Dream Lover Pt. 06

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Note: you will understand this story a lot better if you read Part One first.


Chapter Ten

As I started developing my list of whose dreams I wanted to visit, I was initially just putting down anyone who came to mind. Gradually, I refined it down to who I really wanted to get with, who I’d have little trouble finding and, after starting my reconnaissance efforts, who’d have fewer challenges for me to overcome. Reconnaissance typically allowed me to see my potentials naked at the very least so even some of those experiences influenced where somebody was ranked on the overall list. One person who made the list quickly, but who it took a while to find a favorable night for a dream visit, was a girl I’d dated during our senior year in high school named Erin. We’d fooled around a bit while dating but she’d dumped me during the summer after our senior year then made some weak efforts to reconcile leaving me pretty frustrated. I didn’t put her on the list to get back at her for dumping me or frustrating me; I really just wanted to finally consummate our relationship even though we weren’t eighteen anymore. Little did I realize. I’d seen a recent photo she’d posted on social media of herself wearing a bikini and she looked pretty good to me. I’d really wanted to comment on the photo but couldn’t come up with something that didn’t sound like I was either wistful or a perv. As it turned out, I got another opportunity.

Once I figured out where Erin was living, I visited her house and learned about the family’s routines while getting a few opportunities to see her naked. The bikini photo definitely was an accurate representation of the shape she was currently in so I was anxious for an opportunity not only to experience her body but to be with her again after so many years. I had a feeling based on our interactions on social media during the recent past that, if she was given a chance for the two of us to be together without it technically being cheating, she’d definitely take it. If I did a good job of convincing her that she was dreaming, which hadn’t been too difficult to accomplish thus far, I felt like it would be an incredible experience for both of us. When the day finally came that her husband said he’d need to go out of town for a couple of days, I knew this would be a big opportunity. She didn’t seem so thrilled about it but I hoped that, by the time he came back, she would be wondering when he’d be leaving again.

Between the time we found out about his trip and the time it actually occurred, I was still doing reconnaissance and visiting other dreams. While I was definitely looking forward to it and considering many details about it, I was not necessarily distracted by it. When the day finally arrived, though, I was confident in my approach but a little impatient for Erin to get her boys to bed. Once that finally happened, I watched her getting herself ready for bed and seeing her naked again before she pulled on a nightgown had me even more revved up. I had to be careful not to get overzealous. She parked herself in bed with her tablet, which seemed to be the thing these days apparently. I watched and waited and, as with the others, she soon started to doze off. I guess no one just shut down and went to sleep anymore, which was fine with me since it was working in my favor.

Once she was on the brink, which I’d become quite adept at identifying, I parked myself on her bed wearing a swimsuit. My intention was to pursue the bikini angle because I thought that would be good for her ego and would feel like it was coming from her subconscious. I was laying back with sunglasses on when she noticed not only that her tablet had gone to sleep but that she wasn’t alone. I gave her a moment to try to figure out what was going on and either presume that she was dreaming or assume that I was really there.

“Are you going to put your swimsuit on or what?” I finally asked, prompting her.

“What?” she asked, “Swimsuit?”

“Preferably the bikini,” I replied, “Damn you look hot when you wear that.”

“Wait, you never even said anything when I posted that picture,” she said, a bit more awake now, “I didn’t even think that you noticed.”

“The things I wanted to say would have been inappropriate for a public forum,” I told her, “but if you go put it on right now, I’ll show you what seeing you in it made me want to do.”

She just stared at me for a moment then I guess decided “what the fuck” so she set her tablet aside and got up. She went into a nearby walk-in closet and, a few Yalova Escort minutes later, returned wearing the bikini from the photo. I tossed my sunglasses aside because, damn, she looked good. She was very fair-skinned with black hair, that she wore short now but had been long back in high school, and her boobs were on the small side. I knew from seeing her naked that she had a nicely groomed black bush that I’d never seen, touched or gotten my face close to back when we dated. That was all about to change.

“My God, woman,” I said, keeping my voice down as best I could, “how can you look that good? I hope you don’t expect me to keep my hands to myself, or my tongue, because I am going to devour you.”

She blushed but didn’t stop. When she reached the bed, she paused, turned to show me her ass, turned back then climbed onto the bed on her knees. I was on my knees already and took her in my arms. My hands went down to her ass as my lips met hers and our tongues slipped into each other’s mouths. My cock was rigid and she must have felt it against her abdomen but fucking her wasn’t going to be the first thing I did. I was going to go with what had worked previously and maybe shake things up a little the following night if I felt like a return visit was feasible. As we were making out, I gradually reclined her onto her back then kissed my way down her body, stopping to suck her hard nipples through her bikini top. I didn’t undo her top because I wanted to keep her in the bikini. It seemed not only to be a dream-like thing but, since she looked so good in it, I didn’t want to immediately get her out of it.

