Dale’s Special Family Ch. 06

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“You know Lara is just a pussy waitin’ to be fucked,” Lynda says to him.

Lynda and Dale are lying on the floor naked. They, along with Bettie, had finished a session of fucking, sucking and eating each other out. The siblings are cuddling and resting.

Bettie is on a graveyard shift and had to leave around eleven PM. She is preparing to go. The Latina wife would smile lovingly at Lynda and Dale while shuttling back and forth getting ready for work.

“I know,” Dale pats Lynda’s solid ass, “I want Lara’s magnificent legs around me as well.” He kisses small forehead saying, “But we must play this slowly.”

“Fuck slowly,” the horny girl refutes, “we both know she’s a bitch in heat right now.”

“We still hav’a be patience,” Dale cautions, “If she’s only a looker an’ not a doer, we’ll end up with nothin’.”

“Damn!” Lynda argues, “She’s so fine. I’m really wantin’ that ass.”

“So do I.” Dale reminds, “But she’s still our mom’s little sister an’ we don’t know what she’ll do if pushed.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” Lynda snickers evilly.

“You’re really hot for Lara,” Dale leans into Lynda’s sweat coated body, “Aren’t ya?”

“It’s your fault,” Lynda quips with a kiss.

“How’s that?” Dale kisses back.

“If ya hadn’t told me how she played with herself while watchin’ Bettie an’ I,” the lusting sister answers pushing a set of large titties up against her brother’s chest, “I wouldn’t be so hot to trot.”

Dale could tell Lynda is getting turns on just thinking of their gorgeous aunt. Then the same desires are in him as well. They are unconsciously kneading each other’s groin areas.

“I’m really ready,” she giggles, “to become an aunt eater.”

“Well, I feel exactly the same way,” Dale agrees kissing Lynda’s long neck. “But we should wait.”

“I think,” Lynda disagrees while kissing a corded neck and pulling a ready body closer, “takin’ it slow as passed.” A curvy leg is placed over his thigh. A wet pussy is rubbed against a hardening cock. “I think we should be gettin’ some of that forty year old ass.”

“Ya know,” Dale remarks with kisses becoming more passionate, “if we’re wrong; we’ll never be able to go home again.”

“Whatever you two decide,” Bettie’s voice interjects, “ya better leave a little piece for me.”

The young Latina stoops down and kisses Lynda and then her husband good-bye. The sexy raven haired woman heads toward the door.

“If you two aren’t here when I return,” she calls back, “I’ll assume you’re next door eatin’ some mature pussy.”

Bettie disappears out the front door. They hear the car start and then back out of the driveway. The two of them turn the attention back to getting the aunt.

“Fuck waitin’,” Lynda repeats placing passionate kisses on his chest, “Let’s go for it.”

His hand strokes the dancer’s thighs. Dale could smell Lynda’s cunt. She is hot and ready for action.

“C’mon, Lover,” Lynda urges now rubbing a hot cunt on a muscular outer thigh, “Let’s get our bitch aunt tonight.”

Dale could feel the warm juices of the taboo twat on his flesh. The more they talked about Lara; the more Lynda is getting turned on. The girl is lusting for the sexy aunt at this point.

The idea is affecting him as well. Dale had a cock that the rising with every second. Lara’s cunt is his desire as well.

“You’re soaked,” Dale notes enjoying the feel of Lynda’s nectar running down his leg.

“I’m gushin’,” the former stripper whispers huskily, “I’m lik’a leaky faucet.”

Dale pushes a leg between Lynda’s. They then engage in a deep, tongue-searching kiss. The brother’s hands roam his sister’s shapely ass cheeks.

With tanned arms around his neck, Lynda sucks on his tongue. A wet pussy keeps sliding up and down on the muscular thigh. The trail of juice from a very wet cunt feels good to him.

“Let’s expand our lovin’ family,” Lynda hisses as the frequency of the repetitions against the thigh increases, “Let’s fuck Lara tonight.”

