Dinner and a Nap

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I was standing in the kitchen, clad in only my Master’s collar, when I heard a car pull up. Glancing at the clock, I realized who it was. The house was filled with smells of the dinner I had been busying myself with as I quickly made my way to the door, and then sat, awaiting my Master’s arrival. He opened the door abruptly, and I barked in joy upon seeing my Master.

He smiled as he spoke, ” Happy to see your Master Bitch?”

I lightly barked in response, rubbing my head against his leg as I crawled around him, sniffing the leg of his jeans attentively as I sat back down in front of him. ” Dinner ready Bitch?”

I whimpered.

“You may speak.”

“Yes Master,” I responded immediately.

“Good girl, come on,” he spoke, as he attached my leash to my collar, leading me into the kitchen.

“Prepare your Master a plate, and bark when you are done,” he said, tying my leash to the door handle of the refrigerator. I did as I was told, and he came to untie me, leading me then to the dining table. He unhooked my leash as I sat his plate on the table, and then sat by his chair, where he had already made himself comfortable.

“Looks good Bitch, I wish for you to feed me. Into my lap, come on girl.” He patted his thigh as he issued this Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort command, and I happily obeyed. I straddled him, placing the plate between us, as was the custom when I fed my Master. I carefully fed my Master bites of his dinner, making sure not to spill any or make my Master wait for the next bite.

When my Master’s dinner was almost gone, he surprised my by saying,

” Give me the fork Bitch.”

I did as I was asked, tilting my head to the side and yelping in confusion.

” I am full Bitch, and I want you to finish my dinner. Clean the plate.”

I leaned down and sniffed the remains of my Master’s chicken and rice, the started eating, knowing it pleased my Master to have me eat in the appropriate manner for a Bitch. When I was done, I looked up to see him with a smile on his face, causing me to grin. Then he chucked, and when he saw how taken aback I was, he brought the cause of the expression of humor to my attention by licking the rice off of my nose.

Blushing in embarrassment, I giggled also. Master petted my head as I snuggled into his chest, lightly purring into his shirt and tie.

“Up Bitch,” was the firm command I heard uttered into my ear as my Master grabbed my bare ass.

“Yes Master,” I replied as Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort I did as I was told.

“Turn around.”

As soon as my back was to him my Master bent me over the table, holding my wrists behind my back and pinning my neck to the down.

“Your Master wishes to use you Bitch,” my Master whispered in my ear as I felt his hand leave my neck. Soon I heard his belt hit the floor and I whimpered in anticipation.

” You want you’re Master’s cock Slut? Beg.” I whimpered as loud and earnestly as I could, and soon, he gave me my reprieve. I cried out as his thick manhood thrust into me roughly, only to quickly recede from my hot, wet sheath and slam in again.

As he set up a pace of hard quick thrusts, my outcries became whimpers of heated passion, broken only by my panting for breath. As my Master pumped his rod in and out of me, I felt myself on the familiar edge of ecstasy. My Master gripped my hips, knowing how much pleasure it caused me, and started massaging them violently.

My walls tightened around him as I neared my release, and I heard a large moan come from my Master behind me. Upon hearing his sounds of pleasure, I reached my climax and came hard, barking as I rode on the waves of my passion. As I neared the end Ümraniye Vip Escort of my orgasm, barking still, I heard my Master find his release inside me, his deep guttural barks making me happy, knowing that I had been able to please him. I growled slightly as I felt my Master’s seed coat my womb, never tiring the feel of his cum inside me.

My Master pulled out of me, again seating himself in his chair as I immediately sat at his feet, whining once more. “What is it Bitch? You may speak.”

I hung my head and asked shyly, ” May I please clean you Master?”

I feared a reprimand for an answer, but was pleased when I heard, “Of course Bitch! I happy you asked.”

I gladly went to work on my Master’s cock, taking him far into my mouth, then drawing him out and licking his entire length. I made sure to clean my Master’s cock thoroughly, then lapping at his balls to clean my juices from them.

“Good girl, that’s enough,” I heard after I finished with his balls, looking up at him, awaiting the next command that would fall from his charming lips.

“I am tired Bitch, and you must be too. Let’s take a nap.”

I followed my Master to our bedroom, starting on my hands and knees, but then walking after his allowing me to. We crawled into bed, and I settled on my Master’s chest as he stroked my hair, making me calm and warm.

“I love you Bitch,” my Master said just as I started to drift into my dreams.

“I love you too Master,” I replied.

“No more talking Bitch, sleep now.”

“Yes Master,” And as I snuggled one last time into his chest, I obeyed his command.

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