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Alright folks, here it is, the Final two chapters of Discount Auto. I apologize for it taking me so long but it was very difficult for me to follow this story to its logical conclusion. For a while it looked like I would never finish this story until I received a message from a fellow author. Sa2222 told me politely to get off my ass and finish the damn story. I told him how busy I was and the difficulty I was having. He had none of my excuses and even offered to write part of the story. I read all of his work and was amazed. Needless to say if it weren’t for him you wouldn’t be reading this story now. These last two chapters are as much his as they are mine. So do yourself a favor and check out his work. Chapter 3 is already written. You should see it in a few days. As always thanks for all the kind words and take care.

Rachel Rowland’s eyes slowly opened as the morning sun made its presence known through her bedroom window. As she stretched underneath her blanket she ran her hands over her naked body. She usually never slept completely naked, at least wearing panties, but here lately, the reason for her nudity was becoming a bit of an annoyance. For the last several nights Rachel had been having a great deal of trouble getting to sleep. The last thing she did before going to bed the night before was to bring herself to a huge orgasm. In and of itself, what she did wasn’t why she was frustrated. It was who occupied her mind while she pleasured herself. She sat up in bed and ran her fingers through her long dark hair, and then she grabbed an old t-shirt and her panties from the foot of her bed. The t-shirt was three sizes too large and covered her to mid thigh; it was her favorite outfit to lounge around the house in. As she made her way downstairs Rachel was looking forward to a relaxing day of lying in the sun. Every Saturday she followed the same routine, it was her favorite way to unwind. Once downstairs Rachel looked out the living room window and noticed that her son’s car was gone.

“He’s going to drive the wheels off that thing.” Rachel smiled to herself.

It had been a couple weeks since her son had gotten the car of his dreams and Rachel still smiled every time he got in it and drove off. He deserved the car and Rachel was happy she could get it for him. The only problem was that every time Rachel thought about her son and his car she also remembered what she did to get him the car. As Rachel poured herself a cup of coffee images of her son’s friend David and what she did with him flashed through her mind. Rachel could remember almost every detail of her short time with the young man. The thoughts of David were becoming harder and harder to get out of her mind. She knew it was kind of strange for her to be so fixated on her son’s friend but she couldn’t help herself. It’d been forever since Rachel was with a man, any man, let alone one as cute as she thought David was. Rachel felt a tingle run through her body and as she glanced downward she could see her nipples clearly through her shirt.

“Ok…that’s it. I need a shower, a very cold shower.” Rachel thought.

Once upstairs Rachel took off her t-shirt and peeled off her panties before stepping into the hot shower. She had somewhat come to terms with what she’d done, and now if she remembered fondly what happened, she’d just have to use her fingers or one of her toys to satisfy herself. Speaking of which, as Rachel’s hand glided over her breasts her nipples were very sensitive. A shiver ran down her spine and stopped right between her thighs. Rachel bit her bottom lip and did her best to finish her shower. She wasn’t about to let herself lose control so soon after pleasuring herself just last night.

“If David were here right now…” Rachel thought before chastising herself for thinking such a naughty thing.

Down the street Rachel’s son Will was walking very slowly towards his house. He was covered in dirt and looked like hell. Will was shaking his head and talking to himself as he made his way up the driveway.

“How the hell am I gonna explain this?” Will asked himself.

Last night Will had gone out with a very pretty girl who, until he got his car, wouldn’t give him the time of day. The night started out fine but after some drinking he had managed to wager his car in a street race with some huge Mexican guy named Chino. Long story short, Will lost the race and his car. He had to walk the ten miles or so back to his house in disgrace. The last he saw of his cute date was the back of her head as his car vanished into the distance. Thinking about how his mother would react made his stomach hurt. She worked so hard to get him the car, Will felt like a big bag of shit for being so stupid.

In her bedroom Rachel had finished her shower and was putting on her sunglasses and her swimsuit. She’d put on a purple bikini before tying her hair back into a pony tail. Rachel looked herself over in the mirror just to make sure she wasn’t dressed too sexy. She liked playfully teasing casino siteleri her neighbors but she didn’t want to be known as the neighborhood slut. The contrast between the bikini and her dark skin was something to behold but still on the appropriate side.

