Depravity Ch. 01

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This is my story about my depravity.

I was married at eighteen to my high school sweetheart. He was drafted shortly after we married and I didn’t learn of my pregnancy until after he went to Vietnam. He objected, but, I insisted on naming our son ‘Lawrence’, after him. My husband, ‘Lawrence’, died in Vietnam and I never remarried.

I have always been oral, and absolutely love sucking cock as well as having my pussy eaten. I would rather suck cock than fuck and orgasm continuously with a cock in my mouth.

Over the years I would suck off various men I came in contact with. Co-workers, friends husbands, salesmen, always making sure things remained secret.

I had a female friend, who after much time I learned, made ‘prosthetic penises’ for a company in France and she made me a special lifelike one, after some persuading. She had never made anything like what I was asking for, so when she finally agreed to make it, she used me for product testing and development. We spent a lot of time together, which led to our enjoying each other sexually.

Several weeks after learning how much I loved swallowing a mans cum, she approached me about sucking off her husband. She felt guilty enough about our mutual pleasures and justified it as product development. She didn’t want an open marriage or her husband fucking another woman. But, he loved blowjobs and she couldn’t stand him cuming in her mouth. So she never let him which she knew was depriving him. She talked to me about it several times and asked me for advice on how to get past him cuming in her mouth. I told her to try different things like whip-cream and syrup. She would and then she would tell me how it didn’t work. She wanted him to have the blowjobs he wanted, but she just couldn’t take him cuming in her mouth.

When my special penis was done, she came out and asked me if I would suck-off her husband. I told her that I didn’t want to ruin the relationship she and I had or to cause a breakup of her marriage. She was crying as she told me about thinking it over for a long time and deciding it had to be me if I would do it as she asked me to. We were holding each other and I told her I would think about it, but she would have to tell me how she wanted me to do it first. She said she would tell me when and I could come over and wait in the wok shop. She would have set things up for one of their bondage games, blindfolding him and cuffing him to the rack, then she would come and tell me to go on in, but I wasn’t to say anything so he wouldn’t know who it was. She would wait in the work shop until I returned because she didn’t want to watch someone else do what she couldn’t do. I told her to think about it some more, because I didn’t want to lose them as friends.

We had a little session of our own as she tried out my new penis on me. I got the surprise of my life when it came in my mouth. I always loved her using her devices on me and then sticking them in my mouth, so this was heaven. She had just finished fucking me to a wonderful orgasm when she pulled it from my pussy and pulled me up to suck on it. It felt like a real cock in my mouth, so warm and smooth, then it started to throb and I felt the vein swell as it shot something in my mouth. I almost passed out. She knew how much I liked chocolate covered cherries and that was the taste of it. I milked my new cock for all I could get and was lightheaded when I let it fall from my lips.

She immediately dropped down to hug and kiss me before saying, “My God. You wouldn’t believe how you looked when I gave you your surprise!”

As escort bursa I came to my senses, I mumbled, “How! How did you do that!?” She told me how she and her husband figured out how to fill and pressurize the balls, and then he made an elliptical valve that would spin and release the fluid in spurts.

“I know how much you like chocolate covered cherries so I made some lightly flavored heavy cream and filled the balls this morning just before we started.” And without pause she said, “Will you suck off my husband, now, since I’ve pleased you?”

“As long as I don’t lose you, I’ll gladly suck his cock, after this.”

“Good. He’s been blindfolded and cuffed to the rack since we fucked before you came.” She said, as she led me to the door. “I didn’t let him cum, when we fucked, so he should give you plenty to eat. Remember, don’t say a word.” She whispered as she opened the door and gently pushed me inside.

