Down But Still Up For Fun Ch. 01

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There are no characters in this story less then age eighteen, This story is a complete fiction, any resemblance to any person living, or dead is purely coincidental, and was not the intent of the author.


It was my eighteenth summer. I graduated from high school at the very top of my class of 484 students. I earned a scholarship to Stanford, but that would only pay for books and tuition. The normal living expenses, like room and board, I would have to pay out of my own pocket.

I had no parents to help pay my way. Both were killed in an accident, years before. I was raised in foster care since I had no other kin that I knew of.

I was a star athlete through high school, playing both football and track. So it seemed to me the most logical way to make money would be to use my physical strength to work on some farm helping with the harvest. That was what I was doing now: walking along a country road looking for a summer job.

The morning was very warm as I walked along and when I came upon a wooded area I was grateful for the shade. Since the road was graveled it was easier to walk down the center, where the gravel was pushed aside. On the side of the road, the going was much tougher, there the stones were two to three inches deep.

I was walking along enjoying the comparative coolness under the trees that covered this stretch of the road, rather then the hot summer sun. I must have been day dreaming or something, because all of a sudden there was the screech of brakes right behind me.

I turned my head but it was too late to react because I felt tremendous pain just below both my knees and the next thing I remember, I was laying on my back in the ditch, and the face of a woman looking like an angel, peering down at me, with a worried look on her pretty face. She knelt down beside me, and felt over my body to try and assess how much damage had been done to my body.

After feeling over my body she said, “Don’t move. I’m a nurse and I have some emergency medical supplies in my trunk.” She disappeared but soon returned and again knelt beside me. The first thing she did was to gently clean the blood and dirt from my face. “Just a few minor scrapes here,” she said.

“My legs,” I moaned, fighting to stay conscious.

She gently felt down my legs, starting from my upper thighs and slowly feeling her way down.

I gasped when she came to the area just below my knee and she stopped with the one leg and started feeling down the other. Once again I cried out, when she touched the same area on the other leg.

When she had finished with her examination she looked down at me, brushing a lock of my hair out of my eye she said, “I think you have one or possibly two broken legs. I’m going to get something to splint them with, and take you to the hospital.

She came back with four pieces of strait wood about a yard long. She put them along the damaged area of my legs, and secured them tight with four ace bandages for each leg. Now she said, “Can you sit up? I’m going to have to drag you to the back seat of my car.”

With me helping as much as I could, by pushing myself along using my arms, she got me to the side of her car. It was a large, four-door, American car. With a lot of pain and difficulty, she managed to get me up into the back of the car, and I pulled myself across, keeping my legs on the seat. She elevated them with some cushions and told me to lay back down.

Then off we went to the hospital.


When we arrived at the emergency room, she left me in the car and went inside.

I think I must have passed out or gone to sleep, because the next thing I remember was looking up at a doctor and two nurses working on my legs.

They must have given me something for the pain because I was not in any discomfort at all. Except for the fact that my clothes were gone, and I was in one of those horrid hospital gowns. I was cold and started to shiver, one of the nurses wrapped me in a warm blanket.

When the doctor finished his work, he looked down at me and said, “You have two broken legs there, my boy. It is a clean break, though, so it should heal just fine. It will just take a little time, that’s all.” I put two walking casts on you, so at least you will be able to walk around, with the use of crouches.

“The lady that hit you is a nurse. She works at this hospital and said she would look in on you in a little while. I think I will be keeping you with us for a day or two. I may just as well put you in her ward.”

“Right now she is telling the police what happened. I’m sure they will want to talk to you as soon as you are able.”

“It was all my own fault. I was walking down the middle of the road instead of the side,” I tried to explain.

“Well, you can talk to the police tomorrow. Right now I’m going to give you a shot that will put you to sleep for a few hours,” the doctor said.


When I awoke I was laying in a hospital bed. The room was dark except for the light from the medical monitor screen. I had no idea what time Escort Karaköy it was but I could tell it was night, since no light came through my window blind. I was terribly thirsty. I lay there quietly, but looking around the room in the dim light. I found what looked like a TV control clipped to my pillow. One of the buttons said “nurse” and I pushed that.

