Don’t Stand So Close To Me Ch. 01

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The bell rang and students began filing out of the classroom. Normally Naomi was one of the first out the door, eager to leave her creative writing class. Today she sat sulking at her desk, waiting for Mr. Alberts to finish up talking to Michael, his favorite student. ‘This is so unfair!’ she thought. The senior idly stared at the green slip of paper on her desk, ordering that she stay after class to discuss her grade. ‘Why should he care if I didn’t do the assignment?’

“Naomi, please come up here, we need to discuss your performance in my class,” Mr. Alberts said, as Michael left.

Naomi all but stomped to the front of the classroom, looking more like a petulant child than an 18-year-old girl.

“Do you have lunch next, or will you need a pass for your next class?”

“Lunch,” was the sullen response.

The creative writing teacher pulled out Naomi’s latest assignment, turned in two days late and incomplete. A bright red D glared at her from the front page, and there looked to be more red ink than black on each page.

Naomi’s face flushed as she turned towards her teacher, practically yelling, “Mr. Alberts this is so unfair!”

“And what exactly is unfair about that grade, Naomi?” Mr. Alberts calmly asked. “The fact that it’s not an F, which is what it should be, since you turned it in late?”

“Why was the assignment late, Naomi?” Mr. Alberts continued. “And why did you hand it in only partly finished? Are you too busy with student government to find the time to complete your class work?”

“No. I just don’t have time to work on your assignments. I had a calculus exam to study for and a huge chemistry project to finish.”

“Why do you feel like it is ok to blow off my class? And why do you feel entitled to grades you do not earn?” Mr. Alberts pressed.

Naomi’s face flushed an even deeper shade of red.

‘At least she has the sense to be embarrassed by her behavior,’ Mr. Alberts thought to himself. ‘This might turn out to be more entertaining than I originally thought…’

“It’s just creative writing. I’m going to medical school. I don’t need this bullshit class!”

“Oh, really?” Mr. Alberts asked, with raised eyebrows. “I can see that your attitude has not improved since we spoke last week about your previous work. I am tired of your disrespectful manner and tone. You will see me this afternoon for detention.”

“But Mr. Alberts…” Naomi whined.

“I believe the penalty for swearing at a teacher is a day of suspension. Would you rather serve that, or just come by after school today?”

Naomi glowered at her teacher, while he smirked back at her. Mr. Alberts knew she’d rather have detention. ‘Oh, this is going to be fun!’ he thought, as he watched the girl walk away.

After school, Naomi walked back to her creative writing classroom, hating Mr. Alberts more and more with each step. When she entered the room she went to her usual seat and pulled out her phone, texting her friends in an effort to snub her least favorite teacher. She did not notice that Mr. Alberts had locked the door before addressing her.

“Naomi, do you know why you are here?”

“Because you hate me and you are failing me on purpose! You should be fired.”

An angry look crossed Mr. Alberts’ face as he took more abuse from this difficult teenager. He was going to enjoy this. “How are those college applications coming, Naomi? Have you decided on a school yet?” he asked conversationally. “I imagine that your GPA will make a considerable impact on the final decision, don’t you?”

Naomi’s face grew pale as she answered, “I’m planning on getting an academic scholarship, so my GPA is important, yes.”

“Well even if you don’t need my ‘bullshit’ class, it seems you do need to pass it,” he said smugly.

“FUCK YOU!” she shouted as she turned away from him in her desk.

‘Please!’ thought Mr. Alberts, a smirk playing at the corners of his mouth.

‘What an arrogant ass!’ thought Naomi, but as her anger faded the weight of his words began to sink in. She did need to pass his class if she had any hope of going to a good college. Mr. Alberts knew this and he let her dwell on it for a moment before deciding to move things forward.

“I don’t want you to lose your chances to go to college, Naomi,” said Mr. Alberts as he put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “There is a way for you to salvage your grade. You’ll just have to do some ‘extra credit’.”

“Can I get an A?” she asked as she turned back to face him, hope blossoming in her green eyes.

“If you apply yourself and you try really hard to be a…. ‘better student’.” A sly grin passed over his face as he said that last.

“But I’m not any good at creative writing!” Naomi complained.

“Then I’ll just have to give you an assignment that showcases your other talents.”

“What is it that I would have to do?” Naomi asked, confused.

