Does Auntie Know Best? Ch. 02

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As they drove back to the house, Billy couldn’t keep his eyes off of his sexy Aunt’s legs. He noticed the creases in her shiny black leather and the way the light reflected off of them. As she pressed on the pedals, he watch intently as the leather went taught around her leg.

Sam reached across and wrapped her fingers into Billy’s, interlocking them. She squeezed gently.

‘I’ve been waiting for this Billy.’ She said, as she traced her nails on the palm of his hand sending tingles through his body.

‘Are you sure Aunt Sam? I mean, I really don’t want to ruin what we have already.’ Billy gulped as he nervously replied.

‘Shhh. Just you let me take the lead ok? If you don’t want to then I understand…’ she replied to him, continuing to tease his hand with her nails.

‘Err, yes, of course I want to but I don’t want to offend you. You are my Aunt after all.’ Billy said, feeling embarrassed.

‘Listen to me Billy, this afternoon I’m not your Aunt. I’m your fantasy. Your desire. Your teacher & your lover. All rolled into one. If after we are done, it gets weird then at the very least we will have been honest with each other. True?’ Sam replied.

‘You’re right Aunt Sam. I really do love you.’ Billy replied, bringing her hand up to his lips and kissed it softly.

Billy turned the key in the front door and walked in. Good, no-one home. He walked into the living room, his stomach turning like cartwheels. Sam walked in behind him, dropped her bag on the sofa and walked up to Billy standing face to face with him.

She put her hands in his, again interlocking their fingers. Her eyes looked into his and he could see her tremble slightly. Their lips touched, gently exploring each others mouths. Their tongue’s darting in and out, gently, softly. Their lips locked as she tightened her grip on his hands. His hand reached and touched the base of her neck, moving down her back until it reached her bottom, clenching, grabbing, pulling it into his groin.

She could feel his arousal through his pants and she started to grind herself against him. Pulling herself away from him, still clenching one hand, she turned and led him to the basement door.

Walking down the steps, Billy was mesmerised by the sound of clicking heels on the steps. She walked over to the bed and motioned for him to sit. As he sat, she slowly unzipped her skirt and teasingly slid it down her long slender legs revealing a sexy black thong. She knelt down beside him and removed his shoes, jeans and socks.

Moving to the bed, she climbed up so that she was astride him looking down on him. Her hands reached forward and scrunched his shirt as she scrapped her nails up his torso onto his chest. sivas escort His hands wandered down and gripped her boots. He felt the cold soft leather and gently rubbed her legs through it.

As she let out a sigh, her hands reached up and unbuttoned his shirt. She leaned down and started kissing his chest, her tongue darting across his nipple as her teeth flicked on it. He jerked at this and gripped her ankles tightly, his hands now absorbing the leather feeling beneath him.

As his passion rose, he rolled her over onto her back and grabbed her wrists placing them over her head. Holding them in place with one hand, his mouth & lips nuzzled her neck & her ear. She raised one of her knees and began to grind it into his groin.

His hand reached under her t-shirt and cupped one of her breasts. Using his fingers, he quickly found her nipple and rubbed it through her bra. Reacting instinctively, she wriggled free & quickly pulled off her t-shirt before laying back down on her back.

Their eyes met again & their lips lurched for each others. As they kissed, Billy felt her wrap a leather boot across the back of his legs locking him into her. She teasingly rubbed the shaft of her boot up and down, while the heel teased and prodded into him.

Pausing for air, she looked up at him. His big blue eyes were filled with a passion she had not experienced for a very long time.

‘Billy, hold my arms up again. Hold me down while you kiss my body.’ She gasped.

Billy reached for her wrist and with one hand held them back in place above her head while his mouth shot down to her cleavage. His lips and tongue slobbered away at her chest, nibbling, kissing, groping, while she continued to lock her legs around him. She could feel her pussy moisten, his ravenous passion now taking her over.

She reached down with one hand and pushed his pants down, grabbing his arse and pulling him into her. Reaching behind her, Billy managed to unclip her bra and after removing it was presented with the most magnificent pair of breasts he had ever seen. Again, he buried his face into them all the while holding her other wrist in place tightly.

Her free hand was now scraping up and down his arse, up and onto his back, up to the base of his neck.

‘Mmmm you’ve done that before haven’t you?’ She sighed as he gently chewed on her nipple, rolling & squeezing it between his fingers. Billy didn’t answer, he was too focused on the wonderful sight now before him.

Aunt Sam got up and stood at the end of the bed. Slowly, sexily, she removed her thong. She was now totally naked but for her sexy knee high black leather boots. She reached across to Billy and tugged his pants off. Walking round to the side of the bed, she lay next to him, her head resting on one elbow.

‘You like my boots then Billy?’ she asked.

‘Yes Aunt Sam. Yes, I do.’ He replied, mesmerised by the sight of his now naked Aunt laying next to him.

