Daniel Ch. 01

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All characters are above the age of 18. This chapter is mostly character development. Enjoy!


I woke up to my phone alarm in my new apartment. I hit the off button and got up from my bed stretched and yawned. I stepped over the small group of unpacked boxes and walked over to my restroom to brush my teeth. I looked myself in the mirror.

My name is Daniel Zavala. I’m 23 years old. I have brown hair with brown eyes. I’m pretty lean with slight definition to my muscles. I’m not effeminate at all but I am a little too shy. That’s how my best friend in highschool figured out my secret.

He would often ask me what girls I was into and if I’d fuck a certain girl or something. I would try and give normal answers but I would stutter sometimes. I guess his suspicions were rising because one day he played an evil trick on me.

Out of nowhere he brought up the topic of being gay. I was shocked but tried to keep cool. He told me wouldn’t care if I was gay. So I just said it. As soon as the words left my mouth he just left my house like I had a contagious disease. I was heart broken. I was never attracted to him in any way but he was like a brother to me.

He spread the news around school then never talked to me again, never even acknowledged me. Eventually it got to my brothers then to my parents.

My parents didn’t take it too bad. My mom gave me a hug and told me she loved me no matter what but I knew it was different between us. My dad just told me to keep to myself and we stopped talking. I have two older brothers, both avoided me as much as possible once they heard the news.

I dealt with the tension for a couple years then moved to my grandmas in the next town. She was not at all affected by the news which I was very grateful for.

I got a couple small jobs and started saving money and got a car. Sadly, three years later I quit those jobs because my grandma knew someone that could get me started on a career. Then my grandma helped me out with a small apartment. And now I’m here.

I spit and rinsed my mouth with some sink water. I needed to stop thinking about the past. I started the shower and began getting ready for work. I’m a new receptionist at a hospital in my town. My first two days were ok, the day goes by quick because your so busy the whole time. A big plus are the doctors. There’s a couple of them that I find really attractive. I haven’t talked to any yet just drooling over them.

The day at work was busy as usual. During work a big looking UPS man came to deliver some boxes to one of the doctors. I saw him when he walked in. He was very handsome. He had gray eyes and black hair with a big scruffy beard. He was hunky. I couldn’t help but notice the hairs peaking from under the muscle shirt under his uniform.

He stopped in front of my desk.

“Hey new guy when did you get here?”

I began talking but my voice caught in my throat. I cleared it then said,

“Just started yesterday.”

“Awesome, I’m Anthony the UPS guy.”

He said while offering his hand. I took his warm hand.

“I’m Angel the receptionist.”

He let go of my hand and handed me a clip board.

“Just sign there and I’ll be on my way.”

I signed and handed the clip board to him. He handed me the boxes and said,

“See you tomorrow Angel, it was nice meeting you.”

“You too.”

He flashed a big white smile and walked away. I couldn’t help but check out his ass. I was snapped back to reality when someone said,

“Nice, there here.”

I turned to see a doctor walking towards me. He smiled and held out his hand to me.

“You must be Angel the new receptionist.”

“Yes doctor Andrews”

I recognized him because he was one of the hot doctors. I shook his hand. I was for some reason very intimidated by this man. I let go and handed him the boxes. He took them from me and opened them checking the contents inside.

I took the opportunity to check him out. He was undeniably sexy. Nice trimmed beard, short black hair, bright blue eyes, full plump lips. He was maybe three four inches taller than me. Seemed fit judging by how his muscles stretch his shirt. His ass was nice and round.

I looked up from his ass and he was looking at me. I quickly looked down at the paper work on my desk. He picked up the boxes and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks Daniel, keep up the good work.”

He squeezed my shoulder then left the waiting room. I got caught checking out the doctor, not good. Shit! I’m gonna get fired. I started pacing. I totally forgot where I was because a lady’s voice brought me back.

“Excuse me can I get some help?”

I helped the lady with her problem and told her where to go. Then someone else came to the desk. I got so busy l couldn’t think about what had happened with Dr.Andrews.

