Denise and Graham – First Meeting

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We had been introduced to Denise and Graham via the Internet, but, we had never really met them. We had exchanged many emails, swapped some very sexy photos, even chatted via instant messaging and we knew a lot about them. However, we had to wait for an actual time to meet them because they are from the UK and we are from the US. It took some time, but we pulled together plans to travel to the UK and meet them. But it wasn’t going to be a traditional meeting if Joy had anything to do with it.

We made the initial arrangements both for travel and for the meeting with Denise and Graham. It seems Joy had some other arrangements that she didn’t share with me along with the initial arrangements. Our flight into London brought us in on the morning flight and we made our way to a small hotel that Denise suggested. The plan was to meet them later that night at a club located close to the hotel and before hitting the bed for a long nap, Joy sent off an email to Denise. It was simply entitled, “Your instructions for tonight.” In the email, Joy detailed the exact time that she and Graham were to be at the club, how she was to dress and just exactly how she and Graham were to enter the club and what they were to do.

Joy smiled a wicked smile at me as she closed the laptop lid and stripped seductively as she crossed the room to slide under the sheets with me for a nap. I reached down between her legs and her pussy was already very, very wet. I wanted to do something about it, the jet lag was too great and we snuggled and slept.

When the alarm went off, we both bolted upright and jumped out of bed with anticipation. After showers, primping, and dressing, we were ready. Joy looked completely irresistible in a very loose wrap around silk dress, black stockings, black garter, 6″ spike heels and nothing else…… except……….

She smiled at me and reached into the suitcase and took out her black leather strap-on harness and a 10″ dildo. She fixed the dildo firmly into the strap and then stepped into one leg and then the other and pulled it up. This strap was a special one that we found where the crotch strap holds a second and smaller dildo that is inserted in the wearer so that she can enjoy sensations as she’s using the big dildo on someone else. Joy giggled as she slid the smaller dildo into her own wet pussy and pulled the straps tight and fixed it deep into her. She let her dress fall down over her new cock and outwardly, one would never have guessed that she had this harness on and a new she-cock of her own. However, with the second step that she took she knew that she would probably cum even before getting to the club. The small dildo in her pussy was rubbing just right and she loved it. She looked at me and smiled. She was going to have fun.

I was right, her knees started to buckle just about the time we hit the front door of the club. I caught her as she let out a muffled moan and succumb to the effects of the orgasm. A passerby stopped and asked if everything was all right. She gulped down a post-orgasm groan and smiled and said, “Thank you, I’m ok now.” The passerby had no idea…..

The club was arranged with a sizable bar on one side of the room a fairly wide open area in front of the bar and then two rows of tables opposite the bar. It was perfect and we took the table across the room from the entrance to the bar but right adjacent to the open area. Joy winced again in pleasure as she sat down next to the aisle and crossed her sexy legs. I could tell by the look on her face that the dildo deep in her was doing its magic.

We ordered drinks and waited. No one in the place had a clue as to what Joy had under her dress. Nor did they have a clue about what was about to happen.

The club was well occupied with a mix of couples and single guys but not completely full. The crowd was a well-to-do professional crowd and the sound level was somewhat of a dull roar along with some very seductive jazz music. Everyone appeared fairly care-free and they were all seeming to have a great time. A couple of the guys were eyeballing the sexy ladies who were there with their husbands.

Denise walked in perfectly on time, dressed in a very sheer blouse, and a very short pleated skirt. Under the blouse, she wore a black half bra, her beautiful big breasts on a shelf displayed for everyone to see, her nipples hard as gumdrops and just as big. Her legs were covered by black stockings and as she strolled in the pleated skirt bounced to reveal the tops of her stockings. On her feet were 6″ black stiletto sandals. The dull roar of the crowd stopped instantly.

Denise took three steps into the open area in front of the bar and stopped. Every eye in the club was on her. When she was sure that she was the center of attention, she took three more steps toward us and Joy tossed a cloth napkin onto the floor in front of her. She stopped, looked at Joy first and then down at the napkin at her feet. Denise turned Escort Ankara so that her ass was pointed toward the largest part of the room and toward Joy and bent over from the waist and very slowly reached down to the napkin. She paused and there was a gasp from the crowd because the skirt had ridden up to expose her perfect ass framed, also perfectly, by the black garter belt that supported the stockings. She was wearing no panties and her legs were parted just enough that several of the people could easily see her shaved pussy and a very big and hard clit hanging down.