Mr. Alberts reached out to touch her face, gently tucking a stray curl behind her left ear. Naomi felt her heart leap at the contact. He let Eskort his thumb trail just below her pouty lower lip as he explained, “There are other ways an aspiring writer can get ahead in this class, especially if she looks as good as you.”

Naomi’s throat went completely dry as she tried to respond, but Mr. Alberts pressed on, saving her the trouble. “I’ll be direct. You need an ‘A’ in my class. I think you are a snotty bitch that needs to be taught a lesson. I think there is a way we can accomplish both those tasks to our satisfaction.”

“You’re just a stuck up asshole that is jealous because I get to leave this stupid town and you have to teach a pointless class for the rest of your life!”

“Oh there are many benefits to teaching this ‘pointless class’. One of which is hot little pieces of ass like you.” He leaned down so that his face was inches from hers. She could feel the heat from his breath tickle her lips. “I promise you that you will fail this class unless you learn to find a better use for that pretty little mouth than insulting me.”

“Uhm… uh, ah…”

He stood back up to his full height and his hands fell to his waist. The girl watched, transfixed by the noticeable bulge in his cotton trousers.

“But Mr. Alberts… I don’t want to get into trouble.”

“You won’t get into any trouble, Naomi. As long as you are a good little girl and do as you are told.” He reached down and gently stroked her cheek. “Besides, it won’t be so bad. You’ll get your ‘A’ and you might even enjoy yourself in the process.”

“I really don’t have much experience. I don’t think I can…”

“Tell you what. You don’t have to do this,” he said. “You are free to take your F and your pride and head out that door.”

“But Mr. Alberts, I can’t fail!” Naomi wailed, tears forming in her huge green eyes. “Please… I can’t get an F! I’ll lose my scholarship!”

He kneeled down and put his hands on her shoulders, “Shhh, it’s ok. I just thought that we could help each other out. Have a little fun at the same time.”

“I can’t fail. You don’t understand. I have to get a scholarship to go to a good school! Can’t you help me?”

“Yes I can, but I am not going to help you for nothing,” Mr. Alberts said soothingly. One hand was gently stroking her hair and the other fell to her bare knee. “All you have to do is play ball and have a little fun with me and all your troubles disappear.”

He leaned in then and gently caressed her lips with his. The kiss was soft and she sighed into his mouth. His hand on her knee began gently rubbing her thigh where her skirt had fallen away. Naomi could feel goose bumps forming all over from the gentle ministrations. He pulled back to smile at her.

‘He’s actually kinda cute,’ Naomi thought, as her eyes closed. ‘And he’s a very good kisser!’

As these thoughts raced through Naomi’s mind, his hand slid under her skirt along the outside of her thigh, causing her pussy to twitch at the tingling contact. His touch startled her, but she only pulled back slightly before moving in even closer. Breathing in his wonderful, intoxicating scent, she asked, “Don’t tell anyone, Mr. Alberts, please?”

“You don’t have anything to fear with me, Naomi. I won’t ever hurt you. I won’t tell anyone.” His lips found hers again as she felt his tongue enter her mouth. His right hand slid inside her skirt, rubbing the top of her thigh, almost touching her panties. His left hand slid down her arm, its thumb grazing her breast.

Naomi could hardly believe what was happening. She hadn’t had many serious boyfriends, but she found herself wanting so badly to make Mr. Alberts feel the same things she was feeling. She tentatively opened her mouth even further, sighing a bit as her tongue lightly grazed his lower lip.

He could sense that she was getting lost in the feelings coursing through her body. She parted her legs unconsciously, allowing his hand to begin rubbing her inner thighs. The backs of his knuckles grazed her damp panties. He slid his other hand along her back, pulling her into his ever hardening kiss.

Naomi could hardly believe it, but she actually felt desire for Mr. Alberts. She began kissing him even harder. Mr. Alberts could sense her need and hesitation but it only furthered the desire he had for his young student. He broke the kiss to ask, “Have you ever done this before?”

“A few times, but only with a couple of boys. And we were kinda learning together…” she trailed off, looking down. It was obvious that she was afraid her teacher would go back on the deal. And for Naomi, at least, this was quickly becoming less about the grade and more about pleasing her teacher.

Mr. Alberts flashed his most charming smile in an attempt to put the girl at ease, saying, “Well you are driving me insane. You are so beautiful!” His hands trailed to the buttons on her shirt. “I have to see your body.” As he began to unbutton her shirt he resumed kissing her in efforts to further alleviate her shyness.

