Decisions in Paradise Ch. 02

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Note: This is an incest/group sex/lesbian story. It can only go in one category, so I chose incest. Enjoy!


Eileen walked up behind the pretty blonde woman and stopped just before actually touching her.

“Where were you guys yesterday?”

Kate quickly turned her head and smiled. “We didn’t come out until mid-afternoon. You must have been here and left already.”

“Yeah,” Eileen said. “We started early because of the heat, and then went back about noon.”

They inched forward in the line waiting for service at the beach’s refreshment stand. The breezes of St. Maarten blew in their faces and around their bikini-clad bodies.

“Well, we missed you,” Kate said.

“I’m glad you’re here. I wanted to talk to you.”

“Yeah? About what?” Kate asked.

Eileen leaned a little closer as if trying to prevent anyone around them from hearing. “About your offer.”

Kate’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Yeah. I think I’d be interested.”

The day before, twenty one year old Eileen and her mother Abbey spent considerable time observing the lovely Kate and her husband Adam lay on the beach or snorkel. They guessed the couple’s age to be about thirty, and their athletic bodies did nothing to spoil their mutual attractiveness. At the same refreshment stand they now visited, Kate had proposed to Eileen that she join them for drinks or dinner.

Eileen asked for time to think about it. Overnight was enough time. With sufficient urging from Abbey, Eileen was prepared to accept.

“That’s awesome,” Kate replied with enthusiasm. “I’ll talk to Adam about setting something up.”

“But I have a request,” Eileen added.

“Sure. What is it?”

Eileen looked down at her feet and then back up at Kate. “I’d like to bring my mother along.”

Kate looked at her with wide eyes. “Your mother? Is she the one you’ve been sitting with?”

Eileen nodded.

“She’s very pretty, just like you. Adam was talking about her yesterday. I think he’d love it,” Kate said.

The relief on Eileen’s face must have been evident. “Thanks! She’s a lot of fun.”

It was time for the women to order their food, so they finished that task and found a table to sit at while they waited for their sandwiches.

“Your Mom must have been very young when she had you,” Kate said.

Eileen smiled. “She’d kiss you for saying that. She’s forty one, and looks great in a sun dress.”

Kate could see her on the beach from where she sat. “She looks great in a bikini, too.”

After a short pause, Kate said, “You two must be very close.”

Even before the current vacation, Eileen would have said ‘Yes’. But this trip had brought them even closer together. Much closer together.

“Very,” Eileen admitted. She looked away as if deep in thought. “Sometimes it scares me how close we are.”

Kate heard their names being called and she picked up the food and brought it back to the table. As they began to eat, she said, “Why does it scare you?”

“What? My Mom and me?”

Kate nodded.

Eileen shrugged. “We treat each other like, I don’t know, different than mother and daughter.”

They ate for a short time without speaking. Then Kate asked, “Do you want to tell me?”

Eileen finished swallowing. “Lately, things have changed. Just on this trip, things have changed.”

“Do you love each other?” Kate said.

Eileen bobbed her head almost imperceptibly.

“Have you had sex?”

Eileen stared blankly at Kate, and then looked away. Again, the nod could have gone undetected.


Eileen giggled at Kate’s reaction. “Would Adam still be interested? I mean, I’d be interested in him, and you of course. Oh, hell. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Kate smiled and then said seriously, “Listen, Eileen. We don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. We think you—and your Mom—are very pretty. We’d like to spend an evening with both of you. I think Adam will be absolutely thrilled to hear that you and your Mom love each other. I mean, think of all the possibilities.”

Eileen appreciated her new friend’s kindness. “He wouldn’t be freaked out if we kissed or anything?”

“Eileen, I’m getting wet thinking about it. He’d be as hard as a rock. Trust me.”

“My Mom’s name is Abbey, by the way. When do you want to meet?” Eileen said.

“Let me ask Adam right away. We’ll come to your spot on the beach once we figure it out. OK?”

“Perfect,” Eileen said. “I’m excited.”

When they were done eating, they headed for the beach and joined their respective partners. Abbey was happy Eileen decided to do it and, more importantly, Adam was ecstatic. A man about to spend an evening with three beautiful women between twenty one and forty one had no reason to be disappointed. The fact two of them were known to have sex with each other was icing on the cake.

A half hour later, Kate and Adam were kneeling in the sand next to Abbey and Eileen. They mutually agreed that seven o’clock that night would be a perfect time to meet at Kate and Adam’s bursa eskort bayan condo. Kate promised fish on the grill and Adam assured them plenty of his favorite tropical drink would be available.

