Day One

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I jolted at the sudden loud, obnoxious alarm clock raping my ears, and my first instinct was to throw the damn phone to the ground causing it to shatter into a million pieces and to make the blaring ringing stop. It wasn’t my phone, and I didn’t know how to turn off this damn annoying siren that was blaring like a New York City fire truck. Fingers franticly slid bars and pressed the touch screen until I finally managed to make it shut-off, “Damn it! Tomorrow night we’re using my phone as an alarm. This is just ridiculous! I don’t even want to hit the snooze button, and I always hit the snooze button!” I was irritable now, and turned over to face my mattress buddy with wide eyes and furrowed brows.

He was lying on his back with a cocky grin while yawning and giving a good stretch, “Well, it woke you up, didn’t it? No snooze needed. That’s the point of it.” As furious and ticked as I was, I had to admit he looked amazing in the mornings. The way little rays of sunshine snaked down through the blinds and covered over his body, yet leaving shadows across his form to add mystery was sexy. His soft brown hair was fluffed in a beautiful morning mess, and my fingers longed to stroke into each strand. I’d never let him know that, and my Irish rage kept my hands under covers and tucked against my body in a warm self-hug.

I scoffed under blankets, “Five more minutes, all I require is five more minutes. Why the hell do you need something that loud?” I pushed my body up and rolled over to face the wall in a slump, away from him, and scowl a little more with closed eyes. I’d wake up; it was a process for me. There was a routine, a very delicate and precise routine, and he was messing it all up. He and his damn phone would be the cause of the next hour of grumpy chaos I’d be reeled into.

His hands reached out and pulled up around my chest squeezing me against his front, and I could feel his breath at the base of my neck. It sent chills down my spine and goose bumps formed on my forearms, but he just had that way about himself, to make me melt even when I was annoyed, “So, you wanna sleep in for five more minutes, or you want me to pound that cunt into the mattress for five minutes and really wake you up?” His voice was full of mischief and his morning wood pressed up against the small of my back, hips rocked into me and I had to bite my lip to stifle a moan. I wanted him. I always wanted him, but it was too damn early and my ears were still buzzing from the siren.

“I could always just sleep while you fuck me,” my tone was cocky, but I pressed back against his hard-on, needing and wanting. I told myself I was too irritable to enjoy his morning fuckery. He knew morning sex was my favorite. There was just something about waking up in the morning, still groggy, yet at peace and rested and finding a cock shoved into my tight cunt and pounding into me senseless that I simply loved. However, I never made it easy for him; it would be no fun if I did. I enjoyed our games that we played oh so well together, and my grumpy morning inner self was in no mood to be fucked for five minutes, not when we could take those minutes and stretch them into a daze of sleep and recovery of the alarm from hell and attempt to get back onto some kind of routine.

“Well, you could always try kitten, but I’m pretty I’ll have you screaming too much to sleep.”

His teeth suddenly clamped down at the base of my sensitive neck where it met with my shoulder blade. Damn him. It was one of my biggest weaknesses, and there was nothing I could do but give into it. A moan escaped my mouth as I bit down on my bottom lip. “Not fair!” I thought to myself. He had the upper hand this time. He seemed to know all my buttons, and found them easily even when I tried to deny that they were there. My cunt already was clenching, knowing and needing him all at the same time. I was battling in my mind, sleep or sex. This shouldn’t be a hard choice for me. Okay, maybe the snooze button was a bad thing sometimes, although he’d never hear me say that to him. I smirked and arched into his soft bite, “You can try to make me scream, but no promises.”

Suddenly his love bites turned into harder, deeper flesh wounds that caused my fingers to grip a fistful of the soft sheet under me. A loud moan escaped from my throat, eyes shut closed, and he was asserting his power over me. There was just that little bit of dominance showing in the way his teeth bit down with no mercy, already making me crumble. It never took much, even if I fought it, he would still have me submitting before I could even make a protest. All I had to do was think about it, and I’d be trembling under him. The playing field was never fair. Teeth released my pale flesh which now had indentions and a soft chuckle rocked his chest into my back, “I don’t think it’s going to take much to make my kitten scream this morning.”

I grinned, arching my head back to find his, a soft kiss placed against the side of his warm cheek, “You’re probably right.”

“Probably?” he raised both Kurtköy Olgun Escort brows and looked down at me.