When I finally got off work I was exhausted. ensest porno I got some fast food and headed home. When I got home I ate, then took a shower. I was walking out the bathroom when I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked at myself in the big mirror feeling really lonely. I thought about what happened at with earlier and decided I was over exaggerating. I shut off the light, got in bed, and went to sleep.


I woke up the next morning, repeated the same process and went to work. I was feeling pretty down. I thought about calling in but decided against it. I was driving to work when I remembered that hunk of a UPS man said he’ll see me tomorrow. It perked me up a little. I was looking forward to talking to him again.

I was really busy when Tony walking in the building. He was carrying a big box on his side with ease.

“Hey Daniel, got a box for ya.”

“Hey Anthony, thanks.”

He handed me a clipboard for me to sign. I signed my signature and handed it back to him. I smiled at him wanting to try and spark a conversation but I couldn’t because of work. I got back to work and didn’t realize that he was still standing there.

“Daniel, i was wondering maybe if you wanted to get together some time?”

I looked at him. He was looking me in the eye. I didn’t know if he was asking me on a date or asking to hang out. Normally I would be shy about it but I was tired of being lonely and needed to break out of my shell. I swallowed my doubts.

“Like on a date?”

His eyes darted to the floor then back up to mine. I realized then that he looked really nervous.

“Yea I mean- I don’t even know if your- ughh, I’m just going out on a limb here.”

He looked extremely cute just then. This big sexy man was nervous about asking me on a date. This is to good to be true.

“Yes, Anthony I would like that.”

His nervous demeanor disappeared and his face brightened up.

“Great! How about Saturday evening?”

“That sounds good.”

“Awesome, I gotta get going. You gonna be here tomorrow?”

“Yea I’ll be here.”

He smiled and winked at me. He turned to walk away and said,

“By Daniel.”

I smiled looking forward to Friday and Saturday. I looked at the box in my hands. I put the box on my desk. I hoped it wasn’t for Dr. Andrews. Not that I didn’t want to see him, I just didn’t want to go through a awkward situation. Let alone get fired.

After that work went by really slow. If felt like the universe was out to get me. These past couple days went by so fast and now the day is going as slow as a snail. I was working on some files when Dr. Andrews walked in. Damn.

“Hey Daniel, got a box for me?”

“Yes Dr.Andrews.”

I slid the box across the desk, avoiding eye contact.


He picked up the box and observed the tag. He read it to himself then opened it up.

“Perfect! Thank you Daniel.”

He began walking out, but stopped and asked me to come to his office. My stomach dropped and I heard him walk out the room. I put the files I had in my hand down and went to his office.

“Yes Dr.Andrews?”

“Angel I’m going in a business trip to Dallas Texas and was wondering if you wanted to make the trip with a few other doctors and nurses? Just one big meeting then we have two days to enjoy the city.”

I want expecting this at all. I was expecting to get canned. Not that I’m complaining. I wasn’t sure what I was gonna say.

“Umm.. When’s the trip?”

“This weekend. We leave early Saturday morning and leave Tuesday night. So what do you say?”

I thought I saw a hopeful look in his eye but this man was very hard to read. I was about to wing it and say yes but I remembered my financial situation.

“I would like to Doctor but I’m not exactly in the best financial position right now.”

“No need to worry the company will cover it.”

I looked at him a little shocked.

“Why do you want me on the trip Doctor?”

He smiled to himself and let out a deep breath.

“Well your new here and I want you to feel comfortable.”

I looked at him then to the floor not sure what to say.

“So will you come?”

Being put on the spot made me spit out a answer without thinking.


His flashed a big smile.

“Great! Now lets get back to work.”

“Ok Doctor.”

I walked out and shut the door behind me. I went to my desk and got back to work. The trip came back to mind when I was on my way home from work. I wasn’t sure how it was gonna go. I was very nervous about this weekend.

This weekend. Shit! I forgot about Anthony. I parked in the apartment complex parking lot. I really wanted to go out with him. Now I’d have to see if he would be willing to reschedule.

I walked up to my dark empty apartment. escort porno I walked to the light switch and tripped over one of my moving boxes.


