Doin’ the Boss Ch. 06

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(For Rich, Davis and Marty, who always encourage me to tell all).

If K. Linford Little was anything, it was a creature of habit. He liked eating ham and eggs weekends at diners, listening to soft rock and cheering his beloved hockey team.

He loved his family, his work and his weekly golf game at the club.

Oh, and he liked me. Yes, he loved his family, and said he loved his wife, and he still found time to sneak around with me.

My name is Robyn, and I used to work for the man who by nearly all standards is a pillar of the community. He is a Boy Scout leader, coaches Little League, attends Chamber meetings and takes his wife to the Opera…willingly. Oh, and the man many years my senior absolutely loves to have his dick sucked.

That’s where I come in. Years ago Mr. Little was my boss and we had a thing. I broke it off when I realized he was using me for my, uh, special talents, while I had thought he would ultimately leave his wife and we’d live happily together. It wasn’t to be.

Once apart, I moved on. I continued the single life, complete with some highs and lows before shacking up with a nice guy my age. That relationship was, and is a nice, comfortable one. It is safe, secure and in nearly all ways the kind of relationship any girl would love to be in…except that something was missing for me.

It wasn’t attention, because my boyfriend adored me. He’d leave me love notes, send me flowers at work, do all the kind of things a girl loves. It wasn’t the sex, because truthfully, it was (and is) superb. He’s loving, caring, and I can honestly say that on most occasions I fell asleep after writhing through orgasmic bliss.

Still, something was missing. Looking back, it had to be the covert, living on the edge danger that fooling around with Mr. Little did for me.

As mentioned in an earlier story, after we got back together Mr. Little and I regularly met for fun and games, and at his insistence the majority of our rendezvous were in or near his car. The man was a car sex freak, no doubt about it. Oh, sure, we’d sometime rent a room and get it on behind closed doors, but his, and my to some extent, passions were white hot when we were in a semi-public locale.

It had to be the danger, the threat of being caught. The possibility that someone might spy on us, observing our illicit behavior. Over the years several had, some my accident, but more recently, by design. Our recent in-car naughtiness included me blowing the graying mane man while he was driving down a local interstate highway. He’d ensure my ass was bare and available for observation by truck drivers as I worked on his dick. All the while he’d give me a play-by-play, blow-by-blow, description of the action.

Our most recent get-together illustrated once again how he liked to push the envelope. Not enough to get caught, but surely enough to get to the edge of having someone catch us in the act.

My boyfriend was playing golf when Mr. Little called on my cell phone.

“Hi Robyn, can you talk?”

I assured him I could, Karaköy escort bayan and that it was great to hear from him. He was at the local Hilton, attending a financial briefing with his wife. During a break she went to the ladies room while he slipped upstairs to a phone bank and gave me a call.

“I was hoping we could get together Monday for lunch,” said Mr. Little, lunch being our code word for food and a quickie.

Unfortunately my Monday was jam-packed, as was Tuesday and Wednesday due to a number of executives being at my office. During their conference I oversaw the “command center”, taking messages, making copies, doing whatever it took to keep things moving along.

Mr. Little was more than a small bit disappointed. “Robyn, I miss you.”

“I miss you too! But I do have to work. And the boss wants me there.”

We spoke for a minute when Mr. Little offered a suggestion. “We’re going to be here all day. Want to have some fun?”

“What are you thinking? Isn’t your wife there?”

“Uh huh, but I have an idea…can you be here at 2:30? Maybe in a nice skirt and tee top? You know the one.”


“Come on Robyn, it will be fun!”

I thought for a minute before offering that it was his ass on the line, not mine. I can’t be positive, but something tells me if his wife finds me cavorting with him it wouldn’t be a good thing.

“Great, walk through the lobby and sit along the back side of the room, near the elevators. We’re in a conference room downstairs so she won’t be near you. At our break I will excuse myself and say I have to respond to a couple e-mails. I’ll come through the lobby and go to the fifth floor. Meet me there!”

“Do you have a room?”

“No, but there are several chairs and we can sit and visit for a bit.”

I knew he had something up his sleeve, because there was no way he’d have me over without at least making a pass. But whatever was on his mind sounded exciting to me.

Over the next two hours I bathed then dressed in one of his favorite outfits. A tight red tee top over a low cut bra that accentuated my modest 32B breasts. Light blue boy-cut panties complete with lace under a black skirt which ended just above my knees. Definitely not prim and proper, but surely not whorish either. More collegiate than downright slutty.

Parking in the underground garage I slipped up the parking elevator to the lobby, stopped at the gift shop for some overpriced mints and a People magazine. I scoped out the room, saw the room elevator bank and the nearby chairs. Checking my watch (2:25 p.m.) I slowly made my way toward the pre-determined rendezvous point.

I hadn’t finished the first story about the latest fashion when I caught a glimpse of Mr. Little coming toward me. He smiled but didn’t let on that he knew me, and I decided to play along with his spy-like mode. He hit the up button, and once the doors opened went inside. I glanced around, then entered the elevator with my former boss, figuring nobody would notice and we’d ride Escort Kayaşehir to the fifth floor together.

Mr. Little immediately put his arms around me, and we joined in a kiss, and all the while I wondered if the doors would open and we’d be caught. Up we went, his hands caressing my ass while he ground against me.

