DJ Pt. 39

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Big Tits

In part 39:

Julia backs off on the contesting

Phil registers for the summer semester

The Rainbow Alliance sets the picnic date

Phil and Bryan share a ‘hot’ night together

Phil and Bryan’s new close friends are lesbians

* * * * * *

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a young, gay boy, 15 year old Fernando, who’s father has kicked him out (which happens way too often in real life) and CPS (Child Protective Services) have placed him with foster parents, a married straight couple. There is no direct, or implied, sexual activity between Fernando and any other character in this story.

* * * * * *

DJ – Part 39

On Saturday, March 31st, about 12:30 PM Bryan and Phil returned to the Seldon home, smiling, and dangling the apartment keys from their fingers as they walked in the kitchen door. Karen observed that Phil was also carrying a box of the large Hefty trash bags.

“Guys,” Karen said, “I’m going to do laundry this afternoon, if you will bring out your soiled clothing, I’ll have it clean and ready for you to pack. There’s no need for you to take soiled clothing to your new apartment.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Phil replied, “we’ll change into our work clothes now, and bring the other stuff out to the hamper. That’ll give us a few days before we need to go to the Laundromat. Our apartment doesn’t have a washer and dryer, but there is a laundry room with coin op machines for the residents to use.”

The boys went to their room to change into their work uniforms, and brought out their soiled clothing for Karen to wash. They used the next hour to get a jump-start on their packing, filling four of the trash bags.

Karen had lunch ready at 2:00 PM, as Phil needed to leave by 2:30 and Bryan about 3:30 for their jobs. Karen and Carl enjoyed what would be their last lunch together with Bryan and Phil.

After the boys had both gone to work, and while the laundry was being washed and dried, Karen decided to make a couple batches of cookies. After they cooled, she divided the cookies between the normal cookie jar and a gallon sized plastic wide mouth jug. She is going to give the jug to Bryan and Phil to take to their apartment tomorrow.

* * * * * *

On Sunday morning, April 1st, Karen and Carl are up early, and already having coffee. Bryan and Phil both had worked late Saturday night and were still sleeping. DJ and Jamie were both at DJ’s house, where they normally spent Saturday nights. They would be coming home tonight, as they have classes tomorrow. Karen is planning a kind of a special breakfast for Bryan and Phil this morning.

About 9:00 AM Bryan and Phil woke up, shared a good morning romantic hug and kiss, and were both desiring some sex. They decided to hold off until they could initiate the bed in their apartment that night, and could enjoy a good fuck. They pulled on their boxers and headed toward the kitchen, trying as best they could to hide their erections that just didn’t seem to go away! It’s been over a month since the last time they ‘rented’ DJ’s bed, and they’re both long overdue for a good fuck.

While Bryan and Phil sipped on coffee, Karen started mixing buckwheat pancake batter and had sausage patties starting to fry.

“About time you guys got up!” Carl exclaimed, “I’m starved!”

The family enjoyed a breakfast of buckwheat pancakes with sausages and fried eggs, and topped it off with Cinnabons.

“Mom,” Bryan said, “you need to teach me how to make those pancakes, so I can satisfy my man!”

Carl, grinning, “I’ll just bet you can do something other than just make food to satisfy your man!”

Bryan, blushing, “Well, we can’t live on just—never mind.”

“Probably not,” Carl ribbed, “but a little bedroom activity sure can help!”

“I think I feel sorry for our bed tonight,” Phil said, smiling, “I think it’s going to get a workout!” They all laughed.

After breakfast, Phil and Bryan started to carry bags to their cars. Carl went to the garage and carried the box with the old cookware to Bryan’s car, and Bryan found a place to load it. Phil folded the blanket off the bed, and carried it and the pillows to his car. Karen handed the boys a bag with two sets of sheets and several older towels, which went into Phil’s car. After loading the TV and the X-box, it seemed they had everything loaded.

Karen, with tears in her eyes, handed Bryan the plastic jug with the cookies, “I wanted to give you something to remember me by.”

“Oh!” Bryan exclaimed, “bedtime snacks! Thank you so much.”

“Mom, Dad,” Phil said, his eyes wet, “you’ve been awesome parents to us, we’ll always cherish the weeks we’ve lived with you, and we’ll never forget you!” Carl gathered both boys in his arms, and gave them a loving hug.

“I hope everything goes well for both of you,” Carl said, “having you boys living with us has been like having two additional sons, and I know Karen and I are going to miss you. Please be sure gaziantep escort you stay in touch with us, believe it or not, we care a lot for both of you! If you ever decide to get married, we’d better get an invitation to your wedding!”