Lynda’s passions for Lara had taken over. She captures a hard cock and strokes it repeatedly. The sensation is nice. It is making the desire to stay practical wan.

“Oh!” Lynda’s blue eyes widen,” Oh, good fuckin’!” she shows an expression of total surprise. “I’m cummin’!”

Lynda’s pelvic gyrations on her brother’s thigh had stimulated an oversensitive clit. A quick orgasm rose without warning. She clings to his neck and hangs in his arms.

“Yes, that’s it!” Lynda moans with closed eyes, “I’m gonna cum now!”

The grinding of a soaked cunt mound against Dale’s thigh increases. Lynda is climaxing. He could feel the engorged clit on his flesh.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Lynda wails in her brother’s ear, “I’m cummmin!”

The twisting and humping becomes frenzied. Lynda is spilling fluids from that wet pussy hysterically. Hot breathes rush into his ear as the climax peaks. Then she goes limp like a rag in her brother’s arms.

“Just thinkin’ of Lara’s cunt does that to you?” Dale amazes.

“She just turns me on,” Ankara escort Lynda confesses panting. “I want her now!” She pulls back against him. “As a woman, I know when another is in heat.” Lynda lustily assures, “Lara, our dear aunt, is ready for a fuck!”

“You really believe that?” Dale quizzes to ensure.

“With all my heart,” Lynda insists pulling up next to his neck.

“Then we’ll go after her now,” Dale decides.

They kiss passionately. A pair of tongues danced. Young bodies crushed together in forbidden desire.

Suddenly Lynda sits up. She rubbernecks the room. Then jumps up.

“I’ve gotta get something,” she announces and heads toward the guest room.

“Say what!?” the puzzled brother yips.

Dale doesn’t have to wait long for an answer. Lynda returns with a vibrator. It is long, silver and humming.

“You’re not gonna used that on me?” Dale asks puckering up his asshole defensively.

“No silly, ” Lynda chuckles, clicking it off, “This toy is for Lara.”

“Let’s go,” Dale commands standing up.

“Like this?” Lynda makes gesture at a nude body.

Both are naked. Nether had a stitch on. Dale smiles at Lynda’s sudden shyness.

“Ya think we really need clothes?” The turned on brother reminds, “You said Lara is more than ready.”

The words brings a smile to Lynda’s pretty face. She perkily walks to the back door. The twin large mounds bounces in unison.

“God!” Dale thinks awing, “My sister’s sexy!”

Lara lived in the next door duplex. The woman had a bad habit of forgetting to lock the patio glass doors. The naked Lynda and Dale tiptoe from their back yard to Lara’s adjacent back yard.

At the door the lusting pair halt. The siblings give the other one last look of encouragement. This is a last chance to change mind.

“Are’ya sure this isn’t this just too perverted?” Dale questions in a hush.

“Say what!?” Lynda returns a puzzled look. “Perverted?” the cute blond quips with a chuckle. “This comes from a man who eats sister’s pussy!?”

“She does look like a younger version of Mom,” Dale points out.

“Yeah,” Lynda agrees. Then notes, “But she’s not Mom.” She adds with a grin, “She’s one hot bitch wantin’ to fuck!” Lynda gives a peck on the lips noting, “Besides you’re dyin’ to taste that cunt.”

Well, lusting Dale couldn’t argue with that. A modest smile is the response.. The scheming pair enter the duplex.

The upstairs bedroom light is on. They knew this is where Lara would be reading. The sex-driven duo creep up the stairs quietly.

They then enter the bedroom. Lara is wearing a red see through nightie. The garment is a very small one that barely covers anything. The mature woman’s beautiful body lays totality expose.

Lara calmly looks up from the book to see two naked people at the foot of the bed. The confident aunt doesn’t bother to cover up. The model’s legs opens slightly further.

