Deadly Sex Games CH 5

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It was with much fear and Sally entered her fifth episode. She hated herself for her weakness because she knew she would probably keep doing this until it killed her. But the temptation to experience just one more powerful “on-the-edge” explosive orgasm was too much for her.

After her last incident, when the man she was fucking was killed in the midst of orgasm, she knew these people were serious. Death was inevitable for her if she kept playing this deadly game. And that was exactly what drew her back. She was addicted to the danger. She never knew such ecstatic sex before. She had to have it one more time.

Deathmaster met her at the abandoned prison again. She was stripped of her clothes, her hands were manacled behind her back, and she was marched between guards down the long hallway. She wondered if it was going to be the guillotine again.

As before, she was forced to wait for hours in a dark, foreboding cell. It was cold and drafty and she was naked. There was an old, bug infested mattress and a blanket, which she used. But the bug bites were terrible. She found something extremely sensual in the biting insects that were invading her body, and spent the night masturbating. By the time the guards came, she was in a sexual frenzy.

The two guards brutally gang raped her in the cell. They took her by great force, which was so unexpected she experienced orgasms with both of them.

Then, dripping with the semen they put in her pussy, Sally was walked naked into the courtyard where, this time, she saw a hangman’s rope over a wooden scaffold. She was struck by sudden fear.

They marched her up a long wooden staircase. She noticed, like before, the courtyard was filled with naked men, all of them aroused and some already masturbating at the sight of her, being marched to the gallows.

When they reached the top, two men waited for her. Both were dressed in black. One was a priest, who offered Sally her last rites. The other, with a black hood over his head, was the hangman. She stood over the trap door in the floor of the platform, while the hangman slipped the noose around her neck and drew it up snug.

“You have been condemned to hang by the neck until you are dead. Do you have any last words?” the hangman bellowed.

She shook her head no. Other than the fact that her nipples were hard as stones and her pussy was dripping and swollen, Sally wondered where the sexual arousal would come from. She waited. The hangman came up to her and his finger began to gently rub her excited clit. As he did so she felt the noose growing taunt around her neck and realized that the floor under her feet was slowly dropping away. She stood on her tiptoes, but to no avail. Eventually she was hanging by her neck, the rope closing in on her windpipe and blood flowing to her brain.

The pain was terrible at first. Her body twisted and her feet, which were not tied, began flaying in a subconscious effort to find izmit sansürsüz escort something solid. It was the dance of the hanged. Her movements only served to tighten the noose. Then, as brain became starved for oxygen and blood, she began hallucinating. The orgasmic explosion was the most powerful thing she ever experienced. It overpowered her. Her feet stopped dancing and her body arched as it stiffened and jerked and orgasmic spasms invaded her entire body. She experienced such extreme erotic ecstasy she did not want it to ever stop. There was no longer any pain and she felt as if she was floating.

After about four minutes, Sally drifted into a delicious blackness.

She woke up on the ground. She was covered with a sticky, goo. The crowd of men had ejaculated their semen all over her body after they cut her down.

CH 6 – (CH 5 from the original author was too short to post by itself)

Sally tried very hard to never return to Deathmaster. She busied her life with hobbies. She bought a puppy. She joined clubs. She even visited a shrink, although she was careful not to talk about the private events going on in her sex life. She was an attractive woman and had her share of suitors, so she picked a man who she discovered liked to role-play when they had sex. But his games, she found, were too tame. Being simply tied up on a bed while he pretended to rape her wasn’t enough of a thrill. She could not orgasm.

She lasted about two months before she broke down and made her fifth appointment with Deathmaster. Once committed to having another experience, Sally knew this would probably be her last. Yet she realized that death, of it happened, was worth the price for just one more fantastic release. And, there was always the chance that she would survive, although she realized, in this deadly game of Russian roulette, there were less bullets in the chamber with each visit she made.

This time she met Deathmaster in a sleazy hotel in a run-down part of the city. As usual, the meeting was held late at night when business were closed and the only people out and about were the whores and dark figures seeking sex or drugs.

“Tonight you are going to do something very daring,” Deathmaster said. “You are going to be a whore and sell your body to men. This is a black part of town and very dangerous. You will be ‘fresh meat’ on these streets. You have great tits and ass so I think you will get a lot of business. This room is your headquarters.”

“That sounds exciting and I think I will like it, but where is the real danger?” Sally asked.

“Obviously you haven’t been watching the news,” Deathmaster said. “There is a killer in this area who is stalking prostitutes. And if he doesn’t meet up with you, there is always the chance of venereal infection or AIDS. Or you could get yourself arrested and spend the night in jail. If you get customers, you are going to fuck izmit escort bayan these guys without any protection.”

