Daniel and Sara Pt. 20

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Authors Note: It’s finally time to tie up the tale of Daniel, his stunning and lovely daughter Sara, her beautiful best friend and now wife Steph, and Steph’s mom (and Daniels fiance) Joyce. These four lovingly connected characters were the first I wrote about. I’ll miss them as if I knew them, but 20 chapters is enough. I hope you enjoy this final set of adventures as well as the denouement.


Daniel and Joyce took five days and went to a lovely Bed and Breakfast inn on the North Fork of Long Island while their daughters were on their honeymoon. They went to wineries, took boating trips around the Peconic Bay, even went fishing. They didn’t catch anything, but they had a lot of fun. It was the first chance they had had to really bond, just the two of them, since they expanded their family situation, and they were a natural couple.

At night they had nice dinners, both fancy and casual, went to hear live music in some small clubs. And each night they loved each other, taking their time to be intimate. This was the opportunity to seal their love, to be absolutely sure they were in love with each other and wanted to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. By the time they got home, they were certain. They started planning for a wedding between Chanukah and Christmas, a perfect addition to the holiday season.

The day before Sara and Steph came home, Joyce and Daniel went to lunch in Huntington at a nice restaurant that was part of a private bay club right on the water, with big windows overlooking the marina and Long Island Sound. While they ate and looked around, Joyce said “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I believe I am. This place could be perfect. The setting is beautiful, the food is excellent, it’s probably quiet here during the Winter, in general. Except we’re thinking about a date in the middle of the holidays. We need to talk to the manager.” He called the waitress over and asked for the manager, assuring her nothing was wrong in any way. A few minutes later, the manager joined them, and after a brief talk, she told them that the holidays were busy, especially with members parties, but she went to look in the catering book to see about available dates.

“Daniel, I hope they can get us in. This is just so lovely!”

“I agree, honey. I can think of much worse places to get married” he teased.

A few minutes later Sharon, the catering manager, came over with an electronic pad with the holiday schedule. She gave them 4 possible dates still available, a Saturday afternoon, two Saturday nights, and a Sunday late afternoon-early evening. After a discussion, Joyce and Daniel settled on Saturday afternoon, from 3-9, December 20, as their choice. Daniel gave a deposit to hold the date, and, while impulsive, they chose a date for their wedding. After lunch, in the lobby, they hugged and kissed, a little more passionately than the stuffed shirt members of the club were used to seeing in their pompous club. Daniel even gave Joyce a twirl around and she giggled “Daniel! People are staring at us!”

“So? Let them get their own beautiful girls! You’re all mine!” They laughed and kissed and were just loud as they went out to the valet to get their car. In the car, Daniel pulled out to the parking lot before shifting into park and turning to Joyce. “Honey, are you sure this is the place you want for us to be married?”

“Are you? I think it’s beautiful, even in the Winter. We won’t be able to do outdoor things, but think how lovely this will be on a Saturday afternoon and evening, all lit up for the holidays. While it’s still daylight, you can see the water and the hills around, and at night, with all the colored lights…Daniel, this will be beautiful. Thank you, honey” she said softly, with great love. They shared a long, intimate kiss, with Daniel also nuzzling her neck. “You know how crazy you make me when you do that” she said breathlessly. “Daniel, take me to that sleazy motel in Commack. I want to do something very wicked, very naughty. We can check into one of those rooms I’ve heard about. Mirrors on the closest and ceilings, dirty movies. You must know the place.”

He knew the place, all right. He’d been there with Sara about six months before, a secret they kept from Joyce and Steph. It had been a very kinky time, and now his fiance wanted to go there. The women in his life… “Yes, my love, I know it. Of it. Let’s go. Let’s get freaky!” he said with a snicker.

20 minutes later they entered a different room from the one Daniel and Sara played in that time, but similarly outfitted. Mirrors on the ceiling and on some of the walls. Zebra pattern bedding and black velvet paintings of voluptuous naked women on the walls.

“Wow, this is tacky. And perfect for the mood I’m in!” Joyce said as she forced her body against Daniels, kissing him hard right off the bat. “I feel so fucking hot and slutty. I think you might actually have to fight me off!” she said between hungry kisses.