Naomi gasped as her English teacher removed the shirt. It all felt so wonderful as his hands traced her shoulders and clavicles and then dropped to her chest. She glanced down and her face instantly flushed, embarrassed. ‘Why do I have to be wearing the pink cotton bra and panties today of all days? He’s going to think I’m some stupid kid!’ Naomi prayed that he wouldn’t notice the color.

‘Oh sweet Jesus, she’s wearing pink,’ Mr. Alberts thought, his cock twitching again. His fingertips grazed the exposed skin of her breasts, ducking just under the material of her bra. He noticed the look of embarrassment on her face and kissed her again. “You look so sexy!”

Her face turned an even brighter shade of red. She was sure that her teacher was only saying that to get what he wanted. ‘He’s not going to want to do this with me when he finds out I’ve never really been with a boy before,’ Naomi thought. She was surprised that the thought of him saying no was just as terrifying as going through with it.

Mr. Alberts began gently kissing down her neck, working his way slowly toward her chest. He couldn’t help nibbling the soft flesh along the way. He could tell that she was nervous; self-conscious of her inexperience. He knew that if he just turned her on enough she would stop caring and just give in to the pleasure. His hands pulled her bra straps off her shoulders as his lips fell between her breasts. He rained kisses all around the naked tops before pulling the cups down. His left hand began kneading her right breast as his tongue found her left nipple. As he began gently sucking the hard nub he felt her back stiffen.

Naomi found herself caring less and less that this was Mr. Alberts, the man who, a mere hour ago, was ruining her chances to attend university on scholarship.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered, and she could hear his breathing quicken. He stopped licking her breasts and she could feel his hands working the clasp of her bra with a practiced ease that her bumbling suitors had never possessed. She looked into his eyes and was surprised to see passion burning in them.

“I want you Naomi!” he said, kissing her hard on the mouth. He pulled the bare chested girl against him in a strong embrace. Tentatively, her fingers found the bottom of his shirt and they broke their kiss to pull it over his head.

Naomi had no idea what she was doing, and for the first time in her life she didn’t care. She could sense somehow that it didn’t matter to Mr. Alberts, either. When she finally managed to get his polo shirt off, she pressed her body close to him. His chest was so warm and muscular, and she thought that she could stay wrapped up there forever and be happy.

Mr. Alberts pressed his body into hers as if he wanted to become one person. Her legs parted and he kneeled between them. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her panties and she rotated her hips against it. Naomi’s nipples dragged against his bare chest as his arms wrapped around her back pulling her toward him. Their tongues intertwined as their mouths pressed together. Mr. Alberts’ breathing was heavy and his heart was pounding so loudly that he was sure Naomi could hear it. ‘I have never been so hard before,’ he thought. Her hesitant inexperience was turning him on like he never thought possible. She tucked her ankles behind his thighs and pulled him tighter against her pussy. He pressed into her panties, praying they would tear so he could slide inside this amazing young girl.

She pulled back slightly, scared to go too far, too fast. “Mr. Alberts, are you sure this is ok?”

Mr. Alberts chuckled at that, and responded, “Honey, now is not the time to start questioning!” Naomi smiled, grabbing the waistband of his pants and pulled him back towards her, playing with his belt buckle. He got the feeling that something was going on in her mind, so he patiently kissed her while she played with the belt and buttons on his trousers. His own hands were running freely up and down her smooth back, slowly pushing the waste band of her skirt lower with each pass.

She finally got his belt undone, along with the top two buttons, but she stopped once she got the zipper half-way down. She suddenly threw herself into his chest with such force that if she had weighed much more than 100 pounds she would have knocked him over. Mr. Alberts could feel her shaking and as he held her tightly to him, struggling to calm her frantic breathing. His kisses became gentle and soothing. He held her wrapped in his arms and whispered, “What is it baby? You can tell me anything. I will never hurt you.”

“I’m afraid to tell you. I don’t want you to make me leave.”

“You never have to fear me. I won’t make you leave. I want more than anything for you to stay here with me. Tell me, what it is?”

She rested her head on his shoulder and mumbled into his neck so quietly that he could barely hear, “Um, well, I’m a…. I’ve… I never had sex before.”

