Dancing With a Twist

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I love to dance, especially ballroom and swing. Over the years, I have attended many dances to satisfy my passion. A few years ago a new face appeared at one of the dances. He immediately attracted my attention because he was tall and very good looking with wavy steel gray hair. Competition for partners can be fierce among the women so I quickly headed over and asked him to dance. Happily, he accepted and that first encounter with Ed changed my life.

As we danced, we introduced ourselves and I learned a few things. Ed was married and his wife, Paula, had work obligations that often kept her from sharing some of his hobbies, ballroom being one. She encouraged him to go and enjoy. It had been a few years since he’d gone dancing so he decided to give it a try. I could tell very quickly that he was a good dancer and more importantly, he knew how to lead. I immediately felt very comfortable in his arms and I complimented him on his dancing.

Other single women were soon asking him to dance and I felt a bit of pride when he would seek me out. He was very polite and I felt a thrill every time I heard him say, “June, would you do me the honor?” Actually, it was I who was honored.

That evening flew by and we shared the last dance, a nice slow one. I felt like a school girl with a crush, I wanted to hold him close and not let go. Fortunately, Ed kept everything proper and we just chatted about the evening and he assured me of his return the following week. He also made my evening by saying I was a wonderful dancer and wondered if he could reserve more with me. I looked up into his hazel eyes and replied, “You can have them all.”

Later that week, at another dance, I kept looking for Ed. That evening was a bit of a downer, no Ed and even my regular partners were not as good as he. That night I dreamed about the evening I’d spent with him.

The week slowly dragged until finally the day came for the next dance and I had hopes of being with my new partner. I arrived early and was surprised when Ed came walking in a few minutes behind me. He walked over and we laughed because we had both come early to get a good table. All of that was for naught, however, because we learned the hard way that if we wanted to stay partners, we needed to remain on the floor. Otherwise one or both of us would be asked by other people to dance.

I can’t recall a more pleasant evening. Ed, as usual, was a perfect gentleman and, in my humble opinion, a wonderful partner. I did my best to ignore my schoolgirl crush and concentrated on my dancing. We received several compliments from other couples on how well we looked together.

Ed whispered in my ear, “The reason we look good is because of you, June.”

I gave his hand a squeeze and said, “Nice try, but no.”

He laughed and said, “How about maybe we both dance well together.”

“I’ll buy that.”

Over the next several weeks, we were pretty exclusive as dance partners. We became more relaxed and a friendship began to grow. With that came conversations regarding our lives, dreams, goals, but nothing political, religious, or sexual.

It was nearly two months before I met his wife, Paula. She was very friendly and I liked her immediately. A brunette with fiery green eyes, a few inches shorter, a little smaller in size, and a much smaller bust line. She was very engaging and loved to talk a lot. He was very quiet around her which is much different than the Ed I had come to know over the past several weeks.

Ed and Paula danced a few times and I couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t very good. She would encourage Ed and me to dance, saying she was content just to watch. “I’m first to admit, I am a terrible dancer. I don’t have a good sense of rhythm but Ed is understanding and patient so we just enjoy and have fun anyway.”

Ed took his wife’s hand and said, “She’s wonderful in everything else.”

I could tell they really loved each other. A plus, I thought, because now I can be a friend and there won’t be any romantic entanglements.

At the end of the evening, Paula suggested I come over to their home for dinner that week. I accepted and we exchanged phone numbers.

The next day, Paula called and we picked a time and date. I offered to bring something and she suggested a bottle of wine. Fortunately I keep a supply of dry reds and she approved of my selection.

Their home, just a few minutes from mine, in a nicer neighborhood was lovely and spacious. She definitely knew how to decorate and created a comfortable atmosphere. Dinner was excellent and the conversation lively with lots of laughter. Paula had me in stiches as she recounted stories about how badly she danced. The best story was of her wedding reception. During the “chicken dance” of all things, she tripped and nearly took down the table with the cake. “I’m glad Ed knew how bad I was when we were dating. I’m happy he met you and can finally enjoy his dancing. He talks about how good you are.”

“Thank you for sharing video porno your husband with me; he is a marvelous dancer.”

