Dermatologist’s Very Thorough Exam

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The Author gives special thanks to his editor Ladylustful, who provided both grammar and content guidance.


At the end of my exam my Dermatologist, Dr. Mike Stevens, said “James, I’m retiring at the end of the year, and you need to find a new doctor. I’ve added a new partner, whom I recommend. He’s a recent graduate, and he’s a great guy. I’m sure you’ll like him.”

I’ve heard that same phrase a lot recently. As I’ve gotten older, a number of my physicians have retired, forcing me to find new doctors, who are often very young and inexperienced. Years ago, I made the decision to opt for experienced doctors instead of those my age or younger. The irony is that when I didn’t really need experienced doctors, I had them. Now that I’ve reached the age where I need experienced doctors, I have green ones.

Living in New Orleans and having been born in the Irish Channel, I had the perfect storm for skin cancer: lots of sun and pale Irish skin. Since I had a few skin cancer spots removed, I’ve been really serious about my skin care. “Mike, I appreciate your recommendation, but I’m looking for someone with more experience. Can you recommend someone who has 20 or more years that you think would be a good fit for me?”

He looked me in the eye, and seemed to be trying to figure out what he should say. Finally, he smiled, and said “James, there’s a Doctor who I think would be the perfect fit for you. This Doctor is in very high demand, but I think I could use my influence to get you an appointment. The protocol that you’ll have to follow is a lot more …” Dr. Stevens seemed to be unsure of the exact right word, but then continued, “… stringent and will require your absolute adherence.” He went on to say that Dr. Lee was 50, about 6 years younger than me, and was the prior president of the state’s dermatological society.

Dr. Stevens excused himself for a few minutes to make the call, and I could hear a few words through the doorway “… James Travis … squamous … basal … protocol … obedient …” What the hell did obedient mean? Anyway, Dr. Stevens came back to see me a few minutes later and said I was set up. “Jim” he said, “I had to go out on a limb for you with Dr. Lee.” Laughing, and shaking my hand, he said “Please don’t miss your appointment; I want a peaceful retirement.”

I didn’t remember Dr. Stevens acting so oddly before, and I figured it was either time for his retirement, or he had always been a little flaky but hid it from his patients. Now that he was retiring, he didn’t bother to hide it.

The six months passed quickly, as I followed Dr. Stevens’s protocol of self-examination and daily use of sun screen. I showed up for my 1:00 pm appointment a few minutes early, since I thought I’d have a lot of paperwork as a new patient. I was right; I had 15 minutes of medical history and insurance coverage paperwork, and then sat and waited, and waited, and waited. Having been a long term patient of Dr. Stevens, I was always able to score end of day appointments which were very convenient for me as I could leave work an hour early, see the doctor, and be home at my normal time.

I approached the receptionist, and said “Excuse me Miss…,” Looking at her name tag “Emily. I’ve been waiting for quite a while, what time do you think I’ll be seeing the Doctor?”

Emily smiled her best fake smile, and said “The Doctor had an unexpected procedure, and we’ve been behind ever since. Honey, we’ll get to you as soon as we can.” I had to smile at the “Honey” remark. Anywhere else, it would be a complete put-down, but Emily was definitely a local, and that’s how women talk to men here, regardless of their relative ages.

Finally, I was called in at 1:45. Nurse Barb took my vitals and asked a slew of medical history questions, most of which were already on the form I’d filled out. Barb was cute, and obviously frazzled by their schedule, so I bit my tongue and answered her questions again. She then showed me a drawing of a nude male, front and back, and said “Hon, just show me where you’ve had cancer treatments before, and anywhere you want the doctor to provide additional attention.”

I indicated the forehead, and upper back. “I don’t really have any problems right now”, I said, “but I’d like the Doctor to give me an exam. I know what to look for on my forehead, but I never saw the spot on my back.”

She circled the forehead, and asked “How many spots on your forehead?”

“Three”, I replied.

“The Back?” she asked. “Only one”, I answered.

She circled the forehead and wrote a 3 there, and wrote a 1 on the back. She then asked “Anything else in particular that you want examined?” I imagined that she was holding her pen right over the crotch in the picture as she asked, but I was letting my imagination get the best of me.

