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Thirty years old… that’s the age when people are supposed to get their shit together. Get together with their dream partner, start popping the babies out, career on track, nice house, nice car, white picket fence. Everything sorted.

I’d seen it happen to plenty of my friends. It felt like I was almost there. I’d been with my boyfriend for three years, and as he was a lawyer he brought all the perks of a high income job – a beautiful home, holidays around the world, pretty much all the best things money could bring you. And after six years working as a teacher and impressing the right people I knew I could be proud of what I’d achieved. You’d think I’d be happy, and I was.

Which is why what happened next is such a surprise…. how urges hidden away deep inside me were suddenly woken up. And once awoken I gave up everything I had as I went from a respectable teacher to a cock hungry slut who couldn’t say no to her next dick.

I didn’t plan to become a teacher. Does anybody ever plan on becoming a teacher? It’s one of those careers that people kind of just fall into. Going to university to study to study English literature seemed like a good idea when I was a young, carefree teenager, but after graduation a succession of poorly paid and futureless jobs convinced me a more pragmatic career was required. So off to teacher training college it was.

Without being too arrogant, I was a natural at teaching – passionate about English and able to explain the nuances. But those skills are only half the challenge in the classroom. Maintaining discipline is the downfall of many a new teacher, but thankfully I had a secret weapon, especially when the job offer came in at an all boys school.

Five foot six, long golden hair and a naturally slim figure, I was already many a schoolboy’s wet dream even before my 34DD breasts came into play. By the time I took my first teaching job I knew how my breasts could be used to persuade grown men to behave as I wanted, so what chance did teenage boys have? By careful selection of skirts showing just the right amount of leg and tight tops flashing just a hint of cleavage I maintained control and enthusiasm in my classes. And even for those not desperately trying to win praise from their fantasy figure, the potential trouble makers I taught tended to have their blood circulation directed elsewhere than to their brains making them docile and well behaved.

I admit, sometimes when I was in a mischievous mood I’d see how many tents I could make appear in those tight trousers the students wore. A girl’s gotta have some fun at work right? But it never crossed a line. Well, not until that one day teaching the final year students. Looking back I probably should have realised there would one day be trouble acting the way I did in front of a bunch of horny eighteen year olds who were probably off discovering the joy of sex when not in class. But it’s always easy to work out where you went wrong when looking back over your mistakes.

It had been a long Thursday… computer problems, staff meetings to discuss new exam procedures and air conditioning break downs leading to a sweltering hot classroom meant I wasn’t in the best of moods as the sixth form class piled in for the last period of the day. Like all prepared teachers, I approached days with two plans in place. One for if I wanted to have an engaging day talking and challenging my students, and one for if I wanted them to shut up and have a quiet time to myself. And this was one of those days bahis siteleri when the latter came into play.

So after setting the class the task of writing an essay on how Lady MacBeth was responsible for her husband becoming king of Scotland, I sat back and started counting down the minutes to the end of the day when a sudden movement at the back of the class tingled my teacher senses. Whilst he wasn’t the most focussed of students, Jake normally got on with his work. But instead of writing about Shakespeare as requested he was smirking as he scribbled down a note. Stealthily I got up and crept up behind him.

“Now what have we here?” I asked as I grabbed the note he was writing. Jake’s body language suddenly went defensive as he realised he’d been caught doing something he shouldn’t.

I read the note a first comment simply read “Fuck, Miss Stephenson looks hot today”. Well, the temperature in the classroom had caused me to undo a button on my blouse too many, so I probably couldn’t argue too much with that. On it’s own, that comment wasn’t so bad, but it was Jake’s response that made me blush. “She has so got it coming to her. I’d love to bend her over her desk, pull down her skirt, grab hold of her tits and utterly fucking ruin her”

I took a moment to compose myself before deciding Jake’s fate.

Whilst the thought of staying late to supervise detention didn’t appeal, with a stack of marking to get through. But before I could start on that I had to confront Jake about the note.

“What you wrote in that letter” I began “is no way to talk about women. You need to show more respect if you want to get on in life”

“Aww come on miss. You come in here, dressed like that and try to start preaching feminism and respect.”

“And what is wrong with the way I dress?”

“You’re the worst sort of cock tease. You like to preach about respect and equality but you come to class, flash your body and hang your tits out knowing fine that the class are too busy drooling over you to think for themselves”

I’m not sure what made more angry – the accusations or the fact he was absolutely correct. “I beg your pardon” was the best I could retort.

“You know, I’ve always wondered, do you get off on knowing that everyone at school goes home and jerks off over you?”

“Is that what you’d be doing right now if I hadn’t made you stay behind… having a good wank thinking about me?”

“Pretty much. Any chance we can hurry this up so I can get to it?”

I studied Jake. At 6ft and built solidly he cut quite an imposing and confident figure. But the best way in my experience to deal with those sort of characters is to play them at their own game and issue a challenge they won’t accept.

I leaned back on my desk “Why wait till you go home. Go on, do it right here”

In theory calling him out was a good plan, but there was one flaw – that he’d call my bluff and do as instructed. The words had barely left my mouth and he’d accepted the invitation, pulling down his trousers and tugging his shirt aside to reveal his erect penis.

I wasn’t inexperienced with men. I’d had my share of boyfriends before I’d got together with Tony, plus possibly a one night stand or two when I was at uni. My sexual partners count was at what I considered to be an experienced but not slutty twelve, but none of them had had a dick that could compare to the one that was proudly being displayed to me.

It must have been at least ten inches long – a good two more than I’d had before, canlı bahis siteleri but at the same time thick and muscular. The bulbous head stared at me, simultaneously looking menacing but inviting. It could only have been seconds but felt like minutes that I stared open mouthed taking in every detail of its majestic glory, before I was suddenly drawn from my trance by the banging of a far away door as the janitor did his end of the day checks..

