Doctor Catherine Pt. 05 – Almost

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This story, and all my stories, contain real and fictional characters from long ago memories and recent events in my life.

My stories are memoirs spiced with a kinky imagination. I am submissive by nature in most relationships, sometimes extremely submissive in sex. If you like kinky mature bi women I hope you will like my stories and please comment, tell me what you liked and didn’t like, to help me improve.

From Part 4…

Eventually we went into the shower room near the master bedroom. Yes I have an entire small room that is a shower. We were both naked and as we entered I turned the valves controlling water to the shower heads. The three overheads started first and Barb looked up surprised at the barely warm water falling from above like rain. The wall shower heads high up on the walls were next. Barb commented, “Rob, did you have this built? It’s wonderful!”

I told her I did have it built and I was glad she liked it. Just then the waist high horizontal heads started to flow. She turned so one was spraying directly on her vagina. She commented, “Oh my, this feels wonderful.”

I took liquid soap from the wall dispenser and a microfiber cloth and started to wash her back. When I washed her shoulders, breasts and ran my hand down she parted her legs slightly to let me reach all the way into her butt crack and anus. Soon she turned and did the same to me.

She would later tell me it was the most sensuous shower she had ever had. As she stood in the water I dropped to my knees and put one of her legs over my shoulder. There were grab bars at shoulder height all around the shower and she held on as I licked her with the water flowing all over us both. Her orgasm came slowly but when it came she celebrated it with a long low moan and a simple, “Oh fuck, Robin, I never…”

We dried each other with big thirsty towels and retreated to the bed where we dried each other’s hair, massaged, kissed and loved each other until as the day moved into evening we eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Part 5.

As I scanned the horizon I saw nothing but water in every direction. Iwas alone in the ocean and I was going to drown. Then I awoke. It was 3:00 a.m.

This new woman Barbara Sundman was sleeping at my side. I looked at her sun touched face and tousled blond hair and thought about how we met. Was I too old? Would she soon tire of me? Will our race difference become an issue?

There was something about this woman that was, for me, right now, more than just sex. Last night I made love to her with all my being, something I had not done with anyone since Beth died. I thought of her scissoring my body and putting us against each other in, for me, one of the most intimate forms of woman to woman sex. As our labia and clits touched I was moved sexually beyond where I had been in many months. I looked up at her large breasts, moving as she swayed back and fourth against me and touched them. i loved how she gently and quietly whimpered as I squeezed her distended nipples. I could again at that moment see her face as she reached orgasm and collapsed onto me. Later as we held each other she whispered in my ear, “I hope we fall in love.”

I fell asleep again for some time and when I awoke she was still asleep but her covers had shifted revealing her breasts. As I lifted the covers gently so as not to wake her but to satisfy my need to look at her naked form again I almost physically felt the scent of two women who spent the night making love. Intoxicating!

Barb is a beautiful woman. I saw her naked for the first time when I awoke on her boat and was able to watch her for a brief time in the galley. Her breasts are larger, certainly rounder, than mine and seemed very firm. Laying on her side now her breasts seemed less firm as one laid on the other with her arm draped across them. Her rose colored, areola had changed somewhat. No longer excited by sexual activity they seem to extend outward from the rest of her breast. Her puffy nipples seemed darker than I had thought. I remembered sucking her nipples and marveling at how much longer and thicker they were compared to mine. Her nipples while she slept, though still very thick, seemed to have withdrawn somewhat into her areola.

I could now clearly see how her upper chest and shoulders were covered in freckles that thinned and almost disappeared at the join of her breasts where the tan faded somewhat. Asleep I could see her tummy, a tummy she had unashamedly let me caressed when my face was between her thighs the night before. Barb was very tanned everywhere but those few square inches surrounding her vagina was a small sea of white surrounding the bright pink of her labia and pearl of her clit.

With her naked before me I again felt old and inadequate. She is more beautiful and sexy than I imagined. I again notice her waist is small and flares out into wide hips, wider and rounder, more “womanly”, than mine.

As I pull the covers back up over her, her eyes open and she says, “Good morning Robin.” I am suddenly Robin again.

Thinking I had just gotten caught I told her, “Good morning Barb. You kicked your covers off. I was just covering you back up.”

She smiled and said, “Why? Are you done looking?” She added, “You bursa otele gelen escort know, I like to look to and I got a great chance to look at you while .putting you to bed last night.”