I lay back on my pillow and waited. A few minutes passed and the door opened and in walked the same pretty woman the had hit me with her car. “Good evening,” she said and came to my bedside. I looked up at her pretty smiling face and asked for a drink of water. She filled a glass with ice-water from a pitcher on my night stand and handed it to me.

I drank it down greedily and asked her for more.

She refilled the glass and gave me a second drink. “Do you remember me?” she asked sweetly, as I drank the water.

“Yes,” I said. “You’re the lady that taught me not to walk down the middle of the road.”

When she smiled her eye seemed to sparkle. “Yes, but not quite the way you said it,” she said. ” I was traveling a little too fast. I asked the Doctor to assign you to my floor so I could keep a special eye on you.”

“Well I’m sure glad that you did. It will make being hurt almost fun to have a beautiful woman like you watching over me.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do after I’m released though. You see I have no family to care for me.”

“You let me worry about that, Jimmy. You name is Jimmy, right? It says so here on your chart.”

“Yes it is,” I said, “And what is your name?”

“My name is Carol, I’m the head night nurse on this floor.

What did you mean, when you told me not to worry about what happens after I’m released form this hospital?” I really have no family and no place to go after I’m released.

“I meant that you can stay at my house. It is the least I can do after running you over with my car. Besides it will be nice to have a strong handsome man around the house,” she flirted and gently touched my arm with her soft hands.

Now how can a normal young guy turn down an offer like that? I smiled up at her and she smiled right back, but this time there was something strange in her smile. Was it a promise of other things to come? I couldn’t be sure, but it was a bit disarming all the same.

“Right now, though, young man, I want you to get some sleep. You are pretty banged up, and sleep is the best medicine for you.”

She touched my face and shushed me. She bent over and gave me a gentle kiss. Then she was gone.


I slept right through the night until breakfast. A candy striper came in carrying my breakfast tray. “Good morning, sleepyhead,” she said, as put my tray on the bedside table. “How do you feel this morning?”

I tried to smile, but I’m just not a morning person, at least not until I’ve had a cup of coffee. “I feel like I’m wired for sound,” I complained, referring to all the wires and things attached to me. “Every time I move, I get all tangled up. Is it really necessary to have all these wires monitoring me, twenty four hours a day?”

“You poor thing,” she said sympathetically. “I’ll ask the head nurse, but they like to keep an eye on you. At least for the first twenty four hours of your stay. Other wise they would be in here every few minutes to take your vitals.”

She told me to lift my head and she fluffed my pillow, pushing her rather large breasts into my face. “Now, how was that?” she asked with a sly smile on her lips. She knew exactly what she was doing, and enjoyed her little teasing game as much as I did.

“Mm, delicious,” I groaned, “you can fluff my pillow anytime.”

Again, she treated me to a teasing grin. “The night nurse said you were someone very special and that I should take good care of you. I certainly will enjoy doing just that for such a good looking guy like you. I only wish I had seen you first” she said, then moved her finger tip down the caress the bulge under the sheet that was my growing cock; it jumped at her erotic touch. She giggled, then licked her lips in the most sensual way.

“By the way,” I asked, trying to get myself under control. “What is the night nurse’s name?”

“Carol,” she grinned. “She is my big sister, but only in age. Actually I’m much bigger then she is,” pushing her big breasts toward me and shaking them just a little. My name is Mercy. We share a house not far from where she hit you. “I’m so looking forward to having you,” she laughed, “as a house guest I mean.”

Mercy walked toward the door, just before she left, she turned back toward me and smiled a wicked smile. “I’ll be back later to give you your bath, and maybe my special massage,” she winked and left the room.

I ate my meal of tasteless hospital food and tried to relax watching the morning news on the television set above my bed. The thought of that teasing little vixen Mercy, kept creeping into my thoughts. It was hard to settle down. I still had the raging hard-on that Mercy had given me and there was no way I could get the thought of her Kayaşehir escort out of my mind and get my cock under control.

After a few minutes I began feeling the urge to relieve my bladder. I looked around the bed side stand to see if there was a urinal pot to do so, but there was none. I hated to do so since my hard-on was if anything worse than it was before, but if I didn’t want the embarrassment of wetting the bed I had no other choice. I pushed the button marked “nurse” on the remote and waited.

