Dating My Daughter

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Jenny found out that she liked being fucked by other men as I watched. I found out that I liked seeing Jenny fuck other men. You would think that we were a perfect match and in that you would be right, but we had a bad experience back in Detroit and it had made us very cautious.

Hopefully you’ve already read the story “Jenny’s Tape” so you are aware of what I’m talking about. To recap, Jenny allowed herself to be fucked by her sister’s husband who had been video taping us making love. He kept the tape to blackmail Jenny into fucking him again, which she ended doing willingly as long as he returned the tape to her. He returned the tape but kept a copy which he showed to several friends who in turn wanted to fuck Jenny. After Ralph, her brother-in-law, arranged a surprise gang-bang we had to put a stop to our activities. Because of Ralph’s being an ass-hole Jenny started getting phone calls from men wanting ‘dates’ and getting passes from guys every time she went somewhere. Our solution to the problem was to get out of town. I took on a job in Denver and that’s where we pick up the story.


We settled into our new house, Jenny found a job as a legal secretary, and I got to work organizing the new office. For several weeks we were both too busy to even think about our previous life style. But the day eventually came when following a love making session Jenny asked me, ‘Don’t you miss seeing me fuck Ralph?”

I admitted that I did.

“Are we ever going to do it again?” she wanted to know.

“I don’t know babe. How would we keep things under control and not get into the same mess we got into last time?”

Neither one of us had an answer to that.

We both derived a certain amount of pleasure from watching the tapes we had made of Jenny’s sexual couplings -my favorite being the one of her being gang-banged – hers being the one of the first time she had fucked Ralph (not that the bastard was any good in the sack – she just got turned on by the knowledge he was the first and it was my first time watching). But the tapes did not really fill our needs. The problem was that even though we both wanted her to fuck another man while I watched we were too scared. I knew things were getting bad when I came home from work one day and found Jenny fucking herself with a dildo while watching a tape of her being fucked by Ralph. I resolved to find a safe way to make it happen.


The office was up and running and fully staffed. I had thirty-one employees working under me, none of whom had ever worked with each other before. I had people from almost every one of our branch offices and since the holidays were fast approaching I decided that we would have a big party to both celebrate the season and to get to know each other better. At about this time we got a call from our realtor telling us that she had a buyer for our house in Detroit. I was too busy to go back for the closing so Jenny, armed with my power of attorney, went back to take care of things. She called me every night to bring me up to date on what was going on. On the third night she called and asked me to call her back at exactly nine p.m. When I asked her what was up she said, “Just use your imagination baby.”

I knew that whenever she had done this before it was because Ralph was coming over to fuck her and she wanted to give me a chance to listen since I could not be there to see it. But that didn’t make sense. Surely she wasn’t going to fuck Ralph after Uzun porno what he’d put us through.

I called exactly at nine and she told me I was just in time.

“Enjoy baby.”

I heard a knock on the door and presently a woman’s voice that sounded vaguely familiar said, “Here’s the asshole. Let me get the camera ready…hey! No fair sucking his dick until I get the camera running.”

And then I recognized the voice. It was Jenny’s sister Nancy. For the next hour or so I listened as Nancy played porno director.

“Sit on his face. That’s it. Push that cunt into his mouth. Now, slide down on his cock. That’s it. Push. Go slow. Let me get real close with this lens. That’s it. That’s it. Now faster, faster.”

I was beating my meat so hard that by the time I dumped my third load I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do Jenny justice when she got home. When the session had ended and I heard Jenny’s company leave Jenny picked up the phone and asked me if I’d saved any for her. I told her I wasn’t sure. She laughed and told me that she would have a copy of the tape when she came home.

“It will get you up. I promise.”

“What happened,” I asked.

She laughed again and told me it would wait until she got home.

It was three days before Jenny got home and while I waited for her my imagination worked overtime. My poor dick was so abused I was already thinking up excuses for why I wouldn’t be able to take care of Jenny. Jenny called me from the airport and told me she would be home waiting for me when I got off work. I rushed home and found her in my favorite costume – garter belt, nylons, and high heels. I started to strip and she got up from the couch and put a tape in the VCR. She hit the play button and I saw her on her knees taking Ralph’s cock out of his pants and licking it. She was right. The tape had me standing tall in seconds and for the rest of the day and evening Jenny and I fucked like a couple of sex starved rabbits.

It turns out that Nancy knew all along that Ralph was fucking Jenny. She had accidentally seen the original tape and when she confronted Ralph he had admitted everything, including the blackmail part. Nancy decided not to say anything about it since Jenny obviously was loving every minute of it and Ralph was telling her about every session when he got home. As a result of Ralph’s tales Nancy got extremely horny and her sex life improved dramatically. When Jenny had gone over to their house for dinner one night Nancy told her that she knew and asked for a favor. She wanted her own tape. Jenny agreed and they arranged a baby sitter and then went to Jenny’s hotel room and made the tape. The last scene on the tape was a full-length shot of Nancy wearing only garter belt, nylons, and high heels. Her voice came out real clear on the tape.

“Some thing for you to think about Dave. We are coming out to visit some time next year.”

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs and the camera zoomed in on her pussy. “It’s yours if you want it.”

The scene faded to black. I looked a Jenny. She smiled at me and said, “This part of the tape was made while Ralph was in the bathroom. If you take her up on her offer it will be a complete surprise to him. We owe him that much, don’t you think?”

I looked at her questioningly.

