Discovering My Sister

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When I think back on what started all this its crazy.

Ok so I’ll start this from my beginning. It was a regular day around the house nobody home but me and my 20 year old sister(me being 21 in charge of course). I was in my room on the computer downloading amateur porn off KaZaA when I stumbled on what look like might be a good video. The file said “One of the best blowjobs ever.” So I downloaded it. It took me awhile but I could tell that it would be worth it. It was done so I played it.

The screen went to a room which looked like a bedroom, I could tell that this was real homemade video. The camera when it first started was toward a computer screen that had a picture of a naked girl on it. Then I heard a girls voice at first I wondered it seemed unusually familiar. Then the camera turned to the doorway and there she was my 19 year old sister wearing an incredibly skimpy two piece bathing suit, her breasts were nearly over flowing. I nearly fell over in my seat, my mind rushed with it all but I kept on watching.

She walked into the room smiled and asked the guy if he was ready the guy said yeah (I could tell he was younger than I was) My sister took the guy’s half swollen cock in her had, the cock was pretty big but not as big as me(not to be boastful or anything). She shoved half his dick in her mouth and began to suck. I could tell that she had definitely done this before. Then with half of his dick, which was a lot, she pushed her head down consuming all of his cock all the way down to the base!

I thought to myself “God Damn! She’s a fucking expert!”

She kept her head there not choking or anything. She came up and went back down bobbing on his cock. Than it cut to later she was now jerking the guy’s cock with one hand and licking his balls a little. I could tell by how he was breathing that the guy was about to cum and when Brittany (my sister) brought his dick near her face he started cumming ut she was so good that right when he started she shoved that cock back down her throat to swallow all of it. She had a large glob of cum on the right upper side of her lip making her look so slutty.

She was taking his dick out of her mouth when she started to suck on the guy’s head and he came again. She swallowed the rest and smiled with that cock in her mouth. Then the screen went blank it was over.

I sat there staring at the screen my mind going completely haywire. I had just seen my own sister deep throat a guy’s dick like she was a professional porn star (I had to admit though she sucked cock a lot better than a porn star). My sister was on the internet for everyone to see. My mind was going insane. The only thing I knew for certain was that I needed her to give me one of those blow jobs. I sat there for a few more minutes to collect my thoughts. Then I started to think about how I was going to get her. There was one easy solution, blackmail.

I got up took a deep breath and walked out of my room and towards Brittany’s room. The door was a slightly open so I looked in. My sister was sitting on her bed with her headphones on facing in my direction. I could plainly see how her large firm breasts would bounce as she moved to her music. I smiled took another deep relaxing breath and knocked on the door a little so it would open up more. It got her attention she took her headphones off and smiled at me asking

“What is it James?”

“Come here,” I smiled “I got something to show you in my room.”

Brittany playfully sprang off her bed and walked ahead of me her long red hair whooshing past. She was wearing a very tight white blouse that ‘brang out her eyes’ and a black miniskirt that shaped to her ass. I always wondered why she wore clothes like that around the house, other than the fact that she refused to grow up. So we both walked into my room she plopped on the couch and I went to the computer

“look at this,” I smiled and pointed at the computer screen.

I clicked on play and took a step back and watched my sister’s face. At first she didn’t how what she was looking at but when she realized a look of pure horror came over her beautiful face. She looked at me with a pleading stare and tried to say something but not words came out of her mouth. I just pointed back at the screen smiling and said

“just keep watching.”

She görükle escort bayan went back on watching herself swallow loads of cum. Then it was over and she stood up, she opened her mouth, but I just put a hand up to quiet her.

“Now don’t worry sis, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.”

She looked a little more relived. I went on talking,

“actually I think your really good and since I’m guarding a very large secret for you I think your going to be doing me a little service.”

I undid my pants button and zipped them down,

“I want you to give me head when ever I ask.”

Now this was the part of my plan that I didn’t know what would come ot of it. I thought that she would most likely be disgusted and refuse to give her own brother head. But she just let out what seemed to be a sigh of relief and said

“Oh sure ok I’ll do that when ever you ask.”

I was more stunned than she was when she was watching herself on the computer. This was crazy she didn’t even care! I decided just to go along she obviously didn’t mind. I thought that this was great, my own personal blow job servant that live in my home.

“all right right now then and I want you to take off your blouse and bra too.”

She said “fine but i’m not wearing a bra.”

“Oh then take off your blouse and show me your tits.”

I took off my boxers taking my cock out. Brittany smiled when she saw my cock and asked

“whoa James what have you been feeding that thing?”

“Sweet young pussy,” I replied.