Although two days of gazing at each other from afar had assured all four that they were interested, this first close-up encounter sealed it. Adam was every bit as handsome as he seemed from a distance, and Abbey got full marks from both Adam and Kate. The date was on.


“Did you notice anything about Adam this afternoon?” Abbey said as she and her daughter began the short walk to his condo.

Eileen thought for a second. “Besides the bulge in his bathing suit?”

“That’s it!” Abbey said loudly. “You got it on the first try.”

“I think he liked you,” Eileen said.

Abbey made a sound of skepticism. “I just figured that was his natural state. If so, I’d love to see him excited.”

“In that outfit, you should get your wish.”

Eileen was referring to Abbey’s choice of dresses. It had a halter top and was short without being obscene. The flair in the hem worked perfectly with her shapely legs and creamy thighs. Eileen wore a dressy, but comfortable, blouse with a wide collar that hung open nearly to the bottom of her breasts. Her mini-skirt hugged her ass and nearly WAS obscene. But she knew it looked good on her.

Shortly, they arrived at the condo and anxiously rang the doorbell, uncertain of the adventures awaiting them. If nothing else, it sounded as if the food and drink would be good.

Kate answered the door and eagerly welcomed the women into her expansive home. St. Maartens was one of those islands where the disparity between living conditions for most locals and the ‘foreigners’ was striking. Clearly, Adam and Kate had spared no expense in creating their own little paradise. Everything about the condo was modern and bright and relaxing.

Kate looked her marvelous self in a stylish tank top and baggy shorts that tied with a string. When they wound their way back to the patio and found Adam, he too was informal in his Jamaican-style shirt and shorts.

The patio overlooked the water and consisted of two large tables, umbrellas over the tables, and plenty of chairs. Adam was overseeing the grill, but lowered the lid and flames when the guests arrived.

“I’ll get the drinks,” Kate announced. “Is Adam’s rum surprise OK with everybody, or would you like something non-alcoholic?”

Both Eileen and Abbey said the rum was fine and Kate disappeared back inside.

“I could live here,” Abbey said as they all settled into chairs.

“It’s perfect for us,” Adam said. “We live here most of the year. I represent one of the jewelry companies that have shops on all the islands. We only go back to the States when we have to.”

“You get a nice discount then,” Eileen suggested.

Adam smiled. “Yes. If you want, I can get you a deal while you’re here.”

“I’d like that,” she said with an appreciative grin.

“Are you married?” he asked both of them with a sweep of his eyes.

“Yes,” Abbey said, while Eileen nodded. “We left them to go do whatever they do at night.”

“Perhaps they found their own friends?” Adam said.

“Perhaps. I hope they have as much fun as we’re having,” Abbey countered.

Adam looked at her approvingly. “Here comes Kate. The real fun is about to begin. I added extra rum tonight just for you.”

Kate passed out the drinks and took a seat next to Adam. They offered a toast and the first sip of his concoction brought nothing but words of endorsement from Eileen and Abbey.

Just over a half hour later, Adam was serving the grilled fish, along with a few vegetables and rice. It smelled and tasted wonderful, certainly beating out the offerings of the beach refreshment stand.

A second round of drinks served as dessert as the foursome sat on the patio and chatted about their favorite islands, shopping, and excursions. Eileen made sure the talk eventually found its way back to Adam’s offer for discount jewelry.

“Do you like something like this?” he asked, reaching over for Kate’s hand and holding it up for Eileen and Abbey to see. The ring he drew their attention to was a brilliant aqua shade in a small setting.

“That’s so pretty,” Eileen confirmed.

“I can get you that for one-third what you’d pay in the store. But not just this one. I can arrange to meet you at our location here if you want and I’ll show you anything,” he said.

“Count me in,” Abbey said. “You have necklaces, I assume?”

“Hundreds. Lots of them to go with your beautiful tan,” Adam said. “Gold, silver, tanzanite. You name it. All very inexpensive for my new friends.”

“So now we owe you for the best seafood I’ve ever had, the best rum I’ve ever had, and cheap…I mean, inexpensive jewelry,” Eileen said.

Adam laughed. “Cheap as in low quality? No. I give you only the best. And there are ways to compensate for the discount.”

Abbey was the first to cut short the pause that followed his statement. “What might bursa merkez escort they be?”

Adam looked at her. “Women get enjoyment out of shopping. Some of you are very passionate about it. Men get enjoyment out of other things. But we’re just as passionate.”