“Ya know,” she remarks, removing a pair of reading glasses, “this is very presumptuous of you two.”

“No it ain’t, baby,” Lynda rejects, “You got your pussy hot watchin’ us the other night.” She concludes, “That says it all.”

“Watchin’ ain’t doin’,” Lara argues.

They both move up beside the bed. Each on one side. Lara just stare at the young bodies.

“You kids have grown up nicely,” the older relative observes. “But this is a little kinky.”

“We love each other,” Dale points out, “What’s so wrong with that?”

“Because the friendly kisses on the cheeks,” she quips, “aren’t supposed to be the ass cheeks.”

They laugh nervously at the observation.

“Now kids,” Lara refuses, “you may fuck each other, but I can’t allow you to fuck me.”

As if on cue both sit down on the bed. The beautiful aunt still makes no effort to cover up. The siblings suspect she is playing with them.

Lara’s sexual aroma is inundating Dale’s nostrils. There is something about a woman’s cunt that sets off an odor when it’s ready for a dick. His aunt’s pussy is saying that.

Dale looks at the forbidden crotch. It is wet. The bikini bottoms are soak with juices.

“I mean it kids,” she insists, as they slide closer, “My cunt isn’t for you two.”

As if it had been rehearsed, Dale grabs the bottoms and Lynda grabs the top. An unified yank is done. Within seconds the mature body had been striped naked.

The surprised aunt gives a wide-eyed expression. Still no effort is made to cover up. Lynda’s nipples harden. Dale’s cock becomes rigid.

“This ain’t right,” Lara weakly protests.

“It’s as right as it’ll ever be,” the aggressive Lynda states moving up between the well-photographed legs.

She kisses the older woman on the neck. Lara doesn’t resist. Soon a deep French kiss is exchanged.

“Open your legs, Bitch,” the younger woman hotly orders, “Let your sexy niece please you.”

Lara hear the vibrator buzz on. She jerks slightly at the sound. Lynda raises it up.

“What’s that thing?” the smiling relative remarks lightly, “A fuckin’ Ankara escort bayan cruise missile?”

Lynda kisses each of the chocolate brown nipples. Then kisses travels down a flat abdomen to the top edge of a golden-haired triangle. She suddenly stops.

The toy is placed against the mature breasts. Lara flinches slightly and then shivers as the lustful niece trails the smooth tip along a perfect neck. The teasing device skims over the hard nipples and around the twin mounds of flesh.

The humming device across the flat belly again. It pauses a few brief seconds to tease. It then is expertly guided to the pink lips of the mature cunt.

“Ohhhhhh!” Lara involuntarily moans as the sensation brings forth pussy juice.

Dale is amazed at the toy. The vibrator had multipurpose. A twisting head to find and stimulate the G spot. Ears to drive a clit wild. Vibrating, popping bulbs on the inside that expanded the shaft to massage the inside of a cunt to multi-climaxes. It is a tool that is a torture device of pleasure.

“A stripper friend of mine introduced this to me.” Lynda informs gliding the sliver device over the inside of a curvy upper legs. “She told me that it helps to make a fuckin’ session sweet.” It is slowly directed over the wet pussy. “An’ usin’ it on you, my hot aunt, makes it an even sweeter pleasure.” The tip probes against the clit. The older blond flinches at the touch. “It prepares a cunt for some real good eatin’.”

“Oh, my hot lil’ niece,” Lara moans, while accommodating by opening the curvy gorgeous legs wider, “are’ya gonna eat my pussy now?

“Don’t get ahead of me, Auntie,” Lynda replies teasing an extended clit, “Our fun has just begun.”

Lynda use of the vibrator on the older woman’s firm body had her tingling. The tool’s tip is slightly rubbed over each nipple. The power is turned up suddenly.

“Ooooooeeeeeee!” Lara squeals involuntary.

