Do I want to save this marriage CH 7

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Do I want to save this marriage

Ch 7

Blindfolded and securely fastened to a wooden pole, knees digging into the floor, and having listened to my wife have passionate sex with a group of people for the last hour, I was beginning to feel exhausted. My cock was throbbing from being erect for what felt like hours, brought to the edge of orgasm multiple times but being shut down at the last possible moment. The pain was still flowing through me and every little bit of contact was sending shivers through me.


Cindy had finished with her playmates and had laid down on the floor in front of me. I could feel her hair against the underside of my balls and her hands were firmly placed inside my knees, forcing them outward as far as I could possibly stretch with my ankles cuffed behind me. With each shift of her head, the hairs brushing against me, the tremors of euphoria radiated through my legs, crotch, and belly. My penis twitched and jumped with each wave.


“I will need a little help here. I think we all know our part.” She calmly stated. A few seconds later, I felt a hand softly envelope my penis and heard someone working on the buckles that held the strap around my throat to the pole behind me. Everything seemed to slow down as I waited for whatever was coming. “Everyone ready?”


Suddenly the strap around my throat was pulled extremely tight and I couldn’t breathe. At the same time the hand began to furiously pump my penis and Cindy began licking and sucking on my balls. The extreme sensations running through my body sent my heart racing and I was fighting to catch my breath. My mind was in overdrive as it fought through two very different situations. I could feel an orgasm building up in my belly, past the point of being painful but I was struggling to keep my consciousness. Just as I started to fall into a dark sleep, the orgasm overtook me and I could feel wave after wave of thick sperm shooting from me. I was bucking against me restraints and trying to gasp for air. The strap loosened on my throat and I slumped forward, my cuffs on my wrists catching against the back of the pole, and gasped for air. My body continued to shiver and twitch and I could still feel myself cumming. It felt like it lasted for over a minute as the hand slowly stroked me. Every time it slid forward along my shaft, I could feel the fingers tighten painfully more as it went toward the tip, milking every last drop from me.


Finally the hand released me and I felt Cindy push off from my knees and start to get up. I heard her shuffle away, but I was too exhausted to really pay attention to what was going on. The cuffs around my wrist were released and I fell forward onto the ground flat on my face. My ankles were released afterwards and I curled up on the ground trying to get over the shaking and trembling from my release. I felt someone lay down behind me and wrap me up like they were the big spoon.

“Shhh, shhhh. Deep breath. Let it out. There you go.” I heard Steph whisper into my ear. She began running her hand up and down my arm and wrapped her top leg over mine. “Gotta relax. We aren’t done with you yet. Your lovely wife has a special treat waiting for you.” With that, she slowly got up from behind me, reached her hand down and helped me slowly get up from the floor. My knees were weak and wobbly as I stood. She gave me a light kiss on the lips and then turned me around. As the tears poured from my eyes.

What I saw before me was a bit of a shock. There was a large, padded bench in the shape of a “T” and Cindy was laid out across the long portion, her arms stretched out across the “T” and her wrists tied down. She had her feet propped up against the sides of the bench, knees raised and spread. She was a mess! It seemed almost like every inch of her was covered in sperm. It was on her face, chest, and splattered across her latex dress. She must have taken over a dozen loads on her. As Steph helped me walk up to her, I noticed something shocking. There was a slow, steady stream sliding out of her and running down towards the bench.

“That one was my idea. I want your wife to be a total cum slut now and you will be her little cuck bitch” Steph said to me and then used her toes to push against the back of my knee. I immediately buckled and fell to my knees, my face just inches from Cindy’s special surprise. “We thought you might be a little hungry after all you have been through.” With that, she forced my face into Cindy ‘s now discusting crotch.

I knew exactly what was expected of me. I began to lick all of the juices up in fear of more pain. Starting with the little that was slipping down, I began circling my tongue along her rosebud. Working my way up, I lightly licked her lips and up to her clit. I moved back down and began to slide my tongue deeper into her. I could taste the mixture of her juices and the sperm and it was not surprisingly, totally discusting. I felt her tense up and a flood of juice coated my tongue. It seemed like every time she was clean, she would tense up and push even more out. I couldn’t believe she took so many loads inside her. She had been so well filled and used.