“I Uzun porno hope that day never comes, babe! I’d have to be a decrepit old man!” They were tugging off their clothes as they made their way to the bed, before Joyce stopped things for a moment. “Daniel, honey, I have got to go to the bathroom! I won’t be long” she said with a kiss. “Don’t do anything without me!” she said as she made her way quickly to use the toilet.

Daniel draped his jacket over what he hoped was a clean chair. Ah, fuck it, he thought. We’re here to have fun; I can’t worry how well the rooms are cleaned. We’ll shower at home after. Thoroughly.

Joyce came back in just her bra and panties and pantyhose; her skirt and blouse were over her arm. “I figured I’d make it a little easier for you” she giggled before tossing her garments on the chair. “Let’s find a really dirty movie to watch. We haven’t done that in a while.”

“Let’s see what sort of perversions they have here” Daniel answered. He turned on the tv and flipped through a few movies until Joyce said “Wait!” She stopped him on a scene of a beautiful brunette woman in her 40s on her knees in stockings and a garter belt, surrounded by five young men with impressively huge cocks, all of them pushing at her face. The woman was going from one to another, licking the shafts and heads, jerking others with her free hands. She was clearly in her glory, eagerly sucking hard on whichever dick was in her mouth at the time. It was a blow bang, and the only question was whether it would turn into a gangbang.

“This gets you hot, honey?” Daniel asked.

“My god, yes. It’s been a fantasy since I can remember, to be taken and just ravished by a group of men, forcing their cocks at me, using me. It’s never gone away. I even thought of answering a personal ad about it once, looking for a woman for a bunch of men, while things with Pete were very bad. But I couldn’t go through with it. I had no idea if I’d be safe, if they would go too far and hurt me. But as a fantasy…oh god!”

Joyce’s attention was glued to the set and the scene of the buxom brunette devouring those 5 almost footlong dicks in her face. Daniel was behind her, kissing the back of her neck and reaching in front of her to touch the outside of Joyce’s panties. The crotch was almost dripping from her secretions. He maneuvered them so that he was sitting behind Joyce, his legs around her hips and her back against his chest. He took off her bra and her slightly sagging tits thrust forward with nipples so hard they could cut glass. He whispered in Joyce’s ear “Keep watching. Have fun. I’ll take care of you, my hot sexy bitch.” Then he kissed her cheek in a sweet and sexy way.”

“You’re so good to me, baby” she moaned. Her eyes were half-closed with lust as she watched the woman get used roughly by 5 men, boys really, all young enough to be her sons. Joyce felt Daniels skilled fingers teasing her nipples with one hand, while the other snaked down her tummy, tickling along where the elastic of her panties and pantyhose met her flesh, just above her pubic hair. “That’s so good, honey” Joyce grunted, “but I need something much more from you. I need your thick fingers in my pussy.” She tilted her head back for a moment and nipped at Daniels earlobe. “I need to feel dirty, like that slut on the tv.”

He tugged her nipple hard, making her squeal with pain and pleasure. “Look at her swallowing those huge cocks” Daniel said with a very aggressive tone. “I bet you wish I had a big 10 inches like that to shove down your hungry throat.” He shoved his hand inside her panties forcefully and flicked her throbbing clit.

Joyce gasped before saying “Daniel, baby, I love everything about you, including your dick. I fantasize once in a while about a log like those, but you never fail to make me scream and gush like slut in heat. For right now, treat me as dirty as you want. I’m your lover and your whore.” Her voice was hoarse with desperation.

Daniel had both hands at the crotch of her hose and tore them violently, eliciting a gasp from Joyce’s soul. She pulled her own nipples as they watched the woman on the screen be forced to take a huge black cock into her throat. They could see her throat muscles trying to swallow as the man’s cock head throbbed inside her gullet. She shoved off his cock gagging with her spit drooling onto the floor. Just then Daniel roughly shoved two fingers into her super slick cunt in her panties. Her legs were flailing as Daniel added a third finger to her

greasy, gooey hole and her ass lifted off the bed as she came wildly, her pussy threatening to crush his fingers.