Dale has a sense of pride about his sibling’s sexual technique. She knows how to use the toy well. Lynda has Lara arching an athletic torso tamely to allow complete access to the vibrating tool’s touch. The beautiful orbs of flesh twitches with the teasing pleasure.

A pair of ruby lips suck on each nipple first and then tries to inhale as much of the tit as possible. Licking and sucking causes Lara to shiver more. Lynda’s practiced mouth causes sexual thrills to ripple.

The exotic dancer’s torture tactics with the toy continues while making love to the full mature breasts. The vibrator is placed on the enlarge clit. The silver surface rubs left to right and then up and down. Slender hips move with the tool’s actions. A mature cunt is soaked with juices are flowing from the opening. The sheet surface just below is becoming a small pond.

“Damn you,” Lara moans with closed eyed, “I’ve never had anyone get me so hot so quickly.”

Lynda places the vibrator on the opening quivering lips of the cunt. It is turned it up a little more. Then the tip disappears between the pink flesh of the pussy lips.

Dale, as a spectator, finds his sister’s action wonderful. She was successfully seducing the older relative completely. At any moment he expected the beautiful aunt to go to knees like a submissive bitch.

“Oh Goddamn you!” Lara shrieks loudly, “I’m already too damn hot!” A pair of firm thighs humps allowing the vibrator to enter deeper. “I’m so fuckin’ hot I can’t stand it!”

“Now you’re ready for some real lovin’,” Lynda remarks pulling the toy from the leaking cunt.

The device is turned off. It is placed on a nearby table. Long fingers remove an ice cube from a drink. It disappears behind a set of lush lips. The sexy niece leans forward and captures an aunt’s right nipple with a cold mouth.

“Omi,” Lara gasps, “That’s really feelin’ good.”

The nipple and breast is sucked into the icy mouth as far as possible. The cold sensation on warm tit makes the soft flesh shiver with ecstasy. The older woman’s face shows the results of the sensations being caused.

Lynda then sit up removing another ice cube from the drink. The scheming girl goes after the other nipple and breast. The pleasure/pain act is repeated.

Lara pets the golden mane as the lusty mouth sucks and licks the large mound. She bows and twists with the movements of a loving tongue. Low moans of pleasure unwillingly emit.

Dale is still in awe of Lynda’s technique. His sister is an expert cunt lover. The controlling the older woman with penetrating tongue movements would have the most experienced male taking notes.

“That feels so wonderful, Honey,” Lara whispers in a hiss.

A third cube is removed from the glass. It is placed in the pleasure making mouth. A lecherous grin is given to Lara. A second later, a blond head is buried between the beautiful thighs.

“Oh, sweet Mary!” Lara squeals in joyful shock.

The hot aunt hunches a shaking cunt into the sexy niece. Dale could see from his sister’s head movement going up and down on the blond haired slit. Slurping sounds announces Lara becoming Escort Ankara very wet with lust. She head flips back and forth, left to right as the cold tongue makes love to the hot pussy. Lara is getting an expert pussy eating from Lynda.

Dale is just too hard to stand by. He mounts ecstasy dominated aunt at the slender shoulders. An erect cockhead trails a over a pair of red lips. A willing mouth immediately swallows the hard shaft up to the balls. The teenage fantasy is beginning.

Lara gurgles with excitement and then starts sucking. Dale’s cock is hard and firm. The older woman works the nephew’s shaft with undeniable zeal. An excited hot mouth seals over the invading rod.

Lynda’s experience tongue continues to wash and lick the engorged clit. The lusting niece works soft pink flesh quicker. The idea this is the family’s beautiful aunt’s cunt makes the task even more pleasurable.

The younger relative expertly loves the Lara’s pussy. Tingling and stimulating sensations has all the nerve endings stimulated to the maximum. An experienced cunt gets even wetter. It is unbelievable that the youthful girl can be so talented.

“Yeah!” Lynda cheers huskily, “Fuck her sassy mouth!” The dangling ball sac is gently squeezed. “Ram your cock down that bitch’s throat! Make her eat it all!”

