Did he get caught?

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A few years back when I was a teenager I was masturbating almost daily. There was a laundry room between the garage and the kitchen. Right off the laundry room was a bathroom. I would visit that bathroom frequently with one of my favorite porn magazine. Became my favorite room.

Every Wednesday my mother, Eva, had a friend, Betty that would come over in the afternoon. They would sit at the kitchen table and talk for hours. Usually accompanied by a glass of wine or two. I think they were in high school together. Both were single parents, each with a messy divorce and difficult ex-spouses.. One day I came in from the garage and went to the bathroom. I discovered I could overhear the kitchen conversation clearly in the bathroom. I found this rather amusing. Her I am looking at porn, whacking off, and I can hear my mom and friend talking all kinds of subjects.

They often talked about their ex-husbands. The good the bad and the ugly. Some time the conversation would center around their married sex life. Everything from frequency, strange habits, even penis size.
Particularly they talked about the “lack of’”. One particular day they were discussing boobs and nipples. Now I need to mention they both were blessed with a pair of knockers that were eye-catchers. I mean these gals would draw stares from the males, young and old all over town. I checked them out frequently, myself.

Here I am learning about tits from my Sex hikayeleri own mother and her friend. Not only confused but embarrassed sitting on the throne with my dick in my hand. Betty commented about a new bra she recently purchased. She said it was very sheer and sexy and when she wore it the nipples were extremely visible. One day she was at the shopping mall and everyone seemed to stare at her. Turns out her large nipples got erect and were protruding out of her white blouse. She covered her chest immediately with her crossed hands. Needless to say she left the mall as quickly as she could. She concluded she could never wear that bra in public again, But she did like to wear it around the house wilt a thin blouse. Especially the day when the neighborhood teen would cut her grass, and the grocery delivery man came over. Interesting comment from a middle age woman. I just may have to drop over an grass cutting day. My mom acts somewhat surprised and tells Betty she also has large dark nipples that seem to get erect at any time. So my mom asks her where she purchased this bra? Meantime I’m getting pretty horny listening to the conversation.

The next week I positioned my self in the bathroom right after Betty gets here. They go through the normal conversation. Then my mom tell Betty she went out and purchased that same bra. She said she had the same experience. She tries it on, looks in the mirror and sees the large dark Sikiş hikayeleri nipples through the sheer bra.
Then she tries on a number of different blouses. She says all of them seem to enhance the size and hardness of the nipples. She could she why one wouldn’t wear the bra out in public. My mom asked her about wearing it for the teen cutting grass? Betty says I’m just being a tease. Eventually my mother suggested they both wear their new sheer bra, next week, and they could compare notes. I was shocked to say the least. A thousand images passed through my mind. I could hardly wait until the next week.

I sort of hung out around the house and sure enough here is my mom wearing the new bra. She also wore a white blouse you could see nipples through very clearly. I was getting a hard-on just looking at those gorgeous boobs and large nipples. Betty finally shows up and I am positioned in the bathroom. I want to hear it all. They start with the usual light conversation, Very soon they are giggling and getting to the second glass of wine quick. I cannot see anything but can certainly hear what is going on. Pretty soon off comes the blouses, and to my surprise they both are complimenting each other on their boobs nipples, and bras. Next I’m really surprised to hear my mom say “boy your boobs sure feel firm for the size“ Then I hear betty say “wow your nipples would drive anyone crazy” Obviously they are feeling each other Erotik hikaye but of course I can’t see. I also hear some low whispers and moans. I’m about ready to burst through the wall to observe the scene close up. My dick is rock-hard and ready to squirt.

A couple of weeks pass by and I’m still taking my daily afternoon visit to masturbate. I got so obsessed with the conversation I was checking the clothes hamper almost daily. Finally one day I found that sheer bra. I was so exited I was shaking. I was not positive before but now I know that mom wore a 38DD bra. I never took one of her bras out of the hamper before. I wrapped that sheer bra it around my hard dick and started jerking off. Came in less than a minute. There must have been a quart of cum expelled. So I wrapped the other cup around my dick and did it again. Another pint at least. I believe it was the strongest ejaculation(s) I ever had in my whole life.

After that day I found that bra in the hamper almost every other day. Did I tell you I never cleaned up that bra afterwards? Usually just a swipe with a tissue but it was still milky and sticky. Hell it was already in the wash? This goes on for a couple more weeks. Now I’m pretty sure mom is not wearing that bra ever other day. I looking at my mom trying to figure out just which bra she has on. I can‘t determine for sure. But she was not wearing that thin blouse. Now I start to get worried that my mom suspects what is going on? I start to feel guilty. I don’t know what to do? I decide to stop for a few days. I think I’m busted?

If you want to hear part two of this story let me know.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32