I got and rubbed my knee. I changed then got something to eat. Before bed I took a shower. I got into bed and thought about my predicament. I feel asleep thinking about what to say to Anthony.


The next day at work Anthony had a smile on his face and a box in his hands. I could tell he trimmed his beard a bit.

“Hey Daniel, here ya go.”

He handed me the box with the clip board on top. I grabbed it and signed for the box.

“So, I was thinking we could go see a movie then go out to eat.”

I looked at his happy face and and frowned. His smile dropped a little.

“Sorry Anthony I got a company trip this weekend. We leave tomorrow morning and don’t get back till Monday night. Could we reschedule?”

He looked sad for a second then the smile was back.

“I’m free tonight, how about you?”

“I get out at six.”

“How about I take you out tonight instead?”

I was happy that he suggested that. I was tired of my lonely apartment.


I said with a smile. His smile got wider and said,

“Great! I’ll pick you up at seven then?”

“Yea, sounds great.”

He fished in his pocket and pulled out his phone he pulled up the dial pad and handed me his phone. I put my number in and handed it back. He called me and said,

“Good, we got each others numbers. I’ll call you when I’m on my way for you. Text me your address. Bye Daniel.”

“Bye Anthony.”

He flashed his big white smile and made his way out the building. I couldn’t keep the grin off my face the whole day at work. I got the box and put it next to the door so Dr. Andrews could grab it whenever.

I texted Anthony my address. I got a text back from him saying,

‘I only live 5 minutes away’

I texted back,

‘small town’

When I was cleaning up getting ready to head out Dr. Andrews came in.

“Have a good evening Daniel.”

“You to Doctor.”

“I’ll call you early tomorrow to give you directions where were meeting.”

“Ok Doctor bye.”

I walked out and drove home as quick as possible. I got ready and waited on my couch surfing the internet. Around 6:45 Anthony called.


“Hey Daniel I’m on my way, you ready?”

“Yea just waiting on you.”

He chuckled. His deep voice was even sexy over the phone.

“Alright ill be there in five.”

“Ok Anthony.”

We said bye and hung up. Five minutes later there was a knock at my door. I took a deep breath then opened the door. Wow. I thought he looked good in his uniform, but right now he was unbelievably sexy.

He was wearing a blue button shirt opened up with a white tee under and blue jeans. His black hair was neatly combed. I guess I was staring because he said,

“You like what you see?”

“Hell yes!”

He chuckled that sexy deep chuckle and said,

“You look great too. Ready to go?”


I grabbed my key and locked up. We walked to the parking lot towards a big black truck.

“Wow! Nice truck.”


He walked ahead of me and opened up the passenger door for me. I climbed up and said,

“Thank you.”

He shut the door and walked over to the other side. Before he could I reached over and pushed the door open for him. He climbed in and smiled at me.

We drove to a movie theatre and made some small talk. I found it easy to talk to Anthony. His sexy deep voice sent chills down my back.

We talked about where we were born, favorite music and stuff like that. Anthony was from Carlsbad, California. He liked classic rock, country, and occasionally old school hip hop. He was 26. I told him I was from San Diego, California. I liked some hip hop and classic rock and didn’t mind country.

When we got to the movie theatre we got out and walked side by side to the ticket booth. Anthony looked at me and asked,

“Anything particular you want to see?”

“No, you?”

“Actually there is.”

He said with a mischievous smile. He went to the ticket booth and asked for two to a new scary movie that just came out. He smiled at me and we walked inside. He got some popcorn and drinks for us. We walked to the room.

We sat at the way top. There wasn’t to many people in here. Nobody else was in the back row with us. The previews were finishing when Anthony leaned closed and whispered,

“You sca-“

I jumped not expecting the warm voice to be so close. He chuckled,

“I was gonna ask if you were scared but I guess I’ll take that as a yes.”

I smiled at him and whispered,


I poked his side. He jumped a little at the contact. I looked at him with a big smile and my eyebrows gizli çekim porno raised. He narrowed his eyes at me but with a smile,

“Don’t even think about it.” He whispered.

