Debby Knut’s Big Fat Butt Ch. 03

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With my large ass still smarting from Becky, my soon to be Mother In-Law’s swat, I began looking for a short skirt in my luggage. I was pretty sure that I had not brought anything she would find acceptable. To be sure that I have not mislead you, I was in no way afraid of her or the swat on my ass. Rather she had my pussy juices flowing. She was very sexy, I adore her, and was more than ever looking forward to a day of shopping with her.

As if reading my mind, I felt her hand upon my arm. Both of us still nude from our shower, she pulled me towards her bedroom. Dan, my soon to be Father in-law lay on the bed still asleep. I could not help but take the time to admire his cock. It was quite obvious where my fiancé Steve received the genes for being well endowed. Though flaccid from giving Becky what sounded like a good hard fucking last night, he was still very impressive.

Turning my attention back to Becky, she had matching, though different color, mini (or rather micro) skirts and baby doll tank tops pulled from her dresser. As she had already addressed me with instruction that panties and bras would not be needed, we dressed together. She looked so sexy. Posing with her and looking in the mirror, I noticed how we would easily be confused as sisters. In my opinion, very sexy sisters.

Through the mirror, I also noticed that behind us on the bed, Dan’s cock was now hard and standing at attention. Turning to face him, his eyes were open and his smile was very approving. From behind me, Becky lifted my shirt, exposing and cupping my breasts for him to admire. “We will be taking care of you and your son’s big cocks later. Until then, you may kiss her breasts goodbye.” Without a word his mouth engulfed my nipple, sucking and nibbling rather than kissing.

It took Becky’s fortitude of a mother to pull me away and into the car. As we pulled out of the driveway, I reminded Becky that my own Mother had already bought my wedding dress.

“We are not shopping for a dress Honey. That is very sweet of your Mother to buy you a dress to be a beautiful princess for a day. We are shopping for the wedding night and honeymoon. These will make you his queen for life.” Jumping onto the highway, she continued; “We will be shopping in the larger city about twenty miles away. Better selection and my respected business man husband will not have to deal with uppity clients deeming his wife and daughter in-law slutty.”

As I stepped from the car, my sore muscles from my swimming race the day before became very apparent. I groaned, swearing off swimming for life. Ironically, Becky pulled me into a store selling swimming apparel. With a wink Becky assured me that “swimming is not the important thing in swimsuits.”

Had she not shared this piece of wisdom, it would have been obvious with her selections bursa sınırsız escort she made for me to try on. With an assortment of skimpy suits we headed for the dressing room. Initially she seemed disappointed that the room was very small, barely large enough for me to change. Handing me the first bikini, “put this on and come back out for me to see.”

Stepping out of the changing room and looking at myself in the mirror, the top was very sheer. Becky brushed off my complaints simply stating “when this gets wet it will be especially beautiful with your large areolas.”

Suit after suit Becky surprised me: “I like how your nipple pokes through this knit top.” She spread my legs checking on how pretty one made my “camel toe”. A slap on my ass showed her approval of a jeweled g-string where my big butt cheeks were in full view. An even smaller one brought her attention to the front “You will need to shave completely with this one.” As she tested the ease of removing a top, fastening and unfastening it exposing my breast in the process, I noticed that a male clerk had moved closer with each suit to gain a better view.

Finally stepping from the changing room dressed in the Becky’s mini skirt and little top, I now almost felt overdressed. Becky had a package under her arm and was leading me to the next store. I had no idea which one she had ended up choosing. This first stop had set the pattern of sexy and leaving me with questions; where might I wear a toga, is a completely shear top acceptable for a formal, why would I need to be able to remove a top smoothly to music? I lost track of how many clerks she exposed my breasts to or how many patrons had watched her hands run across my ass feeling the tightness of pants she had picked out. Even when we had found a dressing room large enough for the two of us, she insisted I step out into the “natural light” for her (and everyone else I might add) to get a better look at the little cup-less teddy and crotch-less panty set.

With extremely sore muscles and a trunk full of God knows what, we headed for home. Becky reassured me that she would take care of my muscles and that she had checked in at home and plans for lunch were set.

Stepping into the front door of the house we were greeted by a friendly Oriental hostess in a very sexy kimono. What a special catering service they had arranged. Looking past her, I could see one of those cute little tables with cushions around it. Before seating us the hostess helped to remove Becky’s top and skirt, leaving her naked. I soon followed without objection. At least this time it was in the comfort of my future In-Laws living room.

I began wondering when Steve and Dan would be joining us as Becky and I took our cushions at the little table in her living bursa escort bayan room. Rather than our men, our beautiful Geisha hostess re-appeared with a tray of sushi. Removing her Kimono, she kneeled between us. With great skill she began feeding us. Her chopsticks picking just the right pieces of sushi in proper order followed at appropriate times with ginger. I adored her gorgeous small thin body lovely beautiful dark nipples protruding from small breasts. Her body was such a contrast with my future Mother In-Law and my curves. Her ass was so small compared to both of ours. Cute, but small.