Karen and Carl stood at the back door and watched as Phil and Bryan drove off separately in their cars. Karen had tears escaping her eyes,

“Sweetheart,” Carl said, “it’s just another chapter in our lives that has ended, but one that I’m glad we’ve lived. They’re both wonderful young men, and I really hope that Phil is able to continue his education.”

* * * * * *

Phil and Bryan drove to the Apartment Complex, to building 2, and parked next to the stairwell between apartments 211 and 212. Descending the stairway leads to the lower apartments, 200 and 201 to the right and 202 and their number, 203 to the left. The entrance to the apartment is off a recessed, but shared back porch that they would be sharing with apartment 202. The boys are wondering what their next door neighbors might be like, and they will find out shortly.

They unloaded their cars, hauling everything down the stairway to their apartment. Almost everything was taken to the bedroom, except the TV and X-box were dropped in the living room and the box of pots and pans and the jar of cookies were left in the kitchen. They checked out the empty refrigerator and quickly decided that getting some food and drinks was a priority. At least the fridge had an icemaker, so they had plenty of ice, but no glasses or beverages.

After making up the bed with Karen’s sheets, another priority, they took inventory as to what they needed to buy. Checking the bathroom, there was no toilet paper or soap, but both boys needed to pee and shared the toilet. Thanks to Karen they had washcloths and towels, but no bathmat. The only thing that prevented them from testing out the bed right now was the lacking of a bathmat and soap as they knew they would want to be able to shower after they tested the bed!

They took off in Phil’s car to do some needed shopping. The first stop was the dollar store, where they picked up a bathmat, toilet paper, bath soap, paper towels, and some paper plates, paper bowls and some plastic silverware. They did buy a coffee maker, a couple of mugs and a four-pack of glass drinking glasses.

They then hit the supermarket, bought some coffee, coffee creamer and sugar, milk and cold cereal, bread, mayonnaise, and some deli meats and cheese so they could at least make sandwiches. Lastly, they bought a case of 24 bottles of Pepsi, then made their way back to the apartment. Phil stopped at the Southside Drug and picked up a tube of lube, and fortunately, DJ was on a register. Phil felt more comfortable buying lube if DJ was able to cash him out.

“How is the move going?” DJ asked.

“Very well, thank you,” Phil answered, “we’ve got everything from Mom and Dad’s moved in, and we’re going to check out the bed soon.”

“So I see,” DJ replied, grinning.

“We needed to run out and pick up a few things, and some vittles,” Phil said, “you and Jamie gotta come by and check out our pad. It’s a basement apartment, number 203, underneath apartment 213, Colony Apartments, building number two.”

“Are you going to be dressed?” DJ inquired, grinning.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Phil remarked, grinning, “depends on when you stop by, it wouldn’t be the first time you ever caught us naked.”

“True that,” DJ said, grinning, “we might try to come by after work tonight, if you’re going to be home.”

“We’ll be there,” Phil replied, “we both got today off from work so we could kinda get settled, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you. Laters.”

Phil, returning to the car,” Baby, we might have company tonight, DJ said that he and Jamie might drop by for a while after they get off work, I think they both get off at 9:00 on Sundays.”

Bryan, smiling, “I hope they do, they’re only the best friends we have!”

Phil and Bryan returned to their apartment, and got quite a surprise. Bryan got the bags from the dollar store, and Phil got the grocery bags and they headed down the stairway toward their apartment. Two ladies were sitting on the porch chairs wearing only bra’s and bikini type underwear! When Phil and Bryan came around the corner from the stairway, they jumped up and headed into the adjoining apartment 202.

Phil put the refrigerated items in the fridge, and Bryan put the soap and toilet paper in the bathroom. While Bryan put away the paper products, (plates, bowls, plastic ware) Phil returned to the car and got the case of Pepsi and carried it into the kitchen. There was a light knock on the screen door, and the boys realized it was the two ladies, now more properly covered.

“I apologize for the way we weren’t dressed,” the first lady said, “we were not expecting anyone to come around, and you caught us off guard. I would guess that one of you two is our new neighbor?”

“Nope,” Phil said, grinning, “not one of us, both of us, I’m Phil Raish, and this is my boyfriend, Bryan Hopkins.” A smile spread across the faces of both ladies.

