Debbie Northman: Frustrated Housewife

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“State your name.”


“I said … State your name.”

“Oh, my name’s Debbie.” I sat plainly in the plastic chairs provided feeling embarrassed and a little silly. You’d think that a facility like this could provide better seating for its clients. These were kind of like the chairs you find in a kindergarten class.

“State your full name.”

“I’m not comfortable with being that open now.”

I watch him closely but he betrays no emotion what so ever. This makes me so uncomfortable that I actually squirm a little bit in my seat. It’s not like I couldn’t just get up and walk out of there. But what would that accomplish?

“That’s alright for now let’s get started-Debbie.”


I lived in a modest little cul-de-sac just outside of the city in one of those manufactured neighborhoods that were all the rage during the eighties with my husband Richard. Richard traveled abroad a lot as a condition of his job and I was the happy little homemaker.

I even had a Dear Abbie style byline in the local paper. Yeah it was pretty much my own little slice of heaven.

I’m so happy.

Debbie sat in her small bedroom bathroom sobbing uncontrollably seated on the toilet. After a few moments she collected herself and cleaned up with a few sheets of toilet paper. She checked her reflection in the mirror making sure that her mascara hadn’t started running. There were only minor adjustments to be made as her husband called to her from the other room.

“Honey, I’m gonna skip breakfast. I’m running late and I gotta hit phoenix by six tonight.” The sound of a door slamming soon followed this declaration as Debbie suddenly found herself running from the bathroom desperate for attention.

She made it to the living room in time to see Richard’s car speeding off into the horizon.

“He couldn’t get out of here fast enough.” Thought Debbie as she locked the dead bolt on the door and proceeded with her chores.

Approximately four hours earlier in the middle of the night, Richard had rolled over onto her and gave her what he called “The best six minutes of her life.” She didn’t mind having sex with her husband, but sometimes he was a selfish, lazy fuck (At least that’s what her friend Molly had called Richard after a firsthand account of his “sexual prowess” over drinks one afternoon.).

Richard was the first and only man she had ever slept with. Debbie loved him dearly but she was dying on the inside. The most creative thing he’d ever come up with sexually, was trying to stuff his fat five inch cock into her rectum one night on their wedding anniversary. This was a thing with Richard that didn’t seem to want to go away. He was somewhat of a so-called “ass man”.

At the beginning of our marriage he would sometimes tell me how I had an okay looking butt that unfortunately paled in comparison to his previous girlfriend Carmen.

Carmen was a thorn in my side as I felt that I was always being compared to her by my inattentive husband from one moment to the next. She was this rather “street” type girl that Richard had hooked up with at some dumb ass frat party. She was biracial, half white and Columbian bitch with a lithe almost rail thin body offset by the cartoonish wide hips and a humongous basketball sized ass.

Earlier in our marriage I’d encouraged Richard to talk about his past sexual experiences because of some stupid advice I’d received from Molly. She would always talk about how this kept things fresh with her husband Taylor and actually spiced up their sex lives. So after one particularly “satisfying” five minute love session, I’d encouraged Richard into a candid recount of his prior encounter with Carmen.

What in the hell was I thinking?

Richard went on and on about how he had the time of his life banging the shit out of Carmen’s supposedly fifty five inch jiggly ass. How doggystyle was the only way to go with an ass that great… How motion ripples flowed across the surface of her ass as he tried his best to pound the shit out of this improbable hook up.

They’d hooked up a few times and Richard being the inexperienced goof he was at that time ended up being led around by the nose until she’d revealed her actual boyfriend to be a jock on the football team.

Richard was devastated, telling me that he’d already been planning the wedding and how he was “ruined for all other women.”

Then, he wanted to cuddle.

I felt like a damn fool afterwards and told Molly as much during the following day. Molly laughed her red headed ass off pissing me off even further.

I hate Carmen.

We had never met but for some reason I always felt like she was just around the corner.

