Devilish Sister In-Law

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I am happily married to a beautiful Latina named Sammi with soft brown skin. Our sex life is average and we have sex a few times a week.

Things changed when her sister Marisa moved in with us for a short stay. At first the three of us would all hang after work, have a drink and watch a movie. Marisa was 21, tight body, smooth black hair and smoking eyes. It was hard to get a read on her but she was just as beautiful as her sister Sammi.

We were watching a R rated movie one night when in the movie a guy was getting a blowjob. When the guy popped his load, the girl stayed below and swallowed. Marisa saw Sammi give a small grimace like “gross”.

Marisa asked Sammi, “Don’t you swallow” and shot me a look like she does right? Sammi said something non committal like never have, never crosses my mind.

Sammi shot back “All good girls swallow for their man” and shot me another look with a sly smile.

The next weekend I was in my kitchen on a small ladder fixing a light. Marisa and Sammi were in watching me fix it as Sammi said she was running to get a coffee and if any else wanted one. My wife left and it was just Marisa and me. She was chewing gum and was taking half an end out and pulling it out of her mouth and twirling it with her finger.

“So my sis doesn’t swallow ehh?” was her first comment.

“Well I guess she doesn’t, she tried escort bayan bursa it only once and didn’t like the taste.” was all I could stammer. I was trying to keep my focus on staying on the ladder. I couldn’t even imagine this conversation was happening.

“Hmm.. you know she should if she wants to treat her man right… I think I am going to teach my sister a little lesson.” It was getting hard to stay on the ladder now. Marisa stood there in small shorts showing off her beautiful brown legs, nice ass, tight top showing her small tits, pulling the gum in and out of her mouth like she was thinking of something.

“Before I do anything I need to first check what I am working with” said Marisa.

I was standing on the ladder in my shorts with my crotch about head height to Marisa. My cock was starting to swell through my shorts as she slying looked at me and she knew it. She stood just in front of me on the ladder and looked at the growing bulge.

“Marisa I am not sure what you have planned… ” I stammered again. Before I could finish she pulled down my pants a bit, took my cock out and had it in her mouth. She start sucking my cock deep into her mouth. I got lost in the what was happening until I heard the car pull up outside.

“Marisa, stop Sammi just pulled up!” I yelped.

“You better finish quick then” snaked Marisa.

I bursa sinirsiz eskort heard the garage door open and then close. OMG was all I thought I am getting a blowjob from my sister in-law and my wife is going to walk in. I was past the point of no return.

I heard the door open and Sammi yell “Hey guys I am back.”

She was fumbling with something at the door. At that point I could feel it coming and Marisa knew, she doubled her efforts and sucked even harder and deeper. I heard my wife at the base to the stairs doing something. Marisa looked me in my eyes and that was all it took. I grunted and I burst in Marisa’s mouth. I felt like an animal being milked. Marisa just continued to look in my eyes draining every drop I had into her mouth. She pulled her mouth off my cock and pulled my pants up. I sat down on the top of the ladder taking in what had just happened.

Sammi walked into the room with coffee and said “Hey guys”

Marisa still hadn’t swallowed yet, she was holding my cum in her mouth right in front of my wife and my wife had no clue! Marisa closed her mouth and started chewing the gum she had in her mouth with the load of cum, mixing it all together, socking the gum in the thick heavy cream. When my wife looked away for a second Marisa showed my the big wad of gum floating on my big escort bayan load I had just pumped into her mouth. OMG I thought this is crazy, did this really just happen?

“Mmmmm… This gum is good” said Marisa with a muffled filled mouth baiting her sister.

With that Sammi asked “What kind of gum you chewing Marisa?”

“Ohh try it, it is fantastic” as Marisa took the gum from her mouth and placed it into Sammi’s mouth, I could literally see the cum dripping from the gum.

I watched as Marisa smiled a sly smile as Sammi started chewing the wad of cum gum.

“Ohh this is different” said Sammi as she was adjusting to the taste of the gum like she couldn’t quite put her finger on this taste. She was making that face she makes when she doesn’t quite like something.

“Yeah its the new kind that whitens your teeth” said Marisa looking at me.

“Is there a cream or something in this gum? It is really slippery and there is a taste that is a little different.”

“Yeah it’s the kind with the liquid center. The longer you chew it, the whiter your teeth get”

“Ohhh you get used the taste after a while, it’s not too bad” said my wife smacking her lips not knowing this was my cum in her mouth. Not knowing her own sister had just milked the cum from my cock like a horse.

Sammi went along to another room chewing her gum, Marisa came over to me, looked at me, opened her mouth and showed me the cum left in her mouth. She showed me the cum slide down the back of her throat, she pressed her lips together slowly and said “Mmmmm that was tasty”.

Marisa said “Sammi seemed to have liked her special gum… and her first lesson.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32