The pause first went on forever and then was gone seemingly in an instant. One could hear a pin drop now as Denise, still bent over, looked back at Joy and then stood very slowly. Denise turned, giving everyone another great view of her beautiful breasts and nipples through the sheer fabric and stepped closer to Joy.

“You dropped this madam.” Denise stammered out.

Joy smiled, “Thank you very much.” But just as Denise handed the napkin to Joy, it slipped from Joy’s fingers and fell once again to the floor.

“May I get that for you madam?” Denise said with a little more confidence.

“Yes, please.”

I took my eyes off this beautiful woman who was on display for only a moment to noticed Graham. He had followed Denise into the club, but stopped just inside the door and blended into the crowd. He was anonymous. He continued to watch the show along with the rest of the crowd. There were a few quiet comments made among the crowd that stopped again instantly when Denise turned again with her ass toward the crowd and bent at the waist and slowly picked up the napkin again stopping for a long moment fully bent over and fully exposed to the crowd.

Denise slowly stood again and turned toward Joy. “Here it is again madam. It’s slippery isn’t it?”

“Thank you my dear. We would like you to join us.” Joy said with a smile. She moved the empty chair next to her out into the walkway slightly and pointed to the seat. “Sit!”

It was a simple command answered by a simple action. Denise sat down facing Joy and actually, the rest of the crowd. As she carefully crossed her long sexy legs, the skirt rode up to expose the tops of her stockings to everyone. As she bounced her leg slightly, the motion made her breasts bounce slightly as well. Everyone in the club was still watching although now smatterings of chat began as couples commented to each other and the single guys made wise cracks to both friends and strangers.

Joy leaned in closer to Denise and motioned her to do likewise. Their lips met in a long and passionate kiss. When they broke, Joy leaned back into her seat and reached out and put her hand on Denise’s stocking-covered knee. Denise melted as Joy’s warm hand rested on her knee.

“You are mine tonight Denise.” Joy said firmly as she looked into Denise’s eyes. “Are you up to it?”

“Yes, madam.” was the simple and direct reply.

“I want you to stand up and then sit on this table in front of me.” Joy commanded.

“Yes, madam.” Denise stood, moved the chair out of the way and perched up on the heavy table. Instinctively, she crossed her legs. She was perched now up where everyone again could see her. All eyes were on her still. Her beautiful breasts were on display through the sheer blouse and her skirt was high enough to expose the milky white skin of her thighs above the tops of the stockings.

“Unbutton your blouse.” Joy commanded. Denise looked down into Joy’s eyes and paused. “Unbutton your blouse.” Joy commanded again. “And don’t ever hesitate when I command you to do something.”

“Yes, madam. I’m sorry.” Denise replied as she reached up to the top button and slowly began to unbutton the blouse. Her nipples were on fire now and she could feel the slight courseness of the fabric as it moved while she undid each button. When she had all of them unbuttoned, she waited for the next command. The sheer blouse was open now to show her ample cleavage as well as her taunt belly.

“That’s very nice. Very sexy.” Joy smiled and complimented her. The crowd buzzed slightly at the newest twist in this strange show.

“Thank you madam.”

By now the single guys in the room were moving around and staking themselves out at every empty chair anywhere near where we were. I glanced over and Graham was still on the sidelines blending into the crowd. And any of the single guys who couldn’t find a chair stood along the bar closest to us. It seemed that everyone was anxious for the next part of the show.

“Take off your blouse and hand it to Roger.” Joy commanded.

With a quick shrug of her shoulders, the blouse fell from Denise’s back and down onto the table. She took a deep breath and her big beautiful breasts were displayed on the shelf bra for everyone to see. She reached back and picked up the blouse and handed it to me. Her nipples were so taunt that they appeared that Ankara Escort they would jump right off her breasts. I wanted to suck on them so badly I could hardly keep my mouth from watering.

Joy looked up at Denise and smiled. “You are so very beautiful and so very sexy,” she said. “Touch your breasts now. Show everyone how you would pleasure yourself.”