A few seconds latter Mercy, came into the room. “Are you finished with our gourmet breakfast.” she joked and then made a gagging gesture.

I had to laugh at her antics. “No, no,” I said “I have to pee and need a little help.”

“Mmmmm,” she purred, stepping over to the bed, and closing the curtains behind her. “She reached down and caressed the bulge of my cock and whispered, “would you like me to hold it for you, or lick it clean when you are done?” Her eyes twinkled with invitation, and she undid the top two buttons of her smock.

My cock had become at least 8 ½, inches long and hard as a rock. I could only moan at her touch. It was ecstasy and torture all at the same time. And little miss Mercy, was not showing me any, with her seductive antics.

“Oh please I have to pee so bad,” I cried. “If you keep that up you will have me peeing and cumming all over the bed, at the same time. I need something to pee in right now and then you can do as you like with me.”

Mercy skipped into the bathroom and returned with a stainless steel urine potty in no time. I think you may still need my help since you have such a stiffy. She pulled the sheet off me and exposed my erection. “Oh my such a beautiful piece of man equipment you have here. I’m really going to enjoy playing with it when you stay with us.” She aimed the end of my cock into the mouth of the urine pot and told me to let it flow.

It was just in the nick of time, too. She had just pushed my cock head into the mouth of the pot, when the dam burst. “Ooh, it’s so warm and it comes out of you so fast, I wish that it was cum. I love to taste a man’s fresh warm goo, and then rub it all over my face. It’s really good for a woman’s skin, you know. Mmmmm, you look so yummy, I can hardly wait.”

At last the flow slowed and finally stopped. I let out a sigh, now that the pressure was released from my bladder.

“Oh my, you almost filled it,” she chattered as she took it into the bathroom and emptied the contents into the toilet and flushed it away. She washed her hands and returned to my bedside. “I’ll be right back” she whispered, with a wink, as she checked to see that the door was locked.

She returned to my bedside and smiled down at me. Still smiling she undid the rest of the buttons of her smock slowly, one at a time, exposing her giant breasts, barely hidden in her lacy bra. She pushed them out at me and smiled down at me, “They are big, no? Much bigger the Carol’s and they love to be sucked on,” having said this, she undid the hook between the two DDD cups and leaned over my face, almost smothering me in the mountains of warm firm flesh. “Oh, suck my nipples ,Jimmy. They love to be loved.” Her breathing came in gasps as she ground her hips into the side of the bed.

I opened my mouth and took as much of her nipple that I could. She pushed more breast into my mouth, almost smothering me with her flesh. It took both my hands to push enough breast flesh back so I could breathe. Then I concentrated on just the nipple licking and sucking like a starved infant. She changed over and I did the same with the other breast.

“God, I have to cum. I’m going crazy….. I just have to cum.”

I told her to take off her panties and lift up her skirt.

She did so in just a couple of seconds and stepped in close to the bed again. I reached down with my right hand and started gently rubbing her enlarged clitoris with the tip of my finger. She humped my hand like a mad woman. Grabbing my wrist and moving it in and out faster and harder.

Oh my God, what magical fingers you have ,Jimmy, if you hand feels this good, I’ll go insane with your big cock in me. Oh just a little more, baby, I’m almost there. Please don’t stop now. Here it comes ,it is almost got me. Just keep moving those wonderful fingers in me. Oh my god, oh my god. I cummmmmmmmm, oh baby, I cummmm.” She collapsed right over the bed and me in it. She was gasping and shaking from head to toe.

I gently smoothed her hair with my hands. Caressing her body while she lay helpless across the bed. Saying soothing things to her. Finally she regained her composure and gradually started breathing normally once again. It was strange that I had not climaxed, but somehow I felt content. And my horny feelings were replaced with a sort of tenderness felt toward this sexy little nymph. I knew my time would come and I was content to wait.

Mercy regained her composure and stood up, she straightened her skirt, hooked her bra, then buttoned her smock. She went into the bathroom, washed her face, and combed her hair. Küçükçekmece escort bayan When she came back into the room she unlocked the door, but before she left she told me that I was the best most unselfish lover she had ever been with. “I promise you that I’ll take care of you later after I finish my rounds. Then all business-looking, she left, taking my breakfast tray with her.