She giggled a little and finally opened up her blouse all the way allowing her tits to burst out. They were perfect large 34-C, firm, and her nipples stick out like points. She smiled and moved her shoulders around a little to make her boobs shake. I couldn’t believe how normal she acted even when she was about to do something with her own brother. I sat down on the couch and she knelt down in front of me. I closed my eyes and anticipated her lips touching me. she opened her lips and closed them around my head and with her tongue she licked my head inside of her mouth. It was incredible, two seconds and this was already the best blow job I’ve ever had! I had to ask her something.

“OK how the hell the hell did you get so good!? I mean were did you learn this?”

She took my head out of her mouth with a sucking sound.

“You really want to know huh?”




“Mom she taught me,” Brittany said smiling a little flushed.

“What do you mean she taught you?”

“Well it first started when I was 18 and mom wanted me to learn so almost every night I would go to mom and dad’s bedroom and mom would have me practice on dad’s cock.”

This was getting to be too much for me. For the past two years, unknown to me my baby sis was giving my father head while my own mother instructed!

“Whoa oh shit”

“Yep I was very good very soon, so mom had me go out a suck boy’s cocks at school.”

I didn’t say anything.

“Mom even says that I’m a better cock sucker than she is but dad doesn’t think so but he’s just saying that.”

“You mean you still give dad head?”

She shook her head,”No I stopped once high school started, but dad doesn’t seem to mind I mean he still has mom to blow him.”

“Wait a minute where the fuck was I? Why didn’t any of you tell me?”

“Well I don’t know maybe they just wanted to wait awhile.”

“two fucking years? Damn and you could have been sucking my cock all that time.”

Brittany smiled and opened her mouth to continue but I still had questions.

“What about intercourse?”

“Oh well mom had me start practicing on dad soon after i was a pro at blowjobs, so she wanted to get me good at fucking too.”

“Holy shit, but I mean what if you got pregnant?”

“hehehe well mom had me on birth control pills when we were practicing but we never told ad it would make him cum so much when he thought he might get his own daughter pregnant.”

“Are you still on the pill?”

“no not right now I haven’t been fucked in awhile.”

“Good” I thought to myself…. maybe I can really get her pregnant.

“Are you done with your questions cause I really want your huge cock down my throat.” altıparmak eskort

“No that’s it for right now suck away.”

She smiled and stared into my eyes seductively as she went back to work on my cock-head she never mover her eyes away from mine. She moved her head down more putting a third of my cock in her mouth. She would suck so hard. over every inch of my cock inside of her young mouth. I could barely stand it. She swallowed more of my cock slamming it down her throat. I could fell her throat muscles clench my cock. She took in all of my cock and kept her head at my crotch sucking down even harder than before her throat was squeezing me so hard I knew I was going to cum at any second. I told her but she didn’t do anything then with her tongue wrapped around my dick she jerked my off from inside her mouth. The sensation was incredible.

She pulled her head up a little and I fired my thick load into her mouth as she swallowed all of it and sucked my cock until every drop was gone. I collapsed back into the couch.

“That was the greatest blowjob I have ever had and probably ever will have in my life.”

Brittany just smiled at me and jerked my cock lightly,

“I’m glad you enjoyed it that comes from two years if hard practice you should have seen how many times I gagged and threw up dad’s cum but mom kept shoving my throat down on him until I got use to it.”

My mother had me when she was only 18 she was a very beautiful woman. Since she was younger I guess she love sex ad giving head she wanted to pass down the techniques. Great woman mom is. In my mind I thought that since mom got pregnant at 18 we should continue the line of young mothers. My cock though, was drained from my sister’s oral attack. Even with her jerking me I know my cock wouldn’t be ready for another hour.

“Sis you drained me so much and I want to fuck that pussy of yours so badly.”

“Oh but I’m not on the pill.”

“I know that’s why I want to fuck you to try and get you pregnant.”

Brittany licked my cock all its length.

“Well then how long will it be until this monster has got another full load in him?”

“Oh god I’d say we wait an hour.”

“Oh mom and dad will be home by then.”

“Does it matter?”

“No not really I’ll tell them what happened,just so they know.”

About twenty minutes passed until our parents got home. Brittany rushed happily down the stairs grabbed mom’s hand and lead her into her room. She told mom about how she gave me a blow job, and my cock, about how she told me everything that was happening. Mom was very pleased and seemingly relived not to have to hide anything anymore.

Mom told dad everything and all was back to normal until exactly one hour had passed from Brittany finishing my cock. While I was resting on my bed Brittany came in bursting into my room wearing very sexy white lingerie. I knew they had to be my mom’s. It was a white lace bra, and some silk panties, she looked so sexy. She looked at me up and down to my crotch and licked her lips and patted her belly a bit.

“Come on brother fill me up with your seed.”