Paula lifted her wine glass in a toast, “To friendship and a lovely dance partner.”

I felt a bit embarrassed. I think I even blushed.

It was an enjoyable evening and the beginning of many more to come. We started having dinners together on a regular basis and alternated homes for hosting. We agreed that the guest would bring a dessert and wine. When Paula and I chatted over the phone regarding what to bring, we generally engaged in girl talk about everything. I was glad we had that connection because very soon it would be important.

A few months later, I went in for my annual physical and the doctor felt a lump in my breast. Fortunately the detection was early, but the treatment was hell for several months. At our next dinner, I told Ed and Paula about it and they were in shock. It was a quiet and somber evening when suddenly Paula announced, “We’ll help with anything you need; meals, housekeeping, transportation, you name it.” I looked at her and then Ed and my eyes filled with tears. Suddenly my spirit felt uplifted.

They did what they promised. Even though I didn’t need a lot of help, they were there. My freezer was packed for those days I just didn’t want to cook. Ed stopped going to the dances and would call or come over instead. He certainly was seeing me at my worst.

One day as I was nearing the end of my treatments and certainly not looking like the June he was used to dancing with, he called and asked if he could come over. I was feeling down and tired and his visits always helped pick me up so I said yes. I did my best to look more presentable and that improved my spirits some.

We sat on the couch and I told him of my day. Sometime during the narrative, I began to cry. He put his arms around me and I hugged him back. I guess my pent up emotions got the better of me and I began to kiss him and soon our lips met. He didn’t resist and I kissed him with a hungry passion, unleashing the desire deep inside me. Our lips parted and tongues met for an intimate dance.

So much was racing through my mind. How often I wanted to kiss him when we were dancing. Many times after a slow dance I could feel his erection when he pulled me close making my pussy wet and my nipples hard. He would then look at my breasts and smile. Rare was the evening I didn’t come home and masturbate thinking about his hard dick.

He ran his hand up my side and cupped my breast. I sighed and kissed him harder, driving my tongue deeper. My body was in heat, I ached to be touched. Even through my blouse and bra, his fingers were driving me to ecstasy. When he slid his hand under my skirt and started up my leg, I was gasping and sighing. His hand touched my panties and he slid his fingers down to my very wet crotch. I instinctively reached down and moved my hand up his leg to feel his hard member. I ran my hand up and down, feeling the length of it through his slacks. It all felt so wonderful…so WRONG!! What am I thinking?

“Stop it, Ed! Please stop! We shouldn’t be doing this. I can’t go on. You’re a married man. I’m sorry I let it get this far. I think it would be better if you just leave right now.”

“But June, Paula and I have an open marriage. She doesn’t mind at all.”

“That may or may not be true. For the time being it would be best if we don’t go any further.” Fortunately he left without giving me a hug. If I had felt his hard-on one more time I’m not sure if my resolve would have survived.

The ache between my legs demanded attention. I quickly undressed and started masturbating. I was so turned on that I quickly came. Still not satisfied, I grabbed my favorite dildo and pushed it deep inside. I fantasied about how big Ed’s dick felt when I traced it through his slacks and how I wanted it for real. Within moments, I came hard. When I recovered my breath, I pulled the dildo from my cunt and put it in my mouth. I licked it clean wishing it was his cock.

I couldn’t believe how horny I still felt. I headed to the shower hoping it would help “cool” me off. When I started to soap my breasts and pussy, my mind flashed back to when I felt Ed’s hands on them and I got turned on all over again. My fingers were fondling my tits and pussy and soon I was rubbing my clit once again to a much needed climax.

I guess the phone had rung while I was in the shower because I saw the blinking light when I walked into the bedroom. I replayed the message and it was from Paula wanting me to call her when I had the chance. I returned the call and a whole new world opened before me.

“Hi, Paula. I see you called.”

“Thanks. I was afraid you wouldn’t return my call because of what happened with Ed. He told me all about it and it’s true; we have an open marriage. Did it upset you?

“No. It made me very frustrated.”

“You weren’t the only one. He called me on his way sex izle home and told me what had happened. He barely had the door closed when I had his hard cock in my mouth. It only took a few strokes before he exploded. What did you do for your frustration?”