I kissed my way over her ribs and stomach, along her hips while alternating sides, then positioned myself between her spread legs. I kissed both of her soft, smooth inner thighs then pulled her bikini bottom aside and exposed her pussy. I admired it for just a moment then ran my tongue along her slit, tasting the copious juices that she was producing and causing her to moan. I slurped at her pussy for a bit, lapping up her juices, before slipping a finger into her and focusing my tongue on her clit. She let a louder moan slip out before catching herself but I was happy to know that my efforts were having the desired effect. Obviously I didn’t want her kids to wake up as a result and interrupt us but I did appreciate the candid feedback. When I slipped a second finger into her pussy, quite easily due to all of the lubrication she was producing, she managed to maintain her composure.

As I pumped my fingers in and out of her, I was licking and sucking her clit and, while she managed to remain mostly quiet, she was squirming quite a bit and the occasional gasp or soft moan would slip out. Her pussy had been very wet to begin with and only became more so the longer I was eating her. When she started to tense up and arch her back while her breathing became more like the occasional gasp, I knew she was on the verge of cumming. I was enjoying eating her pussy, so I didn’t necessarily want to be done, but there were definitely other things I still wanted to enjoy as well so I didn’t try to prolong it for my benefit while denying her relief. I focused on making her cum with the highest level of pleasure that I could, knowing that the next step would be slipping my achingly hard cock into that hot, wet pussy.

She gasped as she went limp and her body started shaking but I continued to lick and suck her clit while pumping my fingers in and out as she was cumming, hoping to provide additional pleasure. Her orgasm appeared to be quite intense which was exactly what I’d been aiming for so I was happy to have delivered that. Once she went still and quiet, I raised my head and slipped my fingers from her pussy into my mouth. I was looking up at her as I sucked her nectar from my fingers, watching her chest heaving as she was catching her breath. I got up onto my knees and looked her over in her bikini again, her pussy mostly covered once again by the bottom. She looked up at me and smiled so I smiled back before starting to untie the bows at her hips holding the bikini bottom together. I got them both untied then flipped the front of it down to expose her trim, black bush. She lifted her ass and I moved the bikini bottom out from under her then tossed it aside. I leaned down to plant a kiss on her abdomen then lay on my back beside her and started to untie the drawstring of my swimsuit. She got up onto her knees beside me and, once it was untied, she slid my swimsuit down, my rigid cock springing out.

She Yalova Escort Bayan paused and gently slid her fist up and down my shaft a few times then resumed removing my swimsuit. Once she’d tossed it aside, she stroked my cock again while appearing to briefly consider something then straddled me and guided it toward her pussy. I was holding her waist as she lowered herself onto my cock, both of us moaning, while I watched my cock disappear within her trim bush. She sat there for a moment with my cock fully embedded inside her so I glanced up at her face, which was displaying a big smile. Her eyes were closed so she didn’t see that I smiled in response to her smile. Her expression changed when she started to move slowly up and down on my cock, going from that smile to a look that suggested she was experiencing a great deal of pleasure. I was certainly feeling pleasure as her pussy was sliding up and down my tool.

I brought my hands up as she was riding me to fondle her tits through her bikini top. I could feel her small, hard nipples through the material so I slipped my hands up under her top to feel them directly against my palms. As I recalled those same small, hard nipples against my palms so many years ago, something weird happened. I went from thinking about that time we’d been fooling around on the beach the day after the Senior Prom to us actually being there but still fucking. Back then, she’d been wearing a yellow one-piece swimsuit and she most definitely hadn’t been straddling me. I recalled us lying on our sides, making out a little as I caressed her tits through her swimsuit. Now, though, she was most definitely fucking me but she was back in that yellow swimsuit, pulled aside to allow my cock inside her pussy. The top of her swimsuit was pulled down off of her shoulders so I was fondling her bare tits. She still had that same expression on her face and her eyes were still closed but her hair was long and blowing in the ocean breeze. I glanced around, saw no one else and realized that I had just discovered another ability. This would definitely require further testing but I had to be careful not to disrupt what was currently happening. Of course, if I did end up back in my bed, there was no question I’d just start over.

I enjoyed the opportunity to have young 18-year-old Erin riding my cock on the beach for a bit before starting to think about those hot make-out sessions in my old bedroom. It didn’t take much thinking about it before we were there, me on the bottom and her still on top. This time, she was wearing a black halter top and a long flowing skirt, so her pussy was hidden and her tits weren’t bare. I was still caressing her hard nipples, though, with my hands up under her top and there was no question that her hot, young pussy was sliding up and down my cock. For all those times we’d spent in my room and not much had happened aside from making out and me fondling her tits, I had to relish this throwback moment. Slipping my hands out of her top, I pushed it up to reveal her tits, which bounced as she was riding my cock. While I watched them, I pushed the hem of her long skirt up around her waist so that I could see her pussy and found no panties pulled to the side; she was bare beneath her skirt. She still had a dark bush that, though groomed, wasn’t as expertly groomed as her older self, not that I had any complaints.