As I seemed to be catching my fourth or fifth load into my mouth and lapping it up, I heard Steph whisper in my ear seductively. “It is hard to imagine that was from just one person. A real heavy cummer. I guess knowing that her sissy little slave would be cleaning her up made it that much more exciting for him!”

After a few final licks and not getting any more sperm from Cindy , I sat back on my heels and waited to see what was next. Steph grabbed me by the back of the hair and pulled me to my feet, my face wincing in pain. “Oh no, you misunderstand.” With a wave of her hand, gesturing towards Cindy ‘s prone body, she continued. “I want you to clean her up.”

With a deep breath, fighting the urge to vomit, I stepped forward and leaned over Cindy ‘s stomach. I placed my hands on the sides of the bench to steady myself and I began to lick and suck the sperm off the hem Sex hikayeleri of Cindy ‘s latex dress. I am not sure if it was the act of eating someone else’s sperm, being degraded by Cindy and the group, or the feel of the slick latex against my tongue (not gonna lie, I had a latex fetish that Cindy never acted upon before), but I could feel myself getting disgusted yet again.

As each area of her body became clean I would shift a little higher, readjust my hands and scoot my body further up the bench. When I could no longer reach further up with my body sitting at the end of the bench, I started to wiggle around Cindy ‘s leg and move to the side of the bench. Gloria stepped up, grabbed my hips and forced me back towards the middle. Gloria grabbed one leg and Steph grabbed the other and pulled them apart and made me shuffle so that my knees were on each side of the bench. Cindy spread her legs wider and I lean across her body. As I stood there, licking the copious amounts of sperm off her latex covered breasts, I felt my ankles get cuffed to the legs of the bench and I could no longer move forward. When I tried to lean further to reach the bare cleavage and neck, I found I could not. Gloria and Steph stepped up and untied Cindy ‘s arms and helped her shimmy down the bench so I could clean her some more. When she was clean, she shimmied down a little further. Now I was looking her in the eyes. I felt her push upwards with her hips and Gloria slid a small pillow under her. Steph reached between my legs and grabbed my now half hard penis. She manipulated it until I slid deep into my wife. I reached out and grasped the arms of the bench for leverage and attempted to begin thrusting into her. She immediately grabbed me by the back of the head and hissed at me:

“I did not say you could do that.” I felt my arms pulled outward and I fell forward. My wrists were immediately strapped down to the cross beam of the bench and I was just inches from Cindy’s face. “You need to finish cleaning me… NOW SLAVE!” she screamed.

I used the little movement I could muster and began kissing and licking all over Cindy ‘s face until she was clean there as well. She lifted her head a bit and whispered into my ear. “Before you came, I was clean on my face and breasts. Yes, all of that was just from you! I guess being our little bitch turned you on. Well, it isn’t over yet.”

I felt a hand placed right in the center of the small of my back and then a slight tug on the base of the plug still embedded in my ass. Slowly but steadily I felt it pulling further and further until it was lodged right against my sphincter. “Deep breath… and let it out.” Right as I exhaled, I felt a hard tug and the plug popped out.

“Don’t worry, I will start slow” I heard Michelle say and then felt her begin to push against me. She continued forward in a slow, steady manner and forced her strap-on into me until I felt her hips pushed firmly against my ass. She sat still for a moment to let me get used to her inside me and then she began a slow and steady rhythm. She would pull out until just the tip would be inside me and then she began to push inwards just as painstakingly slow. She continued this for a few minutes and I had to admit, even though I never expected something this painful to happen.

Michelle pushed deep against me and held it. I felt her fingernails dig into my shoulder blades and then as she pulled out again she raked her fingers all the way down my back. Just as her nails finished their path to the middle of my ass cheeks, leaving an ever increasing trail of my blood, her strap-on popped out of me. I heard shuffling behind me and someone stepped up to take Michelle ‘s place.

As I waited for the inevitable, Cindy grabbed my hair again and pulled my ear to her mouth. “I know you have never done something like this before, and definitely not with a man… but tonight, you are my bitch!” She said this last part loud enough for everyone to hear and as she finished saying that, I felt a hard penis shoved deep into me with one thrust. It was not much bigger than Michelle ‘s strap-on so it didn’t take much to get used to it.