I rolled my eyes at him, “Yes … you’re right.” Why did he do this to me? Why did I always have to admit the things he did to me? He knew. It was all part of the game. Plus, deep down, I knew he loved hearing and seeing the slut I was for him, pulling those little things out of me. Forcing me to admit he was my weakness always put a smile on his face. He was my weakness, he was my addiction, and I could never get enough. My current state of arousal from one bite and words would be proof enough of the weight his charms had, and the submission I so easily gave over to him. My mind, soul, body, it all belonged to him, and he so easily captured me like I was his prey.

Our naked bodies pressed against one another as he spooned my curves, but with one sudden shift, and if I blinked I’d swear I’d have missed it, I was on my back, and his weight was between my legs. Each of his hands rested on the bed against my head, his hazel eyes gazed down into my grey-blue hues, and there was a hunger in his eyes. My legs already opened, they already knew and my sex sparked to life. I knew, and I wanted and needed him. Then again, when was I not in a state of desperate need for his cock? Those moments were far, few, and in between. My lips curled into a smile. Ah, morning sex with him, this was about to become an incredible morning after all.

“You’re mine.”

It didn’t matter how many times I heard him say it, or how many times he claimed me outright, those words always affected me, and they stole my breath away. Body and cunt trembled at his words, eyes always fluttered wide, and I bit down on my bottom lip with a gasp. It was in the way he said it. His baritone voice lowered, eyes followed mine, I could watch his throat clench, and the fire spark into his soul each and every time said those two beautiful words. All I could do was nod, submit, gasp out for him and tell him the only thing I knew to tell him, “I’m yours Master, all yours.”

His thick pulsing cock head pressed right against my dewy slick entrance, hips rose to greet him. Good morning Master, please take me and have your way and please make me scream. My soft velvet cunt had a voice of her own, and she was screaming for it, begging to be taken, to be filled and fucked into submission. I found myself being wrong; he was not in the mood for games this morning. There was a knowing smile resting on his face before he leaned down and his warm moist lips kissed me with a deep passionate drive. My soft much smaller hands wrapped around his back, the feel of his warm skin against my palms mixed with the electric spark of his tongue teasing against my lips and pushing its way into my wet open mouth made my fingertips grip tighter against his muscular back, leaving little marks against his flesh, and another wonderful moan leave my throat. Teeth grabbed against my bottom lip, pulling with a rough force and tugging my flesh until it slipped free. His lustful eyes gazed down at me, there was fire between us, emotions boiled over and no words needed to be said. You could feel the needy, wanton, passion burning, and both our hips dug up and down against one another. My breathing evolved into palpitating passionate huffs, reaching my head up with a tilt to the side I pressed my lips against his own again, plunging into his mouth and refusing to let go. My tongue danced with his while he pressed back against me until my head was once again in the pillow. Kissing him was like setting off few dozen fireworks at once, and the bang my entire body felt as his tongue pulsed around my own was heavenly. A groan vibrated from his throat into my mouth and my god did it set me on edge. Any sound from him fueled my insides and lit into me like an explosion of bursting kinetic energy. Both my thighs pressed against his hips tightly, while more gasping and moaning belted through the heated kiss. Suddenly my nails began to rake down his back, clawing with little red trails against his white flesh. My internal dialog was spewing, “Fuck me. Claim me. I need you. Please. Inside me. Now. Please. Master, your kitten needs you.”

The crown of his shaft began to tease and grind against my outer labia folds, which were already glistening with my wetness. Never before him, had any man made me so moist and dripping by his sheer power over me. I found it incredible how my body was always ready for him at a moment’s notice. His length continued to glide against my folds as he pushed his weight down into me. Suddenly his kiss broke away, nose to nose he looked down at me with a forceful grunt and a heavy breath, “Beg for it kitten. Let me hear you.” His demeanor shifted, and another snarl left those defined lips as they trailed down my neck and over my ear lobe with a swift gentle nipping tug causing his hot breath to wash over my sensitive flesh, and send more goose bumps down my body.

