Double the Pleasure

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I stood dripping wet and cold on the doorstep, the brisk wind and cutting rain beating down on my body. I’d come completely unprepared for the sudden change in the weather and as I stood their in my long shorts and half unbuttoned, now plain see through white summer shirt I rang the doorbell for the fourth time.

I was fast losing hope and having had more than a few irritating stand ups in my time thought this meet was going the same way. Suddenly there was light and the silhouette of two figures appeared behind the curtain and I was soon greeted by the sight of two handsome fellas. Both stood around the 6ft mark, broad shouldered and lean. As they stared at the drowned rat on their doorstep the man who I soon came to know as Sam hastily expressed his apologies for taking so long, I was just happy this wasn’t a put on, and even more chuffed that these fine specimens were going to be fucking the bollocks off of me real soon.

I stepped into the hall and shut the door on the hideous day outside. Sam and Stu stood in front of me and quickly removed my wet clothing, their hands exploring every nook and crevice of my body as they did so. I was soon left in nothing but my boxers. I followed the two of them down the hall to the living room where I was greeted by the sight of a massive TV on the wall showing some of the hottest porn I’d ever seen. the guy on the screen was getting royally turned out, two cocks filled his overly stretched arsehole as a que of guys took turns vigorously fucking his mouth, his face was utterly splattered with gooey cum.

My loins were stirring and within half a second my cock was straining underneath the elastic of my underwear. Sam and Stu saw my obvious arousal and proceeded to strip each other down to their tight white boxers, I joined them, admiring the toned physiques and the meaty bulges that stuck out through their pants. I desperately pawed at their crotches, running my hands all over their cotton covered dicks. I was on my knees in a second and excitedly trying to unleash the two hot cocks these guys were packing. I simultaneously grabbed the top of their boxers and swiftly dropped their pants revealing two incredibly thick flaccid cocks sat right at my eye level, their uncut tips oozing fountains of precum. Sam looked to be the larger of the two by an inch or so and I was convinced his boasting of having a 12 incher was gonna be proven true.

I couldn’t resist it any more and I grabbed the two huge flaccid dicks at their bases and greedily sucked them both into my mouth, their hefty shafts stretching my mouth wider and wider as these monsters got harder with each passing moment, they got so big that I could no longer suck them both at once. I took turns sucking them into my greedy mouth, looking into their eyes as I sucked their throbbing purple helmets into my mouth like a lollipop and rubbing their hot wet cocks on my face, their groans told me I was doing an excellent job and Sam whose cock was currently filling my mouth took control, grabbing my hair and plowing deep into my throat with that huge lodger of his. I took his dick nearly all the way before gagging and felt an immense amount of pride at having taken all that meat so far into my mouth. He let me take over again and I sucked his mighty cock in long, deep strokes.

The guy on the screen was still getting filled in ways I’d only dreamed about as he was getting his arse continually double plugged, this time by two incredibly hung black studs. He looked like he was going to pass out from all the pleasure that these two pork swords were giving to him. His arse beautifully stretched over their ebony poles as the guys they were attached to grunted and groaned as they spilled their hot seed deep in his hole, not missing a stroke as they continued spewing their cum into his squishy used fuckhole. The scene got hotter still as the que of guys proceeded to piss all over his cum sodden face and exhausted body. My cock strained uncomfortably in my pants and Stu, clearly noting how aroused the pissing had made stepped closer xnxx to me and rubbed his cock over my dick-filled face and suddenly let go with a stream of golden piss. I opened my mouth, letting Stu’s piss slide down Sam’s cock straight down my throat. Sam couldn’t take much more of this and with a grunt and a groan grabbed the back of my head and filled my mouth and throat with his cum as his boyfriend continued to piss onto his cock. Their cum and piss now filled my stomach and I spent a while sucking Sam’s dick clean.

Stu, now hard as iron and eager to get some action whipped my underwear off, laid down on his back and shuffled his face directly under my arse, cock and balls. He began teasingly tonguing my balls and lapping at the underside of my shaft as his fingers rubbed and explored my twitching tight hole. His attentions felt amazing and it wasn’t long before he was devoting all his tonguing and fingering to my eager butt, making me wet for the fucking I was hoping was soon to come. I heard the tell tale sound of fingers being licked and wettened and in a second Stu had worked two fingers into my hole. I squirmed slightly adjusting to the feeling of having my hole pried open. Sensing I was comfortable Stu sped up his efforts, licking and fingering my hole with a vengeance and occasionally slipping in a third finger, making me gasp.