“Don’t forget, I am next.” With that Gloria stepped up next to me, strap-on inches from my face. I could tell it was bigger than Michelle ‘s… maybe an inch longer and a bit bigger in girth. It was obviously the life-like ones that the other ladies had, and when she shoved it into my mouth it was just as warm and life-like as a real penis. “Oh, and unlike Michelle’s, the others have a special feature.” She held up a small remote in her hand. She then pulled back from my mouth about an inch or so. She pressed the button and the dildo in front of me began to twitch a little and a small stream of cum-like substance shot into my mouth and onto my face. I swallowed the substance and was surprised at its taste – it was sweeter than then cum I licked off Cindy but had the same consistency.

Cindy leaned up and licked off the little bit that had settled on my cheek and chin. “Don’t waste too much. I want the rest in my slaves ass.” Cindy ordered her crew.

With that declaration, I felt the man behind me begin to push in and out, building up a bit of speed but still not too hard. Just a moment later I could hear him begin to grunt and then he pushed up against me and held it. I could feel his penis wiggle as he pumped his seed deep inside me and the warmth spread around inside my ass. As his breathing slowed, I could feel his penis begin to soften and slip out of me. I felt a small trickle of cum begin to slide out of me and run down my inner thigh.

“You know, this is my first time with a male… and I am going to tear that ass up!” Gloria crammed her strap-on into me with no pretense or ceremony. She then began to buck back and forth against my ass, her thighs slapping into my thighs. “I know you want to fuck your wife so bad… here, let me help you with that.”

She leaned forward so her stomach was resting on the top of my ass cheeks and began fucking my ass for all she was worth. The force of her manipulations pushed me deeper into my wife and every time she pulled back I naturally slid back some as well. Through her hard fucking, I was fucking Cindy. Cindy began to moan and she wrapped one hand into the back of my hair and brought her other one up and around my waist Sikiş hikayeleri and dug her fingernails into my back. She pulled my face into her shoulder so that her mouth was next to my ear.

“Oh god yes. I want you inside me. I want to feel your cock explode deep in me. I feel so full right now.” Between moans and pants, Cindy kept up the dirty talk, the first time she ever did that with me. Gloria must have kept up her action for fifteen minutes or more. The sensations of a cock sliding in and out of my ass and my own penis driving deep into my wife’s warmth was driving me to the edge. I heard Cindy moaning loudly “I am so close… so close. Right there. Oh god right there!”

“C’mon baby… I love to hear you cum. I am going to cum with you.” Gloria exclaimed. Hearing that, sent Cindy over the edge and she cried out as the wave overtook her. “Oh yes!” Gloria slammed into me hard and held it. She must have pushed the button on her toy again because I suddenly felt an explosion of warmth splatter my insides. It was more than I could take and I groaned “oh god baby I am going to cum” Then I felt my body being lifted up and my still hard cock slipped out of her well used, sloppy hole. Shooting on her belly in spattering globs.

After just a brief rest, I felt Gloria slip out of me. Someone stepped up behind me and I moaned in fear of the pain of another penis or strap-on. Instead I felt hands grip my hips and pull me back to the edge of the bench. My penis slipped from Cindy and dropped off the bench and hung down below me. More shuffling and I felt someone slip down between my legs, shoulders against my inner thighs. A warm tongue began licking my semi-hard penis, alternating between licking the head and engulfing it deep into their mouth. A pair of hands were placed against my ass cheeks and I could feel them being slightly pushed apart. I felt a tongue start dipping into my stretched asshole and licking around the edges and slurping up the mess inside. Cindy began shimmying up the bench until my face was directly in line with her crotch.