‘So you don’t mind this?’ she said as she slowly lifted one boot and moved it to where his cock was springing at full attention. Smiling, she reached down and started to run her nails across his cock, rubbing it on the leather boot that lay underneath it.

‘Oh Aunt Sam!’ Billy gasped as he felt the force of her nails rubbing his stiff cock against the leather.

As she continued to tease, she swung the other leg round so that it trapped his cock between her leather covered legs. Expertly, she rocked them back and forth, slowly wanking him with her boots as her hands wandered up to his torso.

His head turned to be presented with one of her breasts sat invitingly next to him. His tongue reached out and licked on her nipple causing her to gasp. Her legs pressed together and he could feel her boots wanking him faster & tighter as he licked and kissed her.

He could feel his orgasm rising in his balls as she pumped him. He rolled her onto her back and moved down between her legs. As his face neared her pussy, he could smell the sweet smell of her juices.

Burying his face into her pussy, he enthusiastically licked and sucked at her for all his life. Immediately, she clamped her legs around him and gripped the bed sheets with her hands.

‘Oh Billy, that’s it. Oh Yessss.’ She started wailing as he licked and sucked. His hands wandered up to her smooth belly as his tongue darted across her lips. She reached down and grabbed his hands, holding him tightly.

‘Oh that’s good, yes. Right there. Suck me there.’ She cried.

‘Yes. Billy. Oh yesss. I’m so close.’ She continued.

Sensing that now was the time, he pulled himself up and without any warning, pushed his cock into her wet pussy.

‘Oh fuck!’ she creamed. ‘That’s it, fuck me. Fuck your booted Aunt!’

Billy ground himself into her as her legs locked around his back, rubbing her leather all across him.

‘Oh baby that’s good, fuck me. Fuck me hard while I wrap my boots around you’ she groaned, pulling him deeper and deeper into her.

Billy raised himself onto his knees and lifted her boots so that they rested on his shoulders. Thrusting into her, he could feel her tight pussy clamp itself onto his cock. He grabbed her legs and pushed her boots together, reaching up with his face and nose to inhale that same sweaty aroma that had captivated him before. Kissing and licking the black leather as he fucked her.

‘Hmmm. Mmmm. Yes Billy. Fuck. Yessss.’ She wailed as he continued to pump her, all the while his face was smothering her boots.

‘Baby, fuck me doggy. Turn me over Billy. I want to you to use me. Now!’ she screamed as she rolled herself onto all fours.

Positioning himself behind her, he held her arse cheeks while he guided his cock towards her now dripping pussy. Thrusting in, he waited a second while she adjusted herself.

‘Hmmmm yessssssss’ she sighed.

He withdrew slowly, then thrust back in.

‘Yesssss. Fuck your booted Aunt. Fuck me.’ She sighed in exhilaration. ‘Grab my hair baby. Pull it.’ She said.

Billy reached up and grabbed a handful of hair into a pony tail of sorts. Wrapped his hand around it and pulled on it as he thrust into her.

‘Oh. My. Fucking. God!!!!!! Yes. Yes. Yes.’ Was all she could say, her moans in between each word ensuring that she was in complete ecstasy.

‘That’s it baby, I’m coming. I’m coming…. Mmmmm, mmmm, Yessssssssss’ she cried as her orgasm hit her.

Slumping down, Billy lay down next to her.

‘Oh my god Billy. You are amazing. That was fantastic!’ she panted as her hand reached across his chest and snuggled into him.

Beaming a huge smile, Billy put an arm around her. He could smell her sexy sweaty aroma, while her booted legs now tenderly draped over his body.

‘Now, I think you’ve earned a little treat of your own!’ she smiled as she snaked down his body.

Reaching his still erect cock, she guided it into her waiting mouth, clamping down with her lips as she slowly started to suck him dry. Her hand wrapped itself around his balls as she expertly used her nails to scrape along.

Feeling his own orgasm nearing, he was panting.

‘Oh Aunt Sam. Yes, that’s it.’ He cried.

As she looked up at him, she started wanking his cock tightly, faster and faster positioning her legs beside his now throbbing cock.

‘Christen my new boots for me baby. Cover them in your sticky load for me. I want to see you release it all over my black leather.’ She cooed.

‘Yes. Oh Yes. Oh Aunt Sam!’ was all Billy could say as what felt like a gallon of spunk shot all over her boots. It shot all across the shaft, down to the ankle, even managing to hit her heel.

Reaching down, Sam removed her boots before bringing them up to her lips. Seductively, she licked and slurped all of Billy’s spunk until her boots were pristine.

Sliding up and cuddle him, she wrapped an arm around him and sighed.

‘Do you still think it’s weird?’ she said.

‘No Aunt Sam. I think you are wonderful!’ Billy replied, exhausted and near delirium.

‘That’s good!’ she said as she cuddled him ‘I have lots more pairs of boots for you to christen — If you want me to wear them for you of course?!?…’

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