Richard didn’t make things easy for me in that regard. Only a week ago, I’d discovered a photo of Carmen’s monsterish panty clad ass being used as a screen saver on the laptop in his home office. We fought about it for a week before he changed it to his favorite football team or something. In fact I made it a point that I was never going to do “it” doggy style Betturkey with him again after that. He was pissed, but had no choice in the matter. Our love making sessions had become muted, vanilla affairs after the ban and I guess it’s fair to say that we both suffered for it.

It really wasn’t fair to Richard to judge him based on a proclivity he’d acquired prior to meeting me. He wasn’t all that bad. We met immediately after Carmen had dumped him although I didn’t know it at the time. I mistakenly assumed Richard was a shy reserved guy when I was hooked up with him by Molly of all people. She’d actually dated him once or twice, but there was no chemistry there. Richard was very gentlemanly and didn’t push things with me regarding sex. I’m from a strict Christian background and sex before marriage was the ultimate taboo. So I told Richard if he was looking for a fuck buddy, he should go somewhere else.

Richard was surprisingly patient, or so I thought until I found him jerking off to that earlier described picture of Carmen’s posterior. I was angry and asked him if I was his fucking “beard” or something.

[Beard-Term for a straight person who poses as the partner of a gay / alternate life style individual.]

To my surprise Richard started sobbing and confessed that he was having a hard time after breaking up with his previous girlfriend. It was probably at this moment that I fell in pitiful love with him. He explained that he had become accustomed to having sex regularly because of his prior relationship and couldn’t do without.

After internally debating the situation, to my great shame I ended up jerking Richard off in the privacy of his dorm room. I remembered being fascinated at the way his short, fat cock erupted with three geyser- like blasts of cum all over my best blouse. I was a little upset and shied away from it for a week. Honestly I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his short cock again. By the following Friday, I was happily tugging away on his meat and had even allowed Richard to remove my blouse. He loved my nice perky 36 C Breasts and I had to threaten to cut off his hand job privileges when he tried to pry my plain stark white brasserie off.

I had to keep him honest somehow.

But he somehow talked me into baring my breasts before the night was over and I have to admit that I loved the way his hands felt on my bare skin. He groped my tits with a boy’s curiosity and eagerness almost painfully rolling my fat pink nipples before taking them into his mouth. Loved the way he hungrily suckled them while I instinctively tugged harder on his cock. Richard ended up shooting his creamy jizz all over my jeans, his love seat and the floor.

I was a good girl and cleaned up after him. It was only natural since I was responsible after all. I even had to scold Richard because he continued to sit on the love seat with his “business” in plain sight for anyone to see. He was a good enough sport about it that he waited at least two days before pestering me for release. He unfortunately seemed to be angling for more and I let him know in no uncertain terms that “No meant No” …. What kind of girl did he think I was? I let him know that I wasn’t his personal whore!

Richard, good man that he is apologized and I was unnerved to see him reaching under his bed for a dirty magazine.

“What-are you doing Richard?!!” I screamed as he stared in my direction with this goofy, peevish look on his face.

He apologized for making me feel obligated to him and told me that he would “suffer” in private. He even asked me to give him five minutes in the bathroom while he “handled” his business. I foolishly called his bluff telling him that since I had already seen and handled his cock, there was no need for me to leave. He shrugged and sat on the love seat pulling his slacks to his knees. He had the audacity to even reach for some hand lotion and generously lube himself up.

“How dare you Richard!” I yelled visibly turning red at my boyfriend’s outlandish behavior. In short we had a mini argument in which I somehow came to see that I was wrong for jacking him off in the first place. I offered to take him to my pastor for guidance, but he took umbrage at me saying that I was just trying to change him. Our spat continued for another five minutes before I agreed to relieve him allegedly for one final time.

What a mistake that was as Richard ultimately tricked me into another steamy exchange as I was soon relieved of my top and lacy brassiere while I feverishly worked my grinning boyfriend’s cock with machine like efficiency until screaming, he shot his man goo all over my chest.

The ringing of the house phone shocked me out of my trip down memory lane as I hurried into the kitchen to pick up the uneaten breakfast left behind by Richard. The phone continued ringing unmercifully prompting me to snatch it off the hook in little more than an agitated state.


…no one answered back and there was the unmistakable click of somebody hanging up on the other end.

