Dream Hopper Pt. 01

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Dennis, was your average high school student. He had just graduated and this was his summer off before going to college. Dennis lived at home for now with his parents, and his older sister who was back home after her first year at university.

He woke up one Saturday morning to his alarm having not slept very well. In fact, he hadn’t been sleeping well for quite some time now. His sister Sarah said “It’s probably just nerves, or something about going to college.” While he knew she was probably right he still wanted to do something about it. Heading down stairs into the kitchen, he saw her already there sipping some coffee. Dennis thought Mom and Dad must still be away.

Sarah “Wow you look like shit, still not sleeping well?”

Dennis noticed Sarah was just wearing a big T-shirt. It seemed to be just long enough to cover her butt, and thin enough to show her nipples.

Dennis “No not really, do you think I should get into coffee to help me in the mornings?”

Sarah “It’s all in your head, you just need something to help you calm down at night. Why don’t you go to the shops in town, and see if you can find a dream catcher?”

Dennis “That’s a lot of work for something that’s not going to do anything.”

Sarah “My friend Michelle gave me the address of this place on Main St in the older section of town. She said it really helped.”

Dennis took the old business card Sarah had written the address on. On the other side was the name of a roofer their parents had used a few years back. He put it in his pocket.

Dennis “Can I use your car?”

Sarah “No I have plans, use your bike!”

So Dennis rode off into town and down to Main St. As he rode he held the business card in his hand and checked it against the numbers. Finally at the end of a row of shops one read “Mystical Oddities”. Next to it was an empty parking lot where he stashed his bike.

Entering the store Dennis saw all kinds of weird things, eventually he decided to talk to whoever was behind the counter. At the counter there was no one there, so he rang the bell. As soon as he did a girl popped up from behind. She looked about his age but he didn’t recognize her. Dark chestnut hair with light skin and D cups seems like something he would have remembered.

Dennis “Hello, I’m looking for something şahinbey escort that’ll help me sleep better.”

Girl “Sleep better? Well we do have some dream catchers, they’re locally made with real leather and feathers.”

Dennis rolls his eyes wondering WTF he’s doing here and how much it’s going to cost him.

Dennis “Ok i guess, that one looks good.”

Dennis points to one hanging up and the girl reaches for it, she starts wrapping it up. Then she pauses for a moment and asks “How did you hear about us?”

Dennis “A friend of a friend recommended this place, Michelle.”

Suddenly her posture shifts from relaxed to upright.

Girl “Ah well, let me get you one from our premium line it’s guaranteed to improve your sleep!”

She grabs another one from under the desk that was hidden away. It looks almost the same but had some strange looking rocks incorporated in it. All the same, it didn’t cost any more. Dennis rode home cursing his sister for suggesting this and himself for going along with it. Dennis often went along with her plans because of how badly he wanted her.

Putting up the dream catcher above his bed that night he thought of his sister. Her beautiful curves, her long hair, and everything else a bikini doesn’t show. He went to sleep that night wondering if he’d ever get a chance to fuck her before college.

That night he had a dream that he was in the house. This dream felt different as he knew he was in a dream. Everything felt so real but strange at the same time. Dennis was struck by how quiet it was in the house. The back door off the living room was open, and a warm breeze was coming through. “Fuck it!” Dennis thought, “If this is my dream, lets go for a swim in the backyard!” He turned to go upstairs to get his swim suit and stopped, “If it’s a dream why not go naked.” He stripped off right there in the living room and ran out back only to see his sister was already swimming in her bikini. She got out of the pool and noticed he was naked.

Sarah “What are you doing out here naked? The neighbours will see!”

Dennis “They’re all out right now, no one is around to see.”

Sarah squinted and relaxed accepting what he said.

Sarah “Well it’s still weird to be naked in front of şahinbey escort bayan your sister, go get your swim shorts.”

Dennis thought about it and decided no, this would be the perfect opportunity to fuck his sister since it probably wouldn’t happen in real life.

Dennis “Actually it’s not strange at all, especially since you’re not wearing anything.”

