Dream Date!

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This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language, please DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way, shape or form!


This story may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author.

Copyright © 2012 L.A.Wicker. All rights reserved.

Sorry if the editing is a mess!


Alex watched big sister, Elli’s beautiful big body and her huge breasts, as she turned on her side to face him and Elli’s right breast popped out from under her small blouse. His eyes came close to exploding when her breast came into view and she just smiled at him.

Elli laughed inside when her baby brother finally got what he’d been waiting for so long to see and his eyes looked like big dinner plates. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that,” she laughed and enjoyed his face turning red with embarrassment. “We both need to get up and get ourselves a life. Neither of us ever has a date, dinner out with friends or go bar hopping. We’re a mess, Alex!” Elli said with a laugh and saw he had a missive lump in the front of his pants.

Alex still could not believe he saw Elli’s big tit and it was so beautiful. Elli had very pale, almost white flesh and her nipple was light pink. Her areola was of course pink and it blended perfectly into her white flesh. And to his amazement, she just smiled at him and Alex wondered if Elli realized her nipples were hard as rocks. ‘I wonder if I should try it or not. She might get pissed off and break me in two!’ he thought and looked to her one hundred and eighty five pound body. ‘She could kill me with ease.’ He thought, but that story from the web site kept filling his mind and it was killing him.

She watched him squirming around on the loveseat and couldn’t help but wonder what was bothering him. “What’s up brother, you sure are restless tonight. What’s on your mind?” Elli asked with her motherly voice and her dark blue eyes were locked on his. Their mom died ten years ago when Alex was just eight and Elli had just turned eighteen. She was his mom, big sister and best friend.

“Nothing, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Alex said and hoped Elli would drop this. How could he tell her that he read an awesome story about a brother and sister making love and he wanted to do the same thing with her.

“I can tell your lying, but if you don’t want to tell me or get my advice, that’s ok.” Elli said with a smile and stretched out her long legs. She could see Alex peaking from over the top of his book, but for some odd reason, she liked him looking at her and it was making her pussy get warm. ‘Oh God, what’s wrong with me? I have to stop thinking about him looking at me!’ she screamed to herself and once again, his brown eyes were back on her large breasts.

Alex thought for a few seconds and he needed her. “Do you ever wish we had friends and went out on dates?” he asked and she gave him an odd look. “Wouldn’t it be nice to go see a movie, have a burger and depending on who you’re with, find a nice place to park and um…make out.” Alex said and Elli gave him a look that he’d never seen before. Elli looked as if she was turned on and he could see that she was thinking about something.

She heard him and Elli couldn’t believe he was also having dirty thoughts. “What can we do about it? We don’t know anybody.” Elli said with a weak smile and went to sit with him. “Is that what’s bothering you?” she asked and made sure to hug his face to her right breast.

“It sucks not having any friends or know any girls. I’m a man and I need to go out into the world!” Alex laughed and he returned Elli’s hug, wishing he could make love to her gorgeous body and show her how he felt. “Hey, I have an idea…what if we get dressed up, pretend we were going out on a date and we can have some wine, order a movie and um…” he said and cut off the last few words.

Elli smiled and could feel her pussy getting warmer and it was for Alex. He wanted to dress up and pretend to go on a date, but she was already having weird thoughts about him and he was always looking at her body. ‘This may not be a very good idea, but my lonely pussy sure is ready to go through with it!’ she laughed to herself and hugged him.

She knew her baby brother was horny and she also knew he had his eyes on her. “I guess we could do that. Will we know each other or should it be a blind date!” Elli teased with a low, sexy voice and her pussy felt as if it was glowing now.

He was getting hard and Alex hoped that Elli didn’t feel his nine-inch cock. “Go all out, pretend this is real date and I’ll knock on your door around…seven?” Alex said and could feel his face turning red.

Elli smiled and couldn’t help bursa eskort bayan but see his long cock. “I think seven will be just great and how dressed up should I be? Jeans, a dress or what?” she asked and Alex thought for a second.

“Mmmm, how about a nice dress and um…stockings! I’ll wear a jacket and nice shirt…anything else that you want from a date?” he asked and saw that she looked embarrassed this time.

