Discoveries in the Country Ch. 01

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(Note from the author. This story is based on a true experience. All names and places have been changed and any similarity is strictly coincidental. There is more to the story if I get some positive feed back. Enjoy.)

Just after my 18th birthday my family moved to a small farm in the middle of nowhere in early spring. I’d led an extremely sheltered life, forbidden to discuss sex, let alone experiment with it. It was not much of a problem at that time because I had few friends and none of them female. Let’s just say that I was extremely naive. The closest I’d come to getting intimate was the pictures from the magazines that I jacked off to. I’d always been a very sexual person and it was not unusual at all for me to jack off two or three times a day if given the opportunity.

About two months after moving there, one of the local farmers stopped by and asked if I needed some work. He told me I would have to work hard to build up my 130 pound skinny body.

He told me to show up at 6 the next morning which I did. At first, I was just moving stuff in a wheelbarrow but then I helped clean out the barn. I was working in jeans with my shirt off when he came over and smiled at me. His big hand wrapped around my arm as he squeezed it. ” You are too skinny David. I will help you get big muscles.

We worked side by side most of the time, or at the very least in the same area. He was fair, though a hard driving boss and he expected a days work for a days pay. We were sitting on a log one day at the edge of the hay field when he felt my arm. He shook his head. “Work harder, David, do more lifting.” I nodded, knowing that although my arms were getting much stronger, I had a long way to go. It was the first time he had really touched me and the warmth of his hand felt good on my arm.

He liked the way I worked and one hot day he took me to his favorite place. We pulled up under a stand of butternut trees along the bank of the Brandywine and he jumped out of the truck, telling me to follow him. By the time I caught up with him, he was stripped down to his briefs and those were on their way down.

His body was amazing. Not body builder amazing but hard and lean. When his cock slipped out of his shorts I almost choked. It was nearly nine inches and thick. It made my puny six inch cock look stupid. It had to be at least two inches around compared to my just barely inch and a half. He asked if I was going swimming, indicating a wide area in the stream. Without waiting for my reply, he jumped in and swam from one end of the area to the other and back again, then climbed out. I finally cleared my head and began stripping. When I bent to pull off my briefs, I noticed that he had been watching me the whole time. I hurried through the strip and jumped into the water as the cold liquid pulled my nuts into my body and my cock disappeared. I yelled and scrambled out while he laughed at me. As he walked back to the bank, I noticed that his cock was now erect and it looked even bigger. We swam for a few minutes, then returned to the work of putting up some new fences.

Things started getting interesting about a month later.

The day was hot and muggy and we’d started at six in the morning. By eleven I was tired and soaked with sweat, my hair was matted to my head. We were repairing fences near the swimming hole when suddenly he stopped and wiped his forehead with his bandana that he always carried in his back pocket.

:”Enough work for today,” he declared. “We swim now.”

He didn’t have to ask twice. By the time I got to the swimming hole, my tee shirt was off and my jeans were ready to drop. I stripped and jumped into the water, then climbed up the ladder that I had salvaged from an old grain truck. Nailed to what was left of an old tree, was a wooden box with a sheet of rubber gaziantep escort over it to keep it dry. In the box, he kept a box that held sunburn cream and first aid cream, skin lotion, and some unmarked tubes. In another part of the box he had a coffee can that held soap and shampoo, and a wash cloth and a sponge were wrapped in a mesh bag that was hanging from the bottom of the box so they could dry between sessions of swimming.

I grabbed the soap and sponge and proceeded to scrub the sand and dirt from my body, paying special attention to my cock and ass. I suddenly realized that he was naked and was just sitting on his shirt which was spread out over the sand bed we put there so we didn’t have to sit on the dirt and grass. I wondered how long he’d been there and then I saw cum on the end of his cock as he held it in his hand. No big deal. Like I said, I do it all the time so why shouldn’t he? I jumped back in the water and swam upstream and floated down. I guess I’d done that five or six times when I saw some movement and looked up just as he came again. The head of his circumcised cock was dark purple with the white cum still bubbling from the end. He jumped into the water, climbed out and indicated he wanted to use my soap. I nodded and threw it to him, then watched as he scrubbed himself. He took a long time on his cock and ass before jumping in to rinse off, then climb out again.