“I don’t mind. If you want to, go for it. Maybe you can fuck Nancy while I watch for a change. Or maybe I’ll fuck Ralph and you can lay next to me on the bed fucking Öğrenci porno Nancy.”


The tape she brought back filled the gap short term, but we still needed to find a way to get back to what we both liked to do. Every plan that either of us thought up would end up being shot down by the other for one reason or another. And then, our problem solved itself, and in a very unlikely way. The holiday party that I’d been planning for my office was on a Friday night. I came home from work to find Jenny already dressed and ready to go and she looked stunning. I said, “You won’t have any trouble finding a man to fuck tonight – not looking like that. I might have to beat them of with a stick.”

Now I’ve never described Jenny before in these stories because it has never mattered. She was my wife, other men wanted to fuck her and that was enough for the stories purpose. To understand what happened at the party though, you do need to know something about us. I am fifteen years older than Jenny and while I look a little older than I am due to the early graying of my hair, Jenny looks five years younger than she really is. This probably is good a place as any to confess why I really got interested in Jenny fucking other men. That fifteen year age difference made me afraid that as I grew older I wouldn’t be able to satisfy her and I might end up losing her. I loved her to death and couldn’t bear the thought that she might leave me if I couldn’t sexually satisfy her and I thought that maybe a wife watching lifestyle would keep her around.

We were not the first arrive as I had planned, but in the end this turned out to be a good thing. I ushered Jenny to our assigned table, got her a drink and then left to check on things. It was at least half an hour before I got back to the table and as I moved toward it I saw Jenny in conversation with my western region sales rep, a rather handsome young man of about thirty. He stood up as I approached.

“Good evening sir. I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of introducing myself to your daughter. I hope she will give me the pleasure of a dance or two later on.”

I saw the bemused look on Jenny’s face and I said, “Since she loves to dance I’m sure that your chances are very good.”

He excused himself and left.

“What was all that about?”

“Well, he came over sat down and said he hadn’t realized that you had such a lovely daughter and then introduced himself. Before I could correct him you came up and now, thanks to you he thinks I’m your daughter.”

I laughed and said we could correct things later and that we would be all right as long as he “Doesn’t ask me for your hand in marriage.”

But that is just what happened.

The party was going great. Everyone was having a good time and apparently George (the regional rep) had told some of the others that he ‘fancied’ my daughter which of course got their interest up and Jenny became the center of attention for most of the single men at the party. She spent most of her time on the dance floor and since she likes to dance close I’m sure that there were several hardons in the room. Both Jenny and I were enjoying the ‘daughter charade’ and would be sorry to see it end especially because of all the red faces it would cause.

I was at the bar getting Jenny a drink when George (my sales rep.) came up to me and asked me if it would be all right with me if he asked Jenny out. Still playing along I said that Jenny was over twenty-one and she would be the one to make those decisions. I got temporarily side tracked and I got back to the table just in time to see George escort Jenny out to the dance floor. When she got back to the table I laughingly told her that she could probably expect to asked for a date before the night was over. She said, “I was. Just now on the dance floor George asked me out. And he’s not the only one. I’ve been asked by three different guys for a date.”

You got to be kidding!” I said.

“Not in the least.”

“How did you handle it?” I wanted to know.

“I gave them all our number and told them to call me later. All except for George. I told him yes and we are going to go out for a few drinks after the party.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah baby. Think about it. No one here knows I’m your wife. They all think I’m your daughter staying with you for a while. If I fuck one of them, or all of them for that matter, no one is going to say anything for fear it will get back to you and you might fire them or screw up their performance review or whatever. The bad news is that we don’t have the house set up for taping yet and when George brings me home and I fuck him you won’t be able to see it unless you beat me home and hide in the closet.”

“You’ve already decided to fuck him?” I asked.

She said that since he was going back to his region tomorrow and he would not be around to talk he was the logical first choice. We could see how it went with him and go on from there.

And that’s how it went. I did beat her home and was in the closet when she brought George into the bedroom. She kissed him passionately and then dropped to her knees and as he tugged off his shirt she opened his fly, fished out his cock and began sucking it. After several minutes they moved to the bed and as she took off her clothes she told him that she was not usually such an easy piece, but since her divorce last year she had been celibate and he had just happened to be in the right place at the right time. They fucked for over two hours as I watched and slowly jacked off. As he was leaving I heard her tell him to call her the next time he got back to town. She said that by then she might be ready again. She gave him a passionate kiss goodbye and as soon as the front door was closed I was out of the closet, out of my clothes, and throwing her on the bed.


We set up the house for taping and since then my ‘daughter’ dates on a regular basis. Out of seventeen male employees my Jenny has fucked eleven of them while I’ve either watched through the two-way mirror or watched the tapes. There have been times when she hasn’t come home with them and for those occasions she carries a little micro cassette recorder in her purse so I can listen when she gets home. One of the things that I most like to do is help get Jenny ready for her gentlemen callers. Dressing her in the things that I like to see her fuck in is a turn on in itself and when her date comes to the door to pick her up I get a kick out of saying “You be sure to get her home early now” as they leave. George has been back in town several times and he appears to be Jenny’s favorite. He has talked Jenny into spending the weekend with him in Grand Junction several times and on his last trip to Denver he told me that he wanted to ask her to marry him. That has been the only complication so far. Three of her steady dates have proposed marriage to her and I laughingly asked her if she was going to try bigamy.

She smiled and giggled. “I don’t know. George in Grand Junction and you in Denver. It might work. But I’m not sure how he’d take all my trips back to Denver to see my ‘dear ole dad’.”

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