This ringing of the phone Betturkey Giriş had become a somewhat semi-annual weekly occurrence for the past three weeks. When I’d talked to Molly about it, she’d joked that Richard was probably having an affair. I would vehemently profess my husband’s never ending devotion to our marriage while she rolled her eyes over drinks.

But sometimes I wondered…

Just as I was starting to drift off into yet more distant memories, I was suddenly shocked back into the present by the sound of sound of loud rumbling coming up the street outside my home. The noise was enough to rattle the china in its dining room display case. I hurried to one of the side windows and peered out onto the street.

As I pulled the curtain back, I watched a massive semi-truck barrel up the street screeching to a halt at the vacant home next door.

As a member of the home owners association on my block, I was aware that the one story four bed room had been sold recently. I watched in silent awe as a large team of men began to unload the truck and move furniture into the home at a break neck pace. Whoever was moving in apparently had a lot of scratch as the house was made just about ready in less than three hours. There were even two workers servicing the Jacuzzi in the narrow backyard behind the home.

I had managed to continue my watch at the window while going about my usual day cleaning and dusting. Just as the house was nearly ready for its occupant, I watched a dark Lincoln town car pull up to the curb in front of the home.

My new neighbor had arrived and I have to admit that I was excited to finally see who had brought the home next door.

I watched as a woman stepped out of the vehicle surveying the work being done on the home.

She appeared to be an older woman with a fuller figure than mine which filled out her dark navy blue business suit. She had blond, shoulder length hair which seemed to have a generous amount of mousse in it that hung to the tops of her shoulders in a styled manner. I watched as the woman opened her jacket, placing her hands on her generous hips. She had a nice tan going, which made her skin slightly seem to glow. I couldn’t tell what color her eyes were as they were covered by a stylish pair of shades.

I watched as one of the workers approached her with what seemed to be a report on the progress of the home. Her body language told me that she was a woman that was used to being in charge. This was a woman that was used to being the center of attention.


I was drawn away from the window by the ringing of the phone again. I answered it and was immediately rewarded with the sound of the phone slamming down the minute I spoke.

When I returned to the window … My new neighbor was gone.

“RING!” …the phone alerted me again and I became angry. I was going to get the last word in before whoever that was hung up in my face.

“Who in the HELL is this?!! I’m gonna have this call traced and put your stupid ass in jail!” I was bluffing of course. Richard handled most of the bills and generally took care of me. I have to admit to liking the sheltered homemaker role I had inherited by marrying him. So, I was in the dark as to how to handle something like this prank caller.

“FUCK DEBBIE!!…I was just calling to let you know I’d made it to phoenix okay!!”

It was Richard. He had called to check-in. I immediately apologized for my rude behavior and told him of the prank caller. He seemed somewhat unconcerned and told me he was turning in early before half slamming the phone in my face. I felt remorse and resolved to make it up to him somehow.

Perhaps I would rescind my no-doggie style edict for one night and let him have me provided there was no attempt at anal. Yeah, maybe that would get his engine running. Maybe that would generate a little excitement in our too cold for comfort bedroom. Two hours after that call, I found myself seated in front of the television watching “The Antique Road Show” and dining on a bowl of tomato soup (with a side of garlic bread). Forty five minutes into the show, I decided to turn in early too and switched off the television.

As I was taking my dishes to the sink, I heard some music emanating from outside the house. I was very soft and haunting. There were lyrics sung by some woman which I couldn’t make out initially. I wandered over to the window to take a look at my neighbor’s home. As I got closer to the side window I could hear the song more clearly and the bass started to boom.

My neighbor’s home was dark except for some fluctuating lights coming from one of the bedroom windows. Straining a bit, I could see that the lights were emanating from a professional looking home entertainment system.

I suddenly saw the shadow of my neighbor moving through the home pass the entertainment system. She was heading for her backyard.

I found myself dropping the dishes into the sink and moving to another window facing my neighbor’s backyard. I could get a better view of this mysterious woman and her backyard from this window.

I unconsciously pulled the curtain to hide my presence should she stare in my direction.

