Daughter Lena Ch. 6

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Several weeks had passed since I had been with Lena and I hadn’t heard a word from her. In all honesty, my conscience was nagging at me and a part of me wanted it all to be behind me and never resurface. I knew that my relationship with Lena would never be the same, but I loved my daughter and didn’t want my uncontrolled lust to come between us. Over the weeks Lena had spoken with her mother often, and I found myself hoping that I didn’t get the news that Lena had found another guy. Then, completely unexpected, my wife tells me Lena will be coming for the weekend. I wish she had told me on Friday instead of Wednesday, because the two days were misery. I thought of inventing a business trip so I wouldn’t be there, but that was not something I could bring myself to do. I feared that would send a message to Lena that I wanted our new relationship to end, and of course, a huge part of me didn’t want that.

Eventually Friday came and I found myself engrossed in a variety of projects my wife had been nagging me to get done. I was in the garage when Lena pulled into the yard, and walked to her car to greet her. As I approached the driver’s door, Lena opened it and turned to get out. But instead of getting out, Lena sat on the edge of the seat with one foot on the ground and the other on the floorboard. She was wearing an orange sundress that came about 3 inches above her knees and her position intentionally displayed a striking pair of matching orange thongs. There was no question in my mind that those panties were meant for my eyes only. And the bulk and size of her pussy, so tightly encased in the panties, never ceased to amaze me.

“Hey, Pop. How’s it hanging,” she said, as she leaned back slightly, giving me an unobstructed view of her sexy panties.

Hanging! That was an understatement. Ole Fred was at full attention and refused to be hidden beneath my work pants.

“I thought you couldn’t wear that sort of thing,” I said, looking over my shoulder to see if my wife was coming out.

Laughing, she said, “I’ve only been wearing them the last 10 minutes. Damn near wrecked the car trying to get them on, but gave a truck driver a real treat while he was passing. And in case you haven’t noticed, I have already stained them just thinking about this moment.”

A second look at her panties revealed a growing wet spot on the crotch. At that moment I heard the screen door shut and knew my wife was coming. I made a hasty exit back to the garage while Lena exited the car to greet her mother. For the next hour I worked my ass off in an effort to get my mind off that pussy. When I finally went inside, Lena and her mom were in the kitchen visiting. It was kind of like old times, laughing and giggling. It was a pleasurable break from the overbearing lust I felt. As I sat drinking a glass of iced tea, Lena said, “Dad, I’ve got a couple problems in the office I could use your advice on. You gonna have some time for me this weekend?”

“I suppose so, but where do I send the consultation fee to,” I teased?

Lena’s mom interrupted the conversation, “Oh, that is perfect. I was planning on canceling my bible study tomorrow morning, but if you guys have something to do, I’ll go ahead and go.”

“Great,” I said as I swallowed hard. Lena only smiled.

“Are you OK,” Lena’s mom asked, “You’re sure sweating?”

“Just old fashioned hard work, my dear. I probably just need a little snack,” I said as I picked up a banana from the fruit bowl and pointed it at Lena like a gun. As I left the room I could see that girlish smirk on Lena’s face.

I returned to my chores and was lost in thought for several hours. My concentration was interrupted by Lena appearing in the door that connects the garage to the house.

“Mom says dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes if you want to clean up,” she said in a little girl voice.

I turned when I heard her and caught my breath. She stood in the threshold holding the front of her skirt up with one hand and rubbing her bulging pussy with the other. “I don’t know if I can wait until tomorrow,” she cooed. Then she turned and shut the door behind her.

I thought that dinner, at least, would be uneventful, but not so with Lena at the table. I did manage to sit far enough away from her to avoid any hidden contacts, but I couldn’t get far enough away to avoid watching her. I perceived that she teased me with every bite, erotically licking her fork and intentionally taking huge bites of food. And in return I would overdose my food with ketchup, jacking Mecidiyeköy Escort the bottle up and down as I poured. I knew that we were both on the verge of hysteria, but we maintained our composure.

