Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

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As you lie propped against the pillows, I kneel at your feet and paint your toenails a deep, rich red. Staring intently into my eyes the man who straddles you and faces me, backs his shaved ass to your lips. I have washed and perfumed him for you. He tastes sweet and his hole puckers as you slide your tongue in and out, in and out. I too reverse mount you then with my ass toward his face, my hands at your feet, slowly applying the last touches of color. He begins to stretch my hole with his fingers, greasing my cunt with oil, just as you are doing the same to him.

As my dark bud opens, he shoves a big dildo in my pussy to keep me filled. I moan out loud and he quickly slips a plug up my ass to keep me stretched. I lean down and blow on your toes to hurry the drying. Seeing my swinging tits between my legs, he reaches through them and pulls on my nipples, twisting them. Hardening at his touch, he flicks them with his fingers. I hear the sound of clanking metal and feel the dull pinching ache as he slowly applies the nipple clamps to each of my breasts.

You begin to groan as you loosen his ass, knowing all too well how good it feels for him. With each finger that you insert, his hole widens. Sensing he easily can take it; you grease up your hand and shove your clenched fist deep inside him. He pulls air in his mouth through clenched teeth, winces, and then quivers with both pain and desire. You chuckle and ask me to hand you a thick plug for his ass. I carefully dismount and squeeze tightly to keep the double pleasure I have buried deep inside me hidden. I hand you the plug, and then bend, reaching for the shiny, strapped heels to place on your feet. As you continue to fist fuck him, I insert each foot into the shoes.

You look so sexy as he dismounts, and then turns around and straddles you, placing a knee on either side of your chest. He offers you his long, hard prick which is dripping wet; you slide your tongue up and down it, slurping the sticky juice which dangles from it down your throat.

He quickly tries to ram his hard rod into your mouth, but you shove him back, grabbing and twisting his nipples instead. As he writhes in painful pleasure, I hand you the clamps which you quickly attach to each of his tits. You then pull on the chain bringing him forward and guide his cock to your open mouth. You open your throat and swallow the length of him as he spasms and sprays his hot jizz in your mouth. With your mouth dripping his creamy come, you look down at your heeled feet, your polished toes and quiver with desire.

I offer my hand and help you rise. You cock is hard from the play and bounces before you. I ache at the thought of your dick bulging against the tight, short skirt into which you are about to step. As you lean down to slip your legs through the opening, your sweet, dark hole flashes at me.

Turning around, you stand before me with your thick fat rod pulling against the tight skirt. I run my palm against it while twisting your nipples with my fingers. I feel your cock jerk as I twist and pull each nipple just a bit harder. gorukle escort bayan I reach for your set of nipple clamps and carefully open each clasp and latch them onto your tits. They are made of a heavier metal so the weight of them pulls down harder on your nipples. More weight may be added as your excitement grows by adding extra balls to each ring. The thought of adding more weight makes me wetter; knowing that the thick pain will ache and work to keep your cock rock hard. As my desire for you grows both my ass and cunt begin to tighten around the toys that are still filling each of them. You grin at me and reach for the chain of my clamps dangling between my breasts. You pull on it, bending me down so that my lips touch your cock which lies pressed tight against your thigh under the short skirt.

As I press my face into your crotch, you put your hand on the back of my head and pull me into you harder. You quickly look away from me for a moment and nod at another guy who’s been quietly watching us. I hear a rustle behind me and suddenly a sharp crack of hot pain snaps across my exposed ass. Before I can catch my breath, he lays another smack across my rear; I shudder with delight. Lifting my head from your cock, I carefully add another weight to the rings. You moan with pleasure as your nipples are stretched and nod again to him. I feel his hot hands on my hot ass as he begins to twist the plug that’s buried up my ass. You nod again and another hot shot of pain sears my cheeks as I begin to feel the slow burn.

You motion to him once more and he slowly pulls the dildo from my cunt as you slowly raise your skirt. I gasp and lunge to lick the deep purple, shiny head of your swollen rod which is dripping hot juice down your thigh. Moving forward, my ass lifts higher and I feel him pull the plug from my ass. He shoves his dick deep into my gaping hole in one long, hard motion. Above my head I hear the clanking sound of metal and wonder if you are clamping off his tits. I look up and watch as you do, pulling hard on the chain, stretching his nipples while driving his cock forward and farther up my ass.

As he rides my ass I suck your cock faster and harder swallowing all of you deep down my throat. Suddenly, I see feet on the floor between your legs behind you and hear the slippery sound of oil against skin. You move your legs farther apart and bend forward toward me. I pull away from sucking you and stare between your legs, watching as the other guy begins to offer his cock to me from between your legs.

First the head, which is huge, slides toward me from underneath your balls. The closer he presses against your back, the more cock he offers me. You lean back into him then and almost ride his stick. As I gaze at his glistening rod stretched toward me from between your legs, you start to rub and stroke your dick. His cock is so engorged that come drips from the end, falling on your painted toes. You moan as you look down at your heeled feet and see them glisten with his hot juice. I bend over to lick his hot sauce from your toes as the nilüfer escort bayan other man behind me slowly pulls his cock out of my ass.

