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26-year-old Earl Cross awakened in his bed again. Depressed and gloomy was his disposition, as has been the case for what seemed like years now.

From the next room, rolling out of bed, was Dora Cross. At forty-four years old, she was a young mother to Earl. Dora could feel her son’s depression and foul mood even if he was in another city. She felt powerless as to a solution, in fact, she suffered as much as he had from his own depressed mood.

Her husband had abandoned them both not long after Earl’s birth, he never looked back. He decided that he preferred to be with masculine men over his wife, and subsequently moved to Denver where he bought a bunch of fancy dresses and picked up different men at night. Yet despite his lack of support, she held no resentment towards him — she wanted him to live in his truth and hoped in her heart that he would find happiness.

Dora held a job as a legal secretary in a law office. She had worked hard ever since her husband left her alone with her son. She worked at the office every day and often came in early, to showcase her tenacity and drive. Though she worked harder and was more proficient than even their own paralegals, they paid her less and used her more.

About a year after her husband left, her boss James Cole, had called her into his office and told her flat out that he wanted her to stop by his house when his wife was away. She refused at first, until she was informed that they would be making some layoffs.

Dora spent the next few days in a living hell, wondering what her fate had in store for her. But the night that she was coerced to go to Mr. Cole’s home and let him use her, she showed up only to find her own son walking out of his house.

Earl walked to his mother, hugged her and gave her a quick peck on her lips. Then he told her to go home.

Dora was never told what had happened that day, and she never asked. The next day at work, however, she not only got a raise but also was promoted to the position of office manager. Mr. Cole never called her into his office again either.

Earl was a good son to his mother. He had never defied her, even as a teenager. When he was old enough to get work, he would put his money into the household funds to help her, with the hope that she wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Earl knew his mom was far more efficient at keeping a budget than he was.

When he went through high school, he only had one girlfriend. She didn’t last long with him either.

Deep down, Dora was afraid that he would find a woman in college and move away. Her son was all she had in terms of family, a companion and a true friend — and although he dated a few times, he always came home to her.

At 25 years old, Earl completed his master’s degree in accounting and took the CPA exam for the state, passing it on his first try.

He allied his CPA with another accountant firm and joined the ranks. Unlike most firms, the firm he joined with was a sub-contractor for the IRS, and he secured year-round work.

Earl worked hard and learned everything there was to know about tax laws and how they operated. In his second year at the firm, he started auditing businesses around the state.

He somewhat enjoyed his time doing this. Most companies started out trying to tell him how to do it, but after he pointed out some discrepancies that could be worth millions to the IRS, they started to call him Sir.

After a long day of honest work, he would come home to his mother who would do all she could to make his life easy. He loved his mom and didn’t like her working hard, so a year after he started his job, he had her retire and spend time at home.

Dora loved her new life in retirement, even though she was still far too young. She joined a gym to keep in shape and keep her mind busy, making many friends at her exercise classes. For the first time in a while, she felt she could relax and truly enjoy her life.

Earl, using the extra money he started to make, showered his mother with gifts. He bought her a new Cadillac Escalade, fancy dresses and jewelry. She wanted for nothing.

Dora loved the kindhearted gestures she received form her loving son, and often wondered how he was so different from his father despite looking very much like him. All the time he spent with her was worth her husband leaving.



Dora was delighted again with her son’s arrival gorukle escort home from another hard day’s work. She greeted him at the door, yet despite the passing of time, his dim mood didn’t change. On this particular day, she made one of his favorite meals, but it didn’t faze his foul mood even a little bit.

His miood was eating at him and she had to know how to fix this. Finally, Dora confronted Earl.

“Earl!” She called to him.

He came around the corner and looked at his mom like he had done every day since the mood started to affect him. He didn’t say a thing, but just waited for his mother to tell him whatever she needed to say.

“Sit down” She ordered.

Earl didn’t want to, but he did what he was told.

“Ok Earl, this has gone on long enough. I know there is something wrong with you and I need to know what it is. I need to know now!”

Her tone was demanding, and Earl had always been respectful of his mother, he had never used a curse word around her, that is until this moment.

“You really want to know, mom?” He responded with contempt in his tone.

“Yes, I need to know, this pissy little mopey mood is making me sick.”

“Mom! I have not had a date in two years. I have not gotten laid, even longer than that. I am not a monk or a catholic priest. If I don’t get some pussy soon, I will go nuts.”

Dora was shocked beyond words. He had never used such language around her before. But before she could react, he continued.

“Do you know how many girls even look at men that still live with their mother. Think about it! Let me give you a guess, none!”