Dennis concentrated and was able to make her bikini disappear. Dennis smiled with a new found sense of confidence.

Sarah looked down and noticed her bikini was gone. She wondered at this point if she had ever had one on. Feeling shy she covered her nipples with one arm, and her neatly trimmed bush with her other hand. Looking at Dennis she grew more comfortable being nude and more aroused watching Dennis’s penis grow.

Sarah “You got something growing down there…”

Dennis “I know, I can’t help it with the view…”

Sarah “It seems much bigger than my old boyfriend’s. Although I must admit Michelle and I didn’t need one the night we spent together.”

Dennis thought it odd, he had never considered that his sister and Michelle might have hooked up. He didn’t ask for that information but he thought, “Maybe it’s just my teenage brain over fantasying about her.”

Dennis “Would you like to touch it?”

Sarah nodded and lowered to her knees for a closer inspection. Her hands felt like ice at first having been in the pool, but they warmed up quick enough. At first she just squeezed it, then turned it around and had a look. Soon she started pumping and Dennis was in heaven but he didn’t want to finish there so he asked her, “Shall we go inside?” Sarah glassy eyed replied “Yea.”

Both of them proceeded inside to the living room.

Dennis “Sit on the couch and spread your legs.”

Sarah “Are you going to try to put that thing in me?”

Dennis “Well yea.”

Sarah “Something about this seems odd but to be honest with you I have thought about this before. It always started with you going down on me though.” Dennis glossing over the over share while being entirely turned on by it leaned down to bask in her sent.

Sarah “Just suck on my clit for a bit, that always feels so fucking good.”

Dennis not to look a gift horse in the escort bayan şahinbey mouth got to work. Sarah squirmed as he lapped her up, biting her lower lip and letting out a soft moan.

Sarah “I want you.”

Dennis still licking mumbles “Hummmm you too.”

Sarah “No I want your dick.”

Dennis got up immediately and started to slowly press himself against her opening. Looking up at him Sarah gave him a longing look, and with that he thrust himself inside.

Dennis “Oh man it’s so warm and feels soo good.”

Their speed slowly increasing, both Dennis and Sarah were fucking to their hearts content. Sarah reaches with her left hand to Dennis’s head and pulls him closer. “Oh shit yes!” Sarah cries. Speed increasing the couch is getting in the way. “Here let me.” Sarah pushes Dennis off sitting him down and getting on top to ride him. The cool air once again replaced by her warmth. Dennis now the one to look up sees his sisters perfect breasts and grabs hold with both hands. “Oh yes!” Sarah replies. Dennis takes his thumbs and gently rubs her nipples. Seemingly sending Sarah into ecstasy she throws her head back riding faster and harder. Dennis can’t take much more of this, he’s almost ready to cum. So close…

Dennis is awakened with a jolt to his alarm and a massive hard on. “I should have turned that dam thing off, it’s not like I need to wake up for anything right now.” Looking at his hard on after having been so close he decides to take things into his own hands. Not much more than 20 seconds later he hears sounds coming from Sarah’s a-joining room. “Hummmm yess, yes, just like that Dennis!” Sarah was masturbating to him in the next room! It didn’t take much more for him and he finished right there.


After cleanup Dennis made his way downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast only to see Sarah already there starting to make her coffee.

Sarah “Well despite your objections you look 100% better than yesterday.”

Dennis “Thanks yea, I feel much better. I even remember my dream.”

Sarah “Really, what happened?”

Dennis “Humm, nothing much we just hung out by the pool.”

Sarah “Ha, that’s funny I had the same dream.”

Dennis growing suspicious asks “Oh yea? What happened after that?”

Sarah blushing turns red and replies “Not much, I just woke up after that.”

Dennis went to the living room to watch some TV, he started to picture this dream from last night. Then he started to ponder, “Did Sarah have the same dream that I did? She did seem to be embarrassed when I questioned her about it.” Dennis added, “Maybe i’ll call Michelle, or talk to the girl from the shop?”

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