Dinner with the In-laws

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I would like to take this time to inform you that I am an Australian and I tend to write in the same manner that I speak. If there is any confusion about my mannerisms or words that don’t make sense to you, I apologize.


I have to start by explaining that my wife, Mary, has always been pretty conservative. That’s not to say she doesn’t like sex or that over the thirteen years of our marriage she hasn’t opened herself up to new experiences, so to speak. After all, she gives the best deep throat blowjobs I’ve ever had. What I mean is that for her sex is for the bedroom only and that includes discussions about it. She’s seen plenty of porn in our time together too, so nothing much surprises her. She just likes to keep it to herself.

This experience started off with an invitation to her sister’s place for dinner and drinks to celebrate her brother in law’s birthday. We went up there early to help Jenny and Geoff set up, and as we get along pretty well we just enjoy spending time together. We helped with the roast and got our beds set up in their spare room. They live a fair way out of town and we both wanted to have a few drinks during the evening, so we’d asked if we could crash at their place for the night.

It was a great day, and we all had a good time with lots of drinks with the boys from the bike club where they are members. The party was finally starting to wind down at about two in the morning and just about everyone had gone home, leaving just Jenny, Geoff, two of his mates, and Mary and me.

One of Geoff’s mates, in standard fashion, suggested the next event for the night.

“Right, everyone’s pissed off. Let’s put on a porno.”

My brother in law was up for it as he always is, and my sister in law just rolled her eyes.

“Boys,” she said in a bored tone.

I knew she was into it though, because we’d discussed it before. Jenny was a lot more extroverted than Mary. In some ways it still surprises me that they are sisters. Jenny, for example, was pretty fond of smoking a joint or three and could probably drink most men I know under the table, whereas Mary was tipsy after two or three drinks and smashed after six or so, and would never touch pot. Jenny loved to talk about her and Geoff’s sex life, much to Mary’s embarrassment, and as I said earlier, Mary is very keen to keep our sex life to ourselves. I have to admit though, that I love listening to Jenny talk about what they get up to in the bedroom and many other places. I guess it’s just the voyeur in me, but I love to hear about it and she gives lots of details.

We all found a chair and started watching something Geoff had stashed away in his private collection. It wasn’t too bad, but it was very standard eighties style porn, big hair on the women, bad moustaches on the men and the obligatory bad soundtrack. As the movie went on, Geoff’s mates decided they’d had enough, and in their words, were going home to either “shag the missus” or “choke the chicken”.

I went out to the fridge to grab some more drinks and when I came back Geoff had put on another movie, but this one was a bit more ‘full on.’ I was sitting next to my wife on one couch while Jenny and Geoff were cuddled up on the other. They were sitting facing the same direction, with one of his legs along the back of the seat and she was sitting in between his legs. Being the voyeur that I am, I spent half my time watching the movie and half my time glancing at the two of them, knowing that if he was as hard as I was he was poking her in the back with his cock. I soon stopped watching them though, as nothing much was happening in their direction and the movie was really starting to steam up.

About half way through the movie, during a particular hardcore anal scene, I noticed that my wife was really starting to squirm in her seat. I turned and looked at her and she was very flushed in the cheeks and breathing quite heavily. I nudged her with my elbow.

“Enjoying this are you?”

She leaned over and whispered to me.

“I’m getting so fucking wet.”

I thought this was a bit odd, because she doesn’t normally get off görükle escort on watching anal. She loves doing it but she always said watching someone else do it sort of put her off.

“I didn’t think you liked watching anal.”

“Not the movie. Look over there.”

I looked across at Jenny and Geoff and noticed that he had his right hand up under her shirt playing with her left breast and his left hand was inside her pants. She had her left hand behind her and was obviously slowly stroking his cock. I couldn’t believe it. Here they were, right in front of us, really getting into it.

I looked back at my wife who was just glued to the scene in front of her, the movie all but forgotten. I moved around until I was sitting in the same position as Geoff with my wife between my legs. This meant that it was now obvious we were watching them and not the movie, but that didn’t slow them down at all. Jenny was now really starting to buck under Geoff’s fingers and she was moaning.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna come honey, Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! I’m coming!”

With that she went stiff as a board and started grunting while he tried to hold on to her. My wife was mesmerized. She couldn’t take her eyes off the situation, and while Jenny had her back arched in orgasm, Geoff had moved slightly and his cock sprang out from between them. I must admit that I was surprised to see how big his cock was, but my wife seemed to zero in on it like she’d never seen one before.

