Door to Door

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All characters portrayed are 18-years-old or older.


Susan opened her eyes and cringed. The light was too much. Too bright and too loud, and it made her head swim in a little puddle of dull regret as she looked across the tousled bed at the mess she’d made last night. Her plan to go out and find something young and eager didn’t go nearly as planned, and after a night desperate trolling from bar to bar, she ended up where she was now: naked and alone on her bed with her sex case open on the bedside, her various toys strewn about. She rolled over and pulled a large black dildo from beneath her and stared at it for a moment, not sure whether to thank him or rue him. Either way, she eventually concluded as she tossed it aside, he’d made her cum.

She got up and did a quick fix of her thoroughly JBF-ed hair, put on her robe and went downstairs to make coffee. On the machine she saw that it was 10:15, and she felt only a twinge of guilt for wasting a few precious Saturday morning hours on her self-indulgent Friday night binge. Walking down the hall she opened the front door and did a quick scan for the paper, wondering whether or not she’d have to do her own little walk of shame to retrieve it. Seeing no sign of it she stepped out and checked the shrubs, finally finding it ten feet from the door, wedged in the junipers. “Fucker,” she said out loud as she bent over to retrieve it. When she stood up and turned around she noticed an attractive young woman three condos down staring at her. It wasn’t anyone she knew, and couldn’t imagine any of her mid-life neighbors entertaining a girl that young, but remembering how she was dressed she gave a quick wave and stepped back inside, only slightly mortified.

Ten minutes later as she sat at the table blindly reading the paper, the doorbell rang. Her first impulse was to ignore it, but then she remembered the pretty girl and put it together. Her second impulse was to ignore it again, sure that she’d only be asked to contribute some silly amount of cash to this or that silly cause, but then remembered that not only had she been seen, there was an attractive opportunity standing on her porch. With nothing better to do with her lonesome morning than read the paper, she got up and went to the door.

“Hi,” said the perky young thing, plain and pretty in her no-nonsense jeans and high school jacket. She spoke of being with some sort of music program at such and such school, raising money for a trip to someplace uninteresting and blah, blah, blah. All Susan was thinking about, as she stood in the open doorway leaning against the jamb in her slightly opened robe, was this charming girl’s jeans, her darling jacket, and what she might find underneath if she either asked nicely or donated enough money. At some point the girl stopped talking, and she found herself on the awkward end of a long silence. Her alpha-female kicked in and told her just what to say.

“Absolutely, honey. Come on in for a second and we’ll see what we can get for you.” She stepped back and extended her arm into the entryway, ushering the girl in and opening her robe further, all in one graceful motion. She shut the door, but didn’t bother doing the same with her robe as she walked down the hallway towards the kitchen.

“Come on back, dear, it’s fine. You’ve seen me twice now in my worst Saturday morning get-up, so there’s no embarrassment left between us. Have a seat, I’ll get my check book.” The girl followed along to the kitchen, but only stood still, looking about, unsure, as Susan opened a drawer and searched for a moment or two before finding the thin leather fold beneath a mass of jumble papers. She came back over to the table and plopped down into a chair, shifting open her robe again that much more. Her ample breasts were now clearly visible, and the correct lean would create quite a show.

“Sit, darling, really,” she insisted, taking the girl’s hand and pulling her to the chair opposite her. “Let’s talk this thing through for a minute and see how much you can make today.” The girl fell into the chair with a silly grin on her face, amused by this woman’s mildly antic behavior, her casual charm, and in the back of her mind, her confident, womanly attractiveness.

“What’s your name, love?” Susan asked, placing her hand over her guest’s on the tabletop.

“Um, Katie.”

“Well, bursa eve gelen escort Katie, how much do you need from me today, exactly?” Her hand lingered.

“Um, it’s an open donation. Most people give ten or twenty dollars, but you know, even like five helps me out.”

“Uh huh. And how much do you have to raise in total?” She sat back in her chair and folded her arms in a sort of mock seriousness, but more for the effect of pressing her breasts together and shifting her robe. Following the girl’s glance she saw that it’d had the desired effect.

“One hundred and fifty dollars,” she said, raising her eyes, unaware of where they’d been.

“One hundred and fifty dollars,” she said leaning forward, her arms still crossed. She felt the satin slip aside. Oddly, it occurred to her at this point that perhaps the musky aroma of last night’s escapades might be overpowering the linger of her perfume on her skin, but that either one would have its own seductive appeal. She reached for her checkbook, casting a waft of her scent as she did.

“I can give you one hundred and fifty dollars, Katie,” she said, clicking the pen into action. “Would you like that?”

“Sure!” she said, her face lighting up.

“And would it make any difference if I gave you more?”

“No,” she said a little confused. “They only need that much from each of us. They don’t need extra.”

“Uh huh,” she stopped writing and looked up. “What if I were to write two checks: one to the school and one to you, each for one hundred and fifty dollars. Would that be ok?”

