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My life has been a sheltered one, but after my strict father died, I decided it was time to learn more about life. At 18 I enrolled in an evening class at the local high school and soon made friends. Apart from the subjects I was taking, I learned about socialising with others – that included flirting. I found I really enjoyed flirting and I seemed to be quite good at it from the attention I would get from men. Of course, it never went any further, after all, I was still the good girl I had been raised to be.

I’m talking in class as usual and yet unable to take my eyes off the gorgeous body at the front of the class, undressing him with my eyes, he is most definitely the hottest teacher at this school. He notices me looking and I smile seductively “Is something wrong Sir?” I ask. He tells me to stop talking and carry on with my work. I enjoy flirting with him, as I have all year. I know nothing will come of it, him being my teacher, so it’s a safe fun game for me “Yes Sir”. I turn to my friend whispering loudly at how cute he is.

“That’s it. Detention.” he reprimands.

It’s the end of the day and classes eventually let out, and everyone leaves to go home. I return to his classroom and approach the desk, swaying my hips as I walk. I like teasing him, making him notice the way I move. He stands and closes the door, but I’m not worried, I don’t believe he’d ever actually do anything; so I carry on flirting. “I’m really very sorry Sir” I smile suggestively “I promise to be a good girl from now on.”

He walks over and stands behind me. “I know you will.” He pulls my hair, exposing my neck and kisses it. “Or else I will carry this on a lot further and you wouldn’t want that would you?”

I’m in shock; I never thought he would take advantage of me, not really. Flirting and teasing him for the last year has been a game, that’s all. I’m stunned into silence, frozen as if a rabbit caught in the headlights, not experienced enough to deal with this situation.

He continues kissing my neck and slowly his hands start to roam over my body, “I have been waiting for this for a long time. I’ve taught you about karma. You didn’t think you could get away with flirting with me like that and expect to get nothing back, did you? Now it’s my turn.” He slowly starts to unbutton my shirt while still kissing my neck.

My heartbeat races, my breathing quickens and my tits are heaving almost out of my bra. “Sir…” I don’t know how to tell him to stop, his kisses are doing something to my body, but I know this isn’t right. “Sir… please…”

He stops kissing me. “Shut up you teasing little whore. Now strip naked for me bitch.”

“What?” I can’t believe this is happening. “If this is some kind of joke, I’ve learned my lesson Sir”

“No joke bitch! Do as I say or I’ll teach you a lesson you won’t forget in a hurry!” I don’t move. He walks over and pins me to the wall with no escape, slowly starting to pull my clothes away. I wriggle but to no avail. One hand moves to my throat as the other grabs my breasts. I start to struggle, but I only manage to help him get his thigh between my legs.

He must be able to feel my heart beating hard beneath my heaving cleavage. I try desperately to pull his hand off my throat, but he’s too strong, too powerful. He tightens his grip the more I fight, I relax; but he knows I’m just waiting for a chance to escape.

His thigh edges its way up between my legs, rubbing against my pussy. With one hand on my throat, his other hand releases my breasts from their lace prison. He admires my pert tits as they fill his hand nicely. He gently caresses them at first, enjoying their firmness as he squeezes them “Just like a peach ripe for the picking.”

He kisses my neck and whispers in my ear, “You’re such a tease.”

I Maltepe Escort shake my head “No please.” I whimper. He smiles and tries to kiss me, but I turn my head, so he grabs a handful of hair forcing his kiss on me. He pushes his tongue between my lips. His grip in my hair and around my throat tightens, threatening me. I understand the danger and kiss him back.

He presses his body up against mine, squashing my breasts against his chest. His cock is getting harder and harder as his kisses become more and more urgent. His hand moves down from my hair to my breast, grabbing it roughly. “Mmm, you like this bitch, don’t you?” he taunts, leaning back and kissing me again. He takes both my hands and pins them above my head, and then reaches down to find his way under my skirt.

I really start to struggle now, but it’s already too late. My arms are pinned and I can’t even kick him because he’s pried my legs open with his body. He lifts my skirt and rips my panties off, exposing me, only to find me warm and inviting. “Mmm… This little cunt seems to be enjoying itself,” he says as he forces a finger deep inside, probing around in my tight, wet pussy.

I gasp as his finger enters me finding my g-spot, and rubbing it. I’m trying desperately not to let my body respond to his touch. However, it betrays me as my pussy fills with juice, dripping down his fingers. He looks at me, smiling. I turn my head away in shame. He whispers in my ear “Your pussy seems to want me” and he plunges another finger deep inside me. I gasp again and he laughs triumphantly, thrusting in a third. He hears my stifled moan as I bite my lower lip. “I want to hear from you that you like this, bitch… Say it.” I shake my head “Say it!”