Jenny looked over at us.

“I really needed that,” she said.

Mary seemed to snap out of it and looked at her sister.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare at his cock. It’s just so big.”

I noticed Mary was blushing, but I couldn’t tell if it was due to embarrassment or just that she was so turned on. I thought Mary would freak out and run from the room at this stage, but she surprised us all with that comment. Jenny seemed to pause for a second while she thought about something to say.

“Geoff,” she said to him. “Stand up and show sis how big your cock is”.

At this, Mary went even redder but she didn’t move. Geoff, never one to turn down a challenge, promptly stood up and walked right up to my wife and held his cock about three inches from her face.

I was getting extremely turned on at this stage and I reckon Mary would have a good sized bruise on her back in the morning from my now rock hard cock. She just stared at his cock with her mouth open in awe.

“How the hell do you take it all?” she asked her sister.

“Slowly at first, but you get used to it after a while. I can’t take it all in my mouth, and you can forget about anal, unfortunately, but it just feels so good inside me, stretched to the limit.” She was watching her sister’s face, waiting for a reaction.

“I especially love it when he pushes in deep and rubs my cervix with his cock head.” She smiled at Mary.

I couldn’t believe this conversation and I didn’t want to spoil the situation by saying anything. Geoff was just standing in front of my wife slowly stroking his cock just inches from her face. There was a good sized drop of pre cum on the tip.

“I couldn’t,” Mary said to herself.

I just had to say something now.

“You could if you wanted to.”

I whispered in her ear as I moved my hand up the inside of her shirt to find her nipples were so hard they were like miniature cocks on each tit. No sooner had I said that, she had her tongue out and licked that drop of pre cum from the end of his cock. Geoff took in a sharp breath and Jenny moved around to the side to get a better view. Mary then leaned forward and took just the tip of his enormous cock into her mouth. He moaned this time and so did Mary. I couldn’t believe that my timid wife was giving her brother in law a blow job right in front of me. What’s more, I couldn’t believe just how turned on by all of this I was.

Slowly she started to take more and more of his cock into her mouth. I could see the point when she swallowed and opened her throat to him, and he slid another two inches inside. He still had maybe another three eskort bayan inches to go, but that was as far as she could get it. She then, slowly at first and then faster, started to bob her head up and down on his cock. His cock was so big she was having some trouble with it and was making all kinds of slurping, wet noises.

After a few minutes of some great looking head, Mary seemed to relax a bit more and started to play with his balls. She rolled them in her hands and lifted them up as though testing their weight. Then she slid her hand further back and started to massage Geoff’s prostate and ass hole. Geoff had his head back and was moaning.

“I’m gonna come!”

At this point I fully expected Mary to release him as she had never given me a full blow job before, but instead she chose that moment to slip her finger into his ass. She seemed to suck harder and she sped up the movement of her mouth on his cock and started to hum.

Peter roared when he came and everyone went still while he pumped his load of cum straight into my wife’s wide open mouth. As he stepped back from Mary a string of cum stretched from the tip of his cock to her top lip. For a few seconds she just sat there with a mouth full of spunk and a stunned expression on her face. I was the one to look stunned next when Jenny grabbed her by the back of the neck and kissed her sister right on the mouth. It was a surprisingly passionate kiss and Jenny swirled her tongue around in Mary’s mouth, sharing her husband’s cum.

Mary seemed to be in a state of shock as she just stared at Jenny with her mouth hanging open. Jenny looked back at her and said with a shrug of her shoulders.

“I didn’t want to waste such a nice looking load.”

She is so nasty with some of the things she says and does, but boy does she make me hot.

After a moment’s break, Mary looked at Jenny.

“I just have to try that cock in my pussy,” she said with a smile.

It was like I didn’t exist to her at that moment. She didn’t even look to me for any sign of approval; she just stood up and started shedding her clothes. Within seconds she had Geoff on his back on the floor and she was sucking on his cock again trying to bring it back to life. She was giving him the works, alternating between sucking him completely into her mouth and licking the tender under side of his cock. She even took his balls into her mouth and ran her tongue under his balls and around his ass.

I couldn’t believe how slutty my wife was behaving, but I certainly was enjoying the show she was putting on. Slowly but surely, his cock started coming back to life. From where I was sitting I had a perfect view of Mary’s pussy and ass as she knelt over Geoff’s cock, and I could see that her pussy was starting to gape open and her juices were now flowing to the point where she had a drip of her cum glistening on her pussy lip.