“You need to go” I weakly uttered.

Jake pulled up his trousers. “This isn’t over” he informed as he marched out of the classroom, a smug grin plastered across his face.

I wasn’t sure what had shocked me more – the fact that one of my students had exposed himself to me like that, or the fact that every time I closed my eyes all I could see was his gigantic dick leering at me. Teacher training prepares you for a lot of things you’ll be faced with in the classroom, but it most doesn’t tell you what to do when one of your students whips out an impossibly perfect penis in front of you. I decided the best plan was my own patented solution – wine.

I was halfway through my second glass when Tony got home. Three years of being a couple meant he knew the signs of when I had things on my mind, even if he lacked the emotional maturity to want to sit down and talk to me. Not that there was anyway I could talk to him about what had happened.

So he left me alone to while away my evening, but after I flopped into bed after finishing off the entire bottle suddenly he decided it was time for a bit of me and him time. Different relationships are built on different things; whilst his income gave us a high standard of living, our sex life was less than satisfying. Well, he had a great time and I’m sure he thought he was doing everything right. Such is the attitude of men for whom everything else in life came so easily. But that night as he pounded away amateurishly with his five inch cock, even more than ever did I feel that my life was missing out on something important. And as he grunted his way to an early climax for once I felt relief it was over rather than frustration that he’d got his rocks off and left me unsatisfied.

I’ve never understood why, but drinking wine has always lead to me having incredibly vivid dreams and that night was definitely no exception. But, like far too many of my dreams I found myself back at work. Seriously what is the point of dreaming if instead of taking you somewhere exciting they take you to the place you spend most of time wishing you were somewhere else? So anyway, there I was back in school teaching my sixth graders.

“So your homework for tonight is to read chapters eight to eleven, and we’ll start next class with a pop quiz on them. Any questions?” I asked them, my voice full of authority

“Yeah miss” came a voice from the back of the class “Why have you come to work today dressed as a whore?”

It’s fairly common for people when they dream end up in strange locations completely naked. For me, ever since I was bought my first set of lingerie, I’ve ended up dreaming myself into all sorts of scenarios wearing nothing but my sexiest underwear. Grandparent’s birthdays, exams, job interviews… you name it, I’ve turned up for it wearing nothing but a pair of lacey of bra and knickers. So yes, I’d dreamt that I was standing in front of twenty eighteen year old boys, wearing nothing but stockings, suspenders, a black strapped bra and a thong that barely covered my cunt.

“You are such canlı bahis a fucking tease Miss Stephenson” came another voice

“Is anybody in here not rock hard right now?” My eyes darted around the classroom trying to catch who was speaking as I felt my control was rapidly being lost.

“Jake why don’t you show her what she’s done to your dick?”

My eyes flashed to the back of the class where Jake sat. Making eye contact with me he got out of his seat and slowly walked to the front of the class. My focus dropped to his crotch as he undid his belt and slowly pulled down his pants. I inhaled deeply in anticipation of what was about to happen. Suddenly his dick sprung out, rock hard and oh so juicy looking.

“I told you this wasn’t over” he said as he wrapped his right hand around his thick shaft and started jerking off in front of me.

My face turned bright red as I watched my eighteen year old student masturbate for me, but I couldn’t look away. As I watched his hand sliding up and down his oversized manhood my pussy began to tingle, and I began to wonder how glorious it would be if it was my hand wrapped around his dick.

“Show him your tits” came a voice somewhere in the class. And in my sense of arousal it seemed only fair – it was only fair I gave him something back for the thrilling show he was providing me. I reached round and undid my bra, allowing it to fall to the floor leading to a roar of approval from my class. I felt no shame that I was standing topless in front of a class of twenty eighteen year olds, my puffed up nipples showing them all how horny I was. And all the time I watched mesmerised as Jake continued to beat his ten inch dick for me, his hand moving up and down his cock and with each stroke I felt myself getting more and more turned on.

But unfortunately that’s the point at which I woke up.

I looked over at my boyfriend as he slept soundly beside me. For a moment I thought about waking him up and initiating some middle of the night action. But deep down I knew that after the few minutes of giving his best I still wouldn’t be satisfied. Instinctively my right hand reached down and started massaging my clit.

My mind replayed the glorious moment when Jake had pulled out his gigantic dick in front of me. Did he realise that hours later I’d be lying in bed with my hand between my legs thinking about it? I knew it was wrong to masturbate over one of my students, but it wasn’t like I was fantasising about fucking him…

… But then I realised my legs were spread wide open as my pussy screamed out to be filled. Filled with more dick than it had ever taken before…

… It wasn’t that I wanted to have sex with Jake. It was just that I wanted to have his penis inside, to feel that big, hot cock of his throbbing inside me until it could take no more and explode inside me…

… My left hand was now teasing my nipples as my right hand continued to play with my labia. I was getting close now, very close…

… How would Jake be fucking me if he was here with me right now? He wouldn’t be gentle, he’d be pounding his teacher’s tight little pussy like there was no tomorrow. He’d be using me like a piece of meat, only caring about his own satisfaction, even though he’d be giving me exactly what I was craving. Oh god, he’d be ruining me with that giant dick of his, absolutely ruining me, just like he’d promised….

… I gasped as the orgasm ripped through me, leaving me a sweaty, panting mess. And beside me my boyfriend slept, unaware that I’d just climaxed a hundred times harder than he’d ever made me.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, trying to forget what I’d just pleasured myself to. Trying to forget how fucking amazing it had felt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32