She laughed and pulled me close and with her hand on my butt asked, “Baby, can we just stay in bed and fuck all day? I’d like that.”

I just pushed her away and said, “No! Get your ass out of bed woman! Go brush your teeth and get dressed. I want to buy you breakfast at my favorite little place and then we have to talk before we go back to your boat.”

Barb playfully pushed back and climbed up on top of me with her legs on each side of my body. She was clearly much stronger than me. Her hands were on my wrists holding my arms over my head. Her breasts were hanging over my face and I was staring.

She looked down at me and said, “So you like to look do you? Do you like my girls?”

She was swinging them across my face playfully and I managed to mutter, “Yes Ma’am, I love your girls!”

She stopped suddenly in a mood change, pushed down on my wrists so they actually hurt and said, “Rob, I am not your mistress! You are not my slave! Don’t ever call me Ma’am!”

I smiled and said, “Yes Mistress!” and laughed.

She laughed too but physically forced me over onto my stomach. She was slapping my butt with her hands but then her hand went under and her hand was on me, a finger in me. She said, “Rob, you’re wet! Are you always wet?”

She did not wait for an answer she slapped my behind and said, “Get up lazy, I’m going to wash and brush my teeth and let you buy me that breakfast.”

When we returned from breakfast we went for a morning walk on the beach with mugs of coffee in hand and she told me something that would eventually be important in our lives. Beth asked about the bed in Beth’s room. I asked her what she meant and she suggested that one of the women she sees in her group of friends has such a “bondage bed” and she was curious why I had it. I had never actually heard it called a “bondage bed” before but I guess that is what it is. I told her that Beth loved the things the bed could be used for and I went along because I loved Beth. Barb explained that the friend, Nishi, who had in fact recommended Doctor Catherine to her had made love to her in “interesting” ways on such a bed.

I asked her if she knew that Nishi was on the Doctor Cat list! She answered that she did but that she and Nishi had been close long before that.

I mentioned that I have been with Nishi. Barb showed not a sign of jealousy but simply said, “Isn’t she wonderful? Did she take you to the beach?” I told Barb about my experience with Nishi.

She continued, “Rob, I have no interest in men, you know that, but that does not meant that I do not like to be fucked. Nishi does that for me. It may be a strap on, but blindfolded, it might just be a hard cock. Nishi knows of my need and fills it, all three holes and leaves me used and satisfied. Perhaps?…”

She never finished but I knew what she was asking. i answered, “If it pleases you I would love to give you what you need.”

Barb smiled, “I really would like that.”

As the Nishi conversation faded I told her the rest of the Beth story.

“I think I told you some of this already but, here goes. After a while living with Beth I was beginning to think a very long term relationship might be possible. I actually thought at least once about moving elsewhere and starting over with her, asking her to commit. What I didn’t know was that Beth had met a guy on the beach and was fucking him every chance she could. When I found out and we talked about it she used the word love for the first time.”

She said: “Robin, I love you, I truly love you but I need a man in my life. Can we find a way to make this work? I don’t want to hurt you.”

I continued, “The guy she was seeing was married so before long he dumped her and the problem went away for a while. Days became weeks and we settled into a life we both loved. Beth found her occasional fling and I closed my eyes and let it happen hoping she would not bring an STD into our lives. She had a need I could not meet and I seemingly had no choice but to live with it.”

“Beth, as they say in the commercials, there’s more. As the days became weeks and weeks became months Beth asked if her daughter Bailey might join us for a while. Of course the answer was yes and Bailey, a beautiful open honest young lady joined our family. Bailey was a freshman in college. She had been living with her dad who was killed in a car crash. Bailey, now that Beth is gone is my responsibility and I see to her needs. She is in grad school in New England and has become the daughter I could never have.”

“Barb, I swear I’m almost done but there is another thing I must tell you.”

“After the funeral I had music playing softly in the living room and Bailey and I had gone to bed. I was in the master and Bailey was in the guest room, Beth’s room. We had exhausted our talking. We had done as Beth had asked. Just the two of us, and of course the crew of the charter boat, we had slowly dropped Beth’s ashes over the side and returned her forever to the ocean she loved so much.”

