Dave and Sara

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A lifetime ambition

David walked into the bar to meet his date. He was 28years old, tall about 6’2:, blonde with grey eyes and a very fit physique, weighing about 200lbs.

He had been waiting for this night for a number of years. Although they had known one another for many years, he hadn’t been courageous enough to ask her for a date before last week when they had accidentally run into each other.

Sara had been a young boy’s dream; and had turned out to be this man’s dream come true. She was about 25years old and stood about 5’6″, with ash blonde hair and green/grey eyes, depending on her mood. She had a perfect bust line, about

36C and slender build, with heart shaped hips and thighs.

As she walked into the bar, she got admiring looks from nearly all the men whowere seated there. She looked around and saw David, standing, waiting for her. As she walked up to him, his eyes roamed over her, fully appreciating the

lushness of her body, even though she was fully clothed.

David pulled out a stool and waited while she was seated. He asked her what she would like to drink.

Ä cold Chardonnay, please.”

They talked for the next 15 minutes or so, then the Maitre D’ informed David that their table was ready.

At dinner the conversation stayed on the same subjects that they had been discussing previously; that is, reminiscing about childhood history, and ïn what direction their lives had gone since the last time they had seen each other.

As it was getting late, David suggested that she come up to his suite for a nightcap before she went home. This was all that Sara had been waiting for. She so desperately wanted to be alone with him.

When they had entered his suite, David went to the large windows and pulled back the heavy drapes to let in the moonlight. He didn’t feel bursa eskort that any harsh overhead lights were necessary. He turned to find Sara just standing in the middle of the room.

She stood quite still in the centre of the room as he approached her and took her wrap and purse. She moved and tookhis offered hand, feeling the warmth and pressure of his fingers as he pulled her close. She entered his embrace willingly and slipped her arms over his shoulders.

Suddenly she was lost in the feel of his lips gently brushing hers. She felt the kiss at the corners of her mouth, on her cheeks and her closed eyelids. Sara bought her palms up to the sides of his head and became attuned to the

moulding of their bodies.

Ï can’t believe this is happening,” whispered David. That we are here together, alone.”

He stepped back to feast his eyes on the soft light shining on her and felt his heart pounding against his chest.

“Oh Sara,” he murmured.

Still holding one of her hands, he led her into the adjacent bedroom. He let her go and proceeded to open the drapes

to allow for the soft, natural light to enter the room.

She let go all of her previous hesitation and acknowledged the truth. This was her time and she was going to enjoy it.

He had already removed his jacket and tie and as she watched, he eased his shirt from the waistband of his pants.

David stopped in front of her and spoke softly to her. “Finish for me, my love.”

With trembling fingers she began on his shirt buttons, parting the shirt and exposing the contours of his chest and firm stomach. Her pulses quickened and she ran her hands over his body, her fingertips registering the soft body hair

and the hardness of his body.

She leaned forward and kissed his bare chest. David gasped, fighting bursa escort bayan the urge to take her there and then to satisfy the torment of those hands and lips. He ached desperately, wanting to touch her.

He moved slowly, his hands started to undress her and finally he dropped the last of her clothing on the floor to join his.

They both felt light headed with the pressure of their bodies so close together. Her breast was pressed against his chest and the tingling as her nipples became rigid.

David picked her up in his strong arms and carried her to the bed. She was bathed in a pool of moonlight as she lay there. Her heart was racing as she watched him remove the remainder of his clothes, then he stood beside the bed looking down at her.

“You are so beautiful, Sara!” even more that I had imagined.”

He knelt at the bottom of the bed and gently took one of her feet in his hands and kissed it. He slowly worked his way up both of her legs, leaving tender kisses all over her as he progressed up her body. He purposely avoided the central area of her groin as he was saving that for later.

David lay beside her and propped himself on his elbow. “This is how I pictured you lying next to me, my love. Just like this….,in the moonlight.”

He then aimed his mouth to the juncture of her thighs. This is where he had wanted to be for so long. He licked and sucked the outer curves of that precious place. He then slipped his tongue and mouth around her labia lips and angled

his tongue to enable him to lick that sweet nubbin of flesh. Inserting his index finger inside that volcanic warmth -he massaged her to a screaming pitch; her hips writhing in time to his caresses.

“Kiss me David.” she whimpered.

He cupped her face with one hand and pressed his görükle escort lips to her. When he moved closer she took hold of him. He groaned and drew away from her. “Love, I don’t think I can hold on much longer. I don’t want this to be rushed.”

“Male love to me, David! Make love to me….now…..please!”

He raised himself over her and thrust into her, feeling her warmth surrounding him as he penetrated that moist cavern of love. Her response was immediate. She encircled his body with her arms, loving the weight of him and the closeness

of their union.

“Sara, you feel so wonderful….so good. I don’t want to ever stop. Tell me what you want…..anything at all.”

She could hardly breathe as the undulations became harder and faster, carrying her to a fever pitch. She wrapped her legs around his hips and they soared together.

After a few moments, she opened her eyes. David was still collapsed on her. She didn’t care. His breathing was like music to her ears and created a feeling of oneness between them. She could feel the erratic beating of his heart.

“Sara, you are not only sexy, but dangerous as well.”

She basked in the euphoria of David’s loving. Her fingers still dallied in the fine hairs on his chest as she lay in his arms. He caressed her shoulders and back while she lay cuddled in his embrace. She now understood the word

‘magic’ that other women had spoken about.

Their lives would go on from here, but not alone. Why this hadn’t happened many years ago, neither of them knew. They just knew that what had just happened should have begun when they were both a lot younger. They would have known

a lot sooner that they were meant for each other and not just as Brother and Sister.

David and Sara eventually settled into a very close relationship. As both had been divorced and therefore had different names, it enabled them to get married quietly and live together in their new found love.

This has been a short romance between siblings. It could be continued but I will await your comments and feedback.

Thank you Jena121.

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