“Um, I don’t know. What do you mean?”

Susan leaned forward one last time and let her robe fall completely open. She put her hand gently on Katie’s shoulder and let it rise up to lightly grasp the nape of her neck as she leaned in to give her a long, slow kiss. At first Katie’s lips were still, but Susan’s persistence eased them open, and gradually their tongues tickled and merged. When they were both breathing noticeably heavier, Susan finally allowed their lips to part. She looked into the girl’s eyes ¬- big pools of brown, unsure but unafraid – and she winked before giving her another quick peck, taking her by the hand again.

…”Come with me, Katie,” she said walking her down the hall to the stairs. “Let’s make our morning worthwhile.” Once they reached the bedroom, Susan let her robe fall away completely, and she immediately reached for the waist of Katie’s jeans. “Take these off, little girl,” she said, her voice deep with lust. “Take all of it off.” As Katie did her best to wriggle out of her jeans without falling over, Susan all but tore the jacket from her shoulders and threw it across the room, then pulled her t-shirt and sports bra straight over her head in one motion. Then she ran her hands down her slim, young body, holding her by the waist in both hands, visually devouring her nubile plaything with all her being. The paleness of her skin, the soft heaving of her buoyant peach-like breasts, her perfect pebble nipples and the taut crimson-brown of her medallion areolae. Further down, the gentle rise of her belly, bordered by the pronounced poke of her pelvis, and the delightfully delicate wisps of her untended, mousy pubis.

She was not beautiful, but she was shapely, almost curvaceous. Grown, but not fully. All the elements of womanhood were there, yet the girl still remained. And the girl was trembling with uncertainty while the woman within was crying out with hunger. Susan could read this in her pretty, plain expression: her pupils dilated, her nipples stiff, her legs slightly apart. Yet her soft, moist lips hung slightly open, curling down at the edges, unable to smile even as the breath passing through them came shallow and urgent.

“Ever been with a girl before, Katie?”

“Kind of,” she said in an equally husky but girlish voice. “Once or twice, making out a little.”

“Well, this won’t be anything like that.” She pushed her back on the bed and watched her bounce childlike onto it, following as her hands found her skinny knees and took hold, pressing them apart. Part of her wanted to envelop and comfort the inner little girl, but her own lust demanded her more compassionate side wait. She ran her hands up and down her juvenile thighs, relaxing them open gradually while she lowered her bursa escort face. She could already sense the musky tang diffusing off her gauzy fur, and she nuzzled her face into its rich, scenty softness, breathing in her youthful aroma. She began with kisses at first, savoring her nuances: the tickle of her fur, the partial parting of her outer lips, and the darker protrusion of her thicker inner crinkles pressing its way through. At its base, the small glisten of her opening, a tiny pink secret exposed. Here is where Susan’s innocent kisses stopped, and her tongue came forth, coaxing into the sweet, syrupy nectar of her yielding pussy.

Katie moaned and gasped at Susan’s first tantalizing probe, her body stiffening as she felt the tongue gradually invade her, opening her up and sending greater and greater pulses of exquisite pleasure up through her. This was the first time someone had put their mouth on her, and the sensations were almost unreal. She felt Susan’s hands on her thighs and lips, parting and holding them while her tongue moved in deeper, and farther up as well, exploring every corner of her tender, aching sex. When she finally made it to her clit she jolted at the intensity of it, shuddering back away involuntarily before calming herself for more attention under Susan’s firm grasp. Her legs fell completely apart and her body entirely relaxed as this magic tongue drew her through a sea of pleasure toward a wonderful crest of orgasm. Through the fog of it she heard herself moaning loudly, and felt the tightening grip of hands on her ass, squeezing and holding her hips fast against this wonderful suckling. Then she felt the first finger enter her, followed by a second, and her orgasm went from merely amazing to absolutely mind-numbing. She thought her body might explode as it shuddered and rocked, almost bucking against the woman’s face, whose tongue and mouth sucked on her lips as her fingers slid effortlessly in and out curling inside of her and tugging at her soft, melting interior.

For her part, Susan was also fingering her own wet self, massaging her g-spot and palming her clit, trying to play catch up to her lithe little friend who seemed to cum so easily and be so willingly indulged. As the girl’s legs finally clamped hard against her ears with the crescendo of her orgasm, she was almost jealous of what was likely Katie’s first time reaching such ardent heights. At least she hoped it was, and the thought of it turned her on that much more, pushing her to her own orgasm as she moaned against the quivering pussy she kept sealed to her mouth. She tasted exactly how an older teen should, as with her body, developed but not entirely: clean, delicate, salty sweet and only slightly tart. Focusing on this made her mouth water and her insatiable hunger grow, so much so that when the girl began to relax and her legs sent slack, she seized the opportunity to fold her plaint body back over, lifting her hips straight upwards as her cheeks parted to reveal her second secret opening, found instantly by a greedy, craving tongue.