One could hear a pin drop until the gasp that came from a woman at the table next to us.

Slowly and seductively, Denise brought both hands up to her breasts and began to caress them. Gently and lightly she would brush her finger tips across her hard nipples and wince in pleasure. She pulled lightly and twisted them, all the while staring directly at Joy sitting in front of her.

Denise squeezed, massaged, and kneaded her breasts pausing only to grasp the hard nipples and pull and twist them. It was obvious to everyone in the room that she was quickly heading toward orgasm. She strained now to be able to concentrate but continued to look at Joy. Her eyes started to roll back in her head and Denise started to head over the edge. Just as Denise peaked Joy put her hand on Denise’s knee. “Stop!” she said with a very firm tone.

The combination of Joy’s hand and the terse tone shocked Denise instantly back from the edge. Her eyes opened and she suddenly came to the reality that she was half naked and sitting on the table in front of Joy and exposed to the entire club.

Joy smiled and said, “Not yet. I’ll tell you when you can cum. Now uncross your legs.”

Denise’s senses were heightened and she immediately did as she was told. Joy reached up with both hands and put them one on each knee. She started to gently spread Denise’s legs apart. Now somewhat embarrassed, Denise resisted slightly. Joy’s tone was direct and firm, “Denise!”

There was another buzz about the crowd.

Denise relaxed and allowed Joy to spread her legs open. A dull roar now began in the crowd with the anticipation of what was next. Those closest got a full view of Denise’s very swollen and very wet pussy. Joy pulled Denise over so that Denise was centered in front of her, legs spread wide apart.

“Let me see your pretty pussy.” Joy commanded smirk. Denise pulled up her short skirt and exposed her pussy. It was framed perfectly by her black stockings and the black garter that held them up. She was shaved clean. Her clit was very hard and very pronounced and Joy (and the crowd closest) could see that her juices were pooling on the table.

“Lean back on the table.” Joy continued to control her. Denise complied and leaned back so that her head was now on the edge of the table in front of me. She looked at me. I looked over at Graham. He was still blending into the crowd but always making sure that he had a good view.

“Honey, would you like to kiss her?” Joy asked me.

“MMMMM Yes, I would very much.” I replied with a big smile on my face. I leaned forward and gently pressed my lips against hers, my tongue splitting her luscious lips and exploring her mouth. Denise lay there kissing me with her pussy and breasts fully exposed to Joy and the rest of the bar.

When I pulled away, Joy looked at me and asked, “Does she taste good?”

“Yes, very.” I licked my lips and sat back in my chair.

“Let me see how she tastes.” Joy said with a grin. “Denise, lift your legs up and spread wide open for me.” There was a buzz again from the crowd. Several single guys and two couples sitting close leaned in to see Denise’s sweet shaved pussy. Her lips were full and swollen and her clit standing tall and firm. By now there was a bigger pool of her juices on the table and a wide trail leading from her dripping slit.

Joy leaned in and at first flicked her tongue all around the outside of her pussy, and the inside of her thighs. Then Joy pushed her tongue to that spot where the juice was drizzling down just between her ass and pussy and flicked it there. Denise reacted immediately. It would not be long before she would again be at the edge.

Joy looked up and over at Graham. She could see from where she was sitting that his cock was long and hard and his breath was short. Joy turned back again and dipped her tongue deep into the well of juices. Denise screamed. Another buzz started in the crowd.

Joy devoured Denise’s pussy and brought her to the edge of orgasm. But she stopped again keeping Denise from enjoying the release. She looked up at me and asked, “Would you like Denise to suck your cock?”

“Oh yes,” I replied and stood, unzipping my trousers. I looked over at Graham as I pushed the precum covered tip of my hard cock against her waiting lips. Her breath was fast and she anxiously swallowed my cock and sucked with wild abandon.

The evening’s events had had a great effect on me and within just a few moments, my balls tightened up and my cock exploded in Denise’s mouth. I pulled from her as the second and Ankara Escort Bayan third stream covered her cheeks, and lips. I directed the fourth stream over to her beautifully exposed breasts and managed to land on her hard right nipple.

My cum drooled from her mouth and she was in somewhat of a catatonic state of pleasure. I looked over to a somewhat uncomfortable Graham. But, he didn’t move.