“It is time to get cleaned up before the next adventure.” I leaned forward and began licking a load of cum from Cindy for the second time tonight. As I was licking her clean, the tongue stopped playing with my ass and it was replaced by a finger sliding slowly inside me. After a brief moment I felt a second finger slide in next to the other. After about five or six pumps, I felt the fingers begin to spread and stretch my ass open a little more. The pain was increadable. Holding for a few seconds then releasing, the fingers pumped another handful of times. Then the stretching. This continued for a minute or so, and then I felt the pressure of a third finger being added. This same pattern continued with a little more pressure and duration on the stretching part. Before I knew it, I had four fingers inside me. And still they continued. Suddenly there was a fifth inside me! It wasn’t a thumb, so it took me a second to realize that they were using both hands to finger me and stretch me out. Every time the increased the number of fingers and the stretching, the discomfort was almost unbearable. But through slow manipulation and harshness, each subsequent stretching It became more and more painful until it I was almost unconscious. Then they would add another finger. Now they were up to seven fingers! Around the fourth time they stretched me out with seven fingers, I heard someone say that I was almost ready. The stretching fingers held me open and continued the slight pressure to widen me up. They must have held it for a good thirty seconds or so.

Then I felt the coldest, slimiest feeling I could imagine. A very thick, creamy goo was being spread all over my asshole and someone else’s fingers were pushing and swirling it inside me. I could hear even more being applied somewhere but could not feel it on me. Then I felt it. Someone’s hand, fingers narrowed to a point, began to push past the fingers that were holding me open. As soon as they got up to their knuckles, the fingers released around it and I felt my ass clench closed around the hand. It began a slow twisting motion with slight pressure pushing forward. With each twist, the hand slipped a little further into me. With only about a handful of twists, I felt my sphincter slip around the biggest part of the hand and wrap itself around the person’s wrist. As they forced their whole fist into my abused ass.

Pressure built up inside me when the hand was made into a fist. They held still for a moment for me to get adjusted to this intrusion. Cindy was sitting up in front of me, eyes transfixed on the penetration behind me. I watched as her hand slipped down to her clit and began to furiously play with her pussy. I could see little splatters of her juices flitting and flying around her fingers and her body clenching and unclenching as she had multiple mini-orgasms. “O-oh, Oh m-my god. That is… that is sooo hot!” She stammered between clenched teeth.

I never thought I would actually be okay with being violated like this. A tongue, a finger even… maybe possibly a very small toy. But I was bent over and strapped to a bench, a mouth playing with my penis, my wife furiously masturbating in my face, and a hand – a friggin’ hand – wrist deep in my ass! If I could not see just how hot it made my wife. I should have been running and screaming for the hills.

Cindy was really enjoying the show, and demistrating just how much she has grown to hate me now. Her body began convulsing, she cried out in ecstasy and quickly moved her hand as she squirted all over my face. She flopped backwards on the bench and tried to catch her breath. As I licked her juices from around my lips, I felt the fist inside me begin to push forward and back. Slow and steady, the fist kept twisting back and forth. I could feel the knuckles ripple along my insides and I understood why women would by ribbed dildos. Without opening my eyes, I felt Cindy roll off the bench and get up.

After a few minutes of the fist sliding, twisting, and pulling my insides I felt it slowly pull back until it was lodged against my ring. The fist flattened out again and with a steady pulling twist, the wrist broke free and the fingers followed suit. I immediately felt someone smearing more of the thick, cream lube all over my asshole and Erotik hikaye pushing it deep inside me. I let out a pain filled grunt, because the cold lube felt great against my abused ass. I heard Cindy ‘s voice next to me: “I guess he must really like this. Let’s see how much this turns him on.”

I could hear the slick slapping of more lube being applied to something. I opened my eyes and turned to look at Cindy. I gasped when I saw that Cindy was now wearing the huge, horse-cock shaped strap-on that Gloria had earlier. She was holding it up at the base with both hands while Gloria and Michelle slathered the thick white lube all over the phallus. It wasn’t just the tip either. The entire cock was absolutely dripping with it. She stepped around behind me. Oh my god please NOO. My body tensed up when I felt pressure against my ass.

The pressure was slow but insistent. The large tip of the phallus pressed and pushed until it broke past my sphincter. Cindy stopped for a moment and I heard her mutter about how sexy this was. She began pushing again. She started a slow rhythm of pushing about the same distance into me four or five times and then slightly increasing the depth for the next handful or thrusts. It took her a full five minutes to increase the depth to about 7 inches. The girth of the cock was stretching me wide and was getting wider the deeper she went. I laid there and tried to relax as she got deeper and deeper. It seemed to take hours and what felt like shifting of my insides. With a final thrust, I felt Cindy ‘s hips slap into my ass and what seemed to be a pressure in the back of my throat it was so deep inside me. I could not believe that that she had forced such a large cock in me.