“I bursa eve gelen eskort was fine until I wasn’t. We had married only months before and now i was a widow. I would never again lie next to her and it was suddenly overwhelming. I was weeping uncontrollably when the door opened. It was Bailey. She entered the room and came over to the side of the bed. I stopped crying and asked her if she was ok.”

Bailey looked at me and said “No, I’m not ok. Mom, can I sleep with you tonight?”

I told her “Of course Bailey but I’m naked. Just give me the tee shirt on the back of the chair.” Bailey turned and reached over for the tee shirt I mentioned then she turned back to me. She briefly held it out toward me and pulled it back. She dropped it on the floor.

Bailey looked at me and said “I have a better idea.” With that, she pulled her own tee shirt over her head and stood before me naked.

I looked at her and said “Bailey, no, this is not right we cannot.”

She ignored me and climbed in bed beside me. She did not touch me and I did not touch her. We were both under the sheet. She started talking. “Robin, my mom told me you both slept naked every night because you can’t keep secrets from another woman who is with you naked.” I laughed a little, it was a long standing joke between Beth and me, and I told Bailey that I was not sure that was true but Beth said it all the time. We never had secrets from each other.

Bailey continued, “Well I’m naked with you now. May I ask you questions?” I said yes, anything to keep from going back to being alone with my thoughts.

Bailey said, “Mom cheated on you a lot. Did you both cheat on each other?”

I turned on my side to face her. “Bailey, in the five years we were together I never was with another woman or man, never.”

“Why do you suppose she cheated on you?”

i replied, “I loved your mom. To me she was not a woman or a man she was the person I loved. I needed no other. I think I was not a man and every now and then a little signal went off between your moms legs and she needed a man in her life, a man between those legs. We talked about it. I hated the fact that I could not complete her as she completed me. Every time it happened she promised it would never happen again.”

Bailey added, “Robin, were you ever in love with a man?”

I answered honestly, “Yes, Bailey I was married many years ago to a man who left me when we found I could not have children. I loved him. Sex with him and other men in my life was wonderful but sex with Beth was incomparable. When we made love we became one person for a moment understand?”

She replied, “No, I have never had that feeling.”

I told her, “You will. Find the right person and you will.”

Bailey asked, “How did you know you were bisexual? You know, liked women.”

I answered, “For me it was simple. The man I was married to had us involved in what were then called swinger groups. That was when I first was with a woman. I discovered something important about me. I really believe you do not have to be in love to make love. Sex is not the same as making love. I now prefer what I have heard others call the soft side of sex, lesbian love.”

Bailey then surprised me, “Would you make love with me if I asked you to?”

I answered, “Bailey, you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul. There was a time when I would not have had to be asked twice but I am you mother now. That can never happen!”

She thought for a moment and said, “Can I sleep here with you? Just tonight?”

I replied, “Of course.” I reached out to hug her and the sheet slipped away. Her body was firm and warm. When our breasts pressed against each other I felt a need inside that I pushed away I blocked it out.

She held me for a long time with her hands wandering on my back and hips. Nothing really sexual just warm caresses that I returned.

We awoke in the morning and showered together in our shower room like kids in a gym class…no touching.

I brought Bailey to the airport on Friday and she was back at school.

A few months later I met a man who was part of a local theater group and we had dinner and once or twice went to the movies. He was a little older than me, a retired Marine with many many tattoos and very muscular. After a few dates he had tried nothing but a gentle good night kiss. We were in my living room when he happened to see a picture of Beth and Bailey. He picked it up and looked at it. When he looked at me he said “Beautiful women.”

He put the picture down and I volunteered. “My deceased wife Beth and our daughter Bailey.” He paused thinking for a long moment and simply repeated “Both beautiful women.”

I asked him sarcastically “Don’t you have a single question?”

He looked at me, smiled a big goofy smile and said “Robin, this year I will turn 68. I learned a while ago that if there is a woman you really hope to someday get in bed you do not advance your cause my asking her about her deceased spouse.”

Silence for a moment… I said “A wise man indeed. I like your discretion and will consider your intentions if we can ever get past the simple good night kiss.”

He laughed and said “Yes ma’am! bayan escort bursa I’ll work on that.”

He approached me took me by the hand and led me to my own bedroom. He closed the door and I again for the first time in several years had a man in my life, in my bed and between my legs. He was magnificent. That is a word I have not used to describe another person in a long time and yes I mean his erect cock was magnificent. He pushed my rusty oral skills to their limit and beyond. Vince was now a regular in my life.

