Derek Pt. 02

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Hi! My name is Susan, Derek’s Mom. I am so surprised to see his story on Literotica. I had no idea that he knew about this site. So now I will tell you my version of our story.

My husband is Samuel. He is a little older than me but seems much older. He used to be so much fun and that’s why we conceived Derek on my Prom night.

I enjoyed watching Derek growing up and hoped that he would be the man he is now. I am so surprised when he asks me to teach him to dance and also about dinner etiquette.

For his first dance lesson I dress like I did in school. When he remarks on my bikini panties while I whirl it really surprises me. As we dance, I love the feel of his strong young body against me. When he asks me to twirl some more so he can see my panties, I think it is really cool that I turn him on. Derek surprises me when he kisses me lightly on my lips.

Our dinner date is great. Teaching a nice, young gentlemen all the etiquette lessons is like a dream to me. I realize that he is my son, but my mind is wandering about who he will be one day. While we walk together afterwards with our arms around each other I am in Dreamland. I feel like I am 18. Derek asks me to teach him how to kiss. I see my son’s face, but as our lips touch and my eyes close, I feel someone else holding me. When our tongues touch, I feel tingles that I haven’t felt in years. On our second kiss, the tingles drift down to my pussy. Our good night kiss is so sweet and deep. I walk into my bedroom and play with my largest toy. Between my vibrator and my imagination, my climax is intense.

Our next dance practice is so sweet. I lay my body against Derek, and it seems to fit perfectly. While Derek lightly massages my back and upper ass, it feels so right.

Derek mentions an overnight trip to see a college and my husband suggests that he take me with him. I am elated. I am not sure how the trip will evolve but I have my thoughts and my dreams. I check into the motel, and I request a king bed. I tell Derek there are no twin queen beds available.

As he is swimming and I sunning, I untie my top strap and tuck my bikini bottoms up so he can look at genç gaziantep escort my ass. I am feeling so sexy and naughty. As we swim, I am thrilled when he catches me from behind. I can feel his hard cock on my ass. I slowly move so his cock is filling the crack of my ass. It surprises me when he reaches around to feel my breasts. What a thrill to know that my son is so turned on by me. When I break away to go to our room, I am expecting him to follow me. I wonder if I dare go through with what I am hoping for.

I put on my short shorts and braless crop top hoping to move everything one step further. Derek spoons up to my ass and puts his arm around me. I am so happy when I feel his hand touching my bare breast. I can feel his hard cock on my ass. I think it is time for me to make my move.

I move my hand behind me and start softly stoking my son’s large cock. I can feel the shock in him. I am on cloud nine with his hand under my top and my hand feeling that wonderful hard cock. He lowers his boxers to free his cock. I turn to lay on my back. What a thrill to have my hand on such a beautiful cock after all these years with my husband. As my son and I kiss, our passion rises further. Our tongues are dancing. Derek then starts kissing all along my neck. I start sliding down between his legs. I look in awe at that big hard, beautiful cock right before my eyes. I see a drop of pre cum and my tongue reaches for it. It tastes so sweet, and a flicker of thought says that it is from my son’s cock for my mouth. I slowly suck his cock head into my mouth.

I suck my husband’s cock, but he does not come in my mouth. I am not going to stop sucking my son’s cock until I receive all of his cum. I also realize that it will happen soon. As my mouth and tongue play with his big cock, my hand is massaging his balls. I feel his balls constricting and tightening up. I take him deep in my mouth. Derek grabs my head as he explodes his hot cum deep into my mouth. I swallow as fast as possible, but it starts running down my chin. As he finishes, I looked up smiling at him with his cum drenching gaziantep genç escort my face. The look on his face is of total satisfaction. I move up and give my son a deep passionate kiss so that he can taste his own cum.

Derek moves down between my legs. He says, “Mom, I’ve read about oral sex on the computer. Please tell me what feels good to you.”

I answer, “Son, I’ve never had oral sex performed on me before. Your father thought it was gross. Let’s learn together,

Derek remembers to keep his tongue soft as it slides between the folds of my pussy. As it drifts over my clit, I feel the tingles and sigh. He starts sucking lightly on my clit as my passion increases. He rolls his lower lip over my clit, and I gasp. He continues sucking and using his lips and I grab his head. I hold it to my pussy, as I had a marvelous climax. This is the first time I have had oral sex and my first climax by my son! Derek comes up with his face all wet and kisses my face so that I can taste myself on his tongue.

Derek says, “Mom, I’m so happy that I am the first to give you a climax this way. You are so special!”

We hold each other as we sleep for a while. We decide to have a nice dinner when we wake up. During dinner we discuss my relationship with his father and how we should continue with our sexual relationship. We agree that it will continue for the near future anyway.

When we return to our room, we slowly undress each other as we kiss. Our hands explore each other’s bodies with pleasure. We lay on the bed as our passion starts rising. As Derek starts kissing his way down my body, he stops to suck and massage my breasts. My mind realizes that he has not done this since he was a year old. It is a completely different feeling today! His tongue trails down to my belly button and then down to my wet pussy. I feel his tongue splitting my pussy, delving deep into it. He comes up to suck lightly on my clit while flicking it with his tongue. I am in heaven! Today is the first ever that I have had my pussy licked. He then trails his tongue down to my anus and slowly back. gaziantep genç escort bayan He sucks harder on my clit, while alternating rolling his bottom lip over it. My climax comes quickly as I hold his head into my pussy with my hands. He comes up for some more wonderful deep kissing.

As I recover, I slide down my son’s body, sucking on his nipples, then on down to lay between his legs. That beautiful cock of his is again between my lips as I suck it into my mouth. It is so sweet to think that I am doing this for Derek. I suck him deep and then lick his shaft down to his balls. I lick and nip his balls which drives him wild. I then let my tongue drift down to his anus and slowly back up. I suck him deep into my mouth so that his cock head enters my throat. This is a first for me and for him. I want him to last for a long time, so I slow down to just kissing his cock. After a few minutes I straddle his hips. As he watches, I slowly put his cock head into my pussy and slowly sink down on it.

I am actually fucking my wonderful son! I feel his big cock inside me! I slowly move my ass up and down and then lay on his chest as we kiss. Both of us feel that our sex is perfect. We rest together for a couple of minutes and then I can’t control myself any longer. I have not had good sex for so long. I go wild fucking my son, feeling his cock rubbing on my clit and being so deep in my pussy. Derek’s cock gets bigger, and he says loudly that he is cumming! I sink his cock in my pussy as deep as possible. I can feel the spurts of his hot cum shooting deep inside my pussy as I climax with him! My own son’s sperm is swimming deep inside my pussy! What a thrill!

We roll sideways and hold each other tightly, thinking about what we just did. Eventually we fall asleep with Derek’s soft cock still inside me.

We wake the next morning and smile sweetly at each other. I pull Derek with me into the shower. As we soap each other and play, we marveled at our new relationship. We come back to lay naked on the bed.

I pull Derek on top of me and feed his hard cock into my pussy. We enjoy our fucking for several minutes as our passion rises. I wrap my legs around his ass and pull him in tight. Soon we are wild as our climax’s rush over us. We hold each other as we roll onto our sides. We are so pleased with each other’s happiness.

Derek suggests that we make the same excuse next week to travel as his father does not know that he has already committed to this university. I agree that is a wonderful plan.

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