The woman stepped outside onto her rugged hardwood deck dressed in nothing but a knee length silk looking robe. I was intrigued, noting that the crimson colored robe had a Chinese style dragon embroidered on its surface. The Jacuzzi in the backyard was already going full blast as she tested the water with her foot.

Satisfied with the temperature, my neighbor began to undo the sash on her robe. I noticed an ice bucket with a bottle of wine buried in ice.

“She definitely knows how to relax.” I thought as she dropped the robe to the deck.

The woman was nude.

I probably should have stopped looking, but for some reason I kept watching. My neighbor, this older woman was definitely hitting the gym. She had a solid build at five foot seven (An educated guess) and a slight bit of sag around her bronzed arms and lower tummy. Even so, there was the slight hint of well-developed abs and her thick meaty thighs seemed to be packed with muscle. She had very large breasts that appeared to be natural with the slightest bit of sag. I don’t know why but I took mental note of her full erect nipples and silver dollar sized dark areolas.

She was clean shaven-down there.

I felt conflicted as I watched my busty and mysterious neighbor slowly lower herself into the water. She didn’t have her glasses on and more detail of her features was readily available to me. Her face was very interesting indeed and she was possessed of strong cheek bones that combined with dark eyes, a slightly prominent nose and thin pink lips that seemed to be curved into a barely there smirk as she relaxed.

I watched entranced as my neighbor sat in her Jacuzzi and sipped on her wine. I couldn’t help but notice that she had the most exquisite looking wine glasses. Chalk that up to my inner Martha Stewart.

Suddenly I was alerted to another presence as my neighbor’s door creaked open. I tugged a little on the curtain to hide myself and watched a nude man walk out on the deck. I recognized him as one of the workers she had spoken with earlier. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as I stared out at this ruggedly handsome gentleman who apparently was very aroused. He had a very large penis that was certainly bigger than my husband’s.

The man who appeared to be in his late twenties appeared to be hesitant and nervous. My neighbor seemed amused at the worker’s predicament and casually waved him over. She stood facing him as he stepped into the water and I was given a view of my neighbor’s rather large butt. It jutted out naturally from her waist and at it farthest point descended in a straight line melding with her muscular thighs. I noticed two perfect dimples on her wide bronzed ass cheeks. I could even make out a triangular space between her legs.

The worker was a little shaky stepping into the Jacuzzi and she directed him to sit at its edge while handing him a glass of wine.

The music changed to another song really setting the mood. That was some entertainment center my neighbor has. This was a similar song to the first with the only intelligible lyric being the word “lick”.

I watched as my neighbor slowly bent over displaying her full cheeks and the peachy looking lips of her vagina. Her head slowly descended into the young man’s lap as he let out an audible sigh.

“Wait!!-She’s going down on him!” I was suddenly jolted back to reality and backed quickly away from the window feeling ashamed of my voyeuristic activities. I just hurried off to my bedroom and sat on my queen sized mattress in silence.

I was flustered and sweaty, my brown hair slightly matted to my forehead. I am ashamed to say that I had wetness between my legs that had my cotton panties damp. My mind and heart was racing as the image of the coupling of my neighbor and her young lover replayed in my mind. There was slight warmth emanating from within and I noticed the perspiration dampening my brow and beading up under my clothing.

“Wow, things certainly are racy next door.” I thought as undid a few buttons on my blouse. I decided to take a quick shower and hit the sheets. The music continued to waft through my home as I grabbed a few towels from the hall closet. I fully intended to go straight to the bathroom, but curiosity got the better of me as I found myself staring out the kitchen window into my neighbor’s backyard.

Things had certainly progressed in the roughly ten minutes I’d been away from the window.

My voluptuous neighbor was bent over facing my window as her young stud literally pounded away at her wide butt with wild abandon. I could distinctly hear this man’s pelvis smacking into my neighbor’s ass and water was splashing everywhere. There was one strange thing that I noticed about this woman.

She had this strange, bored detached look on her face almost as if she was waiting for her stud to get “it” over with. I didn’t know what to make of this as I had observed the young guy’s package. He was quite hung and seemed to be in very good physical shape. Yet my neighbor was little more than yards away bent over in her hot tub resting her head on her elbows …waiting.

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