When Bailey came home for the holiday I had Vince over for dinner and once he left she was full of questions. I told her the story of how we met and told her that no I did not see long term prospects for him.

Bailey confessed that her life had expanded for her as well with a woman named Lauren. She told me she finally understood what I meant when I called sex with another woman the soft side of sex,

That evening after we went to bed I was feeling great. Bailey was here and my life was coming together.

Around 2:00 am I heard her in the pool. I went into the kitchen pour myself a double Jack on ice and wandered into the pool area. She was doing laps and did not see me. I sat and watched her naked form moving through the water. As she turned, she at various times exposed her bum, her breasts and even her bush. As Vince had said a truly beautiful woman. If she ever was Beth’s little girl, tonight she was a woman. As I sat and watched I was ashamed that I was getting wet and I started back for my bedroom. Too late! She spotted me. “Hey mom, take that robe off and join me. The water is wonderful.”

“No no baby, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Oh come on! I’ve seen you naked before! Get in here!”

I walked to the pool stairs dropped my frumpy old robe on a chair and climbed in. Beth came over to me and gave me a big wet hug. Her breasts were larger and firmer than I remember and I was in trouble. She kissed me. Not a Mom Daughter kiss but a real adult soft warm kiss. The kind of kiss that leads to more.

I felt in my heart that we were on the edge of the unthinkable! She was my daughter! I pushed her away and told her the truth. “Beth you are making me insane. I need to get out of this fucking pool NOW!”

Oh fuck, I had called her Beth and she noticed.

“Mom, you just called me Beth!”

I climbed out of the pool and ran to my bedroom and closed the door.

She followed me and pushed the door open. I was sitting on the edge of the now wet bed.

“Mom, it’s ok. I didn’t mean to lead you to think I wanted… I love you.”

She left the room. I dried myself and went to bed thinking we had to talk this through tomorrow. There would be no talk tomorrow.

At 3:00 am the door opened. It was Bailey and she was naked.

“Mom, can we talk?” She came over and sat on my side of the bed.

She pulled my covers down to my waist. She took my hand and put it high on her thigh. My fingers could feel the heat of her vagina and the fur of her Bush. She whispered “Mom, I’m wet, touch me.” She pushed my hand into her center.

She kissed me, this time with no pretense but rather with her tongue between my lips and I allowed it.

Her hands were on my breasts. I tried again “No Bailey, No! I am you mother! This is wrong!”

She stopped my words with a kiss and pulled the covers off me completely. Bailey kissed my breasts, kissed down my chest, to my stomach to my mons. She was in the bed between my legs pushing my legs up onto her back. I not only allowed it, I wanted it! My daughter was giving me oral sex and I felt a orgasm coming. Like an ocean wave it swept over me.

She smiled and said “Be my lover tonight and my mom tomorrow!

It was over, I had done the unforgivable. “Barb, I swear, it never happened again.” My life went on, Vince eventually faded away to a younger woman and disappeared. I played tennis with friends every time I could.

I met a married woman, Connie, a friend like the friends you told me you have. We meet each other’s needs.

Barb asked why I felt a need to share these secrets with her. I told her the truth, I don’t know why. Beth and I ended with no secrets. I want you and I, no matter where it leads, to start with no secrets.

She was quiet for a little while then she said, “Rob, I will never judge you for what has happened in the past or in the future. Seems to me from what I know you have lived the best life you could.”

She continued, “Now let me talk.”

“Let me start at the beginning” she said. “I am almost two years older than my sister and I developed physically earlier than she did.” She continued: “I had breasts before her, months before her, and always larger and she was always interested in looking to see what she hopped would soon happen to her.” Barb continued: “She hatched a plan for us to watch mom and dad in bed where we would hide in the closet where we could take turns watching through the door crack and hope they left the lights on. A number of times it worked but all we saw really were their covers moving up and down with them under. One night things changed, mom was sitting on dad and he was touching her breasts. That was the first time we had actually seen moms very big breasts. When we returned to our room my sister talked me into sitting on her as mom had sat on dad so she could touch my breasts. We were too young and it was all very disappointing. We had twin beds in our room and over the following months sometimes I could hear her in her bed. I learned later that she was masturbating as best you can at 12 years old.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32