Just as Rachel walked out the back door Will stumbled in the front. The only thing on his mind was a hot shower and some sleep. He looked around timidly for his mother and was very relieved to see her in the back yard. Giving the neighbors a show would keep her busy for a few hours. Slowly Will made his way upstairs and got into the shower.

Outside, Rachel immediately noticed her usual crowd. She smiled and waved at a few of them. After unfolding her lawn chair Rachel laid down on her stomach. Across the fence there were two middle-aged men with beer-bellies, one of which was her neighbor, drinking beer and glancing in Rachel’s direction, unsuccessfully trying to be discrete about ogling the attractive woman. Taking advantage of the fact that her sunglasses allowed her to glance at her fans without them being able to tell, Rachel smiled as she noticed Mr. Billings fumbling with the hedge clippers while staring in her direction. The nice old man would probably have had a heart attack if he’d seen Rachel this morning walking around in her favorite t-shirt and not much else.

Rachel was as relaxed as could be. The sun felt wonderful. Everything in the world felt great right now relaxing in her bikini on her day off while her son, Will, was probably out driving around in his dream car that she bought for him. The only thing missing was a male companion in her life, she thought. Dating was not a priority because she knew it would upset Will, but she had come to the realization that the reason she looked so forward to her weekends with her fans was because she liked being wanted. If she had someone to be with maybe she wouldn’t need the stares from across the fence so much. As she lay there thinking she was also aware of how uncharacteristically horny she had become as of late, as evidenced by her giving herself to Will’s cute friend to buy the car. Maybe she was just now reaching her sexual peak? As she pondered this, she noticed a familiar warmth between her legs and her nipples began to get hard.

“My god, I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately.” she thought as she slightly rubbed her pussy against the fabric of the lawn chair.

Thanks to the afternoon sun Rachel had gotten really hot, so she sat up and fanned her face with her well-manicured hand. Rachel thought about going inside to relieve some of her pent up sexual energy, but she decided to stay outside because there was plenty of time for that later, whereas the sun was only going to be over the back yard for another hour or two so she needed to take advantage.

About this time, Will had gotten out of the shower. He slowly got dressed and sat on his bed for a while still trying to think of something to say to his mother about the car.

In the back yard, Rachel reached over and grabbed her sun block. As soon as she popped the top, she noticed someone walking through the back gate towards her. The glare from the sun was so bright that she couldn’t tell who it was.

“Hi Ms. Rowland, how are you?” Todd asked staring at Rachel.

“Oh, hi Todd, I didn’t recognize you from a distance. How are you?” Rachel replied. She was slightly annoyed that it was Todd, of all Will’s friends who happened to catch her in her bikini. Rachel had overheard Todd talking about her inappropriately to Will several years ago. Most of the time Rachel thought it was cute when Will’s friends had a crush on her or acted nervous around her. Todd however, was a little older and cockier about what he would do to her if he could.

Todd was a car buff and ever since Will had gotten his car they had started to hang out more and more. Once, Rachel had asked her son why Todd needed such a supped up sports car, he replied that Todd was into street racing. Rachel didn’t like hearing that, and told Will he wasn’t allowed to be in Todd’s car during the races. It was simply too dangerous. Todd was a couple years older than Will and out of school, so he spent a lot of free time devoted to his street racing hobby. Todd was no different than Will’s other friends in that he was in love with Rachel Rowland and jerked off fantasizing about her all of the time. He was well-shaped and good looking, but he was a bit rough around the edges.

“I’m fine. Looks like you’re having a nice, relaxing day,” Todd said towering over his friend’s mother’s scantily clad body as she sat on the lawn chair. He had his sunglasses on, so she couldn’t tell that his eyes were roaming over her glistening body.

“It’s sooo relaxing out here in the sun,” Rachel said followed by a deep sigh. “So what brings you over here? Will’s not home right now.”

Todd wasn’t sure if she knew about Will’s car trouble, she at least appeared to be in a good mood, so he figured he’d güvenilir casino better not say anything. Todd was there to talk the situation over with Will. He was the one who introduced Will to Chino in the first place. Will was out of his league when dealing with Chino, so it was no surprise he was hustled out of his new car. Todd told Will he wasn’t sure if he could do anything to help get the car back. Chino was a tough guy to crack, and Todd simply didn’t have a say in the matter. He told Will he would come over and brainstorm about ways to get his car back from Chino, but it would likely cost them something.