“I ah…”

“I hope you had a nice orgasm.”

“Three, actually, I just had the last one in the shower when you called.”

“Are you naked?”


“I’m sitting here naked with Ed and holding his hard cock. Would you care to join us?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My pussy began to throb again and I pushed my hand down to insert a finger. “You mean the three of us having sex?”

“Why not? You can have the real thing and enjoy lots of orgasms, too. I know Ed would love to eat your pussy and, frankly, so would I.” My head was spinning. All of this was foreign to me. Granted I’d seen this in some movies I had watched with my husband but this was for real. “June, if you decide after it’s not for you, that’s OK. We will always be your friends.”

“OK. I just need to dress.”

“Put on just enough that you won’t be arrested. We want you naked.”

I threw on a sun dress, sans bra and panties, and was out the door in a few seconds. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Scenes from those X-rated movies flashed in my mind as I thought about touching Paula’s body, her tits and pussy. I love touching mine and being touched by my lover so I reasoned, why not another woman?

Paula greeted me at the door totally naked. I couldn’t help but stare at her body. Her breasts were small but firm and her hard nipples reflected her state of arousal. Her pussy was completely shaven. I felt a sudden urge to reach out and touch it. Before I could do anything, though, Paula reached down and pulled my dress up over my head. Now it was her turn to stare at my naked body. I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed; more exhilarated and aroused. While my pussy isn’t bare, I keep it short and trimmed. Paula put both hands under my breasts and ran her thumbs over my hardening nipples. She leaned down and gave each a wet kiss. “Ed has described these many times after he comes home from dancing with you. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Ed was lying on the bed and one look at his beautiful dick made my heart skip a beat and I was immediately wet. Paula walked me over to the bed and placed my hand on Ed’s hard member. I wrapped my fingers around his dick and it filled my hand. Several inches protruded past my fingers and I could see the precum on the tip. I ran my tongue all over the head, savoring his wonderful taste; I then took it in my mouth. It was big and warm and delicious. I stroked it a few times but I was really anxious to feel it inside me.

I moved onto the bed and straddled him. Paula took his dick and rubbed it back and forth between my wet lips. When she held it at the entrance to my love hole, I closed my eyes and slowly moved down and up until it was in all the way. His wonderful cock filled me completely and it took my breath away. I sat still, panting, my heart racing, and my vaginal muscles tightly gripping his hard dick. After a few moments, I relaxed and began my ride. I started slowly with short strokes that gradually became longer and faster. Paula had moved behind me and was holding my tits and pinching the nipples between her fingers.

As I neared my climax, I was riding fast and slamming hard. I felt his cock touch my cervix and that pushed me closer to the edge. I put my hands over Paula’s and used her fingers to squeeze my nipples even harder as my final downward thrust made me shutter from an intense orgasm. I tightened my muscles around Ed’s cock as my climax rolled over me like a continuous wave. It took several wonderful moments before I got my breath back. I relaxed and slowly rolled off. I took his dick, wet with cum, in my mouth just as I had fantasized a few hours ago. I licked it clean and then rolled over on my back to recover.

Paula had other ideas and moved between my legs and began to lick my pussy. Her tongue was all over, around and deep in my cunt, licking it clean of my cum. She moved her tongue up and down between my lips before placing her mouth around my clit. She nibbled, sucked, licked, and tongued my swollen and sensitive clit, driving me into a mind blowing ecstasy while Ed was kissing and sucking my breasts.

The sensations were incredible and powerful. I didn’t want it to end but the crescendo was building and once again, I soon was in the blissful state of a wonderful orgasm. As I was recovering, I closed my eyes and recalled how a few hours ago I was tense and frustrated and now I’ve had five orgasms! I didn’t know how many more I could take but I was very sure Paula and Ed had more planned. Another thing I remembered was how I wanted to have Ed cum in my mouth.

I opened my eyes to see Ed and Paula in a deep kiss. When they broke apart, I bedava porno took his semi-erect dick into my mouth. Within a few moments he was hard and I pushed him back on the bed and knelt between his legs. I could hear him gasp as I took him in my mouth and slid my tongue down his delicious cock. “Oh yes, June, take all of him,” I heard Paula say. I had his dick to the back of my throat and there was still more of him. What a magnificent tool he had.