Lynda’s words heat up Lara’s cock loving. A practiced tongue manipulates her handsome nephew’s entire shaft. A honey blond head moves up and down in a milking motion. The desire to taste the taboo cum is foremost.

Lynda returns to the mugging of Lara’s pussy. The aggressive niece forces Lara’s legs wider. A hot mouth goes deeper into the beautiful cunt.

Lara’s rhythmic movements on Dale’s dick increase with Lynda’s tongue lappings. The hot aunt inhales further on the forbidden pole. Then she pulls back all the way off the throbbing cock. The tip of a hot pink tongue teases.

“God, Baby,” Lara whispers to Dale, “This is the most I’ve ever been turn on.”

The hot mouth again sucks the stiff cock in deep. The beautiful aunt is giving a perfect oral loving job. Dale is grateful that any of the females in the family love cocksucking.

Lynda actions are affecting the older relative. Lara shift and heaves with the action of the young niece’s tongue. The slurping sounds increases with the growing of younger blond’s lust.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Lara moans with pleasure.

The vibrations feels good on Dale’s harden rod. It is a wonderful sensation. The nephew pumps faster in response.

Suddenly Lynda stops the cunt loving. She looks over to the table. The silver vibrator is once again in hot younger woman’s possession.

The cocksucking stops as well. The lustfilled aunt gives a puzzled expression. There is frustration with the niece’s tactics.

Dale is also feeling stymied. Hot sperm is ready to be launched and the sexy sister suddenly stops. He is ready to demand the bitch continues and stop playing games.

“You’re drivin’ me crazy,” Lara exasperatingly wails, “I’ve gotta cum now!”

“I says don’t get ahead of me,” the calm Lynda reminds in a lecherous tone as the vibrator hum resumes.

It is placed on a very wet slit. Lynda teases with the tip. The hot blond is in total command of mature cunt.

Lynda looks up at her brother and mouths “Be cool”. Lara’s cunt is looked at again. Blue eyes sparkle as a broad smile appears. Lynda eases the tool into the tight little hole.

“Ok fuck me,” Lara whispers

The sex toy buries into older woman’s pussy. The ears hit the protruding clit. The sex hazed aunt gasps loudly. With a fiendish smirk, Lynda turns up the control.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!” Lara wails loudly as hips involuntarily hump.

Lara’s mouth hastily captures the semi flaccid rod. An intensified sucking quickly brings it back to life. A blond head bobbing speed up. The nephew’s cock is inundated with amazing feelings. It is the final step in the effort to make an oral climax occur.

The beads start popping as the silver head burrows deeper. Lynda twists the torture device slowly into the wet cunt. The aunt’s body trembles and shimmers with lust.

“Of all that’s holy,” Dale whimpers, unable to speak loudly, “Whatever you’re doin’ to her don’t stop!”

The hot nephew face fucks with quick gyrations. Low moans sound with the increases pleasure produce by Lara’s mouth. Lynda has the hot aunt in a sexual haze. The woman is giving him the most marvelous blowjob ever thanks to the sexy sibling!

“I’m cumin’!” Dale yells as the hot sperm begin to rush toward the eager mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Lara responds and strengthen the mouth grip on the throbbing shaft.

Dale shoots off into another relative’s hot mouth. Lara swallows all of the juices. Dale releases more cum than he thinks possible.

Being a good cum shallower must be a trait of the women in his family. Like Lynda, Lara takes it all down. Not missing or losing a drop, the woman is a human vacuum.

The vibrator is turned up to the maximum. Lara responds wildly. Slender bucks and twists on the bed. The sex-hazed aunt heaves and tosses to the sensations her niece is giving.

“Ohhhhhhhhh God!” Lara screams releasing Dale’s dick, “Omigod! This is the best cunt lovin’ I’ve ever had!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32