“I was hoping Will was here, but he must be out with David or something,” Todd said, purposely leaving the car out of the discussion. Todd had ringed the doorbell, but nobody answered because Rachel was in the backyard and Will was upstairs, so he came around through the back gate. To his pleasant surprise, the gorgeous Ms. Rowland was sunbathing in a bikini. He figured this opportunity didn’t present itself often, so he wanted to take advantage.

“Yeah, he’s never around now that he’s got the car, but I’m so happy he’s enjoying it. It was…difficult for me to get the car for him,” Rachel said, smiling nervously. A mental image of David crossed her mind, and she felt chills run down her spine. They were good chills though. She scolded herself for continuing to feel horny when thinking about her escapade in the front seat of Will’s car.

“Do you mind if I pull up a chair? This sun feels nice and relaxing,” Todd said not waiting for an answer as he walked over to the patio.

“Um, sure,” she said surprised that the young man wanted to stick around even though Will wasn’t there. She figured the bikini had something to do with it, which made her grin slightly. It was very flattering for her when one of Will’s friends got that way around her, even if it was Todd. The young man grabbed another lawn chair and set it up right next to Rachel. To her surprise, he removed his shirt.

Rachel looked his body over behind her sunglasses. He was young and fit, and with his shirt off she had to admit he looked pretty good. Like all women do eventually when sizing a man up, Rachel’s eyes eventually wandered down to Todd’s crotch. She stared just a bit too long for her comfort.

“Rachel, what is wrong with you?” she thought as Todd sat down in the chair.

Todd was a bad boy, unlike David who was sweet. She had always preferred the sweet kind of guy, but Todd’s cocky demeanor was having an effect on her libido.

“Do you mind if I use some of that suntan lotion?” Todd asked, eyeing Ms. Rowland’s sexy body, noticing her nipples poking through her bikini top.

“Sure, I was about to put some more on myself,” she said snapping out of her daze and handing the bottle to him. Rachel glanced casually at Todd while he rubbed some on his chest, and she couldn’t help continuing to be aroused. She cursed herself for not going inside to masturbate instead of staying outside in the sun.

Todd glanced over towards Rachel and felt his mouth water a bit as he watched a drop of sweat follow the curve of her breast as it cascaded down between her tits. He figured there was no harm in having a little fun with Will’s mom.

“Ms. Rowland, do you mind putting this on my back and arms? I can’t reach everything,” he asked casually.

Once again he didn’t wait for an answer as he handed her the bottle and turned his back towards her. Rachel was caught a bit off guard. Todd was so sure of himself she figured she’d play along for now. Normally she wouldn’t do such a thing if Will were around because he would be embarrassed, but since he wasn’t home, she figured what the hell. Besides, her hormones were clouding her judgment.

Rachel squirted some in her hand and reached up to his shoulders. As soon as she started rubbing, Todd turned towards her and caught her wrists.

“Come sit over here, Ms. Rowland,” he said tugging her wrists towards him. “You won’t be able to get every spot from that far away.”

Before she knew it, Rachel had slid over into his chair and her legs were on each side of him. He felt her warm body all around him as she positioned herself behind him as if she was hitching a ride from him on the back of a motorcycle. Rachel didn’t wait to start rubbing the lotion over his shoulders and upper back. Todd grinned to himself, the fact that Rachel was willing to lather him up made his year. His eyes were roaming all over her silky smooth thighs below. Todd laid his hand on Rachel’s thigh and gave it a little squeeze. Rachel’s eyes opened a bit more but she let the boy have his little thrill, besides it felt good. She almost stopped right there as she noticed her neighbors watching her. The thought of them watching her with the young man however, did little to dissuade her.