He said her name and asked why she was torturing him like this as I silently walked to him and placed my fingers on his lips. I knew he could smell her pussy on my hand and he opened his mouth to suck my fingers. I pulled my fingers free and squatted on my heels placing my hands on his thighs. He moaned and his cock twitched as it started to grow. I licked the drop at its tip and it jumped to half erection before me. I moved my hands around to his ass as I opened my mouth to take him in ever so slowly. He was moaning as I slowly took his cock all the way in my mouth. He started twitching and I thought he was going to cum, but he settled down and his cock got harder. I stayed like that for a bit, squeezing his ass as I used my lips, tongue, and throat to suck his cock. I moved my hands around to each side of his cock as I drew my lips tightly up its length stopping at the flange of its head. He was grunting and gasping as I did this repeatedly. He lasted longer than I thought he would, giving me several minutes of sucking his hard cock. His grunting gasps started getting faster and faster so I grabbed his balls and increased my sucking pressure as I kept my lips tight on his straining cock. As he started cuming I massaged his balls and caressed his ass while milking his cock with my mouth. The tanginess of his cum was delicious. As I sucked his softening cock he squirmed and moaned. Releasing his cock from my mouth I stood and feeling mischievous, I kissed him, darting my tongue in his mouth to give him a taste. I was careful not to touch him in any other way.

After the kiss, I turned and left, returning to the workshop.

“Did you do it?” She asked softly as she stood.

“Well, Yes. Isn’t that what you wanted?” I replied quizzically.

She stood in front of me and said, “Kiss me,” as she opened her mouth.

I knew she wanted to taste his cum in my mouth. I broke the kiss, patted her cheek and left, with my new toy.

A week later she called and asked if my new toy was working all right. I told her it was marvelous and I was very happy with it, but she insisted that I bring it over so she could check it out. When I got there she was fidgety and I knew she had something else on her mind. As she pretended to look the device over, I asked her what was really on her mind. She told me that several times that week she had tried to suck her husband off, but pulled away at the last second each time. She knew he was very frustrated by it and she was angry with herself for not doing it. Then she lowered her head and very softly asked me if I would do it again.

“What?” I said.

“Would you please suck him bursa merkez eskort off again?” She said softly.

I reached out and raised her chin, to look in her eyes, and told her that as long as we were friends I would do anything for her. And then asked her when she wanted me to do it.

She lowered her head again and meekly said, “I know it’s asking a lot and imposing, but could you do it now?”

“Now!” I said with surprise.

“Oh, I knew it would be asking too much.” She said, almost crying.

I hugged her to me and whispered, “Now would be fine, now would be fine. Where is he?”

“Are you sure? Oh God, I don’t like taking advantage of you. Are you sure?” She sniffled in my ear.

‘I’m sure. I Love Sucking Cock. And he has a nice one that gives delicious cum.” I whispered in her ear. Then I whispered, “Delicious cum,” again. I leaned back and asked where he was and she said he was on the rack again. I took my heels off and snuck in not making a sound. When my mouth suddenly closed on his cock, he jumped so hard that it almost came out, but I stayed with him and began my feast. This time he couldn’t speak because she had put a ball gag in his mouth. I was naughty and teased him over and over by bringing him to the brink, only to stop and let his cock out of my mouth. As he calmed down, I would lick and suck his balls and kiss the bend of his legs and thighs. I did this eleven times leaving him moaning and wiggling and then on the twelfth I let him cum in my mouth. He was so worked up that I almost couldn’t take it all, but I did. I didn’t swallow it all but kept some in my mouth and quietly left the room.

My friend was standing right outside the door, listening, because I took so long. I grabbed her and kissed her, passing the cum I had saved from my mouth to hers as I held the back of her head. She didn’t pull away or convulse, she moaned and returned my kiss with passion. When I pulled away, her eyes were closed and a small amount of cum was dripping from the corner of her mouth to her chin.

“That was his cum, wasn’t it?” She whispered.

“Yes.” I said. “And there’s a little on your chin.”

She tentatively licked around her moth and closed her eyes. I could tell she was testing its taste. Then she took her finger and wiped the last drop from her chin and stuck her finger in her mouth and moaned. “This way the taste isn’t so bad. I could get used to it. So, why can’t I let him cum in my mouth?” She said, quizzically.