Barb then opened a drawer, and pulled out a bundle. She handed it to me and said “Undress and put this on; the open side goes to the back.” My imagination was really running wild now, and I had to calm myself down. The last thing I’d want is to have this Ümraniye Öğrenci Escort new doctor walk in and see another guy with a hard-on. I thought back, and Dr. Stevens had never had me strip like this. In fact, I only removed clothes when I said I wanted him to take a look at a problem area. I was trying to convince myself that this was a good thing, and that Dr. Lee was just more thorough than Dr. Stevens.

I really hate hospital gowns. I’m 6’4″, and they’re just not long enough. I undressed, put the gown on, but remained standing. I knew if I sat down, the gown would ride up and expose me. I was a little nervous, and hoped the cute nurse wouldn’t be in for the exam.

A few minutes later, there was a light tap on the door and Dr. Lee walked in. I was absolutely stunned! Dr. Lee was a woman, an incredibly attractive Asian woman. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I had never even considered that Dr. Lee might be a woman. She extended her hand for a shake and introduced herself as Dr. Lee, but told me to call her Jane.

If Mike hadn’t told me, I’d never guess she was 50. I’d always had trouble estimating the age of Asian women, and Jane Lee was no exception. She gave me a big smile, and immediately started reading my medical history. “Barb? This is a new patient. Why does he only have a 15 minute appointment? I can’t do a new patient exam in 15 minutes. I’m sorry, but he’ll have to reschedule”. She smiled, and said “I’ll do a preliminary, but then we’ll have to schedule another appointment for a full exam, especially since you have a history. Don’t worry; I won’t make it hard for you.”

I wasn’t happy, but to be honest, I was more nervous about my near naked state than a 2nd appointment. I even hoped that all we’d do is talk and the exam wouldn’t take place at all. And what the hell did that last sentence mean? Did she sometimes beat you with a stick? The “hard” phrase made me very self-conscious of my level of undress.

However, looking at the drawing that Nurse Barb had used, she immediately started an exam of my forehead. Part of a skin exam is a visual inspection, and a light rubbing of the skin, checking for rough spots since pre-cancerous spots are usually rough to the touch. She said my forehead looked good, and she quickly ran her hands over my arms while examining them. She asked where else I had cancer before and I indicated the spot on my upper back where I had my first lesion years ago. She said “You’re too big for me; lie down on the table so I can see you better.”

I wasn’t enthusiastic about this, as it would be difficult to climb on the table without exposing myself. However, Dr. Lee and Barb were pros and pretended to need to look at my chart as I climbed up. That did little for my self-consciousness however. My ass was now exposed, and I’m sure they could see my balls if they were at the foot of the table.

Dr. Lee pulled her bright exam light over me, grabbed a magnifying glass and soon found the spot that Dr. Stevens had treated years before. She continued over and down my back, and said “Good, good, very nice” as she ran her hands over my skin. I could feel that the gown material had fallen off my back, and I could feel goose bumps on my back and ass as she ran her hands over me.

She chuckled and said “Cute”, which only caused me to be more and more conscious of her touch. I tried my best to think about baseball or Rosie O’Donnell, or anything else that would kill a hard-on, but my cock was beginning to react to her touch.

I had lost track of where Barb was standing, but it sounded like she was at the foot of the table as she and Dr. Lee discussed my exam. I knew if I had to turn over, they would notice my half hard cock – it would be hard to conceal. I was hoping that she would stop the exam and give me a few moments to collect myself before I had to turn over.

Then, she touched my ass, and asked how long had that been there. I was confused, and uttered a profound “Huh?” She laughed, rubbed my ass in what felt like a playful way, and said my skin tag. I had completely forgotten! I have a small skin tag on my right cheek. It’s harmless and hasn’t changed in years. I guess she was just being thorough. Regardless, her gentle rubbing of my ass only made my cock harder, and I was now sweating bullets that I’d have to turn over or get up soon.

It was then that she said, “Please turn over, and let me look at your legs and chest”. I froze, and it was quickly obvious that I was delaying the inevitable, when she said “Come on, turn over, we need to finish the preliminary exam”. I hesitated, but turned over trying to angle away from her, while I held the gown down as best as I could, but it had to be obvious to them. Neither of them seemed to react, and Dr. Lee started examining my feet, and was moving up my legs. As she moved up, I became more and more aware of her touch, what her fingers were moving towards, and how I was going to react. “Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie O’Donnell”, I chanted to myself, but it did no good. Like a Phoenix, my Ümraniye Çıtır Escort cock sprang up and escaped the confines of the too-short gown. Absolutely stricken, I looked at both of their faces as I tried to cover myself.

