Daughter’s Revenge In Action Ch. 03

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I turned over when I heard the knock on my door. I looked over at the clock and was disappointed that it was already 8am. Mom opened the door just a little at first poking her head in to tell me that she was making pancakes and that they (her and my sister Vicky) had already showered and that it was free for me. I told her thanks and then asked if she would close the door. Mom appeared a little disappointed. I think that she wanted to come in and sit on my bed for a little while.

After my shower I dressed in my usual summer morning attire…a pair of boxers no shirt. As I walked into the dinning room I could hear their argument fade as they noticed my arrival. Mom looked at me and asked if I’d like to put on a shirt before sitting down for breakfast.

Vicky looked me up and down and said, “I’m not complaining bro.”

I looked at mom in her usual long robe and then to Vicky who was surprisingly wearing a very similar one to mom’s. I asked Vicky is she raided mom’s closet.

Vicky said, “mom thought that I needed to cover up a little this morning.”

“Well, I don’t like it at all. What did you have on before?” I asked.

Vicky stood up and said, “I still have it on under this blanket (referring to her borrowed robe).” She started to unzip the robe at the neckline but the zipper got stuck in between her breasts.

I quickly jumped up and offered my assistance. I walked around back of her as she stood facing mom. Mom was quietly eating and watching us.

My dick was slowly growing against my sister’s ass as I deliberately reached around to the front of my her body slowly sliding my hands up the front and over her breasts the the zipper in the middle. I watched mom’s face turn red as my hands palmed my sister’s breasts (appearing somewhat accidental on my part). I grabbed a hold of the zipper and worked it free while slowly lowering it to her mid-thigh area.

My sister leaned her head back slightly to thank me by placing a kiss on my cheek. I laughed and told her that it was my pleasure. Vicky started to shed the robe off of her shoulders and I stopped her by saying that I would do that.

Mom watched as I unveiled my sister’s body in front of her. Vicky stared at mom as my hands grabbed the collar on each side of the robe and slid my hands down back over her silk camisole covered breasts and rock hard nipples. My thumbs pressed a little while passing over my sister’s nipples. As the robe fell to the floor I stepped back bursa escort to admire my sister’s nightie. She was in an off white silk camisole top that was very loose and came down to her panty line. On the bottom she had on a pair of matching off white silk panties with a little bit of lace in the front so that one could see that she had dark pussy hair. Still standing behind Vicky I was running my left hand up and down under the back of her top. I whispered to Vicky to play along.

I looked over at mom and asked, “what’s was wrong with it? It’s not like Vicky is wearing a thong or anything”, I said grinning.

I then started playing fashion consultant as if Vicky was my live model while still standing behind her concealing my raging cock and burying it into my sister’s panty covered ass cheeks. I moved my head around to the front and pointed out the very detailed needlepoint work of the lace on my sister’s panties. I could feel Vicky’s hot breath on the back of my neck as I positioned myself lower to touch the lace area of my sister’s panties. I took my index finger and ran it along the inside eadge of my sister’s panties next to her pussy. The tip of my finger gently sliding inside of the material. I slid my finger all the way from the front to back. I could feel the edge of her lips and a few hairs. I could also feel how wet she was.

Mom just looked disgusted and told me to stop. My sister loved it as I reached up and pointed out the V-neckline. As I described the careful yet seductive forethought it took to make this type of neckline I ran my index and middle fingers along the edge in between the middle of her breasts. The material was thin but not sheer.

Mom spoke up and said, “you shouldn’t be touching your sister like this”.

I looked at mom and said, “oh really….why don’t you shut the fuck up and eat your delicious pancake with SYRUP”.

Vicky looked stunned and reached back with her left hand to squeeze my cock.

I looked at Vicky’s hardened nipples and then looked at mom and said, “it appears Vicky is enjoying herself.”

After that comment I reached up with my right hand with the same two fingers and ran them back and forth over Vicky’s nipple.

I heard my mom gasp as she shook her head and got up to take her dishes to the kitchen indicating that she was done eating.

With mom’s back turned towards us Vicky lowered her head a little and whispered to me, “I’m going to fuck your brains out bursa escort today.”