As lunch was finished, our sweet Geisha cleared the table. In silence she guided me up from my cushion directing me to the table. My sore muscles would finally be receiving relief from the lovely lady’s hands. Rather than the massage I expected, she guided me to the edge of the table. Lying me on my back rather than stomach, she spread my legs placing my feet on the floor. I felt very vulnerable with my pussy completely exposed to her and Becky.

With warm water she began lathering up my pussy to be shaved. Becky’s fingers began massaging my face helping to calm me while her soothing voice reassured me. “Your pussy will be beautiful shaved. Feel the warm shaving cream and her fingers massaging your pubic area? Relax and trust.”

This was easier said than done as the young Japanese man entered sharpening a straight razor. Our Geisha and my future Mother In-Law held me in place. The handsome young man removed his robe. Steve and his Father’s were the only penises I had ever seen. I knew that Steve was well endowed, I also saw that his father was probably even slightly larger. This young man’s cock was probably half as long and very skinny.

He bowed to my pussy spread in front of him and began shaving. Avoiding the thoughts of the possibilities of him slipping and cutting my most personal parts with the straight razor, I thought about his cock. The razor sliding through the warm shaving cream felt wonderful, as I stared at his adorable cock. As he shaved my pussy, I watched his cock become hard. Becky appeared to be reading my mind, “not today, but someday you can taste his cock, feel his cock in your pussy.” She was very close, but actually I was imagining his cock in my ass.

All too soon, he finished. The erotic feel of the cold razor blade running over my pubic mound and outer pussy lips, was soon replaced by warm oil. His hands felt wonderful gently spreading the warm and soothing oil over my freshly smooth pussy. My initial desires were for him to expand the massage to my still aching muscles. This was a temporary want as my cunt soon demanded exclusive attention. Becky’s clearing her throat vetoed my lusty desires. Bowing to Becky he stepped back, nilüfer escort dick standing proudly at attention. They left me lying on the table for her to inspect his work, my pussy.

Becky kneeled between my spread legs. Her attempts of putting on an air of a business like inspection were betrayed by her warm loving touch. Her fingers glided over my smooth cunt bringing shivers up the length of my spine. My mind willed her fingers to touch, to spread my pussy lips. Whether just in my mind or vocally, I know not, but I begged her to fuck me with her long, elegant, manicured fingers. The entire morning had been an extended and erotic session of foreplay. The hours of dressing me up sexy, telling me how hot I am, touching me, feeling me, and fondling me had me squirming. All her attention was on ME.

The desire overcame any and all soreness in my muscles as I lifted my large ass up off of the table. Becky’s fingers continued their light touch. She knew how to tease, keeping me desire more, keep me wiggling. Steve has always been wonderful in bed. I was now learning that women have a wonderful, tender touch. She knew exactly what, when, and where to drive me crazy.

Her fingers gave way to her tongue. Her licks varied from quick darting movements to long slow ice cream licks keeping me guessing. She missed no area of my pussy. Her tongue traced every fold, inside, outside, pushing deep pressing my g-spot. Her breath danced upon the mixed wetness of her saliva and my nectar. Only my clit remained untouched.

Grabbing my soon to be Mother In-Law’s hair, I pulled her hard against my clit. The beautiful Japanese couple pulled my arms away pinning them above my head. He held them in place, kneeling upon my forearms. The woman I assume to be his wife, ran her hands over my torso and breasts. Her strokes almost keeping time with Becky licking circles around my clit approaching closer and closer. Her lips surrounding it’s hood, sucking hard enough to bare my click, which only her breath dared to tickle.

Feeling my toes curling and every muscle in my body tightening, I knew an orgasm was coming. It was coming whether she touched my clit or not. I heard my own voice begging; “Please, please, please.” Her fingers dug into my ample ass cheeks lifting them up to meet her mouth. Her lips pushed back my clits protective hood as she sucked it between her lips. Sucking, licking, blowing on my clit. After what seemed like hours of teasing, she now devoured my clit. A barrage of sensations released my mind completely. I now felt nothing but animal lust.

The Asian girl (I am embarrassed to admit I still do not know their names) took my nipple in her mouth. With a growl, I pulled my arms from under her husband, grabbing and pulling her hard against my breast. She sucked with passion. She bit me tenderly, and not so tenderly as I fucked Becky’s face. Rather than the usual swell, my orgasm came like a damn bursting.

My mind spun. I could feel my body convulsing out of control. For no reason that I know of, tears flowed down my cheeks. “Wonderful, so wonderful” escaped my lips as my body relaxed and peace filled my mind.

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