Earl felt a little ashamed, but his frustration had to erupt at some point. It hurt Dora. She knew something like this may happen at some point. Yet, she hoped she would be gone before it did. Her only security was her boy.

“Look, mom” he said in a calmer voice. “I am going to have to find a place of my own and move out. I need to find a woman that can, well… I can have sex with and can give me what I need. If I have to jack off one more time, I will go insane.”

The awful language he had used was painful enough, but it was nothing compared to the threat of moving out. She relied on him to keep her happy and safe. He protected her. He kept her organized and sane. His existence gave her something to do in keeping him fed, and for the most part, happy.

He walked away that day, and she sat and wondered what she could possibly do. Dora, too, was sexually frustrated. She had not had sex in a long time and was craving it — so she understood his levels of agitation quite well. For the past few years, she relied on her trusty vibrator while her son was at work.



The next few days were markedly awkward. Earl avoided his mother and she did the same to him.

Dora thought long and hard as what to do to help her son with his problem. Then it dawned on her, like an explosion. She had the answer right in front of her.

She had got online and started to look for call girls and escorts. If she could find a woman that could stop by once or twice a week to service her son, then the problem would be solved and he wouldn’t have to move out.

She searched online for the better part of the day and found her success. She was a tall girl that Dora thought was attractive enough. Her prices were not all that bad either, and she hoped that he didn’t want her for overnights too often as that would be more expensive.

She knew that he had to approve his new lover before anything could be set in stone, but she had high hopes that this girl would be the one.

Dora called her son at work and told him that she would be taking him out to a nice restaurant after work. What she didn’t tell him was that she had intended to surprise him with the news.

Surprised by his mother’s request, he accepted the invitation.

Dora decided that this news was too good for just a simple Red Lobster dinner. She made reservations at “La Renascence”. It was a very fine establishment where everyone received a five course meal starting with an appetizer, and freshly made salad right at the table. The main course was soup, and dessert would be served after. The service was some of the greatest in the state and they had a pianist there on Friday nights too for the ambience.

Dora decided to dress for the occasion and put on one of her altıparmak eskort bayan older dresses that she hadn’t worn in years. It was at the back of her large wardrobe and she didn’t realize how low cut it was, even when she looked in the mirror. She decided to go all out, with nylons and heels. ‘What do the kids call these things?’ she asked herself, ‘ah, fuck me pumps’ she giggled to herself. But upon looking at herself in the mirror, she realized that they did in fact make her legs and ass look good.

When Earl came home, he walked into the house the way he normally did. He had a rough day at work and had completely forgotten about his mother asking him out. That was, until he saw her in the dress. Earl was frozen in awe of the spectacular sight that stood before him in his own living room. He couldn’t remember having ever seen her so dolled up and beautiful.

He stared at her for a long moment before she cocked her head and asked “Earl? Are you ok?”

“M,m, Ma, mam Mom.” He shuddered. “You’re beautiful” came off of his lips from seemingly nowhere.

Dora was shocked. No one had called her beautiful since her husband left. Hearing it from her own son was quite different. She felt his words enter her ears and spread through her entire body in a way that made her pussy tingle. She felt herself getting wet and wondered if this was some kind of subconscious “pavlovian” response. Still, she cursed herself, this was her own son!

Earl could tell his words flustered his mother. He walked forward to her, put his arms around her and held her. Then he kissed her cheek with a quick peck. But as he held her, he felt her breasts press into his chest. It had been a long time since he had felt anything like that and even knowing it was his mother his cock got hard almost instantly.

Dora unintentionally pressing her breasts into her son, suddenly felt him growing below the waist, his hard member poking against her abdomen. She didn’t know what to think. His erection had caught her off guard.

She did the only thing she could think to do, she pushed off him and then looked at him “you need to get ready to go.” she stated. “Reservations are in forty-five minutes.”

Earl nodded, as he was too stunned to do anything else. As he walked to his room to quickly shower and change, he thought, ‘I have never seen my mom as a sexual being. I have never even considered her to be anything but my mom.’ After a hot shower that didn’t diminish his erection at all, he decided to go all out the way his mother had.

He put on his finest suit matched it with one pair of snakeskin cowboy boots that he knew would definitely rock the suit. After giving himself a quick shave and a dash of cologne, he made his way back to the living room where his mother was waiting. He looked at her again and wondered if he could speak as she stood looking more and more like a goddess.

She gulped and asked “are you ready?”

“Y…” came out of his mouth and then he just nodded.

Dora smiled.

Earl came to her and offered her his arm.



Earl didn’t know how he managed to make it to the restaurant they were going to go to, but somehow, they made it safe and sound.