The briefest grin flashed on Barb’s face, but Dr. Lee’s smiling face suddenly turned very professional. She said “Barb, we are out of time, please work out a schedule when we can bring this session to completion.” Having said that, Dr. Lee spun around and left the room.

Barb had her professional face on now and said “Jim, I’ll give you a few minutes to uh, get dressed. I’ll be back in a few minutes with a follow up appointment.” With a furtive glance at my dick, she turned and left the office.

“God, what a fuck-up!” I thought to myself. “If I get out of here without an arrest warrant I’ll never come back.” With both women now out of the examination room, my dick quickly decided to behave and I was able to get dressed.

After waiting several minutes, Barb knocked and came in. I couldn’t miss the quick look at my crotch, but she was otherwise very professional. She told me “Dr. Lee would like to see you again at 5:00 pm today if you’re available. It will be weeks before a regular slot is open, so after hours today is your best bet.”

“I think it would be best if I didn’t come back to see Dr. Lee”, I said, “Considering what just happened. I’m sure she would prefer that I see someone else.”

Barb put a hand on my arm, looked at me and smiled and said “Bullshit Jim, you’re coming back here, and you’re coming back today at 5:00. These things happen sometimes. To be honest, it’s the most interesting thing that’s happened here in weeks: don’t worry about it.”

Now I was doubly embarrassed: for exposing my hard-on and then again for chickening out. I told her I could come back at 5:00, and that I prefer the late afternoon appointments anyway. I was trying to apologize again for my lack of control, but she changed the subject to office gossip. “Jim, if you think you screwed up, you should be our receptionist, Emily. Not only did she screw up your appointment, but she also screwed up the earlier appointment that caused the schedule delay. Dr. Lee is about to explode with anger, and Emily is in big trouble. Dr. Lee knows how to handle people who piss her off.”

Returning to my office, I thought a long time about whether I should return. I had embarrassed myself, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to face Dr. Lee again. And Barb’s comment about pissing off Dr. Lee resonated with me. How will she treat me? In the end, however, I considered that Dr. Stevens had gone out of his way to get me this appointment, and besides, I wasn’t sure what would happened to Emily and Barb if I didn’t show up. OK, bullshit! I was enthralled with the idea of the Dr. seeing my dick again.

So at 5 o’clock, I found myself back at her office. The door indicated that the normal hours of operations ended at 4:30, and the door was locked. I thought about taking the coward’s way out, and I must have stood outside for a minute trying to get my nerve up. Finally the receptionist, Emily, opened the door and said “Are you coming in Hon? You look like some kind of fool standing outside with your fist raised to the door! I’ve got to stay late without pay because I fucked up today. And, I heard what you did! Wish I had been there to see that. I just hope my punishment isn’t as bad as last time.” I caught the “last time”, and wondered what that meant. Before I could ask, Dr. Lee came through the door leading to the exam rooms, with both hands behind her back, looked at me with a look of disdain and said that she would have to teach both of us a lesson. I immediately began to protest when she stopped me with a scorching look and a raised eyebrow.

“Emily, you know what your punishment is tonight, and I’m guessing that Barb told you about Jim’s issues keeping his pecker under control. By the way, with her out tonight, you’re responsible for his actions tonight.” I was more than a little angry and confused at this point, and was about to really get angry with her when she turned to me and said “Jim, strip right now. I want to see if you can keep that little cock of yours under control. If you can’t, I’ll train you.”

I laughed nervously, turned to look at the exit door, thinking that she was crazy. She whipped her right hand from behind her back, exposing the riding crop she was carrying, and slapped the end of it against my leg. I’m in complete shock now, not knowing what to do or say. She repeated again “James,” she said as if to a child, “strip right now”. She smiled as she ran the tip of the crop down my stomach to my crotch, and said she’d love to demonstrate her training techniques.

I became keenly aware of the reception area right then: there were two windows with blinds that were partially open, and a glass door that had no covering at all. The street we were on was a dead-end heading to a cul-de-sac populated with other medical offices. There wasn’t heavy traffic at this time of day, but Ümraniye Elit Escort there was a very real chance that anyone who drove past would see me.