He didn’t let her recover as he usually would have. Instead he pushed her to her knees and pulled his own raging hardon from his pants, pushing it past her lips before Joyce even had a chance to fully follow what was happening. Once she tasted his dick, she gobbled it enthusiastically, sucking and swallowing like she was in heat. “Yeah, suck Öğrenci porno it, like it’s your last meal. Too bad you can’t see the tv. That bitch has got her fingers on her clit, rubbing it like sandpaper. And the guys who aren’t being sucked or jerked are slapping her face with their thick, meaty cocks. She’s loving it! You just wish it was you being used like that, don’t you!”


“I know you do! I can smell your cunt gushing! Keep sucking me, my personal slut!”

Joyce was going down on Daniel faster than ever. His crotch was all sloppy with her saliva and he could feel his own balls churning for release. “You want my cum down your throat or on your face? Choose, but do it now!”

Joyce pulled off his dick, quickly wrapping her hand around it. It was so wet from her mouth her hand just flew up and down his slippery shaft to the head. “Cum on my face, you fucking bastard. You love it when me and Sara and Steph play your own personal whores, just yours, your own stable of horny cunts. Come on, shoot that hot, thick cum all over my face, my throat. Get it on my fucking tits too.” She shoved a slick finger into Daniels ass, hard, and he spewed thick wads of his load all over her face and tits. “That’s it, all over me. It’s so hot, it’s practically burning m skin!” Joyce kept jerking him well after he had no more cum to give, at least for the time being.

“Stop already! It’s way too sensitive!” Joyce gave his head a kiss before releasing him. She turned her head to the screen and saw the brunette had one cumshot on her face already and was prepared to take the other four.

“Look, baby, look at all those big beefy cocks cover her in their cum. They’re good, but no one cums like my hot, sexy lover right here. You give the biggest, creamiest loads of all!”

“It’s because I have the sexiest women to inspire me. All three of you amaze me. But you’re the one I want for my wife.” It was a surprisingly touching thing to say under the kinky, perverse circumstances and it made Joyce feel so warm inside. She bounced onto the bed to cover Daniel in kisses and, incidentally, his own sperm. They cuddled together, muting the sound on the tv, where the scene changed to something with an all girl orgy. But they weren’t paying attention for the moment.

“I love you so much, Daniel, baby. You’ve made me feel so loved and special, and then you also make me feel so dirty, but in the best way. Not like a real whore. Just in a role playing way. I don’t know if I’m saying this right.”

“You are, honey. I know what you mean. And as long as that’s how it is, just to play kinky games, it’s great and fun. If I were to ever make you really feel that way, I’d be angrier with myself than you could be. I’ll never hurt you like that. Nor Steph nor Sara. I cherish all three of you. But you have a special place in my heart.”

Joyce curled into Daniel’s body and they stayed together like that for a while. Both used the bathroom and, the time still being early, they looked for another scene to ‘inspire’ them, not that they needed inspiration. And that’s what they decided. They shut off the tv and just moved back into each other’s arms. They kissed passionately, touching each other with love and tenderness, as they would have done anywhere, anytime. When they were alone, without their daughters, it was the best they had, tender and sweet and yet they had the most pleasurable, sensual sex. Because they connected in their hearts and souls, like they would for the rest of their lives together. So that’s what Joyce and Daniel did, they made love together, taking their time, and when they climaxed together, they knew, with absolute certainty, their marriage would be happy and joyous.

In bed that night, just cuddling and holding hands, tired but very happy, Daniel said “Our last night to ourselves. And I just want to stay like this, peaceful and comfortable, with you. I love our girls, and I’m so glad they’re coming home, but this has been as nice for us as I’m sure the time has been for them. I think I fell in love with you all over again these past ten days.”

Joyce squeezed his hand a little tighter, her engagement ring gleaming in the soft lamplight. “You are the sweetest man. Steph always would tell me how wonderful a father you were, how you always made her feel so welcome in your home. I mean, when she was just a young girl and teen, before anything else started. What a gentleman you always were. She told me how you’d take the two of them out to dinner, even when they were 13 or so, and always held doors for them, held out the chairs at a restaurant. She always felt like a little lady around you. I think that’s when she developed a crush on you. And I’ve been able to see how she never was exaggerating. I was so jealous, not in an angry or upset way. Just because Pete was such a selfish lout. Once we were married, he stopped trying to be kind and caring like that.” She shifted a little closer to him. “I would have made a pass at you years ago if I’d had the courage to do so. I’ve been hot for you for a long time. And now we’ll be together for our lives. I’m a very lucky lady.”