His own mother sitting across from him at the table, he couldn’t keep his eyes form drifting down to her cleavage. He had no idea that his own mother had such a spectacular figure. His hands were gripping what ever was in them as tight as they could as he wanted to touch his mom in ways that where forbidden.

Dora watched her son as he had been seeing her not as his mother, but as a woman, a desirable woman too. She could feel him wanting her, and she felt like she was exploiting the fact that he hadn’t got any sex in a long time.

The hooker she found wanted three hundred bucks an hour to fuck her son. With a minimum of two hours because of travel time.

Dora wondered right then if there may be a more cost-effective way to solve this problem.

After some consideration, she asked herself a question that very few mothers ever asked themselves: Could she let her son fuck her, take her, become his lover? Yes.

She rationalized this revelation by thinking of her own sister whose son is handicapped, he often received pity hand jobs from his mother as he couldn’t do it himself. Surely this was a similar context, Earl can’t get laid, she nilüfer eskort bayan thought.

Dora could feel herself wanting. Yearning for a man, her own son, between her legs. Something she had never considered before this moment.

All the years alone with him. She hadn’t dated, or seen anyone socially. She had essentially given up sex. She had no sexual feelings of any kind. She was happy to just go to bed and fall asleep each night. Well, that was until now.

For the first time in decades, she could feel her own wetness dripping out of her pussy. It was wetting her panties. She finally got up and went to the restroom to clean herself because she was too wet.

She returned with her panties in her purse, as they were so soaked, she couldn’t stand to put them back on.

After desert was served, she explained to Earl that she found a woman that could come by and take care of all his sexual needs for him.

Well, that was her plan.

But after several awkward half sentences. He looked at her and spoke. “Dora” he started, surprising her by calling her by her name. “After looking at you all night, I need to go home for a cold shower.” He finished, exasperated.

Dora thought she had wasted her time and money with the evening in the restaurant, after all, she didn’t get her desired result. She got up from her seat and walked outside with him and into her car.

At home, she wanted to take one more stab at telling him the way she had planned on taking care of him.

As they came into the house, Dora went to the dining table and put the leftovers down. She turned around to find him right in front of her.

Earl wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him. hE kissed her in a way that no son should ever kiss his mother.

At first, she tried to push him away. That only lasted a few seconds. Then Dora found herself kissing him back. In her mind, it wasn’t her son but his father. She had always been attracted to him. Could this work? Could she fuck her only son? Could she let her son, cum inside her pussy? She knew she couldn’t get pregnant. She had her tubes tied after she gave birth to Earl.

She began to surrender to her son. Her resistance ended. She stopped pushing him away and began to pull him towards her, praying that this would not backfire.

She felt him become more aggressive. She felt her dress being unzipped and then pulled down over her shoulders to the floor. She didn’t have to step out of it as she was lifted and placed on the dining room table, where he pulled up a chair and sat between her legs.

Earl looked at his mother with her legs apart and saw the most beautiful flower he had ever seen open for him. He traced it with his fingers and felt how smooth and wet it was. His mouth was salivating as he brought his lips to her netherlips.

Dora screamed as she felt her son’s warm tongue flicking her. Hearing Earl groaning while he licked her gave her the first orgasm in decades. Her heart was pounding.

Being that she hadn’t had an orgasm for so long, she pushed his head away and gasped for a moment.

“Earl?” she breathed out exhausted, almost out of breath.

“Earl, I want you inside me.” She was barely able to get the words out.

She knew if this was to work, he had to be able to fuck her. This was the test. She had hoped that he would pick her up or drag her upstairs. But he didn’t.

He stood up, leaving her on the dinning room table. He towered over her, dropped his pants taking off his coat and tossing it aside. Then he tore open his shirt and cast it aside too before he ripped off his boxers.

Watching him rip everything that stood between him and her pussy, Dora felt as though her pounding heart would explode in excitement.

Her pussy was begging for penetration.

She didn’t see his cock before she felt it enter her pussy. She felt herself being stretched open by his girth. And then, as he shoved it inside her with one stroke, she could feel it nestled up to her cervix.

As Earl went in and out of her, she came instantly. Hearing his mother’s moans, he did not last longer than a minute before he was about to cum. Earl rocked back and forth until his explosion was loud and strenuous, causing her to come even harder.

After he filled her cunt with his seed, he stepped back and fell into a chair. His cock turned soft, still glazed with a mixture of his own cum and his mother’s fluids. Dora rose up and scooted off the table and onto his lap. She could feel his seed leaking out of her cunt as she sat on his lap and kissed him. Then she asked him “do you still have to move out? or, if I do this every day, will you be ok?”

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