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His name was Eric Mahen, and I’ll never forget him. He taught me who I really am. Most people go through an entire life before they really get a feeling for who they are, deep down inside. A lot of people never even think to wonder. But I wondered, and Eric helped me find out.

I was eighteen, a senior in high school, and I was kind of a nobody. I mean, I was pretty, and guys had asked me out and stuff, but I turned them all down, because I was too shy. Nobody persisted, and I was content to study and be alone, or at least I thought I was. It was lonely though, even keeping my friends at a little distance.

I couldn’t help being shy, painfully shy. I mean I’d been hurt before, and looking back, something inside me was broken, some fundamental ability to trust. Then in November of my senior year, Eric asked me out. I told him no just like I did everybody else, but he kept asking. I think even then he knew I was lonely and trapped in my own little cage. Finally after 2 weeks, he wore down my resistance and I said yes. It was a fast and wonderful relationship, he really showed me how much he loved me. Somehow, I managed to actually trust him. Yeah, I know, he’s a master manipulator, but I know it’s what I needed then. Nobody else could have made me trust, and he *did* always have my best interest in mind. For months we dated, and I slept with him a lot. I’d been on the pill since I was 12, mostly because it made things less painful for me every month.

Anyway, one day, he asked me if I trusted him completely. I thought about it, and told him yes I did, and he told me he could help me learn to trust others too. Now, we were into bondage and control play, and when I submitted to him, he made me feel alive in a way I didn’t feel during the day, going to school or my part-time job. So I had some idea what he was asking when he asked if I trusted him.

He told me it would have to be a surprise, because it would ruin it if I knew what to expect, but that he would protect me, and be right there no matter what. He knew what I could handle and what I couldn’t, even better than I did I think. He even told me that no matter what, if I made the “OK” sign with my hand, that would stop *anything* going on. It was our safe word, our way for me to let him know if things got too intense during our bondage play, so it was nothing new.

He’d never made me use it, either.

For weeks I was on edge, a little excited and a lot afraid, but nothing happened. I thought maybe he’d forgotten, or maybe it was just a way for him to find out what he could get away with, so I eventually shrugged it off. Did I mention he’s a master manipulator?

One day, after school, he was walking me home when this car screeched to a halt in front of us and two boys stepped out. I turned to run and he grabbed me by the shoulders. I looked into his eyes terrified for my life, and saw in him love, sincerity and a healthy dose of lust. I knew that look, and I struggled, but not too much. I knew he had it all under control.

The boys shoved me into the back seat, sitting on either side of me, while Eric sat up front with the driver. It was scary, sitting between the other boys, both had asked me out the year before and I’d denied them. But there were Eric’s eyes, protective, watching in the mirror. I was safe, even with James and Vince pawing at me.

The ride seemed like it lasted for hours, but we ended up back at the school we just left. It looked completely deserted. I was a little scared still, as the boys hauled me into the school through the wood shop door, which had been blocked open with a wooden wedge. Once inside, James and Vince picked me up but the wrists and ankles and carried me through the darkening hallways. We reached the auditorium doors, and Eric let us in. The fear in me was growing, and I think Eric saw it in my eyes, because he had the boys put me down, and he picked me up instead. He carried me over his shoulder like a sack, and suddenly it wasn’t so scary. He was in control, and he would never hurt me, or let anyone else.

Once he reached the stage, he put me down again, and held me while James and Vince tied some ropes to my wrists. They were surprisingly gentle, and even used some foam padding to keep the ropes from hurting my wrists. However, it was tight enough I knew I wasn’t getting free on my own.

“Er-” his hand covered my mouth before I could even finish his name, a finger waved in front of my face warningly, but his eyes were laughing. I bit my tongue lightly and nodded, and he pulled out a ball gag from his pocket. I’d had it in before, and while it had a nasty rubber taste there was something sexy about it, so I didn’t resist him putting it in place. Then the ropes on my wrists slowly pulled up, forcing me to stand on tiptoe. They were apparently run through the stage rigging above.

“Angie, today I’m going to teach you to trust people. There are nine boys ready to walk in those doors right there, and they will see Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort you in the position you are in. Many of them are boys you’ve said no to in the last four years. None of them will hurt you, even if you were bitchy to them.”