“Joyce, I feel guilty about something. I think we should clear the air, so there are no terrible secrets between us.”

Joyce felt alarmed at Daniels words. She was scared of what he might now say, that it might shatter their worlds. “Tell me, please. Don’t make me wonder, Daniel.”

“That night, the night of the girls prom, when you made a pass at me…you know by then I was already sleeping with Sara, and even occasionally Steph. That’s why I rejected you, not because I wasn’t attracted to you.”

“That’s all? Baby, I kind of figured it out once you all opened up about how the three of you were in a relationship. You know how hard that was to hear at first. You were sleeping with my daughter AND your daughter, and they were also into each other…and I felt all alone. It was not exactly something a mother wants to hear” she chuckled. “But I saw how good you all were together, and it just made sense. And I was so relieved when you all invited me to be a part of this unconventional arrangement. Relieved not to be alone. Relieved to be loved and desired. And I was so damn attracted to you. And now I’m deeply in love with you” she said sleepily. It had been a long day.

“I love you too, Joyce. With all my heart. We should get some sleep. It’s a long day tomorrow again. Joyce”, he said, up on his elbow so he could look her in her warm eyes, “Thank you for being so understanding, and for being the best mother to our girls I could ever imagine. And I’m so looking forward to our wedding, completing this family. You’re amazing.” He kissed her with love and gentle tenderness. Joyce had a single tear falling down her cheek. “I love you, honey.”

“I love you too, baby.”

They fell asleep wrapped together.


They were at the airport the next evening, waiting by the area after passengers cleared customs. It was fairly crowded at 9, a lot of flights coming into JFK that night. It was hot and sticky outside, a sultry pre-summer night, but the air conditioning was blasting in the waiting area.

“Where could they be already?” Joyce wondered out loud. “Their flight landed almost an hour ago.”

“They’ll be along. They had a lot of luggage, remember? Plus look at this crowd. I think four flights landed within 20 minutes from international points

. It won’t be long.”

Sure enough, five minutes later, Sara and Steph came out the doors, Sara tanned deeper than her usual rich skin tone and Steph reddish-brown, a very sexy look with her natural red hair. Both had on hats and sunglasses, even though it was full dark. “There they are!” Daniel said excitedly, pointing for Joyce. The girls…they really couldn’t be called girls now that they were married…saw them and waved excitedly as they both pushed the heavy carts with all their combined luggage. When they got through the crowd, the younger women rushed to their respective parents arms and kissed and hugged, all very parent-daughter like.

“Oh, my sweet girls, you look amazing!” Joyce said with light tears. “You both look so beautiful!”

“Mom, we had such a great time!” Steph said, holding her mom. “But we missed you both a lot. Next time, we have to take a family vacation!”

“Steph’s right, dad. Next time, all four of us. But we had an amazing time!” Sara exclaimed as she hugged Daniel close and kissed his cheek. For Daniel, holding his daughter in his arms was something he missed terribly. He had been hugging her for so many years it was something that was just a part of his being.

After then hugging Steph and Joyce doing the same with Sara, Daniel had the women wait curbside while he went to get the SUV. Even in the big vehicle, it was going to be tight with 8 pieces of luggage, purses and carryon’s. He got the car and brought it around, and after a few minutes he managed to pile all the bags in and leave himself enough of a view in the back window to drive safely.

The ride home took 40 minutes and the newlyweds recounted some of their adventure in Costa Rica. Sugar sand beaches, rain forests, mountains. Hundreds of bird species and animals too numerous to remember. It sounded like their days were constantly busy.

“And the nights” Sara giggled. “The nights, we had incredible, romantic dinners, including a few right on the beach. We danced. We felt a little self-conscious at first, being the one lesbian couple surrounded by straight couples. Especially when we danced close.” She reached over and held Steph’s hand in her own, and they smiled at the memories. “But no one said anything unkind, and a number of people stopped by to congratulate us. A few sent bottles of champagne a few nights! It was really wonderful.”

Steph added, with her own giggle, “I bet some of those couples got an extra charge thinking about what we were doing in our room afterwards. We laughed about that. But not for long. Because we were very busy together. We had this king sized bed that seemed ridiculously huge, especially without the two of you with us. But we managed to use the space.”

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