I shake my head again “No.” I try to put force behind the word, but it comes out sounding more like a plea.

He puts his mouth close to my ear “One way or another you will learn to do as I say. Now tell me you like this.” His cold voice sends shivers down my spine. His whole body is radiating a primal danger.

“I like it.” I say and he smiles, still pinning my hands to the wall, knowing that he has me now.

“What do you like?” he asks as he pumps my pussy slowly with his fingers.

I look down and whisper, “I like what you’re doing.”

“Not loud enough!” he says with a commanding voice. “What do you like?”

“I like what you’re doing.” I repeat louder. He slides his fingers out and rubs my juices over my hooded bud. My eyes close and my head tilts as I moan with the pleasure he’s causing. “And what about this?” he asks.

“Yes.” I groan, my breathing getting heavier as he plays with my swollen, throbbing clit. He lets go of my hands and grabs my firm tits, pulling at them, squeezing them, pinching my nipples hard. He continues to finger fuck me while he whispers in my ear, “And liking this, what does it make you? I want to hear you say it”

“Wet.” I answer as he drops his head to my nipple, sucking it hard to the point where pain and pleasure meet. I moan again, his fingers and mouth turning me on. He pulls back, removing his fingers from my wet pussy and slides them in his mouth, tasting me.

“Sit on my desk.” When I hesitate, he adds “Or I’ll spank your ass with a ruler.” The sudden violence emanating from him scares me into obeying. He unzips his pants, exposing his cock “It’s time to suck your first cock slut. Open your mouth bitch!” I do and he pushes his huge cock into my waiting mouth. He grabs my hair and starts sliding my mouth up and down his cock, slowly at first. My eyes are watering as he forces his way so far down my throat, making me gag. I try to move my head away but he holds me in place and continues fucking my face faster and faster, his balls slapping against my chin. As I start to panic, he pulls out of Anadolu Yakası Escort my mouth sitting down in his chair. He tells me to put a foot on each armrest and spread myself wide for him. “Rub yourself!”

Thankful that I can breathe again, I open my legs and start to rub my clit. He starts stroking his cock while he watches me touching myself on his desk. I’ve never seen a man hard before and my eyes can’t seem to move away from his growing dick, amazed at the change that’s taking place.

He moves the chair closer, which makes my knees bend further upwards, spreading me even wider. He’s so close that I can feel his warm breath on my pussy. His hands rest on my knees for a moment until they slide down my thighs, parting my labia and exposing my hole – so wet, so warm, and so inviting. He buries his head between my legs and laps at my hole, pushing his tongue in deep. I gasp loudly, never having experienced anything so amazing. His tongue pushes my finger out of the way and flicks over the hard bud; and that’s all it takes to push me over the edge. My body erupts with wave upon wave of pure pleasure, reaching every inch of my body. White lights flash like stars behind my eyelids, my nipples harden and ache, my breasts too full it’s almost painful. My pussy explodes as my orgasm floods my senses. I cry out as my body shakes and shudders.

He knows I’m ready. He lays me back on his desk and rubs his swollen cock head against my clit, forcing out the last echoes of my orgasm, before pushing his rock hard dick in my tight hole. I almost scream as the pain shoots through me. He wraps his arms around me, holding me tight against him as he lets me get used to him being inside me. He slowly pushes his way in farther, inch by inch, as he whispers in my ear that it’ll be ok, to just relax and breathe. After a while, the pain starts to ease and he begins to move deeper inside me, quickening the pace.

I start to feel something else, something building, my breathing getting heavier. His hands slip under my ass, tilting my hips. I hold on to his shoulders, my nails digging into his skin as his cock buries deeper inside me, pumping me harder and faster. “Do you like that?” he whispers in my ear as his cock pounds into me.

I gasp “Yes Sir. Don’t stop. Please.” I beg, wrapping my legs around him. He ploughs his cock into me again, tearing a moan from me.

“Tell me,” he commands.

“I like it Sir. Oh god, I like it.”

“Do you want more?” he teases as he ploughs into me again.

“Yes!” I scream, “Fuck me Sir!” his dick is so big and hard, pounding my tight pussy. “Fuck me Sir. Fuck me!”

“You’re just a dirty little slut aren’t you? Lying on my desk begging me to fuck you like a whore. Admit it. Tell me you’re my dirty little slut!”