Sam was by this time soft and pulled his now clean dick from my mouth and went to the next room. Stu wasn’t in the mood for waiting around and swiftly got out from under me and position me on all fours over the couch. I knew what was coming and my arsehole twitched with excitement. it was only then however that the reality of the situation dawned on me. Stu had a big dick, and not just regular big we’re talking huge. Standing fully erect I’d guess he was at least 10 inches and very wide. My ass has been fucked out quite a lot considering how young I am and I’d spent an unhealthy amount of time dildo fucking my hole on my own but I’d never had anything near this size up me. My boner raged at the prospect of this huge piece of fuckmeat penetrating my hole and I was craving his dick, craving the feeling of fullness.

Stu wasted no time in getting right behind my spread cheeks, spitting on his veiny uncut cock and pushing his spongy helmet against my vulnerable wet hole. I shuddered as his thick head slowly slipped into my accepting arse and I backed myself up onto his massive raw tool, rocking my hips and getting his cock deeper into my inviting arsehole. I kept pushing back, working through the slight discomfort until I could feel the tuft of his pubes rubbing against my cheeks. Success! I felt my arse adjusting to the sheer size of him and I was soon bucking my hips back and forth, nice and slow, relishing the feeling, his big thick bareback cock was so deep in me I thought it might just pop outta my mouth any second now.

Sam returned to the room with all kinds of treats. His cock and balls swinging obscenely from his groin. The three beers, two joints and the small brown bottle of poppers suggested they had some pretty hard fucking lined up for the next couple of hours. This gee-ed me up and I bucked like crazy against Stu’s crotch, fucking his cock deep and hard with my splayed hole.

I turned to look at him as I continued to ride his cock, and slapping him across the arse I demanded he plow my arse hard. Stu required no more telling as he grabbed two handfuls of my arsecheeks and slammed his full length all the way in and out of my wet opening. His hard fucking was making me feel delirious and I craved more cock, I would’ve happily taken on a rugby team at this point and I moaned loudly, my whole body rocking as Stu continued his assault on my loosening hole.

Sam stood watching, casually swigging from a beer and gently rubbing his magnificent penis. He clearly saw my open, panting mouth as a cock sucking invitation and grabbing a joint with his beer still in hand he stood in front of me, his cock tantalisingly close to my lips. He popped the joint brazzers in his mouth, lighting it, taking a toke and swiftly chasing it with his beer. He fed his monstrous schlong into my wet, practically drooling mouth and I gratefully sucked on his beautiful tool. I could still taste his cum from his huge load earlier and this only spurred me to suck harder and faster. I was in a cock frenzy as my fantasy of being filled at both ends came true. My arse was so wet and loose from the perpetual pounding Stu was giving it, his cock fucking my sloppy hole with long, fast strokes. He was pulling all the way out and pushing right back into my fuckhole with complete ease, I could feel my lips stretching around that large pole with every thrust.

I moaned, as much as you can when you’ve got a mouth stuffed full of dick. Stu’s pounding became more and more frenzied and I knew I’d soon have his massive throbbing cock giving my arse it’s first load of cum. I met his thrusts, fucking his cock for all I was worth. Sam’s cock was still working it’s way into my mouth and with one last push I finally managed to fit his entire length down my throat. I felt like an utter slut whore as they used my holes, feeling like nothing more than a receptacle for their cum and a slot for their fucking massive cocks.

Stu could take no more and with my whorish mouth utterly filled with Sam’s cock he shot his copious hot load deep inside me, grunting and growling as he continued to pound my cum filled arsehole. His fucking made the filthiest of slurping noises as my hole gurgled cum all around his still hard cock, the pounding continued as his jizz leaked from my hole and began to dribble down the back of my thighs.

Stu finally let up and now having softened up, he slipped his cock out of my well used fuckhole. He wandered over to the table where the other joint lay and sparked it up. Sam followed Stu’s lead and pulled out of my throat, leaving me feeling empty at both ends. A small trickle of cum leaked from my hole, I knew there was much more than that in there though, I could feel it’s warm gooeyness way up inside me. I dipped a couple of fingers into my still gaping hole and frigged myself. Pulling my fingers out I put them to mouth and sucked my cum covered fingers, savouring the taste of Stu’s sweet thick cum and my arse juices. I’d nearly finished licking them clean when Stu came back and offered me the joint, I accepted and hastily toked away, enjoyed the strange flavour as smoke and cum combined. Sam came back, polishing off the remains of his beer and got behind me, his cock still at full attention. He picked up a small tub of lube from the table at the side of the couch and as the smoke went quickly to my head, his lubed fingers went quickly to my hole starting with three fingers penetrating my open arse, in no time he was working in a fourth and as his fucking motions became smoother he slyly slipped in his thumb. I was stunned and reeling, amazed at the ease my hole was taking half of Sam’s hand. Before this afternoon I could barely take 3 fingers without wincing. Sam was now knuckle deep in my hole and the pain was almost unbearable, the pleasure however made it all so worthwhile as I felt his lubed knuckles finally pass the threshold and my arsehole clamp down on his wrist. I let out a loud yelp, not knowing whether to cry for the pain or scream for the pleasure. My hole was quivering uncontrollably as Sam began to slowly twist his wrist and rock his hand around in the overly stretched cavity. His movements were loosening me and he was soon pulling out and pushing in, my hole relaxing around his wrist.