I reeled, how could he say that? He was right, I had been to several boys, but to just come out and say it in front of James and Vince? And maybe the boys outside even? I almost made the safe sign right then and there, my hands were up above me but they were clearly visible.

“It will be humiliating, but it will be worth it. And you will learn that most boys are not out to hurt you. You might even learn to trust. So, how much do you trust me?” He was looking me right in the eyes, and I was glaring at him so hard if looks could kill, he’d be a smoking pile of ash. I flicked my hand and his eyes lingered on my fingers, but I didn’t make the sign. Even when I was pissed off, I still gave him the benefit of the doubt. He nodded, still watching my hand, then walked up to me.

“Here’s where your trust is tested,” he whispered in my ear, “I swear, no one here will hurt you. You can stop this any moment. It will be intense, but it IS safe. Are you ready?” It took me several long seconds, but I willed myself to nod.

He held up a pair of safety scissors, like EMTs use to remove clothes from people in ambulances, and slowly cut away my blouse. I was suddenly glad I’d worn one of my less expensive outfits today. I closed my eyes and felt my face heat up in embarrassment, as he slowly exposed my body to the other 2 boys. I knew he wasn’t kidding, a decent fraction of the senior class boys were about to see me like this…

In a minute, I dangled there in my white cotton bra and panties, blushing to my toetips. I heard an appreciative whistle from the left, and closed my eyes tighter.

“Now now, open those pretty eyes, I want you to enjoy this with every sense you can.” Obediently I opened my eyes. I slipped into that submissive mood I get when Eric gets all commanding, and it felt good. The humiliation was still intense, but I loved it too, it was attention. Eric slipped the scissors into the straps of my bra, and with a few snips it fell away. I didn’t think I could blush any harder at that point, then the cold metal scissors slid along my hip, inside the waistband of my panties, and they fell off too.

James and Vince saw my body in all its nude glory, and I couldn’t decide whether to cry in shame or orgasm right then and there. Then Vince’s hand rested on my knee.

Now, about Vince, he was a computer geek. I’m pretty sure he was a virgin. He was a little overweight, and had just enough acne to guarantee him no popularity. I know that sounds shallow, but I need to make clear his place in the school, and that of each boy who touched me that evening, to show that it was a complete cross section of the senior class.

“Angie, can I touch you? I mean, Eric told me you could stop this any time if you wanted to, but I want to be sure this is okay. I… You’re a nice girl, even though you blew me off last year.”

I couldn’t really answer with the gag in my mouth. I looked over at Eric, and he shrugged, then nodded to me, telling me it was my decision as always. I looked at Vince, then slowly nodded, and his hand on my knee crept upward. I shivered as he just barely touched the inside of my thigh with his fingertips, tracing upward to my vagina. It was different than Eric’s touch. More hesitant, I guess.

Just then I heard a noise, and turned my head to look just past my left arm. Behind the curtain, a crowd of boys were watching, they must have seen and heard everything. I can’t even describe the mixed feelings all of it was giving me, but it was almost all good.

Then Vince’s finger distracted me from them, when it slid along my lower lips, up the outside ever so lightly. I guess it felt nice to him, because he kept doing it. It was driving me crazy, I could feel myself getting all gooey inside. Then he pulled back, and stuck his finger in his mouth, I thought maybe he was trying to taste me, but then his finger went right back, slipperier than before, and pushed in between my labia, still softly like he was afraid he might hurt me. I couldn’t tell him I wasn’t that fragile, but it didn’t much matter when his slippery finger rubbed across my clit. I jerked a little bit and he pulled back. He looked worried.

“It’s okay, Vince. You didn’t hurt her, you just found the really sensitive bit. Go ahead, you’re doing fine.” Eric’s voice was encouraging, and I tried to smile. I swallowed around the gag, which was making my mouth water in that weird way it does, and Vince blushed almost as much as I was. It was kind of humbling to know he was just as shy as me, it must have taken incredible courage for him to ask me out last year.