That was all I could think about when I got home, thinking about his hand milking the fluid from the end of that magnificent cock. It was enough for me to jack off thinking about it and again when I was lying in bed. Gently fondling my cock until it wouldn’t be denied and I wound up whipping it into a frenzy.

After that, when we went to the swimming hole, we would frequently swim together for a couple of laps and then he’d go sit down and bring himself off as he watched me. My arms and legs were getting quite muscular and my body was toned and tanned by then.

We were replacing a gate one day that one of the bulls had mangled when he called a break. We each had a thermos of his wife’s lemonade. He called her momma all the time. I’d begun doing it too and she like it when I did. Leaning against the old walnut tree nearby, we sipped our lemonade in silence for a few minutes.

“David do you masturbate?” he asked. I almost choked on my lemonade. Where did that come from?

“Yeah, some,” I replied

“How much?” he asked

“I don’t understand,” I replied

“How often?”

I hesitated. “I guess 8,10, maybe 12 times a week.”

He laughed. “You will wear it out, David.”

I shrugged. “I just like the way it feels,” I said. “Especially just before…you know.”

“Yes, I do,” he said. “It is a great feeling.”

“Yeah. It’s kind of like it hurts for a few seconds and my ass feels funny just before it happens.”

He grinned, but didn’t reply.

Suddenly, he stood and headed back for the gate and I rose to follow. Several hours later, the gate was repaired and working like new. We threw the tools into the pick-up and headed for the swimming hole, anxious to get rid of the dust and dirt, and equally anxious to feel the cool water on our naked bodies. We stripped our clothes off and jumped in. I felt newly energized as soon as the cold water hit me.

After cleaning up and swimming for a few minutes, we spread our clothes out on the sand and sat down to let the sun dry us. “David,” he said, ” I love to masturbate too. Would it bother you if we did it together? I’d like to watch you.” It wouldn’t be the first time someone had watched me masturbate but it was some kids before, not an adult, and definitely not an adult with a nine inch cock.

“I guess not,” I replied. Leaning against the log bench we had put there, his cock now stood erect and I watched as he wrapped his hand around it and began moving up and down over it. He’d spit on the head and stroke some, and repeat it several times. I sat down and followed his lead, amazed at how hard my cock was. A few minutes later, he reached over to grasp my thigh. I didn’t resist or pull away…I didn’t want to. The next thing I knew my hand was pushed away and he had my cock in his hand, moving over it. I groaned at his touch as he slid up and down my shaft. So firm, yet not painfully so. I’d never allowed anyone to do that before although, as I admitted, I had masturbated with another friend. I reached over, anxious to know how his would feel in my hand. It throbbed with life as I slid over him. He reminded me to spit on the head because he was cut and I wasn’t. I did it and moved over the purple head slowly, coming over the top of the slit each time. Once my hand was moving, he had me fondle his balls while I jacked him off. His hand was so big that he could cup my balls and play with them while his finger slid under my ass to push against me there. I couldn’t reach his hole until he slid down to take my other hand under his ass to finger the hole I found. We were both groaning as we began to come and when he did, he sprayed all over me. I didn’t have that much volume but I got his stomach. He reached over and took come from both of us and sucked it off his fingers, then got some more and held it out to me. I didn’t want to do it be his pushed his fingers into my lips and I tasted another man’s cum for the first time in my life.

His finger was still pushing against my ass and I didn’t mind. Don’t even ask why not because I don’t know. But then he raised me up with those strong arms and the finger was pushed in. It kept going deeper and deeper until his knuckle was pressing against me. He lifted me to my knees and began pumping it into me and I felt my cock begin to harden again. He fondled my balls with the other hand for a while and then I felt him spit on my ass hole and soon I felt a second finger being forced into me. It hurt and I yelled but I didn’t want him to stop. When they were all the way in, movements began again. I was being stretched but instead of complaining, I moaned in pleasure.