“I’m Candace Stanley,” Candy stated, “and I go by ‘Candy’ and this is my partner of almost eight years, Corina Lopez, and she goes by ‘Rina.’ We knew we were getting new neighbors, because we saw the maintenance people cleaning up that apartment. This is so cool, I know that Rina and I are both happy to have family living next door to us.”

“Family?” Phil questioned, “how are we family?”

“Honey,” Candy explained, “we’ve probably been out a lot longer than you guys even knew you were gay. Members of the LGBT community in general, consider other members to be family, so that’s why we’re family. So how long have you guys been together?”

“Bryan and I have been fuck—dating each other since we were juniors in high school, about 3 years now, sorry bout that, I’m more used to talking with other guys, rather than women,” Phil apologized.

“Don’t worry about it,” Candy said, smiling, “we sometimes use four letter words too. Do you guys like children?”

“I’m not sure how you mean that, Candy,” Phil responded, “Bryan and I have a monogamous relationship, and neither of us are pedophiles, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“We’re not very good hosts,” Bryan interjected, “can we offer you ladies a Pepsi? It’s the only thing we have here to drink.”

“Yes, please,” Candy replied, “Pepsi would be nice, and there are four chairs on the porch where we could all sit down, I feel I want to tell you boys a story.”

Bryan washed the new glasses, and filled them with ice cubes and Pepsi. Both Phil and Bryan are starting to feel very comfortable in the company of Candy and Rina, and Candy wants to tell them a story. They all sat out on the porch.

“Why did you ask us about if we liked children, doesn’t everyone love kids?” Bryan asked.

“No,” Candy replied, “a lot of people, especially gay’s and lesbian’s can’t stand being around kids, and we have one, but he’s only around every other Sunday.”

“Bryan and I have discussed children,” Phil explained. “We do plan to get married, eventually, and after we’re married, we want to adopt one or two children, we want to have a family of our own, so I would have to say that we like children, and we want to raise our own kids.”

“You two can be good Papa’s” Rina said, in her Hispanic accented English. The boys smiled at each other, also believing that they would be good daddies.

“Back about 11 years ago,” Candy explained, “I was questioning my sexuality, wondering if I was really lesbian. I decided to try the other side, and I dated a couple of different men. The second one got me pregnant, and I realized by this time that I would never be happy with a man, and we broke up. He wanted me to have an abortion, but I couldn’t do it, so I carried him full term.”

Candy was starting to cry, and Bryan excused himself for a minute, and slipped into the kitchen for some paper towels, bringing out the whole roll, good thinking on his part.

Candy continued, “His biological father, and both of my parents, knowing my lifestyle, encouraged me to give him up for adoption, but I had carried him in my belly for 9 months. I loved my baby boy, and there was no way I could give him up, never to see him grow up to be a man. If I had to, I was going to raise him by myself.”

“It was really tough,” Candy continued, “I had to work, to support Jeremy and myself, and it was costing me a fortune in child care expenses. When Jeremy was only two years old, Rina and I were getting ready to partner up. Rina loves Jeremy as much as I do, and we planned to raise him together, as our Son. We lived together, as a family, for just one year, and then tragedy struck.”

Candy has a way of telling this story that has both Bryan and Phil totally intrigued. All four of them are periodically reaching for a paper towel to blot the tears.

“What was the tragedy?” Phil asked.

“Jeremy’s father married a woman, Crystal, and they had a daughter, then they decided to file for custody of Jeremy. They used my sexuality, and our lifestyle against us, and the courts awarded them custody of Jeremy. We are only allowed to have Jeremy every other Sunday, from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM, and it’s been that way for the last seven years.”

“How old is Jeremy now?” Bryan asked.

“He just turned ten,” Candy answered, “would you like to see his picture?”

“We’d love to,” both boys answered in unison. Candy pulled out her phone, and went to her photos, then handed the phone to Phil.

“Ohhhhh!” Phil exclaimed, “he is one handsome young man, he looks a little Hispanic.” Phil handed it to Bryan.

“Oh my god, he’s precious,” Bryan remarked, “I want to pick him up and hug the shit out of him!”

“I guess I have a thing for Hispanic’s,” Candy stated, smiling, “his father is from El Salvador, and my own Rina is an immigrant from Venezuela, what can I say?”

“But now I am proud citizen of the U S of A,” Rina stated, smiling, “for six years.”

“How do you think Jeremy feels,” Phil asked, “about your relationship with Rina?”