He steps in between you and me, with his back to you, facing me placing the cock between your legs, between his also. He bends forward toward me and slowly starts to back up to the lumber that you are riding. Looking down, you watch as he takes his two hands and spreads his ass wide open, and slides his hole onto the pole. You grab his hips and pull him back on it hard, driving the dripping dick further up his ass. He groans loudly and I raise my head from your feet and see the hot, thick rod disappear inside him. I inch backward on my hands and knees and kneel in front of him. I swallow his red, hot prick just as he has settled back on the full length of your ride. He sprays the back of my throat instantly.

I stand then, lean past him, offering to share my mouthful of his hot come with you. You greedily kiss me, slurping and swallowing as much as you can. You nudge the man between us, helping to disgorge his hole from the cock that is skewering him. As he moves away, I look down again to see the size of the cock that still protrudes from between your thighs.

Suddenly, I feel a hand press against my back and then hear the sloshing sound of oil on skin. I stare straight into your eyes while my thighs are spread apart from behind. We look down at my crotch and see an oily shimmer glint between my legs. Taking both hands, you wrap them around the giant dick between your legs and stroke it while you eagerly watch my pussy with anticipation. We gasp as I am forced to step even wider to let the enormous cock slide through. We smile at one another as we realize that our earlier lover has made good on his promise and brought his twin brother after all.

My sweet pussy quivers as my hot juice gushes out and coats the mammoth cock between my legs. As you watch me coat the cock with my cream, you bend forward slightly and rub your asshole teasingly against the hard head of the cock behind you. The guy’s breathing behind me is harder as he grinds his hips with an urgent passion. He slowly pulls his dick back through my legs and dips his hand in the pot of massage oil. I turn, watching him grease his pole. He holds my face with his other hand and roughly pulls me toward him. He opens his mouth wide and kisses me, fucking my throat with his thick tongue.

Then he turns away and lies down on the bed; we gasp when we see the full length of him rise into the air. His dick is so long that I must stand over him to mount it. You watch greedily as I step over him, placing a foot on either side of his hips. As I begin to lower my cunt onto it, you walk over to the bed to grab my ass and help to lower me down. As you spread my pussy open, you get a peek at my asshole. Licking your lips, you thrust your hand into the pot of oil and begin to lube your cock. Seeing my tight hole has made you desirous to take my ass as I lower my cunt onto him.

You climb onto the bed and kneeling behind bursa otele gelen escort bayan me, stretch me wider with your fingers. The guy who had his cock between your legs gets a quick shot of your asshole as you get on the bed. He’s got it real bad for you as his brother has told him that he can drive himself fully up your sweet ass to the hilt. As he watches you spread my pussy, his cock spasms and spurts. He too climbs on the bed then and places a hand on your lower back, bending you forward toward my back.

We’ve formed something of a train as we line ourselves up above the tower which waits beneath my cunt. Once you are bent fully forward, he takes both of his hands and pulls your hole wide. He bends down and shoves his long, hard tongue up your ass. Like his cock, his tongue too is unusually long and hard. He spits and darts his tongue all over you and watches as you quiver and loosen for him.

My legs begin to shake as I squat over the pole below me; I slowly begin to lower myself down, spreading my legs wide apart with my ass raised up in the air. As I suck in the first 7 inches, you slowly start to bury your cock in my ass. The pressure of the lumber that my cunt is swallowing is making my ass almost impossible to penetrate. As I cry out, you grease me some more and slowly slide in.

Once you have completely sunk yourself into me, the guy behind you can’t wait any longer and grabs your ass cheeks and pulls them apart. His giant cock rams fast and hard through you. Calling out in painful pleasure, you slap my ass and I buck from the blow, sliding even farther down the shaft I am riding. I rock and ride it back and forth and as I do, your hot rod goes deeper into my ass. As I push back against you, you groan loudly, with the full realization that we are sandwiched between both of them and you have my sweet ass in the middle.

Wanting even more of his rod, you lean back onto the absolute full length of his pole. Once you have buried it completely up your ass, you swish your hips back and forth upon it, feeling it fuck you from side to side. Now firmly impaled on his cock, you blow your hot wad straight up my ass. I feel your hot sauce burn inside me as I rock my clit against his cock, screaming out my orgasm. He pulls my nipple clamps hard as I coat his cock with my cream.

The guy behind you has watched us both get off, and now pulls his shaft out of your ass and while stroking hard, quickly comes around and faces us. He steps over his brother’s chest, straddling him. I lean back into your chest and feel your hot breath in my ear. My cunt still clings to the huge pole inside me as I brace myself and watch him pull hard on his cock with both hands. He steps toward us, his giant cock swollen and dripping. Beneath him, a fist rises and plunges up his ass just as he unloads his massive wad all over our faces. His knees bend slightly as he lowers himself down the length of the arm, continuing to spray us with his hot juice. Our open mouths are overflowing as we turn our heads into each other and kiss and suck and lick the sweet wetness. You reach down and tweak my come-soaked nipples with your fingers and whisper in my ear, “You’re so beautiful, baby. I love you.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32