The two of them made small talk as she put the lotion all over his back. She was a bit uncomfortable at first, but as they chatted she began to relax. canlı casino While they talked Todd continued to massage Rachel’s thighs and the feeling it was giving her was hard to ignore. Rachel moved her hands over to his arms and started rubbing the lotion there. Todd began sliding his butt back slowly so that he could feel the crotch of her bikini. At the same time, he leaned his torso forward and extended his arms to the front so that Rachel had to lean forward to rub the lotion on him. The result of this was her breasts pressing into his bare back. Todd was all smiles as he took advantage of the situation. Rachel’s breasts rubbed against his back, which felt wonderful to the young man. The feeling wasn’t entirely lost on Rachel either, feeling the young man’s muscular back rubbing against her chest was feeling a little bit too good.

“Ok, I think you’re safe,” Rachel said pulling away from him and getting back into her chair.

She smiled to herself as she knew the game he was trying to play. She had to admit it was exciting flirting with the young man, and despite her putting an end to the lotion rubbing, she was still in a playful mood.

“Well now the only thing that’s left is for me to return the favor.” Todd said in a cocky manner.

Rachel gave Todd a glance over her sunglasses to let him know she was very aware of what he was doing. Todd gave her a sly grin which made Rachel smile.

“Sure.” She said as she moved her hair out of the way.

Todd gave a cocky look to some of the neighbors before sitting down behind Rachel on the lawn chair. He slowly started to rub lotion on her shoulders and arms before moving to her back. Rachel was really turned on and really liked having a man’s hands on her. She wasn’t sure what had come over her, usually her flirting never went this far. The thrill of being naughty was turning her on more and more. Rachel was so in-tune to the boy rubbing her back that she forgot the neighbors were watching, and she certainly didn’t know Will was home either.

Todd chatted with her casually while he finished putting the lotion on her back, but he wasn’t done by a long-shot. He was going to see how far he could get. Todd squirted some more lotion on his hands and reached around Rachel so that he could rub it on her chest. From the neck all the way down to the swells of her breasts he applied the lotion. Once his finger tips touched the upper portion of her breasts Rachel almost stopped him. The feeling was so good that she let Todd continue as long as he didn’t get carried away. Todd continued rubbing the lotion into Rachel’s skin debating whether he should keep going. His cock was standing at attention and had all but taken over the young man’s actions.

“Man it’s burning up out here.” Todd said as his hands slipped further into the Rachel’s bikini top.

“Ummhmmm….” Rachel moaned as Todd’s hands caused a shiver to run down her spine.

Rachel was in a daze as she stared forward while Todd’s hands crept ever lower. The daze was short lived however; Todd’s fingers grazed her erect nipples causing a jolt to fly through her body. She knew she had to stop him but she didn’t really want him to.

“Ahem!,” she coughed with a playful elbow jab to let him know her breasts were now off limits.

“I know, I just don’t want you to get burned,” Todd said disappointed she wouldn’t let him go further, but he was not deterred.

Next he reached down to her belly and started to rub. He was amazed at how tight her abs were as his fingers crept closer and closer to her bikini bottoms. Todd was on a mission and soon enough his fingertips had made their way under the fabric of Rachel’s bikini bottoms. Rachel’s pussy was throbbing, but when she felt his hands slide into her bikini she let out a little gasp causing Todd to stop momentarily. For whatever reason, Rachel said nothing and Todd continued to explore the inside of her bikini. Rachel tilted her head to one side and bit her bottom lip seductively. Todd couldn’t believe his luck so he decided to push it just a bit further.

“Oh hell yeah…” Todd thought to himself as his middle finger bumped up against Rachel’s swollen clit.

“TODD! I mean….thanks….. I mean thank you Todd but I think I need to go get cleaned up.” Rachel said very out of breath.

Rachel was surprised she let it go that far, and she realized her neighbors were likely watching, which embarrassed her. She grabbed her towel and walked toward the house. Todd was stunned she all of the sudden up and left. He knew she was hot and horny, so he thought he’d be able to get a little further.

“One day.” he thought, cursing under his breath.

“I’ll tell Will you stopped by,” she said not looking back at him as she went through the back door into the house. Todd watched her curvy ass and long legs until she disappeared. His cock was rock hard and he knew he had to go home and do something about it. He considered going back into the house to apologize, but instead he put on his shirt and headed home to take care of his aching cock while thinking about Ms. Rowland.

Just as Rachel was coming in the back door Will sat down at the table. He ran a few scenarios through his head while nervously tapping his fingers on the table.

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