“If I’m to wear stockings, I think you should wear a tie for me.” Elli said and thought of how much a man wearing a tie turned her on. During her one semester at college, Elli found out some great uses for a tie and it was her French instructor that opened her eyes.

He nodded yes and his dick grew more. “This is going to be sooo fun Elli and I’m going to make it the best time you ever had!” Alex said, turned to face his big, beautiful sister and he lightly kissed her right on her lips. “We have just over two hours and if you want, we can start now and once you go to your room, you can’t come back down stairs and don’t ask why. I’m going to blow your mind away!” he said and pulled her from the loveseat.

She looked down to Alex and his skinny body, Elli hugged him again and loved the feel of his long dick on her leg. “I’ll call if I need anything,” she said, leaned down and she kissed him. “See you at seven and what kind of friends are we?” she asked again and Elli could see Alex thinking on it.

“We have a few classes together at school, but never really talked until last week and you needed help getting your car started. I saved you!”

“Oh how sweet of you!” Elli teased and squeezed Alex. “See you at seven!” she said and went up to her room.

“Ok, I’ve been planning this in my mind for the past two years and it will be perfect!” he said and started moving furniture all around the basement, making sure would be just like all his dreams of Elli and loving her.


Alex tapped on Elli’s bedroom door and tapped his foot on the floor. He couldn’t wait to see her and he hoped she dressed nice. Elli did seem excited about his idea and she even asked him to wear a tie for her. The door opened and his jaw hit the floor.

Elli had her silky blonde/brown hair pulled back and it was tied with a blue bow. Her makeup was perfect and she’d worn dark blue eye shadow to make her eyes stand out more. Her black dress hugged her breasts and about half of them were hanging out. It went over her rounded stomach and to her meaty ass. The dress hugged it tight and it went just below the thick part of her thighs. Her stockings were black, see-through and they were held up with a black garter belt, that Elli made no real attempt to hide and he gave her a big smile.

His eyes came close to popping from his skull and she just gave him a smile. “God Elli, you look…beautiful!” Alex said looking over her body again and he hoped tonight would end well. His cock grew fast and there was no way to hide it from her. She looked so hot and it was all for him.

“Thank you, you look very handsome yourself,” she smiled and as most women do, Elli straightened his tie and gave him a hug. “So, what do you have planned for us, my young date and baby brother?” she said and a sour look covered his face.

Alex heard Elli say brother and he wanted to die. “No, no, no! I’m your date, please call me…Alex!” he said in a stern voice and put out his arm. “Well, our first stop is the movie and after that, dinner at a wonderful club near the beach,” he said and Elli just smiled at him.

Her pussy was dripping and it felt like it was running down her thighs. “That sounds nice Alex and you sure do plan things nicely.” Elli said and pulled against his side. He opened the doors to the family room and she smiled from ear to ear. “Oh Alex, this is so nice!” she said with shock and couldn’t believe that he moved everything around and made it kind of, look like a movie theater and the loveseat was right in front of the TV. ‘That looks like a good place to snuggle make out! I think my baby brother has dirty ideas and I hope I’m not wrong about this.’ Elli thought and walked into the room.

He was so happy she liked what he did and Alex knew she would love what came after the movie. “I’m glad you like it and our movie is, ‘The Tourist’ starring Johnny Deep.” Alex said as he slid his hand down her back and just above her ass. “Our seats are the best and right up front,” he added, took a chance and slid his right hand over her meaty ass-cheek.

Elli loved his hand on her ass, but she also knew this wasn’t a good thing to play and it could get out of hand very easily. “I love Johnny Deep and he’s my favorite actor. How about you Alex, who’s your favorite actress?” Elli knew, but she wanted him to have a good time and she was willing to play along.

Alex smiled as they walked to the loveseat and sat down. “My favorite actress is, Kate Beckinsale. She’s in the ‘Underworld’ movies,” he smiled and she slapped his arm.

Elli laughed and gave him bursa otele gelen eskort bayan a playful slap. “I love her and I’ve seen every movie she’s been in! You have nice taste in women,” she purred and slid her arm around his back.

“I know…that’s why I asked you out on a date and to play this.” Alex whispered to Elli and he kissed the right side of her mouth.

Elli heard Alex and he warmed her insides. “Mmmm, aren’t you the smooth-talker tonight!” she laughed, moved her arm around his waist and she eased closer to him.

