Dane and Dana Pt. 03

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The next two weeks were miserable, the loss of their father, their mother crying all the time, and their family and friends stopping by.

Community elders and ladies offer condolences. As is traditional, the community paid for the burial expenses, bought food, and offered assistance around the house.

Dane and Dana had no time alone. Both were reading porn books and masturbating to get off.

The first day their mom went back to work, Dana walked into her brother’s room and pointed down, saying, “Your horny slut sister needs a shave and a fuck.”

Dane looked at the two-week-old stubble of a cunt beard and said, “You sure do.”

She sucked his cock and he fucked her doggy style while calling her his slut cunt and filling her with a pent-up load of sperm.

She then sucked him to hardness and asked him to fuck her ass. It was the only orifice that he had not yet claimed as his.

Dane suggested they get something to lube her shitter. Dana said, “Mom has some lubricating jelly in her room.

Going to her room, Dana looks around, finding the lube and a foot-long rubber cock. Shocked, she takes it to Dane.

Dane looks in disbelief and says, “Fucking wow, that is huge.”

She looks at him and giggles.

The thought of their mother packing such a huge cock into her twat made them both horny.

Dana, says, “Hurry up and fuck my asshole.”

He smears some lube on his cock and her tiny pucker, then guides himself as he pushes his cock into her virgin sphincter.

As the head of his cock passes through her sphincter ring, she exhales and moans, “Yes, bury your cock in me.”

He pushes in, feeling her escort karkamış impossibly tight anal cavity give way and squeezing his rock-hard cock.

Dana looked back and pleaded, “Fuck me hard.”

Dane fucked her like a man possessed, dumping a hot load of sperm into her asshole.

He pulled out, dropping to the bed and looking at the dildo. He picked it up and placed it on her lips. He wasn’t expecting her to open her mouth and lick it.

The sight was the most erotic sight he could ever imagine.

Dane looked at the clock and told her it was time to go to work.

For the next few days, they would go to work and then come home as usual. Each night, their mother, who by now was all cried out, started hitting the bottle and would often pass out drunk in the living room.

On the third day, after filling both Dana’s twat and asshole with cum, he told her to put on a short, light dress he picked out. He told her not to wear any underwear.

She looked at the dress and told him it was too small and would not cover her. Anyone would have seen she was naked except for the small dress.

He told her he didn’t care. He was taking her to the city. No one knew them there, and there was a spa that specialized in permanent hair removal. She would never have to shave again.

They drove to the city, one hour away. The spa technician was professional and completely permanently removed all of the hair on her mons, twat, and underarms.

Dana bravely removed her dress on the way back. Sitting completely naked in the front seat, she was spotted by a trucker who blew his air horns karkamış escort bayan and stuck his tongue out while wiggling it up and down.

Dane and Dana were laughing so hard they did not see the sheriff sitting along the road with a radar gun.

Suddenly, they heard his siren, Dana scrambled to get her dress on as Dane slowed and pulled over. The deputy sheriff got out of his car, approached theirs, and asked for Dane’s driver’s license, registration, and insurance papers.

Handing the documents to the deputy, Dane asked, “What’s the problem, deputy?”

The deputy responds, “Get out of the car please and face the roof.” Dane gets out, turning to face the roof of his car, and the deputy cuffs him, telling Dana to stay put. He then walked Dane back to the patrol SUV and put him in the back seat, closing the door.

He walked back to Dane’s car on the passenger side, where he ordered Dana to get out. Dana opened the door to get out, and the deputy said, “What do we have here?” as he looked down at her naked cunt. These truckers are talking up a storm on the CB about some pretty blonde sitting in a car naked as a Jaybird.

Girl, I can arrest you for indecent exposure. What is your name?

Dana told him. The deputy raised an eyebrow and said, “That’s your brother, and you ain’t got no clothes on?” I think I’m going to have to take you two in. “How old are you two?

Dana replied, “Eighteen, please, don’t take us in.”

The deputy looks her over and says, “Well, I guess if you’re nice and have a good explanation, I could let you both go with a warning.”

Dana looks karkamış escort at the deputy like a deer in the headlamps and says, “What do you mean?”

The deputy spins her around, putting her hands behind her and cuffing them together. He then reaches down, grabbing the short hem of her dress and lifting it over her head to hang from her cuffed wrists.

Dana is now naked and cuffed. The deputy has her pushed up against the car and lowers the zipper of his pants. He then spins her around, pushing her to the ground, and says, “I believe you know what to do.”

Dana opens her mouth with tears of shame and engulfs his cock, sucking it as if her life depended on it.

The deputy cums in her mouth. He picks her up and spins her around. Then he leans her over the hood as he pushes his cock into her cunt.

He then plunges in and out, holding her waist and plunging deep to fill her with his seed.

Feeling the deputy cum in her and the shame of being publically fucked along the roadside. This sets off her climax, which causes her to get weak in the knees.

The deputy looked down and said, “I believe you will learn your lesson and won’t need to be taken in and arrested.”

“Yes, deputy,” Dana replied.

The deputy uncuffed her and went to release Dane.

He looked at Dane and said, “I am releasing you two as I see no reason to cause a public scene here.” “Isn’t that right?”

Dane replied, “No, deputy, thank you.”

Dane and Dana get into the car, the deputy pulls away, and Dane looks at Dana’s naked twat, leaking the deputy’s cum.

God damn, that is hot, Sis. You saved our asses.

Mom would have thrown us out. His cum is pouring out of your slut twat.

Dana was crying, “We have to be careful,” I know I’m a slut. I agreed to be your slut, but only yours.

They drove the rest of the way home in silence. Cum was leaking out of her used twat. Arriving home, they had only minutes before their mom was due home. Dana ran for a shower.

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