I giggled. This man is to cute. He was ticklish, I was definitely gonna use that to my advantage later on.

The movie started. I had never watched a scary movie in theatres. I was kinda nervous. During the movie we ate the pop corn or hand brushing each others constantly. Each time the contact sent tingles through my body.

One of the jump scare scenes really got me. I jumped and the popcorn shook. Anthony chuckled at me. He leaned in and whispered,

“You Ok Daniel?”

“Yea sorry.”

He moved his arm round my chair and his hand rested on my shoulder.

“Is this Ok?

“Great” I whispered.

Throughout the movie I jumped at a couple more scenes. Each time I did Anthony would rub my shoulder a little.

When the movie finally ended I was relieved. It was pretty scary.

“What did you think?”

“That wasn’t scary at all.” I said with a smile.

“Sure! Tell that to all the popcorn you dropped.”


I poked his side again and he laughed. He pulled my hands away and pulled me to his side. His arm went around my shoulder. His body was so warm and he smelled so good. I put my arm around his waist. We walked like this to his car. I looked up at this handsome man. He looked down at me and asked,

“So, what’s your favorite type of food?”

“I would probably say Chinese.”


We got to his truck and separated. He opened the door for me again and I did for him again too. We got to the Chinese food place around 8:50. We made small talk over dinner.

“So Daniel, why’s a handsome man like you single?”

“I’ve been really caught up with getting on my own two feet around here. It’s been tough.”

“I hear ya. Why’d you move here?”

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. I never told him that I moved here.

“Saw the moving boxes at your apartment.”

“Oh. Well, when I got outed to my parents things were never the same. I barley ever talked to my family. I let my grandma knew the news too. She looked at me like I was stating the obvious. She was happy that I told her and she told me to go live with her.”

“So you did?”

“Yup came out here lived with her for awhile. She helped with my apartment and car. Just moved out of her house last week actually.”

“Wow, your grandma sounds like a great person.” His deep gravelly voice said.

“She really is.”

We ate a little then i decided to pick up the conversation.

“So why’s a sexy, handsome man like you single?”

“Thank you for that. I actually got out of a long term relationship a couple months ago. It ended ugly. Since then I haven’t really been interested in anyone. Until I saw you when I walked in the door that day.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be I got a really cute guy to try and win over.”

He winked at me and I blushed and looked down at my plate. I heard him chuckle. We continued to get to know each other over dinner. He told me that the UPS job was just a side job. He mainly worked construction but lately it’s been kinda slow.

I told him about how I enjoyed to draw and read. He asked if I could draw him and I told him if I did it would take awhile. I told him that I needed a picture of he really wanted me too. He asked me for my phone and took a sexy looking picture of himself.

“There you go.”

He handed my phone back. We finished our food and he said,

“let’s get out of here.”

I offered to pay for half but he wouldn’t let me. We walked out of the restaurant around 9:50.

We sat quietly and listened to music while he drove me home. I would take little glances at him every so often.

When we pulled up to my apartments and he walked me to my door.

“I had a great time Anthony.”

I looked up at him shyly. He smiled while looking in my eyes.

“Can I see you again Daniel?”

His choice was deep and husky. Without hesitation I answered,

“Of course,”

His eyes lids hooded and he licked his lips. I looked at his lips and he moved forward slowly. He stopped right in front of mine and it was killing me. I closed the gap and our lips pressed against each other.

I felt his warm rough hand moved to the back of neck. His scruffy beard was tickling my face in the best way. His lips were so soft and warm. His tongue swiped at my closed lips looking for entry. I opened up for him and his tongue started massaging and tasting mine. I moaned Into his mouth. He held me close to him while we kissed. We reluctantly broke apart. His have staying close to mine.

“I’ll see you when you get back?”

“Yea, Call me Monday night?”


He gave me a couple more quick kisses that pulled away.

“Bye Daniel.”


I went inside my apartment and locked up. I went to my room and jumped in the shower. I was so hard from Anthony, he was so hot. I gripped my 6 inch cock and took care of myself quickly. I packed up for the trip and fell asleep thinking of Anthony.


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