The combination of the dope and the fist in my once tight hole was making my head spin. Stu sat down on the couch in front of me, his limp cum slick cock seeming to stare at me, begging to be sucked. I was quickly sucking his thick bulbous head into my mouth, tasting our cum all over his dick. His cock was soon getting it’s second wind and with a well placed finger in Stu’s winking hole he was all revved up and ready sikiş izle to go.

My hole was so used to the intruder now lodged in there that Sam could now slip his hand all the way in without much effort and it gave way to a sudden fast burst of punch fucking. I squealed and Stu’s cock popped back out of my mouth, my shrill tones must have been so piercing as he speedily shoved his clenched fist in and out of my battered hole. I became breathless as he penetrated me in ways I’d never thought I would be. After what could have only been five minutes but what felt like five hours Sam withdrew his hand from my arse with pop and I felt my gaping hole oozing yet more of Stu’s spunk.

Sam sat down on the large couch next to Stu and hitched me up until I was squatted over his erect twelve inch cock. No lube was necessary as I slowly slid my loose hole over that massive mushroom head and lowered myself down every thick inch of his raw cock. He gently thrust a couple short sharp bursts before he grabbed me by the hips and fucked his cock with my arse picking me up and slamming my hole right back onto his cock. My eyes felt like they were rolling back in my head as his cock invaded my arse with real force, all the way in, all the way out. He was fucking me like I was nothing more than a toy, repeatedly raising me up and down, impaling me on his horse cock.

I think was near passing out when I sensed Stu was moving. He was back a second later with the poppers and with some difficulty I got my nose to the bottle and took two deep drags. Everything became incredibly unreal and my head felt like it might overload. I felt Stu, now behind me and slapping his cock on my arse as his boyfriend bounced me up and down on his pole. The spongy tip of his manhood was now pressing at my abused arsehole as Sam went in and out of me. Sam knowing what Stu wanted slowed down his strokes. I knew what was coming next, and Stu shoved the poppers under my nose giving me one last hit. Just as he pulled the bottle away from my nose his monster cock slipped in right above Sam’s horse dick and my hole was truly ravaged. I screamed, this was the ultimate fucking penetration, I didn’t think I’d ever feel as full, as dirty or as hard as this in my life ever again as the two of them quickly got up a rhythm and made me their fuck-puppet, turning my arse inside out as these two ridiculously sized cocks made my arse into a cock serving dickhole, capable of any challenge.

I knew I’d never be the same again as they repeatedly lanced at my hole with their pork swords, it was gonna take alot more to get me off after this evening. The friction of their cocks rubbing off each other and the plowing of the stretched rings of my arsehole was causing my cock to run like a leaky faucet. The guys were well and truly lost in double teaming my hole and after ten minutes of furious fucking, Sam finally screamed, trembling as he shot a huge wad of cum all up my arse and all over his boyfriend’s cock. Stu really grabbed onto me now and fucked me so deep and hard, Sam’s cummy dick still hard and lodged inside me. He pound and pounded me with such vigour that I was sure I was gonna cum. My head went fucking crazy, the room seemingly spinning as Stu was still fucking and fucking away at my cum-filled man pussy. My body spasmed and my mouth let out a high pitched wail as my cock erupted fountains of creamy hot jizz, some hitting me in the face, the rest covering Sam’s chest, face and mouth. I was just on the verge of passing out when I heard Stu let out an animal groan and felt him shoot another copious load up my spread, gaping, cock-filled manhole. At this point I really did pass out, and awoke moments later feeling utterly fucked open, my hole leaking a seemingly endless stream of Stu and Sam’s cum. As I still lay collapsed across Sam’s chest I think Stu enquired as to how I was. I uttered what I thought was a coherent sentence but what I knew was nothing more than a series of incomprehensible moans. The guys rolled me onto the couch on my front and I lay there exhausted and cum-filled. The last thing I remember before finally succumbing to slumber was Stu and Sam taking turns rimming and fisting my cum coated hole and licking each others spunk from my permanently gaping hole. What a fucking day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32