doctor returned with some odd looking tools and Kate had no idea how this was about to go, but she felt somewhat at ease with her dad by her side.

“Okay Kate, I need you to slide all the way down on the table until your back is completely flat. I know it might feel a bit awkward.”

Kate did as he said and locked her gaze back on the ceiling fan.

“Now, I am going to first feel your ovaries and then we will do the cervical exam, so you’re going to feel some pressure from my fingers for just a minute.”

Kate winced as the doctor poked and prodded, and she wondered if this is what sex felt like.

“Are you okay baby?” Her dad’s soothing voice intertwined with the low whirs of the ceiling fan and she tried to relax.

“Yeah, daddy, I’m okay,” but her voice cracked a little as the doctor inserted some kind of cold metal tool inside her. She felt tears trying to escape her eyes, she knew that other girls didn’t have to go through this in front of their dads, or even their moms, and she felt embarrassed, powerless, and more vulnerable than ever before with her dad. Everything was over quickly, the doctor concluded that everything looked and felt normal, and told her she wouldn’t need another exam for a year or so. Kate was relieved and practically ran to her room once she was dressed. An hour or so went by and Kate was getting hungry. She didn’t want to look at her dad, but knew she would have to at some point, so she ventured into the hallway but something stopped her. Kate could hear her dad making odd noises, they were coming from his bedroom. She wandered down the hall and the noises grew louder. She’d never heard him make sounds like these before, and the curious side of her wanted to do some investigating. She cracked the door to his bedroom slightly, but before she could really see what he was doing, he paused and noticed her watching him. She noticed his muscular chest and İstanbul Escort Bayan arms, and the way his stomach kind of made a V shape near his waist. She was trying not to stare, but before she could take her eyes off of him he motioned for her to come in his room.

“Daddy…what are you doing?” Now she could see where that muscular v-shape led, his hands grasped his hard cock, and Kate, stunned and embarrassed, regretted leaving her room.

“Honestly, baby, I was thinking about your mom. You know, you look so much like her the older you get. And then today…” His voice trailed off, he was deep in thought.

“What, daddy, what about today? Why are you naked? I don’t understand.”

“Come here baby girl,” he motioned her toward his bed and she slowly made her way to him. She sat at the edge of the bed facing him as he wedged his body in between her legs. “Do you know how much you’re loved, Kate? I would do anything for you, you know that right?”

“Yeah, daddy, I know…”

He kissed her on the neck gently and Kate felt that same warm sensation in her stomach that she did during her exam. Her legs spread a bit wider, allowing him to get even closer to her. She could smell his after-shave, feel the heat from his body, and she instinctually leaned into him for more.

“You’re so much like your mother…” he trailed off again and kissed her more, moving from her neck to her collar bones and shoulders. Kate let out a small moan and could feel how hard her dad was. She had no idea what to do, but knew her dad would guide her as he always did. He helped her out of her shirt and bra, kissed her nipples and stomach. Her breaths quickened and she could feel each beat of her heart.

“Daddy, are we allowed to do this?” He paused briefly and gazed into his daughter’s eyes. He could see his wife in them. There was no turning back now, the need was simply too great.

“Baby girl, you know I would never get you into trouble or put you in danger. Just trust me.”

He planted his lips on his daughter’s and could feel her innocence, her inexperience, and her curiosity and while he reveled in it he also couldn’t wait to take it all from her.

“Baby, remember how you were lying on your back for the exam today? I want you to get just like that for me now okay? Just get comfortable.”

“You mean, exactly how I was? Like, naked?”

“Exactly how you were,” he commanded.

Kate obeyed, and she let her legs dangle off the side of the bed, propped up on her dad’s shoulders as he kneeled in front of her.

“We are going to take this nice and slow, baby girl.”

“Take what nice and slow?”

But before Kate could sit up to see what her dad was doing, she felt his mouth on her pussy. His tongue danced around her clit and she could feel herself getting really wet.