Joy smiled and asked if that felt good. She was licking intermittently as she talked. I could hardly say, “Oh yes.”

When I answered Joy stood up and undid the belt on her wrap around dress and let if fall open first and then from her shoulders to the floor. Her hard strap-on sprung up and the crowd instantly reacted with both gasps and laughter. She stood there with Denise spread open in front of her, cum drooling from Denise’s mouth and covering her face and breast.

Joy grasped her big faux-cock firmly and moved in close, pushing its tip in between Denise’s dripping pussy lips. She now asked the crowd, “Should I fuck her?”

The crowd roared their approval and with a quick flick of her hips she drove the cock deep into Denise. That took Denise over the edge and she began to buck in a long and intense orgasm. Her hands were again pulling and twisting her nipples as she bucked.

Joy pulled slowly out and pushed in again beginning a rhythm. Slowly at first. She looked at one of the single guys and silently commanded him to approach. He stood and moved toward Denise’s cum covered mouth, he seemed to know the command that Joy was giving him and he pulled out his hard cock and slipped it between her cum covered lips.

Joy fucked harder as Denise sucked this stranger’s cock and within just a few minutes, he pulled out and showered her with a huge load, covering both breasts, up into her hair, and onto her face and her already cum covered lips. Joy’s rhythm intensified. She looked at the next gentleman and he responded as well, standing and slipping his hard cock between her cum soaked lips.

His load was quick and deep in Denise’s mouth. She sucked and swallowed everything, along with my cum and the cum of the second gentleman now left on the shaft of the third man. He pumped her mouth full and not a single drop oozed out.

By now, Joy was driving the dildo deep with her hip movement. The events sent Denise into a hard deep orgasm. The action of the smaller dildo deep in Joy sent her over the edge as well and the two bucked and bucked to the crowd’s now loud cheering.

As Joy pulled out and sat back down in total exhaustion, I motioned to Graham. The crowd seemed surprised as this gentleman stepped from the shadows of the crowd and walked quickly over to his wife spread on a table in a club in London.

Graham paused when he came to the table and Joy reached up and unzipped his pants and pulled his very hard cock out. She swallowed it down and sucked for a few moments and then looked up, popped it from her lips and told him, “Your wife is now ready for your cock.”

As Graham looked down, he saw Denise’s juicy pussy gaping open wide from Joy’s fucking, her face and breasts covered with the cum of three men he’d never seen before and cum drooling from her mouth.

He pushed the tip against her hard clit and drove his cock deep into her frantically fucking her. Denise instantly lifted up her hands again and cupped her cum-covered tits and pulled and twisted her wet nipples. She licked her lips and looked up at her husband as he pounded his cock into her well fucked pussy.

“Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!” the crowd started to chant.

His motion became stronger, his balls bouncing against her ass as he pounded his hard cock into her.

“FUCK ME GRAHAM!!!!!” Denise screamed. “PUMP ME FULL!!!”

Just as Denise said it, Graham’s cock exploded deep into her. He could hardly continue to look at her as they both exploded in a wild bucking orgasm. As he drove deep into her and filled her full, she massaged the stranger’s cum into her beautiful breasts and licked it from her lips. She bucked as wave after wave consumed her.

After their orgasm subsided, he pulled from her and a rush of his and her cum pooled out onto the table. Joy leaned over and licked and sucked the last drops of his and her cum from his cock and then tucked it back in his pants and zipped him up. He was too stunned to do it himself.

I reached a hand out to Denise and helped her sit up then helped her to her feet. As she stood on her week legs, the cum drooled down the inside of her thighs and dripped down onto the floor beneath her. The crowd was applauding wildly. She put on her blouse and Joy put on her dress and tucked her strap on back under the dress.

With cum covering Denise’s face and visibly dripping down her stocking covered legs, the four of us walked out of the club and onto the street. At the door, we met a couple who stopped abruptly in their tracks and gawked at the cum dripping from Denise’s mouth and face as we walked by.

“Care to join us at our hotel?” Joy said as she smiled at Denise and Graham.

“Yes, please.” Denise responded immediately and took Joy by the waist and pushed toward a waiting cab.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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