Wow I was getting so horny from all these I stood up out of my bed and ripped off all of my clothes. My cock had came back to complete strength and then some from the sight of my sister dressed like that and what we were about to do.

Brittany ran straight at me jumped on top of me and I fell right on the bed. She kissed me deeply as I undid her bra. She rubbed her crotch on my cock making it hard. I wanted to cum in her so bad but I also wanted to fuck her brains out and make her scream. I had her bra off and I started to suck and feed off those perky nipples, while I squeezed the other breast.

Britt ran her hand down to her crotch and started to rub her pussy through the material. I stopped sucking her tits and pushed her off me and pulled her silk panties off hard and just buried my face into her shaven pussy. She was so sweet I sucked on her lips and drove my tongue into her as she moaned and repeated

“Yes, oh, god, yes.”

I tongue fucked her until she came all over my face then i got off her kissed her and told her to lay on her stomach she turned over like a good girl and I put my hands under her hips nilüfer escort and pulled them up and got her on all fours.

“I’m going to fuck you like a little slut sis.”

“Oh god fuck me hard please.”

I finally guided my cock into my own sisters awaiting pussy. It felt so good she wasn’t loose which I thought she might be. She was very tight I slowly inserted my large cock into her little pussy little by little as she gasped

“Oh god uh I want it all in me push it all in your little sister yes.”

I pushed in harder pushing it all all in

“oh yes now bang me silly” Brittany sighed.

I slowly pulled out but thrusted hard back in her all the way. Again pulled out easy and pushed back in hard each time Brittany would yelp

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck”

Then I started quickening the pace of my thrusts until I was banging her hard as she panted

“oh yes oh yes oh yes”

Her beautiful tits were shaking I could feel the cum begin to build up inside my cock but this wasn’t the position I wanted to get my sister pregnant.

I slammed her down on the bed with a few hard strokes and she collapsed. I whispered to her

“I want you to be on top and squeeze the cum out of me.”

She smiled as I took my cock out of her pussy I laid down and she put one leg on each side of me. She took my cock bent down and gave it a lick. Brittany sat up a bit and gently eased herself down onto my cock.

“Oh ahhh”

She gasped as my cock became buried in her. She the began to rock back and forth on top of me. She quickened her rocking and i helped her move by putting my hands on her hips.

“Mmmmm” she moaned.

“Bounce on me sis, bounce on me” I said with my eyes closed.

Brittany brought her hips up slowly then crashed on me again faster and faster until I had to squeeze her tits to keep them from bouncing. She was bouncing and rocking on me violently almost at the peak of sexual orgasm she began screaming so loud


I was groaning under her trying to hold back as long as I could. I glanced towards the door which was creaking open I saw mom wink at me I smiled grabbed Brittany’s hips and thrusted my own hips up to match her bouncing down.

She was now going completely wild rocking uncontrollably when she finally hit the peak and came with an inaudible scream


That set me off and with a thrust I came so violently gallons of my cum shot into my sisters womb.

“oh fuck sis mmm all that cum is in you.”

“Oh brother that was incredible.” She collapsed on top of me with my cock still in her.

I tried to move Brittany said

“James keep it in me let all your cum soak into my pussy.”

“all right sis I will.”

She lay in my arms and after a while she finally got off off my dick slipped out of her with some cum still on it. Brittany smiled and licked the cum off me. I just collapsed back on the bed as Brittany went to take a shower and tell my mom what happened.

Mom was pleased and she said that we should fuck more often any time we wanted anywhere around the house. Brittany was very happy. She patted her stomach wondering if she was pregnant. Mom said that she didn’t think so. So we would have to fuck a lot more.

Mom passed by me as she left Brittany’s room smiling.

Mom said

“You fucked the living daylights out of her. She’s exhausted.”

“Oh really?”


Mom started to walk dow n the stairs but I said

“Mom I have a question.”

She turned around,

“yes honey?”

“Why didn’t you tell me about all this two years ago?”

She giggled

“It wouldn’t have been much of a surprise now would it son?”

I smiled.

“Now when ever you feel like it you can fuck Brittany or have her blow that cock of yours.”

She winked at me.

“Mom one more question.”

“What is it?”

“Who is better at sucking cock, you or Brittany?”

“I think Brittany is the better oral slut out of us.”

“Oh well you sure trained her well.”

“Of course honey she’s your fuck slut now.”

Mom headed down the stairs and I entered Brittany’s room she was half asleep on her bed and she smiled when she saw me.

“Tired?” I asked.


“You know we are going to have to make our own movie now.”

We laughed I kissed her and let her fall asleep as I lay on my bed and wondered about everything that happened that day. What a great woman my mom is.

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