Dannon|Muloney File 2446

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Dannon|Muloney File 2446: Zero the Hero

Dannon wiped the sweat from his forehead with his good hand. The other stayed sharp on the 9mm pistol as dust flew through the wet tunnel. Muloney crouched just in front of him, her weapon grasped with both hands. He could hear her breath as she scanned the dark passageway for their quarry: a balding psychopath named Zero The Hero.

“We need some fucking backup”, she hissed. Dannon winced as sweat stung his eyes. He looked down at her as she tossed a concerned look over her shoulder. Funny the things you noticed in life-or-death situations. Muloney’s arched back accentuated two round breasts in a way he hadn’t notice before. She looked around again, this time less irritated and more bemused. Had she caught him?

“I can’t get any signal down here”, he rasped, turning his wrist to indicate the green LCD on the scanner velcro’d to his arm. He looked down again. Muloney faced away again as a blast of warm air sucked dirt and wet stink up the tunnel. Muloney ducked her head to shield her eyes. The glistening curve of her neck shown through shoulder-length reddish-blonde hair. Dannon ducked down and knelt in behind her, waiting for the blast to subside. Blocking his own gaze, he squinted down watched the wind whip Muloney’s black suit jacket away. The matching pants fit tight around her deeply crevaced ass. Dannon almost laughed at himself as he felt a little hardness come. He flexed his hips a bit, loosening his own slacks to accomdate himself.

A metallic crash far down the tunnel brought Muloney back into Dannon’s shoulder. She cocked the 9mm and he did the same. Most of the dust had blown through, but the wind continued. If Zero was as bad a fucker as the FBI profiler had made him out to be, he could use this wind to his advantage…find a way to double-back…surprise them.

“Fuck”, Muloney shook her head violently. “Something in my eye”.

Dannon put a hand just barely on her shoulder as she massaged her face through wind-whipped hair. He had worked with her for nearly three years now. It’s not like he didn’t notice the strong, lean legs or the way her slacks pulled a ‘v’ into her cunt when she directed that purposeful, all-business walk to his desk every morning. He noticed lots of things about lots of women. But the cases they worked almost always seemed to sour any spark of romance or even raw lust. It’s just hard to get hard when you’re kneeling over a dead child or investigating some brutal thug in a urine soaked prison cell.

“You alright?” Dannon hollered above the gusts. She nodded, shook her head a few more times, and grasped the weapon with both hands Escort bayan once more. Still, she stayed close to him. Dannon, turned his head slightly and smelled the softness of her blowing hair, barely colored by the sweat they’d both been bathed in for hours. He now had one leg into the grimy wall of the tunnel, and the other flared out. Surprised by his own response, his cock was quite a bit harder even now, and it was less than inches from that beautifully cloaked ass, flexed and spread open to him like a black-clad invitation from god .

Another dull thud from somewhere above the tunnel brought Muloney back a bit more. Dannon’s cock was now buried in her taut ass, spread open by her half-kneeling, half-squatting stance. Her head rested just against his jaw as they both continued to breathe against the wind. This time, he made no effort to barely touch her shoulder. He slipped a hand through her hair to that soft, glistening neck and nuzzled her golden head. She stiffened a bit, but then leaned back into him, half out of response to the gesture, half out of exhaustion. She turned her head ever so slightly as he kissed her brow. Moving his hand down her spine and to her hip, he rubbed his unbelievably stiff cock into the wide opening between her buttocks. Her back arched a bit more and he reached around her waist, up to her left breast, now hardened by the unreal circumstances. Cupping it gently through the linen blouse, he could feel her breathing grow deeper. His cock desperately wanted to tear through both his trousers and hers and bury itself in her dark folds, the likes of which he had barely imagined.

She surprised him with the rise of her ass, now pressing painfully into his crotch. This was just too damn unprofessional, but he felt little resistance on his own part. Reaching into her blouse, he worked his way across to the her right nipple, finding a quick path through a tight but accommodating bra. Even in this gale, he could hear her gasp and she backed her torso into his. A quick tongue flick to her ear brought another gasp and he took the other hand, placed the gun on his knee, and reached down to grab her crotch from behind, sliding his hand down that wide crack, across the tight fabric, until he had his whole hand massaging her warm crotch.

There was no mistaking this move, and she lurched forward, landing on hands and knees. His gun splashed to the pipe’s interior, but she quickly had it in hand, looking back, mouth open. Dannon extracted his cock as quickly as he could, now a little frightened by how dangerous this whole thing was getting. He could see her one eye watching his crotch as Bayan escort her hair continued to fly in the wind. Upon sight of his penis, sticky with precum, her eye widened and then she flared her backsides. There was no turning back.