“Well you don’t have to have sex with me if you don’t want to. We’ll only go as far as you feel like going. Now why don’t you let me ease some of your tension, hmm?” And with that he resumed kissing the sweet girl, working his way down her body. His lips traced her collar bones, and then searched for her breasts again. A soft moan escaped her as he sucked a nipple into his mouth. He greedily devoured each of her wonderful globes before traveling further still. His tongue slid into her belly button and Naomi giggled at the unusual contact. Her breath caught as he reached her skirt. “You can trust me, baby girl. I will never hurt you. I only want to make you feel good.”

‘Oh God, he’s going to take off my skirt!’ Naomi thought, ‘Now he’s going to see my dumb pink panties. Then if he takes those off, he’ll see… oh god, that’s so embarrassing! I can’t let him!’ By this time, her thoughts were so far behind his actions that she failed to notice he was removing both the skirt and panties. Her body was reacting to his touch of its own volition as she unconsciously raised her hips to allow him to pull them down. Mr. Alberts’ breath sucked in when he noticed that she had shaved most of the hair off. The sharp sound snapped Naomi back to the present and she glanced down at him, fearful that he would find her unattractive. Her mind was reeling as it dawned on her that she was sitting in her English class, wearing nothing but white knee socks. She silently prayed that Mr. Alberts liked what he saw.

“My God you are so beautiful,” He said as he stared in slack jawed awe at her striking figure. His hands reached out reverently and stroked her hips and upper thighs. His eyes traveled up her young, perfect body until they reached Naomi’s uncertain eyes. She could clearly see the hunger in his expression. There was no malice. If anything, his desire for her had only increased. His voice was a throaty whisper, “I have to taste you. It’s so perfect I just have to taste…” He plunged his mouth against her bare pussy, his lips against hers. His tongue slid inside of her and she wrapped her thighs around his head.

“Oh God!” Naomi shouted.

Mr. Alberts extended his tongue until it hurt against his teeth. Like a man dying of thirst who gets his first drink of water, he moaned into her as he reveled in the wonderful taste of her sweet juices. His hands roamed her thighs and stomach. Naomi’s ankles locked behind his back as his thumb found her clit and began rubbing it. She was squeezing her thighs so tightly that he couldn’t breath but he didn’t care. He desperately needed to continue licking this sweet treasure.

Naomi couldn’t believe how amazing this felt. Brief thoughts floated through her mind questioning how she tasted and how he knew exactly what to do to cause her so much pleasure, but they quickly disappeared. All she was sure of was that she never wanted him to stop. Her breathing quickened and she began unconsciously thrusting her hips into his warm mouth, needing to be consumed by him.

His mouth replaced his thumb on her clit and she felt his fingers slide inside her clasping tunnel. Mr. Alberts was thrilled when he heard her moaning as he sucked her clit into his mouth. Naomi could barely hold still on the desk as she started squirming. She let out a loud squeal as one of his drenched fingers slid out of her pussy and entered her ass in one motion. Naomi’s whole body was wound so tightly she felt like exploding! Her desire to have him completely devour her increased.

Mr. Alberts stopped licking for a moment, just long enough to say, “I want you to cum for me, baby girl. Cum for daddy.”

Finally, she felt spasms shoot throughout her small frame; a feeling like an electric shock swept over her as her orgasm hit. She screamed out, not caring if anybody heard. All she wanted was for Mr. Alberts’ tongue and fingers to stay right where they were while her body continued to shake, gripping them even tighter with pure ecstasy.

As she came down from her orgasm, Mr. Alberts slid up her body. She could feel his weight above her as his mouth once again found hers. Naomi could taste herself on his lips as his tongue entered her mouth. After a few moments he broke the kiss, taking a step back to allow her to get to her feet.

Naomi’s knees felt like jelly and she was suddenly aware that she was practically naked, standing in front of her English teacher. Her eyes were bright and her hair was all messy, and her lips were still swollen from all the kissing. Mr. Alberts handed the girl her shirt and she shyly thanked him before slipping it on.

“So,” she asked hesitatingly, “is that all I needed to do for extra credit?”

He stepped closer to her, interrupting her as she got dressed. He pulled her into his arms and she sighed. “I have never been so turned on in my life, Naomi. You are so sexy and you taste amazing.” He kissed her then, causing her knees to weaken at the memory of her orgasm. Breaking the kiss, he continued, “What just happened was certainly one of the best experiences of my life, but it is not enough to get you an A in this class. You are halfway done with your extra credit project my dear.” He motioned to his still hard dick. “You will meet me here after class again. Do you understand?”

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