I just stood there, unable to move. Dr. Lee saw the indecision on my face, and offered me an out. “Mr. Travis, you can leave right now, no questions asked. If you leave, you are no longer welcome at my clinic. But, if you stay, you must follow all of my instructions precisely. You need to make up your mind, little man.”

I think any other person in my position would walk away, and I think in ninety-nine out of a hundred times, I’d walk too. But, to my own utter amazement, I began to undress. I removed my shirt, kicked off my shoes, and with shaking hands, unbuckled my pants. The worst part is… that this was exciting me. I was aroused by the idea of being naked in such a compromising position. As I dropped my pants, Dr. Lee took a look at my crotch, shook her head, and returned to the exam area. Emily had no such disappointment. She looked downright excited as she watched me undress. Standing only in my boxers, I looked down to see a bulge! How was I ever going to stand in front of the Doctor without a hard-on? I pulled my boxers down, and my dick bobbed up a little as it was freed. I closed my eyes and tried to think of everything except where I was and what I was doing. For her part, Emily was no longer looking at me and had seemed to lose interest once Dr. Lee had left.

After picturing Rosie in her baseball outfit from “A League of Their Own” for a few moments, my cock went completely limp.

Dr. Lee crashed back through the door, looked at me and gave me a smile. “I see that you are cooperating James. That’s good. Maybe I will allow you to be my patient after all. But I do have another test. Emily, strip down. I want to test James to see if he can control himself”.

Emily once again looked absolutely joyous. It was obvious that Emily worshiped Dr. Lee, and would do anything she said.

Emily was wearing a pink printed dress, and gave me her innocent look and bit her lip before walking to me, spinning around and said “Can you unzip me Jim?” I couldn’t believe it, and my hands were shaking as I reached up and unzipped her dress. I immediately realized she didn’t have a bra on. Emily pushed the dress off her shoulders and kind of shimmied it off, revealing not only a bare back but a beautiful bare ass too.

I looked over to Dr. Lee who had a smile on her face and a raised eyebrow: she was testing me! “Jim” she said, “would you like Emily to turn around? And will you be able to control yourself?”

“I don’t know, I mean yes, I want her to turn around, but no, I don’t know if I can control myself!” I stammered.

Just then, I saw headlights as a car passed the clinic. I rushed “Yes, turn around, turn around!” What I saw was an unbelievably beautiful body. Emily must be a workout freak! She had small but perfect tits, tight abs, and a light landing strip just above her pussy. I had the most amazing reaction! You’d expect my cock to instantly pop up but all I could think of was disappointing Dr. Lee, and my cock barely responded. My dick thickened up a little, but didn’t stand up. Dr. Lee looked impressed enough, and she told Emily to lead me into the exam room.

I was feeling pretty impressed with myself, until I realized how Emily was going to lead me. “Follow me, big boy” she said, as she grabbed my balls and cock, and pulled me forward. Any confidence I had in myself was completely shattered as she pulled me forward, and discreetly stroked the head of my cock. By the time I went through the door to the exam area, I was getting hard again and wanting more of Emily’s touch.

I found myself in a darkened exam room, larger than the one I was in before. There was a single bright light shining in my eyes, and I heard Dr. Lee say “Stand still Jim, I want to examine you”. My cock was beginning to learn the error of its ways, and drooped to a near normal state.

She looked me over, touching me only with the looped end of the crop, which she used to probe my cock and balls. “Turn around Jim, I need to see more”. I dutifully turned around, able only to see shadows and the after-image of the bright light burned into my retinas. After running her hands over my back and running the crop tip down my ass crack, she told me to go to the exam table, and put my elbows on it.

Being over 50, I knew what that meant; a prostate exam. I remained in that embarrassing position for what seemed like minutes when I heard the snap of a glove. “Here it comes,” I thought and cringed, anticipating a finger up my ass. Instead,

I felt a hand slide past my ass, and cup my balls. “Jim, you’ve been a good boy so far. You now have my permission to get hard.” Damn, the only thing more difficult than suppressing a hard-on is having one on command!

Despite my concern, I found that I was up almost instantly. It may have had something to do with Dr. Lee’s hand wrapped around my cock, or the fact that Emily had slid in next to me and was fondling my balls too. Regardless, I still jolted when she slid that lubed finger into my ass and found my prostate. She did a lot more probing around than my GP normally did. She seemed to really massage it, and coupled with her playing with my cock and balls, pre-cum oozed out and I was afraid I would cum almost instantly.

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