He went back to what he was doing, and he seemed surprised to find out I was more slippery now. But after a moment, he found Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort my clit again, and this time I was ready for it. It felt *really* good, and I think I moaned a little bit, so he rubbed it a little more, in circles, and it felt even better. Then he stopped, and I almost writhed for him to keep going, but he didn’t; he was moving to try something else. His face went to my chest, and he started sucking on my right nipple, as his slick finger slid inside me. I moaned again, then almost jumped out of my skin when I felt someone else run his fingers over my ass, from a different angle. I turned as far as I could, and just barely could make out James.

James was a pervert, one of those boys who brings porn magazines to school, and probably jacks off in the bathroom. I’d seen him staring at me before, but he’d never actually asked me out. It was kind of creepy, but I couldn’t blame him for staring or touching now. His hand squeezed my ass, and another slipped around to squeeze my left breast from behind.

“Guys, more than one at a time is good, I want her to feel everything she can, as much as possible. But you don’t have to please her or make her cum, there are enough of you she will when she does, so focus on what you want from her.”

Oh my god, he was telling them to use me like a thing, an object! But it was really arousing… I was tempted to “safe sign” my way out, but when would I ever get another chance at this?

Vince kissed his way up my chest to my face, mostly forgetting to move his finger inside me, and he couldn’t kiss me very well with the gag in place, but to give him credit, he tried. Then I heard a little snap and a few seconds later, I felt what I assume was James’ finger, smearing cold slimy goo between my ass cheeks. Eric and I had done some anal, so I knew what to expect and relaxed as much as I could as James’ finger slipped carefully into my ass and started to rub around and soften me up. A fiery heat built up in my middle, as I watched Vince self-consciously unbuckle his belt and pull down his pants and boxers.

His dick was a little smaller than Eric’s, but not much, and he looked like he was ready to cum right then and there, without even touching it. I could feel the stares of a third of the senior class, and shame burned at my mind, but then I lost track as James’ finger slipped out of my ass, leaving me feeling unfulfilled and tense.

Then Vince lined up my hips, and felt around my vagina, pulling the lips softly open before guiding himself to me, fumbling before figuring out where the opening was, the smooth head of his cock rubbing against my clit a couple times before he managed to get it in. He slowly slid inside with a groan, and I couldn’t move or control any of it, all I could do was dangle and moan with him.

Moments later I felt James’ dick pressing against my ass, and I relaxed again, trying to let go my body’s muscles to let him in easy, because if I didn’t I knew it would hurt more than a little, and I would have to safe sign. At that point I really didn’t want to, because I was burning hot horny.

Both of them slid all the way into me, which for James’ part hurt just a little, but just the usual slight ache/burn of anal sex, when I felt both of them jerk at almost the same time. They were both coming inside me on the first thrust! I mean, I’d heard boys don’t usually last, but Eric always managed… Still, it was exciting, knowing they got that hot just from touching me. Then Vince started moving, sliding inside and out of me, slowly thrusting. He wasn’t going soft! James was already softening, but I guess he was feeling competitive because he started thrusting too, and he started to stiffen up inside me again almost immediately. I had no idea the pent up geeky types could do this…

They both kept fucking me, and I could feel myself building up fast, I mean, how hot can it get, being fucked on both sides in front of a crowd? I moaned around the gag and gasped through my nose, and suddenly I exploded in one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had! I was writhing and shaking in their arms, and I guess that set both boys off, because maybe a minute later they’d both gone soft and pulled out of me.

I could feel slippery cum dripping down my leg, as the other boys started sifting out from backstage. I looked at Eric and he had that smoldering gaze he has when he wants to throw me down on the floor and fuck me like crazy.

“Hey, Eric, will she suck cock?” That was Jack, he was on the football team. Three years ago I’d told him to fuck off because he asked me the same thing as a way of asking me out.

“Anything you want, so long as you don’t hurt her. And if I say stop, that means you stop, got it? You all know what I can do if she gets hurt, or if anyone finds out about this.” Wow, Eric had something serious on them all… Jack was a big guy, and I was a little worried, he could really hurt me really fast. But Eric sounded Kurtköy İranlı Escort sure he could control him, so I trusted him.

“Hey, James, you wanna lower the ropes so she can kneel down?” The creak of the pulley above me was almost deafening, even though the boys talking should have drowned it out. I was kind of lost in a sea of feelings, shame, fear, lust, excitement, and the endless feeling of love I got every time I saw Eric watching over me. He wiped me off with a warm washcloth, but I could still feel the slippery stuff inside my ass and pussy.