He smiled and caressed a strand of hair from her left eye. “You are a very pretty woman and I’m not just saying that.” Alex said as they looked into each other’s eyes and he kissed the other side of her mouth.

His kiss was soft, sweet and it made Elli’s heart race. “Thank you, sweetheart,” she whispered, kissed him and turned to the TV. She enjoyed his arm over her shoulder and his attempt to play with her right breast, but his arms were short and he could only manage to rub the top of it. Elli eased down in her seat, hoping her little brother could reach her nipple and a thought flooded her brain. ‘I want my brother to play with my tits and try to seduce me. How sick is that?’ she laughed to herself and it worked. She felt his fingers very lightly rubbing closer to her swollen nipple and getting closer to his prize.

Alex felt Elli move down more and at last, he felt her swollen nipple just in front of his fingers and he kissed the side of her face. She smiled, his fingers caressed closer to her nipple and Elli took a sharp breath in. His index finger traced over her nipple and Elli didn’t move. Her pretty eyes were closed; she exhaled and turned her chest toward his hand. Alex continued rubbing and caressing her nipple through the blouse, until Elli sat up and stretched her back.

She took his hand in hers, reached down and placed it on her bare thigh. “My back was starting to hurt, let’s sit like this and see if it’s any better.” Elli whispered and quickly felt his fingers on her lower thigh.

Alex didn’t mind at all and he loved the feel of the sheer stockings against his fingers. He lightly caressed, her warm flesh also felt so good and his cock grew. “This is fine,” he quickly replied and opened his entire hand on left her leg.

She just held in a laugh and was more than happy to let Alex feel up her leg. She let him tease, rub and caress her thighs. She slipped her arm around his lap and bumped his stiff prick. ‘Oh my goodness, it feels sooo big and hard!’ she giggled inside and put her face to his neck. “Are you…comfy sweetheart?” she asked with a soft purr and slowly opened her legs more. ‘Go for it baby and touch me!’ she thought and heard his breathing increase.

He was shocked and wanted to jump Elli right there, but he did not want rush things and fuck this up. “Yes, I couldn’t ask for anything more,” he said with a grin, enjoying the top of the stocking now under his fingers and Alex caressed higher. Her bare skin was almost hot to the touch and the meat on her thigh was so soft.

Elli kept her eyes closed through most of the movie and enjoyed his soft touching. “This is a good movie,” she whispered, turned and opened her legs a bit. “I wonder how much longer it is, I’m getting hungry!” she teased, bumped his cock again and wondered what it would be like to suck something so long and so thick. ‘Maybe I’ll get to find out soon.’ She smiled to herself and his fingers tracing around the meat of her upper thigh. Elli wanted more, but she wanted Alex to work for her.

He jumped when Elli sat up and stretched again. ‘Damn, hope I didn’t piss her off and go too far.’ Alex thought and she flashed him a sexy wink. “Are you ok, other than being hungry?” he asked and she rubbed his leg.

“Yes, I’m having a wonderful time!”

Thirty minutes later, the ending credits began to roll and Alex stood up. “That was awesome, but I started wondering about him and I was right! I knew he was the guy,” he said and offered his hand to her. “Are you ready for dinner now? I know a great place and it’s not far.” Alex laughed and led her to the back yard.

Elli was shocked again and was amazed at what he did this time. There was a table for two, flowers were on the table and there must have been twenty torches burning around their very big back yard. Dinner was on the table and covered with silver lids.

She gasped at what he’d done and Elli turned to hug her five foot four inch brother. He was small and skinny as a beanpole, but he had a big heart and a very, very big cock. “Dang Alex, you sure are pouring it on and this is only our first date,” she said with a teasing voice and squeezed him tight, making sure his face was in her breasts and she could feel his stiff cock on her thigh.

He savored her hug and his cock grew hard. “I think you’re worth it all!” Alex smiled, took her hand and led Elli to her seat. “Here we are. The best table in the house bursa eve gelen escort and the beach is right over there,” he said, holding in a laugh and pointed to the pool.

Elli smiled and she was on fire. “Oh Alex, you are one of a kind!” she said and gave him another warm hug. “I hope that I don’t disappoint you,” she said, lightly caressing the right side of his face and she kissed him.