Her pussy definitely felt more snug though equally hot and wet so I had to be careful or I’d cum before she did. I assumed that the young 18-year-old Erin still retained the experience from the current Erin so she could potentially cum with that aiding her. I ended up enjoying her young physique for a bit then managed to get us back where we were in the present with no repercussions. My hands were still up under her bikini top so I finally just untied it and removed it, leaving her riding me naked. I watched her tits bouncing as I reached around to caress her bare ass which was my custom. I pushed up into her as she was coming down on me and, based on her breathing and how much harder she was riding me, it appeared that she was on the verge of cumming again. This was good, of course, not just because that was part of the point of my being there but also because fucking the younger, tighter Erin had brought my own orgasm closer to the surface.

Fortunately, Erin was closer to cumming than I was and it wasn’t much longer before she dropped onto my cock and remained there then started shaking while letting out a soft moan. I brought my hands Escort Yalova back around to fondle her tits a bit more. This was definitely a pair of tits that I wouldn’t be fucking but I enjoyed getting my hands on them, just as I had enjoyed it back in high school. When she finished cumming, she remained seated on my cock for a moment as she was catching her breath. I was admiring her body, sans bikini, when she leaned down to kiss me. We kissed then made out briefly then she started kissing her way down my body as my cock slipped from her pussy. I didn’t mind because I knew how this was going to end up and, when she positioned herself between my legs, I was watching intently.

She took my cock in her hand and pumped it while looking it over then lowered her head and licked my balls. She ran her tongue up from my balls along the underside of my shaft then wrapped her lips around the head. I couldn’t help but moan so I kept it quiet enough not to be heard outside of her bedroom though definitely loud enough for her to hear. She was holding the base and, as she started to slide her lips up and down my shaft, she was also gently pumping her hand. I was sure that young Erin wouldn’t have had the cocksucking skills that present-day Erin had but I was certainly interested in watching her suck my cock, too. I pulled a couple of pillows under my head and watched present-day Erin sucking my cock with her ass up in the air for a bit before thinking about a situation in the past that would be ideal to watch young 18-year-old Erin.

I remembered this picnic we’d gone on one nice summer day. We’d had a blanket spread out in the shade of a big tree and, after eating, though we had made out a little bit, we weren’t going at it hot and heavy because we were in a fairly public place. As I thought back, though, I made sure that, like the flashback to the beach, we were all alone. Suddenly, I could feel a slight breeze as well as the weight of my clothing but, more importantly, I could feel young 18-year-old Erin’s long hair brushing my thighs. Looking down, I saw that my shorts and underwear were down just far enough to release my cock and young 18-year-old Erin was kneeling beside me rather than between my thighs. Her experienced oral skills had definitely translated over so, seeing young 18-year-old Erin but feeling present-day Erin’s mouth, my cock was growing even thicker as my orgasm was building even quicker.

She was dressed the way she had been the day that picnic actually occurred so I knew I needed to initiate more flashbacks that had young 18-year-old Erin at least partially, but preferably completely, naked. Since I was so close to cumming, I didn’t bother modifying this one. I just watched her sucking my cock for a bit longer then took us back to present day and watched an older Erin with much shorter hair continuing to suck me off. It was amazing what I was figuring out how to do but not surprising that I was focusing it all on getting chicks naked and cumming. Watching present-day Erin sucking my cock was no less exciting than watching young 18-year-old Erin, plus the skill level was the same, so my orgasm continued to build and I was soon right on the verge of cumming. Even as my cock grew thicker, she didn’t hesitate and, when I started spewing into her mouth, she easily swallowed my load while continuing to suck me off. When I was fully spent, she released my shrinking cock and crawled up to lie beside me.

“If I’d been even slightly unsure that this is a dream,” she said, “those flashbacks to high school would have easily convinced me. Of course it was much better in the dream than it would have been in reality. The idea of sex, oral or otherwise, would have terrified me back then but it was fun to go back and experience it with confidence. I’d love to dream like this every night.”

“Even with Joe sleeping right next to you?” I asked.

“Well, okay,” she replied, “I’d love to be able to control when I dreamed like this.”

“I’d be happy to come back tomorrow night,” I assured her, “Maybe you just need to spend a little time thinking about this dream while, I don’t know, going through mementos or my online profile.”

“I’m definitely going to give it a try,” she said, “but, either way, I really hope I remember this dream.”

Before she went back to sleep, I encouraged her to put the bikini away and slip back into her nightgown while I pulled my swimsuit back on and retrieved my sunglasses. I had every intention of showing up again but I couldn’t take anything for granted; it still needed to be convincing even if it was something she desperately wanted to happen. I stayed with her until she was dozing off then returned to my physical body. I had to just lie there and consider what had happened with the flashbacks and how to continue to test that ability.

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