After dinner I retired to the living room and turned the TV on. Lena and her mom did the dishes and soon joined me.

“We should go rent a couple movies,” Lena suggested.

“Good idea,” I agreed. “Why don’t you and Mom run down and get one?”

“No, let’s all go and I’ll treat to an ice cream cone,” Lena said.

The next thing I knew, we were all in Lena’s car, me driving, her mom riding shotgun, and Lena in the back. When Lena sat in the center of the rear seat, I knew what she was up to, and I made a fuss of adjusting the seat and rear view mirror. Need I continue? Lena sat with her knees up and together, allowing a perfect mirror image of the front of her legs, between the front bucket seats. Ever vigilant of her mother’s attention, Lena would periodically spread her knees, giving me great shots of her orange and undoubtedly wet panties. By the time we got to the movie house, I had to insist I would wait in the car. Standing up at that point would have been disastrous. I watched her sundress sway as she and her mom went inside, and could only dream of how wet she must have been.

They returned and fussed and joked about the movie titles, but I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be paying too much attention to the TV. After a quick stop at the Dairy Queen, I drove home, the whole while either watching Lena deep-throat her ice cream or watching her spread her legs. Back at home I feigned listening to a noise in her engine to avoid exiting the car with witnesses.

By movie time, we had all gotten comfortable, with Lena on the big throw pillows on the floor, her mom on the big couch I have described in a previous story, and me in my old recliner. Like so many times in the past we casually lounged. I wore my usual baggy sweats, Lena’s mom wore her typical long nightgown and Lena wore some loose fitting pajamas, a tee-shirt-like top and baggy, but matching shorts. Anything but provocative. Following our usual family tradition, Lena’s mom fell asleep about an hour into the movie, mildly snoring as she lie snuggled on the couch. Lena sensed the exact moment her mother was asleep and without so much as a whisper, rolled onto her back. Her head and shoulders lay on the floor while her hips were supported by the large pillows. Once again I was afforded a bird-s eye view of her protruding mons pressing the loose material tight against her pussy folds. Lifting her hips slightly, she adjusted the bottoms to allow some slack, then pulled one leg aside so I could see her naked pussy. She held the leg far to the side while she began an earnest attempt to jack off. She used three fingers pressed together to rub her clit in small circles and for my benefit alone would periodically dip the same three fingers deep into her sloshing pussy, stroking three or four times before she resumed her masturbation. The sound of her fingers in the extreme wetness, rang in my ears and I wanted desperately to bury my face in her depths, but I knew there would be no such possibility. If her mom woke suddenly, Lena would have a difficult time in hiding her efforts. But in spite of the risk, Lena continued to play with her cunt. She was on a mission and would not be deterred. I understood such urgency. My balls ached from the days teasing, and I soon had my cock in hand matching Lena’s rhythms. She raised her head at one point and smiled when she saw what I was doing. The intensity of her motions increased and I reached for tissues from the box on the coffee table. Lena’s cum was long and hard, and her back arched high above the pillows. Her hand motion was a blur as her fingers assaulted her clit. Covering the head of my cock with a tissue, I shot a day’s worth of pent up cum. I started to cum after Lena had, but was completely finished before Lena. When her shuddering and jerking had stopped, she fell hard back to the pillows. When she finally looked at me she saw my cock still in hand with a wad of tissue wrapped around and wetly clinging to the head, she burst into laughter. I panicked at explosion of noise, covering myself just as Lena’s mom woke. “Is this a funny movie?”, she asked.

Lena responded through the laughter, “Real funny, Mom.”

Her mom was awake for the rest of the movie, waiting for the funny parts, and we all retired to bed, saving the other movie for the next night. We had Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan mutually masturbated in front of Lena’s mother, and while it wasn’t as good as real sex, it was a new experience and a tremendous relief for us both.

With bible study at 10:00 AM, Lena’s mom would be gone by 9:30, and Lena announced, “You guys be quiet in the morning, I intend to sleep in. Good night Mom and Dad.”