When he lifted me off the ground, I knew what was going to happen and I think in the back of my mind I wanted it to happen. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked. I shook my head but didn’t reply as I was biting my lip. When I felt him against me, I has second thoughts and yelled that it was too big but the knob popped into me. It hurt like hell and I let him know. I’m surprised that the world didn’t hear me yell. I called him a name and told him to stop. He did but after a few seconds, he pushed through the inner sphincter and stopped, then went further into me and stopped again. I could feel my body begin to stretch as he moved deeper into my rectum and when he was about halfway in, he paused, then began pumping into me, going deeper with each stroke. It felt like my guts were being shoved into my chest and when he rammed the last little bit in I felt like I was going to be sick for some reason. I felt like he was a foot into my bowels his last stroke pushing his pubic hairs into my ass cheeks. He slipped it almost out and pushed in, not fast, but steady until I once again had a moment of almost nausea. His strokes then became more insistent, more aggressive. His animal like grunts told me he was going to come and with a series of fast and deep strokes, I could feel his cock swell and pulse as he filled my bowels with his seed. He kept going until finally he began to pull it out. He wiped it with his bandana and then wiped my tender ass too. I didn’t move for a few minutes, feeling him still in me as my rectum adjusted to his absence. He rolled me over and went down on me, taking my cock all the way into his throat and in a few minutes, I was filling his throat with some of my own seed.

Neither of us said anything until we had jumped into the water. The cool liquid was welcome on my somewhat irritated ass. Then he came up behind me and pulled me against him. “You are so tight,” he said.”Did you enjoy it?” I smiled and admitted I had. A few minutes later I felt his erection against my leg and the next thing I knew, he lifted me almost out of the water and lowered me down onto his cock once more, thrusting rapidly into me as I groaned. He didn’t slow until I felt him swell and knew I was getting whatever he had left from the first time.

He said it was time to go and we said little on the way to the house. Every time we hit a bump I felt him inside of me and I enjoyed it. He had some chores to do when we got there so I headed in to mark my time card. Momma was standing at the counter, working on something she was baking. I marked my hours and started to leave.

“David,” she said, “wait. I have some ice cold lemonade and fresh gingersnap cookies for you.”

I couldn’t tell her that I was feeling very guilty all of a sudden as she sat the lemonade down with a plate of cookies.

“Was this your first time with Poppa?” she asked. How did she know? “I know these things,” she advised. “You walked different and you didn’t want me to see you leave. “.

“You knew what he did to me?” I guess I should have said with me but I didn’t.

“He told me that he wanted you a long time ago,” she said, “but he does not realize how big he is and how small that little bum is.”

“I don’t understand Momma. If you know he does this, why don’t you stop him or at least warn me?”

“David, I didn’t know he was going to do it to you but he has done it with others. I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you about it but he is always gentle and doesn’t force himself on anyone. He’s always seduced his victims if you want to call them that. Are you sorry that you let him?”

“I don’t think so. I kind of think I wanted it in a way. He’s so big though. I didn’t think I was big enough to take it inside.”

“He told me that when he watched you undress and when you masturbated, he had to do it too and he has been talking of nothing other than taking you for a couple of weeks now.”

“Has he, I mean does he, I mean…”

“Yes David, he has and he does and sometimes it hurts.”

“Then I don’t understand why you don’t say no.” I replied.

“You are too young to understand, David. Some day you will.”

I sat there with my lemonade, thinking to myself about my experience, my cock reminding me of the pleasure I’d received and how I enjoyed it. “Momma, am I gay? I mean does what we did mean I’m gay?”

“Not necessarily,” she replied. “You are a very sexual person David, I knew that right away just by the way you stare at my body when you are here. Have you noticed that when you are here, I leave some buttons open at the top of my dress?”

I smiled and admitted that I had indeed noticed and appreciated it as well.

“You may be what they call bisexual David. That means you just enjoy sex no matter if it is with a man or a woman.”

“I’ve never really been with a woman, Momma,” I admitted. “Shirley and I used to fool around a little but I was afraid my parents would find out and they would have kicked me out. They’re very strict.”

“It’s because they love you, David and they want to protect you from making the wrong decisions.”

I got up and grabbed my shirt from the chair. “I’ve got to get home.”

She was smiling as I walked by, then she grabbed me and hugged me to her chest. “It’s all right, David,” she said. “No matter whether you are gay or bisexual, it doesn’t change who you are inside. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I walked out of the house and felt like a new man as I walked through the field and over to my house.

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