Just then it came to me, it was the act of cuming that bothered her, not cum. It also came to me, that she should use a cock like she made for me and practice with it. As I talked about it her eyes got big and she figured it out to. She had made a flavored thick cream for me and she could do the same thing for herself. But first, I said, “Practice with it empty. Just use air and get used to it throbbing in your mouth. Then add the flavored liquid you like. When you can take it that way, you should be able to suck him off.”

Two weeks went by before she called again and asked me to come over right away. When I got there she was a giggly little girl and started telling me how she conquered her problem. I asked her if she were sure about that and she said, “Oh Yes!” and holding up a cock like her husbands, said, “This one’s been shooting in my mouth for three days.” She told me it took a week for the repulsion to stop and another couple of days to not gag when it shot her butterscotch cream, and then she loved it. “Now I have one more thing to ask bursa sınırsız escort of you, and I hope you’ll agree.” She said, excitedly.

“As long as we stay friends, and it’s not too kinky.” I replied.

“You’ll always be my special friend,” She said as she bent to kiss me. “Well, you know I’m not into swinging. I don’t want anyone to join my husband and me for sex, but you helped me get past my hang-up and I want you to watch me do it properly for the first time.”

As soon as she said it, my pussy was tingling as was my mouth. As a light orgasm rippled through me, I told her I would love to see her first loving swallow.

She took me by the hand and led me to the room and whispered for me to just quietly watch, before opening the door.

We quietly walked in and I stepped to the side. She removed her dress and stepped forward to rub her hands and tits on her husbands’ chest and stomach. He was squirming as she lowered herself to rub his cock on her tits. Holding his cock in her hand she sat on her heels and stuck it in her mouth making him moan.

I imagined she were me as orgasms rippled though my body. It was so erotic watching as she caressed his ass, hips, and thighs while moving her mouth back and forth on his cock. I saw him stiffen, and thought, ‘This is it,’ but she stopped moving and held only the tip in her lips. When he relaxed, she went back to loving his cock. He stiffened again, and this time she didn’t stop, she grabbed his ass with both hands and moved her head to milk him. He was cuming in jerks, like he did in my mouth, while she moaned lustily and sucked it down.

The whole time he was cuming in her mouth she was looking me in the eyes. She kept sucking until he was hard again and began again to get his cum.

Once again as he cum in her mouth she was looking me in the eyes.

As he again began to soften she stood up and walked to me. I knew she had a mouthful of cum and was shaking in anticipation.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me letting his fresh warm cum flood my mouth. When she stepped back, I was weak kneed and she led me back to the workshop.

“How was that?” She asked.

I weakly muttered, “My God, I am so turned on right now!”

“I’m glad you liked it. You deserved to watch me swallow my husbands cum for the first time without gagging and wanting to throw-up. Thank You, for helping me. Oh God, Thank You!” After a long pause she said, “After you leave, I’m going in to fuck and tease him for a while. Then I’m going to remove the blindfold and look him in the eyes as I suck him off. I want to see his eyes when he cums in my mouth and I swallow it lovingly.”

It’s been several years since this happened and she still thanks me for helping her. Those two times I sucked her husbands cock were the only times I sucked him and she never has told him it was me.

Now I’ll describe the prosthetic penis she made for me. It is an inflatable strap-on made with a stretchy material. When first seen, it looks like a normal soft cock between 2 and 3 inches long to the front. In back there is a smooth protrusion that also inflates. The rear protrusion juts up sharply and develops ridges. There is a hand operated bulb that inflates both sides with an oil that can be warmed before use. It reaches a maximum length of six and a half inches long and five inches around with a nicely flanged head. The balls hang in a loose sack, so they swing freely. They are two metal bulbs that can be filled with any safe liquid and pressurized with a small electric air pump. There is a button to release the fluid in the balls that allows an elliptical ball to rotate; this rotation sends the fluid out of the cock in spurts like a real cock when it shoots cum.

I’ve worn all of the parts out several times over the years and my friend never charges for a rebuild.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32