“Good night, Lena,” I said. “I’ll wake you up for breakfast.” We both smiled and went to bed.

As usual, I was up and about around 5:00AM, and I busied myself to keep from thinking about Lena alone in her room. I knew she was awake and only waiting for her mother to leave. I figured we would have at least two hours, but should plan on less time just to be safe. In spite of my efforts, my cock was semi-hard in anticipation. My wife was up by 7:00 and refused my offer of breakfast. It would take her at least 2 hours to get ready and she would want to be there early. I figured 9:30 as the safe hour. The minutes drug out and I had the table set and all the fixings for a good breakfast. Another of our family traditions was for Ole Dad to fix breakfast and I remembered Lena had always enjoyed the time together. I hoped that this morning would bring a new meaning to family dining. Right on schedule, Lena’s mom left the house at 9:25. By 9:45, I was concerned that Lena hadn’t made an appearance. I went upstairs to her room and pushed the door open quietly. Unbelievably, Lena was asleep, lying on her back, arms a strew, with one leg raised to the side and the other straight out. The covers were on a heap at the foot of the bed. I could almost see up the leg of her pajamas to her sweet pussy, but not quite. I walked easily to the edge of the bed, my cock already hard. I reached down and very gently touched her covered pussy, and squeezed very softly. She jolted awake, and for a brief moment there was a look of panic on her face. “Is Mom gone? What time is it?”

“Easy, easy,” I assured. “She just left. I’ll have breakfast ready in a few minutes. Come on down.”

“Fuck your breakfast,” she yelled. “I didn’t sleep all night. All I could do was watch the clock. I jacked off three times and my pussy is sore. Now to hell with your breakfast, to hell with your hand and fingers, and to hell with your fucking ketchup that bottle I envisioned all night. I want your cock, right here and right fucking now.” Lena was naked before I could get my bottoms off. She lay on her back with her knees up and spread wide. Her pussy was, indeed, red and puffy, and I made a mental note to soothe her with some lotion. I mounted Lena without delay, kneeling between her legs and laying my cock on top of her waiting cunt. Holding my cock in my hand, I used it like an instrument, rubbing the head up and down on her slit, and finally pushing it into her wet hole. After the initial penetration, I got immediately into the rhythm. I wasn’t looking to please Lena, and her intentions were equally greedy. We fucked like animals, pounding against each other, and racing each other to climax. This was not my little girl. This was a wild fucking machine, releasing passions never before imagined. This was a nasty little slut, whose pussy squeezed and contracted against my pumping cock. And I slammed her hard, driving every fraction of an inch of my swollen cock as deep as physically possible. I don’t know how long we were in that frenzy. All I know is when I shot my hot sperm into her womb, it was the most sensational experience of my lifetime. I don’t know at what point Lena was able to cum, but it must have been equally satisfying. I rolled next to her on the bed, leaving her lying there sobbing, tears rolling softly down her cheeks. I had never seen Lena cry. “Baby, what’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”, I asked.

“Oh, FUCK, Daddy. That was awesome. I have never…., oh, FUCK!”

“You said it, Kid,” I agreed.

She continued, “Daddy, I need this every day. Fuck, I need this every hour! What are we going to do? I don’t want to be apart from you.”

“It will be OK, Hon,” I assured. “It wouldn’t work for us to be together all the time. You know that. This is just new and forbidden and it makes it that much better. We’ll always be here for each other. What you need is a life saver.”

Lena remembered the old TV commercial and broke into laughter, the tears still wet on her cheeks.

“Fuck you,” she laughed. “Now go fix my breakfast while I clean up.”

By the time Lena came down, my special Escort Mecidiyeköy fried eggs, link sausages and hash browns were done. The meal was good and the company was better. We joked and laughed and carried on like the old days. There was not the slightest hint of the unleashed passion we shared only a short time before. However, as we cleaned up my mess from cooking Lena said, “I have a surprise for you. When are you coming to see me again?”

