Dare 02

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Julie opened her car door and stepped into the bright sunshine as is washed over the small car parking area at the end of the park. Like the first time she had done a ‘dare’ (the bank job – DARE ONE), she was packed with nervous energy but also like that time she was extremely turned on by what she was about to do here. She sat back in her car seat with the door open and reached down to pull off the comfortable trainers she had driven here wearing. Then from the box on the passenger seat Julie pulled out a pair of leather shoes with the highest stiletto style heels imaginable, really they must have been at least five inches and would be really uncomfortable just to stand in, Julie had no idea how she was going to be able to walk the length of the park in them. Of course given what else she had been instructed to do, that was obviously the point. She strapped them on and pulled herself unsteadily to her feet as she slammed the car door shut and braced herself for her task.

It was a really warm day and between these incredible high heels and the long, beige trench coat she wore Julie felt so conspicuous. But as it happened no-one in the car park paid her much heed so she was able to awkwardly clip-clop her way out of the car park and onto the long winding, tree lined path that led to her ultimate destination. Of course, she should have been sweating wearing such a long, heavy cot but she wasn’t, that was because under that coat all she wore were a pair of black, fish net stocking and absolutely nothing else. Well unless you wanted to count the thick red lipstick she wore on her tight, flat stomach reading the word “SLUT” in thick capital letters, that is.

Julie made it to the fence at the start of the path and halted for a moment, she was starting to get her balance on these impossible heels but quick movement would not be easy. They had been delivered to her house over night, left in a plain box on her door step which meant the man who was daring her to do these ever more risky stunts knew where she lived. But rather than worrying Julie that prospect excited her, especially when she saw how kinky the shoes actually were. But in practise they were a pain to walk in as she set off down this path.

It was a Wednesday afternoon. Kids were in school and most adults were a t work, maybe, just maybe she would not have to flash anyone. After all his instructions had left her some leeway.

“You will wear a long trench coat unbuttoned but keep your hands in the pockets to keep the sides together as you walk along the path, only when you come across a group of two or more males over eighteen will you stop, smile ataşehir escort and open your coat for at least five seconds for them.”

Quite specific and Julie wondered if she would actually have to do it. Then she saw her target far off in the distance and could not imagine getting through this unviewed (or possibly without a broken ankle in these bloody heels!).

She set off slowly. Maybe her lack of speed was only due to care in her step but maybe also it was because she wanted to be sure to encounter some groups that fitted his demands. In fact she knew it was.

The first hundred yards she didn’t pass anyone, not a soul and that just caused the tension to rise in her. The birds were singing and vehicles noises could be heard in the distance, then she spotted someone on the path coming towards her. It was a young mother (as in still a teenager) pushing a pram accompanied by a similarly aged friend. They were chatting animated as they approached her but both did double takes when they caught sight of Julie’s heels and Julie was sure as they were just passed her the girl pushing the pram whispered “tarty bitch!” to her friend and they then giggled. Julie’s cheeks flushed bright red and her already damp pussy got a little wetter and she ached to touch it but knew she could not. Not just for reasons of decency but because she had been ordered not to. And she still did not know if her e-mailing controller would see her that day, after all he had obviously seen her in the bank.

“You did well Julie, quite the mess you left in the bank, there as quite the commotion when you made your departure. Caused quite the stink, literally. You’re more than ready for the second dare I hope?”

Then up ahead a group of three elderly men hove into view and all at once Julie was faced with what she had to do. She nearly went over her heels as she stopped and waited as they approached her slowly. There was no-one behind her so she gripped her coat in the pockets and waited nervously.

All three of the elderly men looked to be in their late sixties or early seventies (surely they could not be her mysterious task setter. Could they? Was one of them familiar from the bank?). When they were just ten yards from Julie she grasped the moment and with a flourish pulled the sides of her coat apart and flashed the three, revealing her alluring, shapely naked body to them complete with the crude word across her stomach. She did not know what reaction she had expected but what she got was awestruck amazement from the three oldies. Julie really was fit, her boobs lovely and pert, her pussy very neatly trimmed and her stomach ataşehir escort washboard flat. The heels forced her to stand very straight and erect and thrust herself towards them and they ogled her dumbstruck for the requisite five seconds before she pulled the coat confidently together and strode past them with nary a word of explanation. They just stood there each wondering if they had shared a wonderful (if perverted) illusion.