Vicky quickly joined mom by taking a few dishes as I started shoveling pancakes down. I leaned back in my chair noticing that both mom and Vicky were now standing side by side at the kitchen sink. I could hear mom saying to Vicky that she didn’t know what has gotten into me (Bobby).

I didn’t have a good opportunity to check out my sister’s ass until right now. She was fucking hot in those tiny panties. I could still see where the material had pushed into her ass a little by the force of my hard-on.

I got up from the table without my plate and came up behind them in the center. As I approached I said, “well looky here Mother Theresa and Debbie Does Dallas doing the dishes together”.

As I stood between them I reached out with both hands cupping my mother’s ass and my sister’s. Mom was to the left of me and had her hands in soapy hot water washing while Vicky was on my right drying the dishes handed to her by mom. I squeezed my mother’s ass as my right hand slipped under Vicky’s wet panty covered crotch from behind.

Mom didn’t do anything in reaction to my hand. I guess she thought that Vicky was unable to see anything. I became really hard feeling Vicky’s wet pussy lips sliding in between my fingers. I wasn’t able to reach around to the front to pinch her clit. I had to be satisfied with fingering her from behind.

I asked what the game plan was for the day attempting to make normal conversation when mom and I both heard a moan come from Vicky. Mom thought enough to look over her right shoulder and behind me to see my hand buried in my sister’s panties.

I watched mom and I turned to Vicky and said in a normal voice, “you have the softest and wetest pussy I have ever felt.”

Vicky didn’t respond. She just gripped the sink counter. I looked over at mom who I could tell was about to run upstairs. I turned to mom and pulled my hand from Vicky’s pussy and brought it up to mom’s nose.

“Smell her daughter’s pussy mom.” I then lowered my hand and started to cup my mother’s left breast.

I said, “I bet mom’s pussy is very wet too”.

Mom just froze in place. Her hands still submerged in the sink.

I reached over and turned of the water and then brought my right hand to mom’s robe zipper. I could tell that mom’s face was turning red as I started to lower the zipper down. I walked around behind bursa eskort her and pulled the robe down. I then reached around from and played with her breasts as I pressed my cock into her silk nightgown. My sister turned to watch my every move. I turned mom to face Vicky.

I said, “let’s compare nighties shall we?” Mom stood there in a full length silk nightgown with a slight v-neck.

I looked at mom and said, “don’t you just love your daughter’s breasts? You guys are about the same don’t you think?”

Mom started to tear up as I brought her hand up to Vicky’s left breast and made her play with the nipple.

I looked at mom and said, “you know this is really unfair because I got to see and play with Vicky’s breasts last night after you went to bed. In fact mom I watched Vicky finger herself while I told her the story of how much you love syrup. She was so turned on that she even let me eat her pussy until she came in my mouth.” I took my finger and dipped it in a nearby plate of syrup as mom and Vicky watched. I then ran it over Vicky’s left nipple onto the silky fabric.

“Here you go mom let’s show Vicky just how much you like syrup.”

I watched as mom’s face turned completely flush. Vicky just stood there with a quarter size syrup wet patch over her nipple.

I looked at mom who was slightly shaking her head. I yelled into her face, “DO IT YOU FUCKING CUNT”!

I then reached behind her head and brought her face to Vicky’s chest. I got behind mom as she started to lightly kiss Vicky’s nipple. I position my cock behind mom’s ass again as I reached around with both hands and started to pinch her nipples.

I whispered in mom’s ear, “if you’re good I promise to fuck you really hard.”

While I was doing this I noticed that mom was starting to more agressively suck the material into her mouth along with Vicky’s nipple.

I knew that we were going to have a fun morning. I looked up and saw that Vicky had a big smile and was strocking mom’s hair telling her that she was a good girl.

Once I knew that I had mom started I walked over and grabbed the plate of syrup and walked behind my sister. I started to coat Vicky’s chest with syrup by reaching from behind trying to avoid mom’s hair. I also reached down below to coat the front of Vicky’s panties with syrup really good.

I couldn’t help but to start fingering my sister again from behind. I fingered her with three syrup coated fingers and then I pushed my syrup coated thumb all the way up my sister’s ass.

I leaned forward a little to suck and tongue my mother’s ear and she was really into sucking and bitting my sister’s nipple.

Vicky’s revenge on mom heats up in the kitchen Chapter 4 coming soon.

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