I pulled off some and put my hand just under the head. With my hand and mouth locked together, I began to bob down and up, fucking him like I did with my cunt. I felt Paula’s hand move next to mine and we stroked his dick together. Ed held my nipples with his fingers and thrusted his hips with my movements. I felt him tense and gasp and pinch my nipples hard. He suddenly became rigid and I felt his cum shoot past my hand, into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed every drop while Paula and I continued to pump his shaft. I didn’t take my mouth from his cock until I had milked it dry.

“You are very good at that,” Paula said.

“I really enjoyed it. It’s been a long time and I’ve had dreams of his cock for several months.”

“I think he has a wonderful cock, too and we talked or rather hoped that someday you would enjoy it.”

“I’m very happy you’re willing to share him.”

“Our pleasure, my dear.”

“There is one more pleasure I want to experience.” I gently pushed her down across the bed and knelt beside her. My hands moved to her breasts and I fondled and kissed them. I rolled her nipples with my fingers and felt them get hard. I sucked and licked each one. I could hear her sighing and whimpering from my touch. I moved my hand down and put my fingers around her pussy lips and drew them back up between the folds. I looked up to see Ed slowly stroking and enjoying the show. I gave him a smile and went back to licking and sucking Paula’s tits.

Her hips were gyrating with my hand, rising and falling, moving side to side as my fingers continued to make slow circles around her pussy. She let out a muffled scream when I inserted two fingers in her cunt. She grabbed my hand and pushed it in deeper. I was slowly bringing her closer to the edge when I stopped and moved down between her legs. Paula took my hand, placed my two wet fingers into her mouth and licked her juices from each.

I brushed my tongue lightly around her lips just as I had done with my fingers. Her hips were moving up and down seeking relief from the tension I was building. I licked all around her love hole, causing her to squirm even more before finally pushing in my tongue as far as possible. I was surprised by how much I was enjoying this. I loved the way her pussy felt and tasted and the way she responded to my touch. I moved my tongue up her slit and found an eager, hard clit. She was very near the edge now and within moments of sucking and licking her clit, I felt her back arch and she screamed as her climax rocked through her.

I felt a tap on my shoulder with an indication that Ed wanted to change positions with me. I moved beside Paula as Ed knelt between her legs and pushed his cock hard and fast deep inside. She let out a gasp from the sheer force of his thrust. I used one hand to fondle her breasts and the other to rub her clit. I watched Ed take long and deep strokes, his dick wet from Paula’s cum. As her breathing quickened, I increased the speed I was rubbing her clit. She was panting and near her orgasm. I took one of her nipples and squeezed it hard. She practically came off the bed from her climax. It was so intense that her body shook with convulsions as it rolled on and on. While recovering, she watched me lick her cum from Ed’s dick.

Tired and hungry, we headed to the kitchen. I think I wobbled more than walked because my legs felt like rubber. I noticed Paula had some issues too. Paula handed out aprons and after putting them on, we looked at each other and had a good laugh. The aprons definitely made quite the fashion statement although I thought Paula and I looked pretty sexy in our topless outfits.

We ended up fixing waffles and chatted about what just happened. It seems Paula and Ed had done this before but in a different city. His transfer brought him to Toronto and they put their extracurricular activity on hold. The night I met Ed, he was trying different dance clubs to find the one he liked. My meeting him was pure luck. It didn’t take long before he knew I was attracted to him and with Paula’s permission, he pursued a friendship. They both genuinely liked me and that was demonstrated many times as they were by my side during my cancer treatments. When I kissed him earlier today with the passion I had been suppressing, they decided to extend an invitation to join their sexual romp.

“This has been something I thought only happens in the movies and never in real life,” I said. “Yes, Ed, I was very attracted to you and I thank you both for being such good friends. I’m looking forward to the new twist to our dancing. Now when I feel your hard dick, I’ll know we can put it to good use. With that in mind I prefer to keep this about sex and a threesome. I don’t want to come between you two. Besides, Paula, I think it’ll be more fun to cum with you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32