Cindy slowly began to pull out of me. When the head of the phallus was just inside of me, she began to thrust in and out, pushing about halfway in before pulling out. The person down below me began to suck and lick my cock again. When I felt someone sit down on the bench in front of me, I opened my eyes. One of the young men had shifted up in front of me, his rock hard cock pressing against my lips, forcing my mouth open. I opened my mouth and slipped the head in. I let him begin to thrust and fuck my mouth. He continued to use my mouth until he stiffened up and began shooting his load. I swallowed as much as I could to keep from choaking. After his softening penis slipped from my lips he got up and another man took his place. The cycle continued until I had serviced all of the men in the room. As the last of them had stood back up from the bench, Cindy slowly slid the strap-on out of me. As I lay there, catching my breath, Gloria and Steph undid the straps holding my arms down. Someone else freed my ankles. Hands lifted me from the bench and turned me around. Two men lowered me back onto the bench, laying on my back. Cindy was unstrapping the phallus from her waist and then climbed up on top of me. Reaching down, she slipped my penis back into her. She slid down until I was fully in her and then leaned forward until her lips locked with mine.

As we sat there, passionately kissing, I felt a strange sensation against my penis. A pressure that started near the base and slid upwards towards the tip. Cindy broke the kiss and asked me: “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of double penetration?” With a nod of her head I knew to look over her shoulder. My wife, who have NEVER wanted any kind of anal action before, has now become a total anal cum slut! Michelle was behind her and had used her strap-on to enter her anally. I remembered watching her being double penetrated by Michelle and the other girl earlier. I waited until I felt Michelle pushing into her and I began to pull out. It took a few tries, but eventually Michelle and I had fallen into the opposite rhythm that seemed to work so well before. The sensation was curious. Cindy felt tighter than ever and I could feel Michelle ‘s strap-on sliding against me through the thin membrane that separated us.

Michelle and I continued our combined efforts as Cindy began to squirm and moan. Her eyes closed in pleasure and she dipped her lips back to mine. Her left hand entwined in my hair, pulling my head to the side. She began to lick and kiss my neck and nibble on my ear. I felt her right hand slide up between us and begin to play with my nipple. Tweaking and tight pinches, flicks and pulls. Cindy ‘s moans grew deeper and more frequent. I had learned over the last two days that hearing Cindy cum was one of the quickest ways to make me finish as well. As she grew closer and closer to climax, I could feel the familiar sensation growing in my penis. Without even realizing it, Michelle and I had increased our speed and kept building as Cindy pushed closer to submitting to her orgasm. Suddenly Cindy bit into my shoulder and let out a mousey squeak as she climaxed. It threw me over the edge and I began pumping faster and harder as I shot my load into her.

Michelle slowly pulled away from us as Cindy began to roughly and forcefully kiss my face. I gently caressed her face with one hand while running my other along her side and back, thrilling at the feel of her latex dress under my fingertips. As we recovered from our exertion, the others began to clean up around the room. Soon, Cindy slipped off of me and stood up.

“It is time for us to get cleaned up. Don’t worry, there are facilities here to help with that.” Cindy and the ladies began to head off through a door. The men came over and helped me up from the bench. They led me over towards a different door and we exited the room. We entered a large spa like area with lockers, a sauna, and showers. They led me into the large shower, tiled in marble and benches around the outside. They set me down on one of the benches and turned on a few showers. Slowly steam began to rise in the room as the men cleaned themselves. After they finished rinsing the soap away from their bodies, they turned to me, and for the first time tonight they were any kind of kind to me, began to softly wash me from head to toe. Helping me stand under a stream of hot water, I could feel my muscles relaxing and sleep trying to force its way into my consciousness.

The water shut off and I was being toweled dry. I could barely keep my eyes open. “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get back to your hotel.” And with all I could think was. “How in the hell did I ever think this trip was a good idea.” Then my lack of sleep and total exhaustion took me. Would I ever wake up again??

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32