Katie gave a soft moan of surprise after being folded in half like a rage doll, her mind and body still abuzz. She felt wonderful and willing, almost dreamlike, and opened her legs again to this woman’s expertise, but when she felt the first insistent pressure of a tongue on her anus, she instinctively flexed against it and let out a surprised and anxious gasp. But this tightening only seemed to make the tongue more determined, and the unexpectedly strange pleasure of it made her loosen its grip and ultimately yield to its firm, wet intrusion. Here eyes, heavy in delirium, met Susan’s, and she now saw deep, dilated pools staring back with pure eagerness behind them. She didn’t understand why exactly her ass was such an object of desire, but it felt good to be one, and it was obviously pleasing in return, and Susan smiled even as her tongue moved in and out.

“Was that your first orgasm from a woman’s mouth?” Katie nodded and said, “From any mouth.”

“And I take it this is the first time your tight little star has been pleasured also?” Another nod, followed by her curling her lips to wet them in an almost indecently childlike manner. “Then I take it you’re enjoying it. Maybe as much as I am?” The girl’s anus was completely relaxed now, easily surrendering to görükle escort the smooth glide of the lusty invader. It had its own sweet flavor that made Susan drool and moisten it that much more. She reached up and began to softly massage Katie’s clit with her thumb, almost idly, watching her docile face as alternate expressions of wonder and satisfaction moved across it. She really was a rather plain girl, she thought, even as shapely as she was, and finding her here, in this remarkable position, the object of so much lust, was probably the last thing on her or anyone else’s mind when she left the house this morning.

“Ready for something really different?” Susan willed herself away from Katie’s succulent buffet and climbed up over her, hovering her face inches away as she straddled her left leg over the girl’s right. With one full body motion, both lips descended to meet those of the girls, their mouths drawing to a kiss the moment their pussies touched. It was electric for both of them, and Susan let out a deep, heavy sigh of conquest while Katie echoed a similar, softer exhale from the side of subservience. Susan slowly began to grind as their tongues entwined, moving gently at first, but slowly arcing towards a more feverish pitch. When Susan pulled back and sat up to gain better leverage, Katie only gave a wicked, mischievous smile, her mouth open and reaching up in the same manner as her hips. Susan took hold of her left leg and held it against her abdomen, grinding furiously now as they fucked each other with equal ardor.

Susan reached down and took hold of Katie’s hand, lifting it up to her full, swaying breast, instructing her to squeeze. “Play with them, little girl. Play with momma’s tits while you let her have her way with this wonderful young body of yours!” She reached down and gave the same attention to the firm peaches dancing back and forth on Katie’s chest. It was amazing to watch her writhing against the matress beneath her driven by the force of her hips, to see her delicate hands kneading the ample flesh of her breasts, to feel her fingertips brushing her stiff, sensitive nipples. And above all to watch the girl’s face, following her hungry eyes as she pored over her own mature body, seeing her mouth open involuntarily as moan after moan of sweet release came out, to revel in her overall expressions of pleasure and excitement, especially as she let herself quiver and cum against the slick, merciless onslaught of their pussies and thighs and buttocks rubbing against each other.

They both came, fast and hard, clamping their bodies even more tightly together and pounding waves of pleasure coursed through them, emanating from essentially from each others pussy. Susan held on tight to the girl’s thigh as she slowed and allowed the orgasm to dissipate, and gradually eased herself down next to her, keeping her lips in contact with hers a long as she could before collapsing beside her, sweaty and breathless, but only slightly spent.

After this initial massive surge of passion had driven out all the pent up desire of an older woman’s needs and a younger girl’s newfound cravings, they lay together on the cool, damp sheets, caressing and kissing, while Susan picked up her scattered toys one by one, and carefully demonstrated, on herself and her friend, how each one was used, into which places it could fit, and the sensations each one could produce.

“You must be an excellent student,” Susan said as she slid her big black friend into the girl’s prone pussy.

“Uh, sure,” came a panting response. A confused but delirious Katie turned her face against the sheets, looking back from her all-fours position, her shoulders pinned. “What makes you say that now?”

“Because you’re such a quick and obedient learning,” Susan said. “From the very beginning you’ve gone with everything I’ve asked, and by that look on your face you’re very much enjoying it and committing it to memory, I hope.” She urged the dildo in more forcefully just to watch Katie’s glassy eyes roll back in her head and her pretty little mouth open and shut, gasping with pleasure like a fish gulping air.

They fucked each other like this for hours, taking turns driving each other to an endless array of orgasms, merging their bodies together and sweetly probing their secrets with fingers, tongues, and toys, occasionally taking breaks to caress their sweat covered bodies with delicate hands.

Some time around two they got up and showered, and finally around three pm, with a promise to return and two neatly folded checks in her back pocket, Katie kissed Susan goodbye and all but floated down the street, her mind and body changed forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32