My hips were in a world of their own, lifting up against Kurtköy Sarışın Escort his grinding affections unable to control themselves with little ruts and pelvic thrusts. I needed him. No more games. My fingers continued trailing down his back as I suddenly gripped tighter into his muscles. My eyes flashed open and mouth hung wide and I gasped while he continued along my sensitive ear; another button he was pushing. “Master, please. I’m all yours, and you own me and,” I gasped again as he grunted into my words and slowly trailed up the edges of my ear, “I need you. I’m so needy, I’m your needy little cock slut.” His hips suddenly jolted against me, his shaft splitting into my folds and grinding right up against my pulsing, throbbing clit. “Master, please. I’m begging. I’m begging you, use me. Have your way with me. Take me. Claim me. Please. Make me scream for you. I want to scream for you.”

His lips pressed right at the entrance to my ear, an uneven breath that told me he needed me just as badly. “You. Are. Mine.” Each word left his lips and was dictated right into my ear canal with a rough, strong, commanding voice. I nodded eagerly and moaned out, my legs pressing against his body tightly. I realized I was trembling under him. My entire body was rocking upwards into his dominate embrace. Five minutes were up, fuck me already! I was his impatient needy kitten, and I longed to be fucked and filled by his pulsing cock which was still teasing against my clit and driving me wild. He snapped up from my ear and looked down at me with a telling smirk on his face, “What are you?”

I bit my bottom lip and gazed back at him. Too many things to list ran through my mind. He said what, not who, and I moaned up at him, “A kitten, a slut, a needy cock lover.”

He suddenly pulled his hips back, his hot shaft leaving my folds as he nodded, “Yes, you are cunt. And who are you?”

Now my hips arched upwards, I needed him back. I needed to feel him on me, in me, against me, it didn’t matter. I needed him in the most desperate primal of ways. I needed him to breed into me, and not for any other reason than to claim my hot pink insides with his scent, his genetic code buried inside, his mark upon my inner most tunnel. “I’m yours! I’m all yours! I AM YOURS!” I screamed it, I declared it. I cared not who heard me, for it was true. I was his, every piece of me, and he could play me like a puppet on a string if he so desired. I was the violin and he held the bow, he strung me, and in turn I sang the most beautiful music for him. His pupils dilated at my words and eyes suddenly looked down on me with a molting gaze as I cried out and all at once his shaft was plunging hard, fast, deep into my dripping wet cunt. My mind, my body, my heart, my soul, submitted around his shaft. I was left breathless and another moan loudly boasted into the room.

He stayed deep inside me only a moment as my walls began to clench down around him. Strong hips pulled back again, but his head never left my throbbing insides. He thrust forward into me with a deep, slow, and very hard drive. His eyes were latched upon mine, watching every reaction from his needy pet. I looked back up into his gaze, and I lingered there. I felt so small under him, and yet his power filled me with my own power. It filled me with the power to be the needy, passionate, hungry slut that loved and worshiped every inch of him. He moaned out with me, and I could feel his shaft pulsing against my inner walls that were flooded with my sweet juice. “You. Are. Mine.” He drilled it into me, saying each word to me with hard pounding thrusts, “I.” thrust “Own.” thrust “You.” I could only nod and moan louder. My hands gripped into the back of his head, fingers wrapping around his locks of hair. We were connected in every way possible, lost in the moment. “Mind.” thrust “Body.” thrust “Soul.” thrust “All.” thrust “Mine.”

His words slipped off into more masculine grunts and moans, and my own sounds greeted his. Every thrust caused a moan, a whimper, a cry out. He moved his hands to suddenly grip my wrists, throwing them over my head and keeping me pinned with one hand. Free hand slid down to my left tender breast, grabbing a hard perky nipple and pinching, tugging with dominate force. The pain seared into my mind, it sent little shockwaves down my nerves and straight to my cunt. I cried out, screaming into the musky air around us. “I’m yours … you own me … I’m yours, Master. Mind. Body. Soul. It’s all yours. Yours. Yours!” I was sputtering off with no filter in my head. He was bringing me into that lovely sub-space that I wanted and clung to so often. His cock slammed harder and faster into my tight cunt, and hips arched back against him. His eyes never left mine, and it left me so bare, so vulnerable. He saw me in a way no one else ever would. He saw me stripped, fragile, and yet strong and needy, craving, loving, lust, passion. I gave it to him, he was the only one worth giving it to, and he claimed those feelings, those powerful Kurtköy Şişman Escort emotions every time he fucked me. I gave him power, I gave him the control, and in exchange I was taken into pure orgasmic bliss. Poundings suddenly became harder and more erratic with each passing minute.