“That might depend on the surprise,” I answered.

She went on, “Well I hired this cute little girl in the office and I would like you to meet her, if you know what I mean.” That mischievous grin spread across her face.

“Lena,” I said with some dismay. “You can’t keep involving other people in what we’re doing. Do you realize what would happen if it got out?”

“Don’t panic, Pops,” she said. “I’m priming this gal. I’m not even sure of her age. I think she lied about it on the application. At any rate she is so grateful that she would take a bullet for me. You know Donna was fun, but we scared her to death. She won’t be a player again.”

“WE don’t need ANY players, Lena,” I insisted. “Let’s just keep this between us.”

“I know we don’t NEED anyone else, Dad, but when I sit back and watch you perform, it really pops my cork. And I know you like it. How else is an old fart like you going to get fresh young pussy?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her. “OK, tell me about her,” I conceded.

“Oh, Dad, she’s hot. She’s only about 5 foot tall and couldn’t weigh a hundred pounds. She has long black hair and dresses just the way you like them, tight clothes. From what I have seen so far, I don’t think she wears underwear. Her pants are really tight and I don’t see any panty lines. And she doesn’t have a bubble butt like mine. I bet her ass isn’t 10 inches across. And this will really get you going…she’s oriental.”

“You don’t have a bubble butt. Your butt happens to be very cute and edible,” I responded.

“Did you hear what I said, asshole? She’s asian.”

Asian women have always intrigued me. And I must admit that I have spent many hours on the internet perusing the asian girlie sites. But I must admit that Lena’s description of the age , size and looks of this girl had me thinking hard.

“Ok, we’ll see what happens, but Lena, please be careful. You let me know when you think she’ll be ready.”

I looked at the clock on the stove and saw it read 11:00. “I figure we have about 30 minutes to continue this conversation, if talking is what you want to do,” I said. “But I was kind of wondering if that abused pussy of yours could use some lotion to help with the friction burns you have so effectively achieved.”

“Boy, could it ever,” she grinned. “My place or yours?”

“Let’s go to your room and we’ll pretend it was the time when you were 17 and you went on that horseback trip. Your mom told me you hard a pretty sore crotch.”

“Oh shit. I had almost forgotten that. Sore? Hell I couldn’t even wipe after pissing,” Lena laughed and ran up the stairs. I stopped to deadlock the door, just in case.

By the time I got to Lena’s room, she was lying on the bed naked as a jay bird, with a bottle of lotion next to her. I proceeded to soothe, massage and excite her all at the same time. I slowly and gently finger-fucked her, but didn’t press the issue of too many fingers at once. I gradually brought her to orgasm and her sweet juices flowed over and around my probing fingers. Nervous about the time, I pulled Lena to the edge of the bed, then, standing, slowly slid my cock into her liquid center. Our eyes locked intently as I slowly pumped in and out of her cunt. Just for the drama of it, I pulled my cock from her tight hole just as I was cumming, and shot my hot load on her almost hairless pussy. It splashed on her clit and slowly disappeared into her slit.

“You better hurry up and get dressed, Babe. Mom will be here any time,” I said. “And Lena, take it easy on your old man with this teasing shit. If you torture me all day today like you did yesterday afternoon, I will have the worst case of blue balls in history by tonight.”

Lena giggled as she rose. “I’ll be nice…NOT. I have to pee, wanna watch?”

“As a matter of fact, I would,” I challenged. Lena ran to the attached bathroom, sat on the stool and spread her legs wide.

“Well come on if you want to watch,” she dared.

I stepped into the room, and stood before her on the toilet. Without shame Lena let go a torrent of urine, spraying, not streaming, from her pussy. The sound amplified as her piss hit the water, and my cock started to harden as I watched the yellow piss contrast with the globs of my white cum, still clinging to her pussy lips.

“You are the worst,” I said as I left her to her privacy. This was going to be a long day.

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