My knees touched the ground with my hands still held dangling above my head, and Jack stepped in front of me, and dropped his pants to show me a hot, thick dick. He undid the strap and the gag fell out of my mouth, which was still over-actively making saliva, and I made a little slurping noise to keep from embarrassing myself further by drooling, but Jack apparently took that as encouragement, because he shoved his cock at my mouth, and I reflexively opened and took it in.

“Mmmph!” I said, but he paid me no attention as he started to thrust in and out of my mouth. I couldn’t really do much but suck, my hands were still bound and helpless. His hand rested at the back of my head and I shivered, it was kind of exciting to be used like this! Then I felt warm hands on my ass and tried not to flinch in surprise. I couldn’t even tell who was behind me, but whoever he was, he slipped his dick into my pussy from behind with some experience. I was still sensitive, and very confusedly excited, so I moaned onto Jack’s cock, and started sucking in earnest.

They both kept it up for quite a while, fucking me at both ends, it was so hot, I stopped caring who was fucking me, and just focused on what it felt like. Then I felt the cock in my mouth start to twitch, and my mouth filled with bitter cum, but I swallowed it like a slut, like the slut I was starting to realize I really was inside. It occurred to me I loved the attention, the sensation, the plain old animal fucking. And no way was I going to quit before I ran out of boys tonight!

I stopped paying attention to names and faces, it didn’t matter. Some of them were gentle, some of them were rough, but not one tried to hurt me, and Eric was there, the only face that mattered, protecting me, loving me, accepting the slut in me for who I am. Just as I accepted the geeks, nerds, jocks, perverts and jerks that fucked me. It didn’t matter what label they had, they were all people just like me, and it felt good for me and them too.

I did stop to think about who was involved afterward, each and every one of them could ruin my reputation with a word. Ron the track captain, he’d really had stamina. Jared the prep, he always wore designer clothes and drove a Mustang, he was surprisingly gentle as he fucked my ass with me still on my knees. Jamal was into weightlifting, and apparently the rumor about African-American guys is true, because he had a really big one and fucked me like a jackhammer. Adrian was a mousy little nerd, I’d seen him hanging out in the library reading during lunch, he lasted even longer than the track captain and he came so hard I could feel it gushing inside me. Chance was a redneck type, he made me suck his cock, then fucked my pussy, then my ass too, but didn’t ever cum at all as far as I could tell. Lance was another preppy type, he had a really snobby attitude most of the time, but he seemed really excited at the idea of me dripping with cum, he even pulled out just before I was about to cum and spurted his goo all over my ass, and left me panting and wriggling for more. Jason, the biggest guy in the group, had a smallish dick, and didn’t last long at all with me sucking his cock, before coming in my face, a thin slippery cum that actually tasted almost good, though salty, when it dripped onto my lips.

Through it all, Eric was there, wiping me clean, making sure I had breaks and plenty of lube to keep me from getting raw or irritated. He really seemed to get off on watching all these guys fuck me, or maybe he was excited to see me finding out who I was. Probably both, now that I think about it.

By the time the boys were all worn out, I felt like a pleasantly wrung-out washcloth, limp and wet and well-used. The floor of the stage was slick with sweat and cum, and as dirty as it felt, I loved every bit of it. I was entirely satisfied, and then some. The rope slowly lowered me to the slippery floor, and I lay there on the cold wet wood and sighed.

“Okay, guys, I think she’s had enough. Thank you all for coming, and remember, one word of this to anyone and I’ll make sure you all go down. Besides, maybe if you’re nice, she’ll want to do this again sometime.” The boys all filtered out, leaving through the stage exit. I could see it was pitch dark outside, we’d been at it for hours!

In a minute, it was just Eric and me, him untying my ropes and handing me a bag full of clothes. The ones I had worn in were ruined, after all. I didn’t say anything, just went to the showers to clean up and changed into the clean clothes. He’d picked one of my favorite outfits, a comfortable-but-stylish skirt and sweater set, but no underwear. After all of that, going without panties or bra seemed like just a little thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32