I went back to watching some boring television show. Waiting for Mercy to come back and fulfill her promise to, “to take care of me,” as she had put it.


After about an hour or so my room door opened and in walked the head nurse. She was very stern and professional. I knew right away that this woman would not put up with any nonsense on her watch. She looked like an English school marm out of a Charles Dickens novel.

“My name is Ms. Penny,” she said with some emphasize to the Ms. “I’m the head nurse on this floor. How are you feeling this morning?”

“I’m feeling alright, I guess, Ma’am.”

“Are your legs causing you any pain?” she asked gruffly.

“No, not particularly,” I said “It is very uncomfortable with all of these wires and things attached to my body.”

“Every one of those wires are necessary to monitor your condition, young man. I hope you have not been fooling with them. Have you??!” It was an accusation not really a question.

“No Ma’am, Heaven forbid.” I over-emphasized, poking just a little fun at her. It seemed to go right over her head.

She folded her arms across her breastless chest and looked at me like I was some sort of bug to be squashed.

I looked back with a sheepish grin, like a bad boy who had been caught with his hand in the cooky jar.

Finally she turned on her heel and marched out.

I gave out a sigh of relief when she was gone. “Hm, I guess I failed inspection,” I said to myself, “no weekend pass for you soldier.”

I went back once more to the televison.


About an hour or more later the door opened and in came Mercy, pushing a little four-wheel cart with a wash basin and towels on it. When she entered she locked the door behind her and came over to my bed.

“It is time for your sponge bath, Jimmy,” she said smiling sweetly. “I’m sorry it took a while but I had to wait until the coast was clear.”

“Are you sure?” I asked? “What about old Ms. Penny? The bitch nurse from hell.”

“Oh, you met her, did you?” She grinned. “We call her, the wicked witch of the west wing. Yes she is gone for a while. She is down in administration filling out medical reports. She will be gone for hours. Everyone else that is working this floor is cool, so we are free to do as we please for a while anyway. She unbuttoned her smock this time right down and shrugged it off. Then the skirt was removed. She hadn’t replaced her soiled panties so just her garter belt and bra were left. She unhooked the bra and let it fall. For the moment she left the garter belt and stockings since her pussy was already exposed and dripping.

“Oh wow! You look fantastic,” I said, reaching behind me to try and untie my hospital gown.

“Now hold on there tiger, cleanliness is next to sexiness. If it does not say that in the good book it should.” She laughed and helped me untie the gown. “Oh my, what a hard body,” she said and her hands smoothed over my shoulders and down my pecs. “I am going to eat you alive, then I’ll fuck your brains out. First though, let’s get you clean. It is a good excuse for me to tease myself by feeling all over you.”

She dropped a face cloth into the warm sudsy water. She squeezed out the extra water and started with my back and shoulders. She pushed her lush breasts into my face while doing so. I felt like I was in heaven.

I reached up and caressed the warm soft mountains. I brushed just my fingertips ever so lightly over her nipples, while my face was buried d between the two Jupiter-sized globes.

“Oh you are a naughty little boy, aren’t you though? Well, mommy doesn’t mind a bit. She knows how to handle bad boys like you.”

She reached for that soft towel and dropped the wash cloth into the basin, and started to dry my back, still rubbing her big breasts into my face. Now Mercy stood up straight and took the wash cloth out of the basin and rinsed out some of the water. “Now lay back and I’ll wash your front,” she said, pushing me gently back down on my pillow. Mercy started with my arms and hands, first one then the other. She dried them with her towel, and started washing my throat and chest. I think she took special pleasure in feeling the muscles. Often she put the wash cloth down and used her bare hands, touching and feeling wherever she pleased. She stopped at my waist, and reached for her towel. When my upper body was dry she smiled down at me, with the same sparkle in her eyes that I saw earlier that morning. “Now,” she said “it is time to wash my favorite muscle.” She washed my hips and down my thighs to the top of the casts. She rinsed out the cloth again and took the bar of soap and lathered to cloth up really good. Smiling down at me she gently washed my balls and cock, making sure she got a good lather on both. When my cock was well lubricated with lather, she dropped the cloth into the basin and took my cock into her hands and slowly started to masturbate it. She reached under it with the other hand, and tickled my ball sack with her fingertips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32