By now Geoff’s cock had risen to the occasion and Mary was straddling what was undoubtedly the biggest, thickest cock she has ever had. I watched as she slowly lowered herself down onto him inch by inch, and she moaned all the way down until she hit rock bottom. I couldn’t believe it; she had just taken the biggest cock I had seen in real life without even the slightest pause on the way down. I was in awe.

She then started to rise up and lower herself back down, over and over again. She would rise up to the point where just the head of his cock was inside her, and then she would lower herself down that long shaft until his cock was completely engulfed in her wet pussy. When she rose up I could see his cock glisten with its coating of my wife’s juices. From where I was sitting I had the perfect view, I could see how stretched her pussy was and how hard his cock was, and when she leaned forward for him to take her nipples in his mouth I could see her puckered ass hole clenching with the contractions in her pussy.

I was in voyeur heaven and so was Jenny by the look on her face. She seemed entranced by the view she shared with me. When I finally managed to tear my eyes from the magnificent altıparmak escort sight, I turned to Jenny and said.

“What a fuckin’ awesome view.”

“Incredible. I never would’ve believed I’d get so turned on watching Geoff fuck someone else.”

Jenny had one hand under her shirt was obviously playing with her nipples. I was so turned on from all of this that my cock was actually in quite a bit of pain, so I slipped it out of my fly and started to slowly stroke it.

“You sounded disappointed that you can’t take him in your ass.”

“I’ve only ever been fucked in the ass once before and it was so hot I’ve wanted it again ever since, but Geoff is just way too big,” she explained. “Can you imagine what that giant tool would do to me if he even tried? I’ve used a small butt plug, which is nice, but it’s just not nearly as good as a hot, hard cock sliding in and out of your ass. It just feels so good and so bad at the same time.”

“Sounds like you could really use a hard cock about now.”

“If you’re offering I wouldn’t say no.”

With that I was on her. I’d been admiring her for years, and even got to see her ass and titties once when she asked for a massage when she’d hurt her back, but I’d never touched them for real, only when I fantasized about her. She had beautiful sweet firm titties that just begged to be sucked, and a firm flat belly, but when I got down to her pussy I was in heaven. She had a neatly trimmed bush and bald lips that you could suck on for days. She was absolutely dripping wet and came almost straight away when my tongue first touched her clit.

I ate her pussy to two more orgasms then worked my way down to her tight puckered ring. I worked one finger slowly into her ass, not even needing lubricant because she was so wet from her pussy juices. When I felt her relax around my finger I worked a second one in. After sliding my fingers in and out of her ass hole and sucking her clit to another orgasm I noticed a change in her expression as she glared at me and hissed through clenched teeth.

“Put your cock in my ass right now!”

With that, she didn’t roll onto her stomach or side, she lifted her legs right up and grabbed the backs of her thighs and presented her ass to me. I got on my knees and lined my knob up with her ass and slowly but surely pushed into her. She was so tight and hot that I had to hold still for fear of cumming straight away. When I regained some control I slid my cock back out until there was just the knob inside her, and then slid slowly in once more. After a few more slow strokes like this I picked up the tempo a bit and she started grunting and saying things as she took my thrusts.

“Oh yeah that’s it. Fill my ass! Yeah that feels good.”

She slid her hand down to her pussy and started to roughly shove two then three fingers deep into herself while her other hand was rubbing furiously on her clit. Then she got right into it and said things I never thought I’d hear from her.

“Oh yeah! Come on! Fuck me harder! Yeah, that’s it, fuck my ass! Make me sore. Oh fuck! I’m coming with a cock jammed up my ass!”

She started to shake and buck underneath me and it was all I could do to hold on. She was still screaming about having a cock in her ass when I told her I was about to come. This set her off, yelling again.

“Oh fuck yeah! Squirt that hot cum in my ass! Fill my hole with your cum! I wanna feel you squirt it in me!”

That was all I could take. When I came it felt like the biggest, thickest load I’d ever shot in my life.

Jenny could feel it too. With each squirt she called out something new.

“Oh I can feel it hitting me inside… it feels so good… “

By this stage Mary and Geoff had finished. He was standing watching us while his cock shrank back to a more human size. Mary was sitting on the edge of the couch with her legs spread, fingering her clit while her pussy gaped open and Geoff’s cum dribbled out of her and down over her ass hole.

All in all, a very good night was had by all. There have been other events between us but that was the first and certainly the most mind-blowing.


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