Quickly, he released my hands, “Touch yourself. Now.” I didn’t need to be told twice. My fingers slid between our bodies, I pushed my digits against my clit. I was throbbing, pulsing, needy, and so incredibly wet and close. I squirmed, hips continued to grind against him. His speed picked up even faster, and he was almost a blur to me. His balls slapped up against my wet folds with lewd smacks that echoed under us. His hands gripped my shoulders firmly, forcing me down, holding me against the mattress. His moans turned into louder grunts, “Kitten.” He huffed, and I could feel his shaft beginning to throb, “Kitten. Fuck Kitten! Cum with me! Cum with Master.”

Beads of sweat dripped down his temple, and my own body was on fire and damp. I didn’t need another word from him. I didn’t need another command; he didn’t have to say it again. I was there. When he was there, I was there with him. It’s how it went. It’s how my body worked. I was there for his pleasure, and I wouldn’t get off until he had taken all the pleasure he wanted from me. The waves of pleasure rocked my entire being, orgasmic tickles and sparks shot throughout my needy cunt. His thick shaft was plowing into me, and I knew I was screaming, but I couldn’t stop myself. “Master! Master! Master!” I cried out, and gritted down, pants, moans, and groans blared as my hips pressed up against him and I suddenly burst into climax. His authoritative body pressed down hard against me, and I was pinned. Hazel eyes gazed into my own while orgasm wrecked over me and I came hard and for him in an intense orgasm. “Master!” I was breathless, his hips gyrated into quick short bursts, and I could feel his hot sticky cum flooding into my folds, spewing inside me as we both cried out together. Hands gripping at one another, unable to get close enough, pulling and scratching against each other until both of our climaxes began to subside.

We didn’t let go of one another as each of us gasped and trembled. I heaved, still moaning and panting in morning sex afterglow. His breath was shallow against my neck, a tender kiss given and then a lover’s bite dived right into my flesh. My cunt walls still squeezed, taking every last drop of cum from his cock like the needy cum slut I was. His hands pushed sweaty sticky hair away from my face as he kissed me gently, tongue grazing against mine and pushing me down with another soft, slow thrust as I felt him begin to soften inside of me. “You, are the most beautiful creature when you’re screaming out my name and lost in me.” He chuckled down at me and I could only smile back up at him.

My arms wrapped tightly around him, needing him close, as we snuggled in the afterglow together, “Mmmf, you made me scream, and I believe our five minutes are up.” We both laughed softly, trading kisses and soft nuzzles against each other. “Shower?”

“Yeah you kinda smell.”

I just looked at him and rolled my eyes. How was it he could go from amazing Master to pompous asshole in .2 seconds flat? “You’re one to talk.” Funny, I did the same thing. We were perfect for each other in that light. I loved all of our moments together; I loved how we could shift from one mood to another so seamlessly.

Somehow we both managed to rise, shower together without morning seconds, and get dressed for the day. I looked over at him and smiled, my eyes watching the way his jeans hugged his ass. I chose to wear shorts, as it was Florida in the middle of May. My backpack was ready to go, and I slung it on my back. Grabbing hotel keys and phones we slid out the door of our hotel and headed down to the bus stop. “Which park today?” He asked me, reaching out and grabbing for my hand which I happily laced with his fingers.

“Magic Kingdom.” I rolled my eyes at how he didn’t even know our schedule, but then again, I was his personal Disney Tour Guide. I smirked thinking I should charge for all the Disney Tours I end up giving. The secrets to the parks, the best times to do what and when. We hopped on the bus, normal chatter and teasing back and forth as we rode into the Ticket and Transportation Center, known as the TTC. Hopping off the bus I reached for his hand again, “Monorail or boat?”

“Umm, which is quicker?”

“This early in the morning? Either honestly, but let’s take the monorail.”

“Fair enough boss.”

Before we knew it we were at the gates to the happiest place on earth. My Aunt greeted us, hugs were exchanged and her being in her normal hurried self, got us into the parks and turned to leave. We were on our own again. The day went swimmingly. We got on and off rides with little to no issues at all, stopped for a quick bite at lunch at Casey’s to have their amazing hot dogs. Throughout the day we teased each other. A grope on this dark ride, passionate kiss in line, fingers sliding and gliding against one another in dark corners of the park. It was hard to keep my hands off him, even with so many families around us. It was as if no one else really mattered. “Wanna do the parade? It’s at 3 o’clock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32