Dance, Little Sister

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On my twenty-first birthday, I spent a majority of the day relaxing while my eighteen-year-old sister Marisol spent most of the day in her birthday suit. She told me it was because she wanted to get into the spirit of things. I laughed but told her my homeboys were stopping by later and she better be dressed.

I had gotten my own place after high school and have been independent of my parents since. Marisol told me she wanted a taste of that independence for her senior year of high school and begged to move in with me. I loved her, spoiled her, so I agreed. My place was, ironically, close to our high school anyway and I told my parents this would be good for her.

Marisol hadn’t even been living with me a month before I noticed her clothes were everywhere but on her. I tried ignoring it, then talking to her about it. I even tried reverse psychology, but nothing stopped her. She refused to wear clothes in my house unless we had friends over. She was the same way as a little baby. Back then though, it was cute, but now it was…sexy!

There was nothing slack about Marisol. Trim and tanned, she was well muscled and even had chiseled abs. Her hair reached down between her shoulder blades, was dark brown and had brown highlights. She looked tough in tight jeans or cutoff shorts. She looked sexy when she wore a black dress with heels. And when she wore a sun dress she looked as sweet as can be. I supposed when I looked at her I didn’t see a sister, but a woman who was unapproachable, untouchable, unknowable, taboo…

I suppose that’s why I was attracted to her—because I couldn’t have her. And since she was always prancing around in the nude I was only tortured. Maybe now you understand why I wanted her to stop.

Thankfully I was given some peace as my homeboys showed up. For the next couple of hours my mind was lost in a haze of bong smoke, entertained solely by Tekken 5 and Need for Speed Underground 2. Some time during the night, Marisol joined us and I was relieved to see she was dressed. She wore tight jeans and a black t-shirt with gold writing across her small breasts.

My little soiree ended after Etiler Escort an hour’s worth of porn and the munchies set in. My homeboys split, leaving me alone with Marisol. Honestly, she was the last thing on my mind as I just wanted to go back to my room, jerk off, and pass out.

Marisol, not knowing my intentions, followed me to my room, saying something about getting a CD. I asked which one it was but she only said she would know it when she saw it. I contemplated, as difficult as it was at the time, using the bathroom to jerk off. By the time my brain came to a decision, Marisol had already selected her CD and was placing it in my stereo. I saw it was the ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ soundtrack.

“Hey, get out,” I told her.

She just glared, “Don’t tell me what to do, Joel.”

Sitting on my bed, waiting impatiently, I took a sip of the Smirnoff triple black Marisol had brought with her. The taste of it and Marisol’s flavored lip-gloss mingled on my tongue and made my dick twitch.

Skipping to track ten, Marisol laugh musically as Cheech Marin declared “All right! Pussy! Pussy! Pussy! Come on in, pussy lovers!” I laughed too, and Marisol skipped further to track thirteen called ‘After Dark’.

“Mm yeah, that’s the one.” She said

Right before my heavy red eyes, Marisol’s hips began to sway, mesmerizing me without much effort at all. Suddenly I was thinking about snake charmers. I’d heard somewhere that snakes can’t hear, so it wasn’t the music of the flute, but the movement of the flute that snakes danced too. Right now, my sister’s ass was like the bobbing flute and my snake followed.

“Shit. Get outta here, Marisol.”

She didn’t listen, only continued to gyrate lasciviously. I shifted position on my bed, tugging the crotch of my pants away from my hard prick. I saw Marisol’s eyes flash downward and my cheeks grew hot, knowing she had spied my erection.

Marisol continued to sway, twisting her arms and legs, actually wiggling out of her tight pants. I was stoned and stunned and none to eager to stop gazing lustfully at her. Her black t-shirt and a hot pink thong were Etiler Escort Bayan all that protected her from me.

Moving closer to me, she pulled her t-shirt off and exposed her breasts to the cool room air. A part of me wanted to look away—a small, almost nonexistent part. My eyes could not unglue themselves from the swaying beauty before me, catching sight of a round butt separated into two smooth hemispheres by a lone string. Following the silky curve of Marisol’s back up to her dark hair, my sight was then brought to her hands, which slid her thong down her legs. ‘After Dark’ came to an end and I sat unmoving, knowing full well what I wanted.

Grabbing the remote off the nightstand by my bed, I switched to another CD already in the stereo. I skipped to track seven—lucky number—all the while watching my sister as she watched me. 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’ began to play, and reaching for my sister, I drew her onto my lap so that she straddled me, my hands laying claim to her flesh.

For the first time ever, our lips connected with inborn hunger. She wanted this. She knew what she was doing and was not about to be denied. Nor was I. Marisol let out a low whine as our lips parted. Looking into my eyes she kissed me again quickly, then directed my lips to her breasts. I fed upon her left nipple immediately, surprisingly finding the petite breasts more alluring than any of the larger variety. Marisol’s body smelled of scented lotion which only strengthened my thirst for her.

When Marisol suddenly pulled away from me, I felt depraved of her warmth and feared she had changed her mind. Such was not the case as she dropped to her knees and went to work on my pants. I was mad hard and when she fished out my cock in her cute little hands, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

With lips and tongue and throat, she took me in, her cheeks becoming concave with suction. I groaned and ran my hands through my little sister’s soft hair. I don’t know exactly how long she sucked me, but I’m sure it was long enough to start her jaw aching. My body arched hard as I came to my climax, my hand clamped hard on Marisol’s Escort Etiler neck. Gasping from breath, I saw her lick her lips, salty now with my cum.

I stood her up and pulled her back over my lap, the blunt head of my still hard cock probing between her pussy lips. Marisol gave the cutest squeal as I slip up into her. She wasn’t a virgin, I knew, but she was still tight.

“Oh Joel!” she gasped. “Big brother, yes!”

Her body shined now with sweat. I grasped her butt cheeks, squeezing them playfully, a single finger going so far as to poke into her anal passage. My hands then slid up her smooth back and her baby-like coos drove me mad.

Her tongue wormed warmly into my ear followed by the whispered demand of “Fuck me, Joel!” and her teeth biting my earlobe.

I wrapped my arms around Marisol and lifted her up and down over my cock, loving the feeling of every centimeter of my eight-inch length encased in her tight folds. She was in heat, breathing with lust as she ground her pussy into me. The wet sounds of our rapidly slapping bodies echoed through the room and drowned out the music like crashing ocean waves.

Still whining, Marisol rode me like the good girl she was, her arms around my neck. She still nibbled and sucked my ear, whispering encouragement. “Fuck me! Big brother! Ooh Joel, oh!”

Everything about Marisol was overriding my senses. Our movements were fast and frantic, our individual pressures building. When I again pressed a finger into Marisol’s rectum, it was too much for her. I can’t even imagine what her orgasm felt like for her but I’m certain she felt it spiral outward from our conjoined bodies.


Now I was driven over the edge, Marisol’s convulsing, shuddering body causing me to jet my orgasm up into her. I could only growl like a deranged animal, squeezing my little sister’s body close to me as her nails racked my back.

Breathing raggedly, I realized Marisol had passed out in my arms. A smile graced her pretty triangular face and a heat bloomed in my chest. It was love, definitely love. I lifted her carefully off my shrinking cock, moaning at the pleasure I felt from the simple movement. I was exhausted, but happily so. Putting Marisol in my bed, I stripped off my clothes and climbed in next to her, covering us. Hugging her warm body close, I fell into a blissful sleep as track twenty ‘So Amazing’ played on the stereo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32