We were interrupted second later as the elevator came to a halt, and we quickly moved to opposite sides of the small compartment. I observed we had stopped on the 11th of 12 floors. So much for stopping on five.

Exiting the elevator and seeing the coast was clear, Mr. Little resumed kissing me, a task he loved but I adored. He has such kissable lips.

“Aren’t we a little bit vulnerable here?” I asked, glancing around the vacant floor.

He took me by the hand and we walked several yards, stopping at a vestibule which housed several vending machines and a picture window with a few of an outside parking lot and a large intersection. Again my former boss pulled me close and we passionately kissed.

I felt his manhood expand against me, and I remember thinking how lucky we were the coast was clear, probably because it was the middle of the day. I reached down, stroking his cock through his trousers, an act which brought a moan to his throat.

“Um, Robyn, that feels soooo good,” said the man before restarting his lip lock.

We kissed for a couple minutes before we broke our embrace when I thought I heard a door close. Nonchalantly taking a few steps to the hall and looking both ways, Mr. Little whispered it was all clear. Seeing nothing he moved back to me and unzipped his pants. Out came his cock.

“Suck it,” he begged.

So be it! I slipped down onto my haunches and licked the dick from stem to stern before ovaling my mouth and sucking his dick into the wet orifice. It was a slow suck, as I moved my lips slowly down the dick before stopping with about four inches in my mouth. I moved my head back, and then down it once again as Mr. Little groaned.

Looking up, I noticed the man looking around, watching to make sure we weren’t being observed. He looked down, then out the window.

Licking his dick, I was startled when I heard him say we were being watched from below. I quickly stood, looked out the window, and sure enough there was a Mustang convertible with two guys in the front seat, one gesturing at our window to his buddy.

Opps, we did it again!

While I knew they couldn’t ID us, I didn’t feel comfortable being out in the open in front of the window, and pulled Mr. Little’s hand as I rose then strode away from the window, laughing.

“Good thing they didn’t have binoculars!” I said, shaking my head. Mr. Little laughed, muttering something about not wanting to share me with them.

We walked down the hallway, past room after room which, if we had a key, would have let to me finishing my job. We turned the corner and walked some more before Mr. Little opened an exit door and pulled me inside.

I entered the stairwell Küçükçekmece escort and twirled around, proudly displaying the tops of my thighs as the black skirt flipped and flowed. Flippant, I held onto the railing with one hand, lifting my skirt with the other.

“Wow! You look great. I love those panties,” said my former boss. “Are they new? From Victoria’s Secret?”

“I knew you would honey. They are from Frederick’s, and I bought them just for you!”

Noticing his smile, I stepped up to him once again and put my arms around his neck. Kissing his cheek, I whispered, “Anything special?” Then I kissed his lips and let my tongue play with his.

“How about your specialty? I have to get back downstairs.”

Ah yes, the wife. What’s a girlfriend to do when the little woman is downstairs? This time I slipped down to my knees on the cold, hard, floor. His fly was still unzipped — it’s a good thing nobody saw us walking down the hallway — and I reached into his pants and slipped out his semi-hard cock.

The manhood jumped at my touch, and lengthened as I licked the tip. “Um, he likes me,” I cooed, swirling my wet and hungry tongue on his cock.

Gazing upward, I locked eyes with Mr. Little who was intently watching my every move. I worked the base of his dick with my hand, coating my face with his dick. Some of his sticky sauce made its way to my cheeks.

“Oh, you vixen,” he sighed, placing his hands around my head. That gave me a clue to what he really wanted, so I slipped his dick to my lips then slowly sucked it into my hot, wet mouth. I bobbed my head as he tightened his grip, beginning to rock with the action. Looking up again, I noticed his head was back and he was luxuriating with the blow job like he always did.

Stroking the base of his fully extended, pulsating cock, I continued to work on the tip of his manhood. Mr. Little loved my cocksucking and I did everything within my power to make sure he enjoyed every second.

“Oh Robyn, oh Robyn, you’re the best,” said Mr. Little, speeding his action. “Suck it, baby, suck it.”

He was beyond the point of no return, and I knew at this point my hand did more of the work than my mouth. Seconds later I was rewarded with one, then two then three spurts of hot man sauce, most of which ended up deep in my mouth.

Covering his dick, I swirled my mouth all over his cock, taking the last of his sticky residue. Holding his cock steady, I swallowed his cum, making sure he could feel me doing it. A small bit dabbled on my cheek, and I left it drying there.

Once clean, I tucked his dick back into his pants and rose from the floor, putting my arms around him. “Um,” I cooed, wet kissing his lips and exchanging cum with spit.

“Oh yea, Robyn, that was masterful.”

He didn’t know how good it was! I would have told him, but we heard the door below us open, and pair of Hispanic voices was heard talking as we high-tailed it out of the stairwell and back into the hallway.

We speed walked down the hall, and looked back as the stairwell door opened. Jumping inside the elevator we kissed again before I thought better of it and hit the second floor button. I exited there, allowing Mr. Little to head downstairs and back through the lobby and to the meeting, where hopefully his wife didn’t realized his hair was tussled and a wicked smile was upon his lips.

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