“That’s a heartbreaker,” Candy said with some remorse, “he says he’d much rather live here with his two Mommy’s than to live with his Daddy and the mean stepmother, and we hear that, every time he visits us.”

“Do you think he understands your relationship?” Bryan asked.

“He does,” Candy answered, “they teach kids a lot differently today, than even when you guys were in school. First and second graders are taught diversity, that not all families are white, or black, some are mixed, and not all families are Mommy and Daddy, some are two Mommy’s or two Daddy’s.”

“Well ladies,” Phil said, “It’s been a pleasure, but I think Brian and I are tired and wanting to check out that bed for a while. We’re really glad to have such cool neighbors.”

“Guys,” Candy said, grinning, “It’s only four in the afternoon, why don’t you just come out and say it, you’re gonna go and fuck!”

“Are you a mind reader?” Phil asked.

“Nope,” Candy replied, “I just know that two young gay guys only go to bed at this time of day to have sex, but hold on a minute. Rina, you got enough to feed four tonight?”

“I’m already planning on it, Sugar,” Rina replied, “It’ll be ready about 6:30.”

“Can you guys do what you gotta do, and be ready for dinner by 6:30?”

“You’re inviting us to have dinner with you?” Bryan asked.

“You bet your bottom,” Candy responded, “I hope you like South American cuisine.”

Bryan, snickering, “By the time he gets done with me, I might not have any bottom left! (Candy grinned) I’ve never had South American food, but I’ll try anything once, and if I like it, I’ll come back for more. I think we can be ready by 6:30, Thank you so much for the invite.”

Phil and Bryan headed into their apartment, and were starting to pull each other’s clothes off before they even got to the bedroom. It’s been too long, and they’re both starving for each other, and both have 100% erections. Bryan ran into the bathroom and grabbed a bath towel, and spread it on top of the bed, and they both lay on the bed.

“What do you want us to do, baby?” Phil asked.

“My man cunt has been twitching for hours,” Bryan said, “I want you inside of me!”

“Fuck!” Phil exclaimed, “the lube is still on the kitchen table, I’ll be right back.” Phil was back in about 30 seconds, lube in hand.

“Gitchur butt in the air and I’ll lube us up,” Phil commanded, “God, I almost forgot how cute your ass is!”

Phil proceeded to lube Bryan’s orifice, lubing his crack and using his fingers to push some lube through Bryan’s sphincter ring, and loosening Bryan up, preparing to soon enter with his phallus, which he had already coated with lube. Both boy’s cocks were streaming precum, and both were in dire need of what was about to take place. Release and relief are only minutes away!

Phil pressed the head of his cock against Bryan’s tight rosebud, and on the third push Bryan’s ring opened and the head of Phil’s cock slid through, with a little yelp from Bryan. Phil just let it stay for a couple minutes, letting Bryan’s hole get used to the intrusion. Slowly, Phil pushed in a couple inches of his shaft, and slowly started to fuck Bryan with a steady but slow rhythm, gradually going in a little deeper.

“Oh my god, baby,” Bryan uttered, “it feels so good, I don’t think I can last long, please stop and just let me feel you inside me.”

“I’m right on the edge of my orgasm, and I’m not even trying to get off yet,” Phil said, “you keep tightening around my cock, and, fuck, I’m filling you with my spunk right now!”

Bryan, giggling, “I know, I felt you cum in me, and I just soaked the towel under me with my load! Please don’t pull out of me yet, it feels too good.”

“I’m going to start deflating soon,” Phil said, “and besides, we need to shower and show up next door in half an hour for dinner. I can’t believe how cool our next door neighbors are, and friendly too, I like them a lot.”

“I’ve never been this close to lesbians before,” Bryan said, “I always thought that lesbians hated all men, but Candy and Rina have destroyed my attitude. They’re two of the warmest and friendliest women I’ve ever met, and I have a feeling that the four of us are developing a really sincere friendship. I sure wish they had custody of their little boy, I can tell they have a lot of love for him, and would give him a loving home.”

Phil started to pull out of Bryan, and Bryan was trying to hold all of Phil’s release inside him, at least long enough to make it to the toilet. Phil followed Bryan off of the bed, grabbing the cum-soaked towel and headed into the bathroom, then turning on the water in the shower and adjusting the temperature. This was the one thing they disliked about the apartment, it had only a stand-alone shower stall, and that was really a tight fit for the two of them, but they shared it anyway.

After drying off, the boys put on clean boxers, tee shirts and jeans, then walked across the porch to 202 and knocked on the screen door.

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