“Name something you get enjoyment out of, Adam,” Abbey replied.

He never took his eyes off her. “There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman making love. The ruffled hair, the glow in her face, the swell of her breasts. It’s more beautiful than the most expensive diamond I can sell you.”

Eileen and Abbey both felt the tingle in their pussies as the handsome man spoke.

“And two women?” Eileen asked.

Adam’s eyes widened. “Ahhhh, two women. Together. That’s a dream come true.”

“You live in paradise,” Abbey said. “Where dreams come true.”

She pushed back her chair and walked the short distance over to Eileen. She stood behind her daughter and put her hands on her shoulders. Gradually the hands lowered over the front of Eileen’s blouse, stopping only when they were about to touch her breasts. Then Abbey began to methodically open the buttons, taking a good fifteen seconds to work her way down to the bottom of the blouse.

Kate and Adam gazed at the young woman’s body as more and more of her skin became visible. The only sound was the ocean’s never ending pounding against the shore. But you could feel the tension.

Abbey put her hands on the upper portions of Eileen’s breasts. In slow motion, she wrapped her fingers around the outside of them, pulling the blouse away in the process. Immediately, the tits were exposed except for the parts covered by Abbey’s hands. She put her hands below Eileen’s breasts and presented them for Adam and Kate’s review.

As the couple looked on, Abbey leaned down and kissed her daughter’s neck. She worked her mouth around and Eileen tilted her head back to meet Abbey’s lips. Soon, mother and daughter were in a deep, passionate kiss while Abbey kneaded Eileen’s tits.

Even as the kiss continued, Abbey managed to work the blouse off Eileen and pull it down her arms. Only when she wanted to remove the shirt totally did they stop kissing.

With Eileen topless and facing Kate and Adam across the table, Abbey said, “Will this get us a discount?”

“You were getting the discount regardless,” Adam said. “But you want to choose from my private stock of gems, don’t you?”

“Oh, most definitely,” Abbey replied.

She moved to Eileen’s side and cupped a breast in her palm. Then she leaned over and licked all around the nipple. With a quick sideways glance at Kate and Adam, she opened her lips and slid the nipple inside her mouth. Abbey lightly sucked on the nipple for a few seconds before starting a more energetic sucking of the end of Eileen’s tit.

While enjoying the effects of her mother’s tongue on her tit, Eileen slid her hand inside the top of Abbey’s dress. She clutched at the full breast and pulled on the nipple, letting out a soft moan when Abbey lightly bit her for the first time. The mutual attention to breasts lasted another minute or two before Abbey broke it off.

“Whoa,” Adam said, seemingly in disbelief. “We better move inside before the neighbors get too nosy.”

Eileen and Abbey smiled with acknowledgement and led the way through the double sliding glass doors. Once inside, Kate showed them the way into a spacious family room. The view was equally as impressive as the patio, but offered considerably more privacy.

Eileen was carrying her blouse, but quickly tossed it aside.

“Sorry for the interruption. Please continue,” Adam said. But before he sank onto the couch, he opened his shorts and took out a very thick cock. Eileen and Abbey stared in appreciation for a second, and then turned to face each other again.

They kissed while their hands roamed over each other’s body. By the end of the kiss, Eileen had the straps of her mother’s dress down her arms and Abbey’s tits were fully uncovered. Both women shot a quick glance toward Adam, who now had his cock at full erection through persistent stroking.

Just as Eileen was about to take one of Abbey’s tits in her mouth, she saw Kate lean over Adam’s lap and take his cock between her lips. He leaned his head back against the couch and smiled at the women in the center of the room. Eileen proceeded to enjoy her Mom’s breasts while they both snuck in peeks of the blowjob being provided by Kate.

Without even having to speak, Eileen and Abbey finished stripping each other. They made sure to afford Adam unobstructed views as they gradually got naked.

“Oh my God, Kate. Have you looked at these two babes, yet?” Adam asked.

Kate lifted herself off his cock and took in the two naked females. “If his cock is any indication,” she said, “he approves. And I certainly do.”

She licked his shaft while Abbey took a seat in a large chair and spread her legs for Eileen. The daughter got on her knees and moved forward, licking her way up her mother’s thighs. bursa sınırsız escort bayan Kate took Adam in her mouth again and resumed sucking, with his hand on the back of her head.

Eileen and Abbey understood they were putting on a show for Kate and Adam, but the freshness of their own sexual relationship was enough to make it exciting for them. Abbey wondered if she’d ever get tired of feeling Eileen’s tongue slither up her leg and make that first contact with her wet pussy. Eileen wondered if the incredible sweetness of her mother’s juices would ever grow old.