That announcement shocked Sally. But she immediately understood the brilliance of the scheme. Her chances of survival from this encounter were probably going to be less than 50 percent. Her heart was racing when she stepped into the dark street, dressed in a short mini-skirt, low cut top, black nylons and black high heels. No underwear. She was dressed for the business. She noticed that she was nearly alone. Most of the regular whores had vacated the area until police found the killer. She found a place on the block and waited for her first “customer.”

It wasn’t long before a large black sedan pulled up to the curb and a large black man called to her from a partly opened window: “Hey bitch, how much?” Sally approached the car, trying to see the man behind the voice, but the windows were deeply tinted and it was impossible. She decided to play the roll. “Thirty for a blow job, and fifty for a lay,” she said, trying to sound as professional as she could.

The car door swung open and the voice ordered: “Get in.”

Sally approached the car with caution, thinking that she needed to lure her client into the hotel room. But she wasn’t quick enough. Three big men stepped out, grabbed her and forced her bodily into the car even as it was speeding off into the night. “Oh, god, what have I gotten myself into now?” she thought. She was pinned between two very large black men in the back seat and two more riding in the front. The man in the front passenger seat pulled a handgun, which he pointed at Sally’s head. There was an evil grin on his face.

“Suck it!” a voice ordered. She looked down, and the reflections from the occasional street lights they passed showed that the man on her left was exposing a very large black and uncircumcised cock. It was the biggest penis she had ever seen. It was lying like a horse cock, semi-erect, across the man’s lap.

“You got the money?” she timidly asked. Her voice quivered and Sally knew that the men knew how frightened she was.

“God damn you, you fucking whore, suck that cock!” the black man demanded. Even as he spoke, his big hands were grabbing her head and pulling her face down on his massive organ. There was room in the big car for her to roll down on the floor and get on her knees between the man’s legs. She took his cock in her hands and carefully put her mouth over the head of it. There was a pungent odor of urine and other women’s juices. She knew this was an unwashed and very dirty cock.

She hesitated a moment too long and felt the cold steel barrel of the gun pressed at the back of her head. “SUCK IT!” the other man shouted. She opened her mouth and took the head of the massive cock to her lips.

It was a foul taste, but as she began running her lips over the man’s massive organ, and she felt it otele gelen escort growing harder in her mouth, the sensual excitement began to build in her groin. This was the kind of danger she loved. Forced at gunpoint to suck a stranger’s dirty cock and not knowing if she would live out the night, or walk away having contracted a deadly disease. She began sucking harder as her fingers reached under her short skirt for her own pussy. She was not wearing panties.

She sucked hard and it was not long before the man’s cock was very erect. He now had his hands on the back of her head, forcing her face down on his throbbing organ, as she continued to suck it as hard as she could. Suddenly he moaned, she felt the cock in her mouth grow very stiff, and then it began to jerk as his muscular contractions started pumping globs of hot thick semen into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed as the cock ejaculated its load into her mouth.

The man’s great cock was still spurting his seed when Sally felt the car make a turn and felt it come to a stop. The doors were opened and she felt herself being pulled away from the black man’s throbbing penis. She was pulled from the car and thrown on the ground. They were in a secluded wooded area. She had no idea where they were. It was very dark.

There the men literally ripped the clothes from Sally’s body and gang raped her, at gunpoint. She felt a big cock slide into her anus, another man crawled under her and began fucking her pussy. She waited for another cock in her mouth, but instead of that, it was the gun. The man she sucked slid it deep in her mouth. “Suck on that, bitch,” he said. “And when we are done with you, we pull the trigger.”

She suddenly experienced a powerful orgasm as the two hard black cocks violated her ass and her pussy. Her orgasmic muscular contractions caused both men to ejaculate in her together. All three of them moaned aloud as they reached sexual release in unison.

Just then there was a loud click as the man with the gun pulled back the firing pin. Sally, who was in the midst of a powerful orgasm, was thrown into an even higher state of ecstasy as she waited for the bullet. There was a “click,” and that was all. There were no bullets in the gun. Sally was going to live through yet another episode.

The fourth black man then took his turn, fucking her hard on the ground until pumping his seed into her already slippery and filled pussy. None of them used any kind of protection. She continued experiencing orgasms, one on top of another, until they were finished with her. Then the four black men got in the car and drove off into the night, leaving Sally alone and naked in a forest of trees, brush and bugs.

Her clothes were ripped and torn, and she could not salvage anything except the high heeled shoes, which were not the right thing for a long walk back to civilization. It took some creative thinking to get home after this event. After walking to a farm home, she found an old man’s shirt and pants on a scare-crow in the garden, and “borrowed” them to cover her nakedness. Then, looking like a bum, she slowly found her way back to the city and her home. It took her two days but she did it. Her feet were so blistered she couldn’t walk for a week.

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