I obey. “I’m your dirty little slut!” He rewards me with another hard pounding. I hold on tight as my orgasm builds, my pussy pulsing, gripping onto his dick.

“That’s it bitch, cum all over my cock!” He fucks me so hard and fast that my breath catches and my pussy squirts my juice everywhere, gushing over his cock and balls, and leaking down my ass.

He immediately pulls out of my pussy and before I can mourn the loss, pushes his head against my puckered hole, lubricated with my own cum, and slides the length of his cock in my ass. After only a second to get used to him, he begins pumping my ass hard, like an animal. “You dirty fucking whore!” he yells as he fucks me harder and harder. “Oh yes, you fucking slut! Take it!” His huge dick slamming into my virgin ass, his balls slapping against my cheeks with each thrust as his moans increase in intensity. “Tell me!” he demands.

I know what he wants me to say. Each thrust, each moan, every word is bringing me closer to another climax. “I’m your Ümraniye Escort dirty little slut Sir. I like your big hard cock pounding me. I like you fucking my ass. I’m a filthy whore and I want you to fuck me hard Sir! Cum in my slutty ass Sir!” A second later I feel him empty his balls deep in my bowels. He collapses on top of me, his cock still buried in my ass, his cum trickling out of my stretched hole.

He turns and kisses me lightly on the cheek. I turn my head and smile and he finds my lips, kissing me long and deep.

He eventually gets off me and slumps down in his chair, clearly exhausted. I watch as his dick begins to soften again, an amazing piece of equipment to give such pain and pleasure. I can see the light reflecting off the glistening coat of our combined sex and I wonder what it tastes like. I slide off the desk onto my knees facing his bulge.

I move my hands to gently cup his empty balls. The sight of such a beautiful dick has my mouth watering. I use my tongue to lick all the way from his balls to the tip. I run it around his swollen head, tasting the sweet juice mixed with salty sperm. My tongue runs back down and I take his balls into my mouth gently sucking them. His cock quivers. I move my tongue back up again tasting every inch of him. I kiss the tip and slide just the head between my lips, using my tongue to dance around his sensitive rim.

I grip his solid thighs as I thrust him deep into my mouth, he moans with pleasure as his cock hits the back of my throat, his balls resting on my chin. I look up to see him watching me as I take him all in. I begin to move my mouth back and forth, along his shaft, sucking, and licking. I moan; loving the way his cock grows in my mouth, loving it quivering on my tongue. His hand smoothes over my hair as he watches me enjoying his dick, eagerly taking him in, needing to give him pleasure. I realise that I may just me his little whore after all.

“Ride me.” he says and watches as I spread my legs across his lap and lower myself onto his waiting cock. I begin to grind my hips, thrusting back and forth, my clit rubbing against his pubic bone as his dick hits home. I gasp at the combined feelings of pleasure and I ride him faster and harder, taking him in as deep as I can, rubbing up against him, grinding.

“Oh god.” I moan; thrusting my hips faster. “I’m gonna cum.” I grab hold of the back of the chair, and go into a thrusting frenzy, riding him like a Derby horse. He pumps his hips to meet mine with each thrust, pleasure searing through my body, turning me into an animal. I bounce up and down hard on his rigid cock. “More!” I cry. He grabs my hips and pulls me to him with each thrust, hitting my g-spot, while grinding my clit. “Oh yes! That’s it! Don’t stop! I’m cumming!” I scream as my body overloads and again I squirt my cream all over his cock.

He lifts me off his lap and turns me round, bending me over his desk. Not giving me a chance to recover, he slams into me repeatedly, riding me like his bitch. He brings his palm down hard on my ass, leaving a red mark. I gasp in surprise. He brings his hand down again as he slams into my pussy. He spanks me again; then again; causing me to call out. He grabs my hips and ploughs deep inside me, his balls slapping my clit teasingly. He grabs my hair and pulls, arching my back, giving him deeper access and slams into me again. I cry out. He spanks my ass and then hits home, over and over, making me cry out with each thrust. My pussy continuously pulsing, never allowed to stop gripping his cock. I’d lost count of the number of orgasms he’d given me when he exploded his second load; filling me with his thick, warm jizz.

After spending a moment enjoying the aftershocks of our session, he slides out and bends to lap at my pussy and ass, cleaning it of all our cum.

We get dressed. I pick up my thong, ruined when he’d ripped it off me. He holds out his hand and smiles. I place it in his palm and he lifts them to his nose and takes a deep sniff before putting them in his pocket. He pulls me to him and we kiss. Detention over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32