The grinding sound above them went almost unnoticed as Dannon tore at her slacks. Working them back over her white curving cheeks, he simply couldn’t wait to work himself inside. She had both guns in her hands but was possibly as helpless as she could recall being in her entire life. Dannon worked the pants and a dark black thong down past her crack and down to her mid-thigh. Desperately wanting more to work with for his own part, he quickly undid his belt and button, dropping his own trowsers to his knees. Working the soft skin of her gorgeous ass with his hands, he knelt down to get one good look at her pussy, grappling with her hips as he did so. His eye fell upon her heaving anus, which he quickly thumbed. He could hear her moan a bit at this. Then down to the dark, and now sticky pubic hair and lips which bucked back at him nearly in time with the wind. Oh God, this was so unbelievably scary, and yet he so wanted to bury his tongue in that fleshy crevace.


“Just do it.”

Moving toward her, he bent down and flexed his rock-hard cock up, searching for a bit and then finding her slit. Now it was his turn to really gasp. Easing out without coming all the way out woud be the real trick, but he just felt himself slipping into some altered state as her cheeks parted so impossibly wide. Her anus puckered a bit and he jammed his way up and in.

She cried not out of pain, but out of absolute peak experience. Dannon, moved his hands from her waste down to her pubic bone, looking for the clit. Muloney helped him a bit but riding up into his hand. Dannon loved women with pubic hair, and Muloney didn’t disappoint. He guessed each strand was about an inch long, thick and lush, and he swept his fingers through the patch, catching her juices with each touch of her clitoris and working it them into the hair.

The wind had died a bit, but neither noticed. Dannon thought he heard a sound like sheet metal against concrete, but then found himself slipping deep into her again.

“God”, she whispered, her head resting on her forearms as the guns lay crossed in front of her.

“Is this too much?” Dannon panted, slowing to make sure she was okay with it all.

She answered by slamming her ass into his abdomen, driving his engorged penis into her slipperly walls. He now gripped her ass and smacked his balls into her thighs with the force of his impact. Escort God, he wanted to fuck her and taste her at the same time. He could smell her now. Pungent and wet, he wanted to climb right inside her…get so deep she’d scream away the wind. As he jabbed in, he felt a warm rush of liquid across his pubic bone, through his dark hair and down his balls. The splash against steel confirmed that she had really soaked them both with what must have been a pint of her own juices. He was frenzied now. He wanted to drink her dry. He smashed into her cunt as she moaned with each penetration. He was so close. He almost didn’t want to cum. Make it last, make her go around again and again.

But she surprised him by rising to her hands and pushing back into him with exhilarating speed and force. God, there was no way around it. He was about to cum in Muloney’s deep, dark gash. Could they still work together? Would they still make any kind of team? Those thoughts came and went as quickly as the spurts of cum that suddenly rocketed out of his long shaft, erupting out of the head and into her vagina. He tried to pull out but she wouldn’t let him, backing him into the wall and grinding into his cock and balls with painful urgency.

“Well, well fuckin’ well”, came a booming voice from above. “What we got here?”

The steel grate above them had gone unnoticed and Zero The Hero tore it away from its fittings before dropping down with a grotesque laugh. His first order of business was to bring a fist up and under Dannon’s left eye. Dannon’s head met the tunnel wall with a hefty thud as he tumbled sideways, nearly unconscious. Zero then turned to Muloney, his eyes greedily feasting on her exposed pussy as she backed up, her hands behind her in a desperate crabwalk.

“You want some fuckin’, bitch?” he tugged his zipper down with one deft move, removing a dark, throbbing cock as he towered over her. “I’m gonna fuck you till you die.”

Muloney stopped the crabwalk and tilted her head sideways. Her eyes narrowed. Anyone who knew her could have told Zero The Hero that when she got that kind of look in her eye…something unexpected was about to take place.

“Now I see why they call you Zero”, Muloney hissed as she brought the two 9mm around and shot the bald predator once in the cock, twice in the forehead. His eyes bulged and he gasped before slumping into the tunnel floor with a metallic clang.

Muloney, knelt against the dying wind, aiming both weapons at Zero. He didn’t move. Dannon groaned, sitting up. Muloney, suddenly in a froth of emotional turmoil, quickly pulled up her slacks and straightened her coat, running a hand through her hair. Dannon slumped against the wall and shook his head, trying to comprehend what had been real and what had not. Muloney stood above him and tossed the weapon back down to him.

“You’d better put both of those away.”

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