Does She Stay at Home?

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Cuckold Captions

I see you driving your rich fancy cars, only care for me when I walk down the street of your posh suburb neighborhood, sidewalks of which you removed to maximize property values. You think I’m out of place, but really, all I’m doing is survival.

It takes a little time, but I befriend your woman as a matter of surveillance and positioning. I only go after the ones that I like. The ones who look feisty, bored and up for some games. You can see their man has put obligations between him and her, and she’s just looking for a fantasy that puts her outside his domain. I provide this.

My overall cover is that of international travel writer, which lends a favorable air to my pursuits. Adventurous, but not dangerous. Intelligent, but not boring. More-so, a convenient excuse for changing apartments every 6 months or so.

Those beige boxes that serve as a stopping point out of the house for many of your teenagers, Glen Apartments, are where I conduct my business and ply my trade.

I am certain to have an apartment aside from the general traffic flow of the complex. It takes a little research and effort to accomplish this, but I need a place where I can bring several different women during the week without arising undue suspicion.

Pay me, they do. For all the things they want that you can’t do for them. Some of these things you’ve never even heard about. And you never hear about them. Unless things go wrong, and as affairs go, sometimes mine inevitably go fuck all.

That’s ok though. I always fuck with a rubber, I got myself snipped long ago, just to avoid the genetic evidence in the form of child. I practice a variant of Tantric sex. Acknowledging my feelings of pleasure from the act of intercourse, so I can control my physical, and more important, emotional response to the situation.

You see, falling in love would be a terrible career move. I can’t get involved with any of these woman’s lives. I am a play thing, here for a few nights of fun. This is the only escort bayan vocation I’ve ever known.

And I do quite well, by conventional standards. True, I don’t have a car except for a large non-descriptive van that I use to find interesting women. And I still only have an apartment and a modest wardrobe. But I need to move quickly in case of disaster.

It’s happened before, a beautiful women, she had white hair, and a very youthful and vibrant face. She was an artist feeling trapped by her business-hippee husband. She never got the encouragement, space and praise to pursue her craft. He just used her for his own purposes, which she was far too willing to give, in the name of love.

Lust was left by the wayside. That carnal, animal pleasure that you adore about her did not go away, you simply chose to ignore it. Don’t worry, it’s still there, I found it.

I look at this as a form of therapy, because usually in serious relationships people don’t truly want to leave the other, they’re just sexually frustrated with the situation.

Indeed, you should be happy that I talk your woman through the pleasures of her own body. She often returns with greater love in her heart and a renewed enthusiasm from being somewhere exotic.

At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

And then there are the times it goes terribly wrong.

My MO is this. I seduce a woman by finding the single external interest she has, be it yoga, gardening, or music, and participating with her in it in some way. You can’t be there because that’s HER thing. It’s usually easy to tell, she walks to the car with her yoga mat or there’s some other external evidence of something. If not, they’re probably kind of boring anyway.

Anyway, as always, conversation turns to sex, and they’re all sorts of interested in the spiritual aspects. I mention that I work as a travel writer, and talking about exotic locations always seem to get women thinking of different things.

Most altıparmak escort bayan of the time it happens, sometimes over a bottle of wine and a bitch about you in the afternoon, sometimes in the middle of the night after she stole out of the house in secret, sometimes when I play guitar and sing a song with her. We kiss, and deal, briefly with an awkward silence, then “I would like to pursue this, but we need to discuss some rules”

The first one is always free. I give her my best and she wants more. It’s terribly helpful to not have a single source of sexual outlet, it allows me to keep in ‘shape’ as it were. Before we progress to intercourse, I discuss that I also work as a sexual healer. I am not available for a long time relationship, as that is my choice. But I can help you have a better relationship.

My first goal is to have a woman get in better touch with her body. Women have a different relationship with their body then men do. Because the female form is so saturated yet diluted at the same time throughout culture, there is no internalization of the self, instead is is a conceptualization of a relation between an ideal and reality.

Sometimes they’re ok with pleasure, and that’s a great start. It’s the touchy, ‘don’t make me feel good’ types that make excellent pupils, because they have so much to learn.

It’s a really good deal, for $250-500 of YOUR money, I sleep with your woman and she in turn, is better in bed with you. And I have such a curriculum. I bet I could keep a client for years, given the opportunity.

Yet, always, either, the guy finds out, or she just goes back to him, refreshed. I’m trying to cut down my errors, but I still have to relocate every few months.

It’s worth it though. Years of sexual frustration are released through me. It’s not like when these women were younger, and every penis made itself available, and she was available. No, most of the time she manages to separate her nilüfer eskort coupling emotions from the sex. I only see clients once a week, on most occasions, to avoid the opposite scenario.

Having someone else fall in love is also terrible for your career.

I try to explain the boundaries, and she thinks that she can make up for her indiscretions with money. I don’t tolerate any bullshit, at the first hint of psycho I say ‘Do you want to continue our arrangement?’ If I have a good girl, I’ll let her get away with one un-announced emergency drop by, but those are strictly limited. And I have a red light that I turn on for when I’m entertaining.

All in all, I have no regrets. No health plan or retirement benefits, but I see the doctor regularly, so don’t worry about getting sick because I fucked your woman with my hard, thick cock. I tied her down and pleasured her until she begged for my dick in her mouth. Some of them even want me to put a finger (or more) into their ass, and fuck every tight little hole. They usually leave my apartment glowing.

I show the short ones how to suck cock and I have the tall ones ride on top. I get her to talk dirty, and mention how ‘wet my cunt is getting’. She rubs all over me with her hot ass, grinding against my cock. I show her how to position and pivot her ass while I am inside of her. I teach her how to grab onto my cock with her cunt muscles and milk it. I have her rub her clit against my pubic bone as we ride waves of pleasure.

Oh the amazing, variants of clits and orgasms! I enjoy the screamers who let you know they came with a guttural roar! Big clits, hidden clits, and hungry ones. The dirty sluts who send me naked cell phone pictures as they clean your house and pleasure themselves on your bed.

I do pretty good, but I still hit a rate of about 5% where the chick is stupid and leaves overt evidence of our doings, and gets caught. I avoid those. Also trying to avoid the 10% of crazies, who latch onto anything that moves even though that is against the rules.

Sometimes I wonder if you know, but do nothing because you like what is going on.

Really, it’s a good business, I fuck your women, they pay me with your money, I get to move around a lot, and I write about it…

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