He held her hand and when she leaned to his mouth, Alex wanted to cum in his pants. “You would never do that, Elli and I’d love you no matter what,” he said with a smile and she sat down, giving him a small glimpse up her short skirt and to the tiny pair of black panties covering her pussy.

She loved teasing him and if Alex wanted her, he could have her, but he was going to work for it and she was going to tease him to death. “What if I ran naked around the house?” she teased and a big grin covered his face.

“Ha, ha, ha! I would chase you around!” he said with a low growl and wiggled his eyebrows up and down.

She laughed and had never felt this good. “You young man, are a pervert! Chasing nude women through your home and what if someone was there…other than yourself?” Elli teased, trying to sound like a policewoman. “Maybe your innocent sister, what about her?” she teased more and tried not to laugh.

He laughed and reached to hold her hands. “I’m beginning to question just how innocent she is!” Alex laughed more and kissed her hands. “But yes, I’d love you even if you did that!” he added and lifted the lid on her food. “I had to make it nice for our first date,” he said and her eyes were sparkling like crazy.

Elli was in love with Alex and she was so horny. “It’s very nice Alex and I’m very impressed with your efforts. A lady couldn’t ask for a more romantic dinner and evening out!” she smiled and they ate dinner.

“So Elli, do you have any plans for tomorrow or are you busy?”

“Why Alex, our first date hasn’t ended and you’re already trying to ask me out again.” Elli teased and couldn’t wait to see what he’d do next.

He thought and gave her a smile. “So, when do you consider a date to be over?” Alex smiled and took a bite of his food.

“If a man is lucky enough to kiss me…it’s when the kiss ends.” Elli smiled and she could see his mind already working.

Alex knew if she kissed him, he was going to ask her as soon as their lips parted. “I think that’s fair enough. How will a guy know if he’s going to get a kiss or not?” he asked and she chewed a bite of her food.

She finished chewing and dabbed her mouth with a napkin. “He never knows, not until we’re at my door and I’m ready to go inside. That’s when he will know,” she purred in a sultry voice and took another bite.

He ate and watched Elli. She was so beautiful and her eyes excited him the most. They were the prettiest shade of dark blue and always so full of joy. “Your eyes are so amazing!” Alex said as they stared at each other and he had a good feeling.

She was going to tease him and Elli laughed. “Are they better than looking at my…boobs?” she teased and he laughed.

He looked down to them and back up to her face. “Your boobs are nice, but if I had to pick…I’d say your eyes!” Alex said with love and kissed her hands again. “After dinner, would you care to walk to the beach and find a nice place to sit?” he asked, took a bite of food and she smiled.

Elli heard him and had an idea that he wanted to try to kiss her more. ‘Why you little devil! What’s gotten into you?’ she thought and wondered about him. “I think that would be nice Alex, but I have plans in the morning and I don’t want to be out to late. Every Saturday morning, I make breakfast for someone I dearly love and afterwards, we spend hours lying by the ‘family beach’ trying to tan my white body and spending a lovely day together.” Elli said and gave him a sexy look. She couldn’t wait to have his hands on her body and rubbing her down with lotion.

‘Oh fuck, how could I forget that?’ he thought and wanted to slap himself in the head. It was something Elli started doing last month and about the time, he read his first incest story. “He’s a lucky guy to have you for the day!” he smiled and took a bite.

Elli couldn’t help but smile, as she ate and wondered what came next. “Nah, I’m lucky to have him!” she winked and sipped her wine.


“Thank you for a beautiful night Alex and I look forward to our next time together.” Elli said as Alex stepped on something and he was now looking her in the eyes. “Well, hello there!” she teased, looked down and saw that he was standing on a wooden box.

He smiled and was proud of himself for thinking of the box. “How could I let much a pretty lady get away and not look her in the eyes?” he asked and Elli’s eyes were gleaming now. “And what if she wanted to kiss me goodnight?” he whispered, moved closer to her mouth and Alex heard a tiny moan.

“You are a smooth-talkin’ devil and my momma warned me about men like you! She said to run away from your kind and to um…squeeze my legs shut and never open them around your kind.”

“Why in the heck do you think she said that?” he asked, pulling her towards him and their lips were close to touching. “Do you think I’m…bad?” he whispered, pressed his lips to hers and Elli sucked in a deep breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32