Julie was happier having done it once and was getting even wetter as she walked, the desire to dip her hand to her pussy and rub it was totally overwhelming now but she still fought it back. The next people she flashed were another two older gentlemen but they seemed less happy about it, one waved his stick at her and derided her while the other gave her such a reproachful look that Julie was mentally affected by it. She was no sooner finished flashing them when a group of five lads came down the path, all in their early twenties, this was a real challenge for her but she could not back down.

The lads were obviously either on their way to or coming back from a kick about as one of them was kicking a football and they were laughing and joking as groups of young men are want to do. Julie felt a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that something could go badly wrong if she flashed them. I mean flashing a gang of them like that with what was written on her stomach? That could end up in an ugly situation real fast and she would surely be seen by most as inviting it upon herself, wouldn’t she? On the other hand it was likely one of these lads could be her challenger and she daren’t not do it or fail his test. At the last possible moment she did it, hauled her coat open and gave them all an eyeful, they were not slow on commenting or voicing their opinion.

“Cor, love, great set of tits!”

“Fucking hell, nice pussy girl!”

“And are you? – A slut, I mean?”

The five seconds up she closed her coat and tried to strut past them hurriedly (damn those heels!). They hung around Julie continuing the comments and asking, if not begging her for another look. She kept her head down and tried to walk on and she was lucky because a trio of old ladies were on their way slowly towards them and at their approach the guys decided they had probably seen all they were going to and continued on their way. Julie could now feel wetness on her inner thighs. But as she continued onwards, at last, her target destination came into sight.

They were the public toilets in the park. It was an old, grey, stone building, covered in graffiti and not at all enticing. Still struggling anadolu yakası escort on her heels Julie walked up the path towards them, thankful that no one else was in clear sight. She walked nervously past the near side of the building (the one that housed the female part of the toilets) and tentatively entered the male section. Her hells clacked noisily on the tiled floor and echoed though the squalid room.

This was where it could all have gone wrong but thankfully there was no one in this cold, damp, smelly place and Julie snuck her way in and entered the first of the line of three cubicles. Her heart was pounding and she took a moment to catch her breath before dipping her hand into her right pocket and taking out a thick, black permanent marker – it wasn’t just her stomach that was getting written on today!

As per her instructions Julie took off the coat, hell he’d never know but she just wanted to match his dare. And standing there naked, enjoying the sensation of a cool breeze coming up under the bolted door against her naked flesh she wrote in big, bold letters “JULIE DUNCAN IS A COCK SUCKING WHORE” on a clear space of the cubicle’s wall. Julie stood back to admire her handiwork and could not prevent her hand dropping to her sopping pussy and playing with it.

Somehow she stopped herself and unlocked the door and with her coat over her arm sneaked into the next cubicle. This one’s lock was missing, increasing the risk factor, but that just turned her on even more and her left hand was almost inside her pussy as she wrote on this second cubicle’s wall the following message. “JULIE DUNCAN LIKES BIG COCKS IN HER ASS (AND PUSSY. AND MOUTH)”. Having written that she moved to the final cubicle and locked it and wrote her final message “JULIE DUNCAN SUCKS **** COCKS (thanks to Literotica’s sensitivities I have censored a word there I’ll leave it up to the readers perverted imaginations what it is).

Just as she finished she heard footsteps in the toilets and someone obviously moving to the line of urinals directly across from the cubicles and having a piss. Julie dropped to her knees in the cubicle and sought out her clit and began to play furiously with herself to the sound of piss hitting ceramic just yards away. Eventually the guy finished up then washed his hands and just as his footsteps exited the toilets Julie came in a gushing climax. She spurted, covering her hands and firing her hot cum all over the dirty, stained floor of the toilet cubicle and had to bite her lip hard to stop herself crying out in sexual relief.

When she finally recovered she looked round to find there was no toilet paper in the toilet and so she would have to walk back to her car with the smell of sex all over her lower body. With one last rueful look at the crude words she had written about herself on the toilet walls she disappeared out of the toilets having successfully passed Dare Two.

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