When Eileen finally allowed her tongue to scrape across Abbey’s clit, Abbey moaned loud enough for everybody in the room to hear her. Adam smiled as he watched her close her eyes and begin to play with her nipples. Meanwhile, Eileen’s young head was buried between the silky thighs of her Mom, her hands sliding under Abbey’s ass.

Kate sucked harder and faster, tasting the precum begin to seep from Adam’s rigid cock. She stroked the bottom of the cock with one hand and used the other to reach inside her shorts and rub her clit.

Now any of the four of them were likely to groan from arousal at any moment. Abbey and Adam were prime candidates to cum first, but nobody was going to take bets.

Eileen was able to thrust her tongue deep inside her mother’s cunt and Abbey showed her pleasure by getting wetter and wetter with each passing minute. Eileen kept it up for a while, and then moved her soaked tongue up to Abbey’s clit. As usual, that resulted in Abbey thrusting her hips forward and forcing Eileen to press harder.

Abbey clutched the arms of the chair, feeling her body prepare for the onset of an orgasm. She’d cum a lot of different ways in her life, but never before had she done it in front of this many people with her daughter being the cause of it all.

“Ohhhh, yes. Yes!” Abbey cried out.

“That’s it, Mom. Cum for me,” Eileen urged.

“Suck on it, hon. Suck my clit harder.”

Eileen did, and Abbey nearly rose from the chair in delight. Adam kept watching the scene across the room and came ever closer to an eruption inside Kate’s mouth.

“Yessssss! Oh Eileen. Now. Now!”

Abbey shrieked with joy and began a long, loud, powerful orgasm. Eileen pressed harder with her mouth and wrapped her lips completely around her mother’s clit, sucking on it and licking it wildly. She pulled Abbey toward her and gnawed at the clit with her lips.

Each new attack caused Abbey to beg her to keep going, only harder.

“God, Kate. I’m cumming. Oh fuck, yesssssss!” Adam shouted.

An evening’s worth of sexual tension inside Adam let loose with shot after shot of semen filling Kate’s mouth to the extent that it dripped onto her chin long before he was finished. He grunted with each thrust of his cock and each outpouring of cum that trickled down her throat. He and Abbey came together with competing moans, their satisfaction more than evident to the ears of Eileen and Kate.

Eileen came out from between her mother’s legs and Kate rose from Adam’s lap. Both of them had to wipe their faces before exchanging knowing grins.

“Anyone else need a drink while I’m up?” Kate asked.

She got unanimous consensus that another round was in order. Eileen took a seat in the chair closest to her Mom while Adam shoved his cock back inside his pants and stayed on the couch.

“That was awesome, ladies,” Adam told them, still admiring their nude bodies. “I have to admit that was a first for me.”

“Kate’s never given you a blowjob before?” Eileen asked with obvious sarcasm.

Adam laughed. “No! That’s a common sight around here. But a daughter eating out her mother in my chair is not an every-day occurrence.”

Kate returned with the drinks and took her place next to Adam on the couch. The friends talked for a while, with Eileen filling in the details of how she and Abbey came to first have sex being the primary topic. The excitement of having Eileen and Abbey remain naked added to the pleasure of the evening.

Kate offered to give a complete tour of the home and only then did Eileen and Abbey put on enough clothes to be ‘decent’ should neighbors be wandering about outside. Surprisingly, it was the master bedroom that Eileen and, especially, Abbey liked best. The stunning view of the ocean and distant hills was exceeded only by the magnificent poster bed.

The three women were standing by the gigantic window when Adam appeared at the door.

Abbey said to him, “So this is where you two hang out when you’re not on the beach.”

“We’ve been known to be in here, yeah,” he replied.

“You leave this window open the whole time I suppose,” Eileen said.

Adam smiled. “Nobody can see us.”

“I’d like to,” Abbey said.

With a flick of his eyebrows upward, Adam acknowledged her.

“I think you owe us a show, to even things up,” Abbey said. “What do you say, Eileen?”

“It’s only fair,” Eileen agreed. “And poor Kate hasn’t cum yet.”

“Of course, if you’re not up to it…,” Abbey said with a wide grin.

“Now you’ve done it. Don’t ever question my readiness,” Adam retorted. But his mock anger didn’t fool anybody. “Kate. Come here.”

Kate could feel her pussy get wetter just thinking about what was about to happen. She walked around the bottom of the bed and came within reach of Adam.

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