Her dad paused briefly, “Fuck,” he moaned, “You taste just like your mom did.” And he vigorously returned for more, drinking his daughter’s essence, feeding on her innocence, reminiscing on his late wife’s desirability.

Kate squirmed and moaned, “Daddy, I don’t know about this…It feels wrong.”

His chin was covered with her sweet wetness as he paused to answer her, “You want to be a good girl for me don’t you baby girl?”

“Well yeah I mean of course I don’t want to disappoint you,” Kate said meekly, “But I think mom would be upset about this.”

“Well, baby, she’s not here to stop me, and I doubt you can…honestly I don’t think you really want to. You didn’t have to come in here just because I told you to, and you didn’t have to get naked on that table today. I think you want this just as much as I do. And I think you’re about to Escort İstanbul prove to me what a good girl you can be.”

In one swift motion he picked her up and spun her thin frame around so she was on her stomach. Her bare ass was slightly elevated, and as he brought a swift hand down onto one of her pale cheeks she whimpered a little.

“What did you do that for!?” Kate was utterly shocked. She hadn’t been spanked by him since she was a little girl. He didn’t respond, he simply spanked her again and again until her ass felt raw, taking small breaks from the spankings to finger her or tease her, briefly playing with her nipples or grabbing her hair forcefully. She was in pain but she could also feel her juices running down her leg. She had no idea she could even get that wet.

“Okay, baby, are you ready to be really good for daddy? You’ve been great so far,” her father cooed in a tone that reminded her of when she had a really bad day at school and he wanted to comfort her. He wrapped his arm underneath her, clutching around her waist and elevating her hips. She felt his hard cock press against her and tried to squirm away, only to feel his grip tighten around her.

“Daddy, I’m a virgin, you know that! Please, this is going to hurt, let’s just stop.” Her plea was useless.

“It won’t hurt, baby girl, it’s going to feel really good once you get used to it. Just breathe and let daddy do all the work. All you have to do is keep your hips up like this, and don’t try to squirm away from me. That won’t make it easier for either of us.”

Kate buried her face in the mattress and waited with a pounding heart and dripping wet pussy for her father to fuck her. His hands wrapped around her hips and she felt pressure slowly building up inside her as her dad let out a deep moan. He slowly increased his pace and soon Kate was making noises she’d never heard come out of her body.

“That’s right, scream for me baby girl, your mom was a screamer too.” He pulled Kate’s hair, forcing her head up from the mattress so her moans echoed off of the walls. He kissed her neck, pulled her hair a bit more so her mouth was next to his and kissed his daughter deeply, passionately, before pushing her back into the mattress, muffling her moans once more.

“You’re a natural, baby, you’re such a good little whore for daddy,” he grunted and could feel Kate starting to push back on him as he thrusted into her. She wanted more of him and he had so much more to give. He knew she wasn’t on birth control and kept reminding himself to keep a level head, but the thought of filling his daughter with his cum was driving him mad. He could feel her pussy tightening around his cock, her moans were getting deeper.

“Are you going to cum for daddy? I haven’t told you to yet…” He spanked her again and as she drove her hips into him he could feel the cum gushing out of her.

“Fuck, you’re such a little whore, cumming without permission like that,” and as she was trying to recover he repositioned her so she was on her back. He wanted to look into her eyes during his orgasm. “Well if you get to cum without permission, then so do I, that’s only fair right?”

Kate looked confused, “Daddy, don’t girls get pregnant this way? You can’t cum in…” But before she could even finish her sentence her dad was pulling her hair, forcefully bucking his hips into her. As her legs wrapped around him she could feel a warm substance inside her, and as her father curled into her and kissed her nipples and neck Kate tried to reconcile what just happened.

“So…did I do okay?”

“Oh yes,” her father was out of breath but his voice exuded pleasure, “You were perfect.”

“Do all daddies do this with their daughters?” he found Kate’s naiveté endearing.

“Only the best daughters get to have this, baby, but we need to get the doctor over here tomorrow so you can get Plan B, and we need to talk to him about birth control. You’re daddy’s special toy now, but we have to play it safe.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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